Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

The future of our young Trans Trenders and it aint pretty.

We can and should forgive the misogynistic warped thinking that would desire such horrors. What we cannot forgive is the sick fucking male medical machine committing such horrors to our female youths and soon, female children!



  1. Anyone with HALF a brain can see that you have manipulated this situation to childish degrees. Finding the worst possible pictures of anything to do with male transsexuals. This reminds me of that Rick Perry "Strong" ad which he had the gross looking gay men in the background publicly behaving in an unacceptable manor to prove his point. You cannot doctor situations in such a horrendous way, Dirt. The more I read your blog the more of an ill child I see that you are. You don't know any better, for you are not educated, and for that I pardon most of the silly things you post. But this, is just plain inhumane slander.

    You aren't doing anything for your cause of feminism. This is just despicable. Your intentions are despicable. I am going to find out if any of these pictures are of underaged children, and if they are, I am going to see to it that you are persecuted as a predator.

    NO GROWN 40-50 something woman has ANY business having the photos of children on HER blog for any reason. No matter what your intent. You do not have any business posting these children's pictures on your blog.

    So what if they made them public. What YOU have chosen to do with them lacks morality and I find it so perverted that in the back of my mind I do feel that you are persuaded by some sort of pedophile-driven motivation.

    You need to re-think what you are doing. One day you will have to pay a greater cost than you think for your actions.

  2. I think it's important for people to be shocked into awareness of this growing issue, even though Dirt's perhaps not the most eloquent source. FTM transsexualism is definitely a major trend among non-confoming female youth.

  3. (& then they become extremely conforming)

  4. I just wanted to say that those chest pictures at the bottom are really really soon after surgery, im guessing, because of the redness and warped nature. But after a few months, they can hardly be noticed. And the bottom surgery pictures? Well that's basically a hopeless surgery there until technology gets better anyway.
    But if you are going to use surgery photos, use decent ones?

  5. the chest scars stay forever- only testosterone-induced hairiness minimizes their appearance

  6. If they are children, they shouldn't be "transitioning" in the first place.

    And, if they are children (or teens), then where the hell are their parents? You have to wonder what kind of adult guidance some of these young people are getting, and if anyone cares about what they are up to. Also, parents should advise their kids not to post anything on the Internet that they don't want the world to see. Once it's on the Internet, it's there for everyone to access- aunts, uncles, grandmas, neighbors, potential employers, etc. So these kids need to think about how they use the Internet and what they post in public Internet spaces.

  7. @Dex, Other than one pic all pics are not recent and all females included claim their surgery a success and are "happy" with the outcomes.


  8. DM, I see what you are saying. But regardless, this older woman has no business plastering her blog with their photos.

    Like above stated, who cares if they made them public. What is DONE with the pictures by external factors is all that matters. And this is irresponsible and scary for a woman Dirt's age to be doing this. You have to see that. Most of these kids dont know anything about transsexualism or what it means to be transsexual. They're just enjoying the immature high brought on by the "youtube" "new packers and binders". They're just silly children. I'd give a mere 1% to those with any sort of validity, to be truthful.

    But my point. Dirt is wrong for doing this.

  9. If you dont like t anon, dont read. And before the trans trending post the trans readers claimed right here, "there is no trend". Now after proof after proof after proof trans readers whine that these posts are "wrong. Which is it then?

    And I'll let you in on a little secret, these posts are going to be the catalysis to halting the changes going into the DSM 5 regarding transitioning children.


  10. No they aren't, Dirt.
    You have 0 education and your opinions are just that. Opinions. I am wrapping up my masters in the fields of psychology and neurology. Your presumptuous posts are not only trivial to the point of pure sadness and pity at the sight of it, but you truly feel that your silly opinions have any merit in the face of studied FACT?

    You are a fool. I am sorry to insult you so, but it is the truth. Your unwise and inprudent behavior on this blog is absurd and arrogant.

    These children have no business being plastered on some old lady's blog; plainly stated. Your posts will get you nowhere.

    As stated (yet again)...any one with at least PARTIAL use to any lobe in the brain they possess can see that your posts are based solely on uninformed opinion, slander, and vitriol concerning transsexual issues.

    That is the truth. Pure and unadulterated.

  11. Again if you do not like or understand this blog, then simply do not read it. There is a big picture, that you cannot see it is clear.


  12. Doll (female and ID as so)December 16, 2011 at 6:07 AM

    "I am wrapping up my masters in the fields of psychology and neurology. Your presumptuous posts are not only trivial to the point of pure sadness and pity at the sight of it, but you truly feel that your silly opinions have any merit in the face of studied FACT?"

    Anon at 9:25 PM, the claim that there is any "studied FACT" concerning transsexuality is ridicoulous. There are hardly any research results available (expecially no long-term research), and what is there often doesn't show enough validity and reliability.

    But even if we are not talking about this special field... ALL facts in science are not absolute. Science is about theories - and if we are not talking about math (and even there, you need to have one or two axioms to make the proof work), then the theories are always only an approximation and a generalization. Of course, a theory can be underlined with scientific research, and be considered true to some degree... just until there is another theory that appears MORE true.

    So please stop throwing haughty phrases at Dirt. If you want that hard to prove that transitioning children is okay, then go and show that the use of gonadotropin-blockers and the halting of puberty doesn't inhibit synaptic pruning in a way that could be disadvantageous to later behaviour and mental health. Go on, do it. Make some SCIENCE instead of empty words.

  13. Doll she only makes herself look ignorant because the educated male medical machine she has given her allegiance to are the very same homophobic misogynist bound and gagged by the gender straight jacket that those who develop this disorder are.


  14. We can and should forgive the misogynistic warped thinking that would desire such horrors. What we cannot forgive is the sick fucking male medical machine committing such horrors to our female youths and soon, female children!"

    I salut you dirt. Every time I come back here to visit your blog, you are still fighting strong. I have birthed a female baby, a baby girl. That men can invent such horrors to enact upon the beautiful and perfect female body horrifies me doesn't surprise me. What never fails to surprise me, though, is women's internalized misogyny and the hatred they express towards their own bodies as a result of living in a society that loathes women.
    Your blog documents the male hatred of women well.

  15. These surgical penises look disgusting and look at these scars were once their breats were. What butcher did this? That's just sad. But if they want such things then lets them have it.

  16. I am a woman.

    It is funny to me that when someone wants to insult a woman they make reference to her age. Calling dirt "old lady" etc. to minimize or trivialize what she is trying to say by bringing up her "oldness" LOL We all know OLD woman are worthless! How typical!!

  17. What was said was she has no business putting up children's photos on her profile BEING an old woman. Which she is.

    So. Learn to read. I clearly understood what that anon said.

  18. Girls are being mutilated and exploited by the male medical machine everyday. No one in the medical industry is doing anything to help these girls but take their money. These doctors are getting rich on thier backs, or shall I say "breasts" of these women who think they are trans. These women hate and reject their bodies because of society, Not because they are really men. No one cares about these girls, if dirt wants to post these pictures to make a point, so be it. At least she is fighting for what she believes in and is making an attempt to protect and encourage the greatness of being a female. If it bothers anyone, ask yourself why. This anger usually stems from denial.

  19. These aren't "young children" in the pictures, they are confused young women. And furthermore, no one needs an education to have an opinion about something. As a matter of fact, it is "educated" people who are beginning to question the whole trans thing and who are more skeptical in general about it. Not you in your Gender studies, but believe me, others in Sociology are.

  20. I agree, these people in the youtube videos are confused young women. And before you know it they will get sucked into this trans trend before they even have the experience or the maturity to make such drastic decisions regarding their bodies.

  21. Those chest scars look very similar to breast reduction scars.

    When my breats got up to a G cup and I had them reduced to a C should I have not done it as it was altering my body and leaving unsightly scars?

    How is this diferant?

  22. I know there's not much statistical info out there about FtM's and wondered if anyone's done any polling or questionnaire to the large, accessable FtM network on YouTube. Just basic info like are they dependant on any other medications, etc.

  23. Anon 11:32

    Breast reduction is done to improve physical health problems rather than psychological ones.

  24. Why is it so threatening to want some clear statistics like have been gathered on every other minority group? I'd like to know what % are already dependant on medication/the health system for other conditions before the transition, because I don't think people with real problems do things like transition and willingly become dependant on something like testosterone and these groteque surgeries.
    Maybe the shocking pictures of the surgery results will make some of these young women think twice.

  25. Right, the pictures are graphic. I do hope it makes some of these young women think twice about these kind of surgeries.

  26. So it seems to me that if these people want to fuck up thier lives it is not Dirt's buisness.

    How does anyone feel they have a right to interfere with the life choices of anouther?

    It isn't like we have all the teenager girls transitioning.
    It is just a small percentage.

    As far as I can tell there is an attempted apropriation of identity going on here.
    By the transguys who want to be men, and by Dirt who would force them into accepting thier womanhood. Both are wrong.

  27. "It is just a small percentage."

    But a not so small percentage of young lesbians.

    "Dirt who would force them into accepting thier womanhood."

    That's not true. I wonder if you actually have read this blog. This blog isn't aimed at them. It's for girls/ women who are struggling with their identity.

  28. Besides, in which way is Dirt able to force people to do something? It's just a blog! All she does is to warn and help struggling females.

  29. "How does anyone feel they have a right to interfere with the life choices of another"

    Well I can think of plenty of situations where a person would feel they had the right to interfere. Awww... I dunno, intervening to stop a loved one losing their life to alcohol? One example out of 1000. But this is irrelevant. It is repeated ad nauseum on here that having an opinion - questioning a philosophy - gee, even 'appropriating' someone's identity, can't force anybody's hand.

    If you really buy into this 'ask no questions' philosophy then what are you doing here questioning the content of some strangers blog?

  30. Right, this is just a blog. Dirt is providing a forum to discuss issues regarding gender and accepting ourselves as females. She is not forcing anything on anybody. If you are not a female desiring to explore these issues, then why are you so interested in this blog?

  31. Sounds like you're the one being judgemental, Opheliac. Not agreeing with something doesn't equal hate or bigotry. It is just an opinion. Stop blowing things out of proportion and spend your energies elsewhere.

  32. "Dirt, I'm just here to tell you that I think you're fucking disgusting."

    How old are you?? 5?? Aren't you able to critisize people WITHOUT insulting them?

    "I think you're disgusting because of your bigotry, your hate for trans people"

    Ah yeah that old strawman argument. If someone don't bow to the holy trans empire their haterzzz. So show me hate on this blog.

    "to out them to all of the internet"

    Lol their already outing themselves "to all of the internet" by uploading pictures and videos. Anyway I didn't know that all the world's internet users are reading this blog.

    "just to put them in what you believe is their rightful place"

    Huh? What rightful place? Where on this blog is Dirt talking about a rightful place for trans people?

    "He went through all of the threads, deleting every picture of himself"

    So she plastered the threads full of photos and had a hard time to deleting them later? Are we supposed to feel sorry for this?

    "He was afraid someone would send them to you."

    Wait what?? There are thousands of people who can/do use her pictures for much worse things than Dirt does but she is afraid of that?? What kind of logic is this?

    " outing and humiliating him."

    She already outed herself just by posting several photos in the forum. If she was afraid that someone will send pictures of her to Dirt then she had already known that other people who are not trans ,trans critical or even perverts who have a fetish for trans people can read the forum and see the photos. Again, were is the logic in your story?

    And what exactly is so humiliating? You don't explain it.
    But I guess you don't even have an explanation have you?

    "You are a bully and a transphobe."

    Trans allies just love to play the transphobia card. There are people out there who will never let the trans ideology delude their minds. The transphobia card will not protect you from critic.

  33. I agree with everything you posted. Well said, Bee. You are right, people posting youtube videos are already outing themselves, Making themselves vulnerable for just about anything.

  34. Who are you to critique anyone Bee?

    Haha. Million dollar question. Who do you truly believe you are, hun?

    You are no one's critic but your own.

  35. "Who do you truly believe you are, hun?

    You are no one's critic but your own."

    In what fascist world do you live??
    Are you telling this people on every blog who critique something?

  36. "Who are you to critique anyone bee?"

    If you believe nobody has the right to examine anyone's actions, evaaarrr.... then play by your own rules and allow someone to post comments on a blog unchallenged!

  37. Isn't this what this blog is for, to discuss our opinions and challenge ignorance?


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