Friday, December 2, 2011

Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning


  1. Dirt, please understand this Trans Trending feature is irresponsible. You're making these people fodder for a witch hunt when they've done absolutely nothing to harm you. I'm sure you're intelligent enough to find another way to emphasize your perception of the "Trans Trend." This way doesn't do your voice justice. Anyone can pick on teenage kids.

  2. Seeing is believing. And pray tell, whom is exactly "witch hunting" these girls who freely publicize their videos for the world to see? Also if you have info on anyone picking on these girls, let me know, I'll gladly take care of it.


  3. these girls can be easily found by searching for ftm on youtube, and yes they are certainly girls! even with their 'brain penises'

  4. A reminder to any female commenting, if you do not ID as female, you need to explain why it is you deserve to comment on a femalecentric blog, then leave your comment.


  5. I will gladly comment, as I am not only physically female, but also identify as female; I too have feminist values.

    After seeing this bashing towards transgenders, I am ashamed to even think of myself as a feminist. The purpose of feminism is to promote equality for women. It is hypocritical and unethical to then promote or suggest inequality for men, women, men who identify as female, women who identify as male, or people who identify as neither. Being a man born into a woman's body is not a disorder, nor is it a "brain penis" silencing their female voices. And it certainly is not in any way a woman conforming to a world controlled by men. Regardless, it is wrong for you to be forcing your values onto others, especially by singling out people.

    I am a strong supporter of equal rights, but equal rights should mean equality for EVERYONE regardless of how they physically, emotionally, or sexually identify.

    It goes against every ideal of feminism and equality for you to promote this hatred.

  6. Actually the purpose of feminism is to dismantle the patriarchal structures that create inequality and misogyny towards females. Part of which is working to dismantle the gender straight jacket.


  7. Actually, in its purest form, feminism is a philosophy of social, economic, and political equality between the sexes. That is the dictionary definition, the foundation and driving force of the movement.

    While your ideals may be ethical, your interpretation is not. You say you want to end misogyny, but you're using methods that spread hatred towards other people. You yourself are creating a gender straight jacket by attacking transgenders.

    It is not my intention to engage in an argument over a blog. My intention is to support those who are working hard to form their true sexual or gender identity. I beg you to have some sympathy, consideration, and respect for both the women and men who may be struggling with this transition. They deserve our support and acceptance, not our hatred.

  8. And who has written the dictionary def? Along with language itself?


  9. hmmmm....

    I think that it was women who set the definition of feminism. Pretty sure it was in fact.

    There is no mention of a 'gender straight jacket' in any of the definitions of feminism I have found.

    That you would try and force others to live to your expectations and in a fashion that you aprove of instead of in the fashion they desire is the real apropriation of identity here.

    If there are men and women that wish to conform to societies gender straight jacket and have no interest in breaking free of its shackles, who are you to insist that they do so?

    It is simply not your buisness to try and stop others from fucking up thier own lives. (if indeed that is what is happening)

    As a feminist you do not speak for me. My feelings on this matter are not informed by hatred like some folks. My feelings are informed by love.
    Unless you have held your lover in your arms as they are howling in pain because the dysphoria won't go away, you do not know.
    Unless you have been there when your lover goes from completely disfuntional in their birth gender to completely functional when they transition, you do not know. Unless you have been there when your lover has had thier first dose of HRT and seen the instant relief in their soul, you can not know.

    You are an eloquent writer when you are not focused on this trans issue.
    When you write about butch/fem issues and your insights on the writings of feminist writers I am like YES!!! This woman gets it!!! But when you start railing on this trans issue you completely loose me and I am left wondering, Why?
    Why this topic?
    Why the vitriol?

    You have the potential to become a well known feminist writter . Your insights and passion are intense. But 'trans' is such a limited topic and touches so few lives, I fear you are limiting your audiance in the long run.

  10. I dont stop anyone from anything and you might wanna read your Wittig hun. And last I knew working to change society for the better (for women as well as men) isnt harming, its how positive change occurs. Also no one is forced to read here, thats their/your choice. Personally I dont waste my time (which is quite precious to me) reading things of no interest or to my liking.


  11. No wonder a man like Sevan wants Dirt to stop writing about gender. Sevan is a forty-something white heterosexual man who recently decided he'd like to be a woman. Sevan why do you ignore Dirt's boundaries around posting? She clearly, repeatedly has asked males not to comment.
    "As a feminist you do not speak for me." This is true. Feminism is about FEMALES.

  12. Dirt, have you ever met a transgender person in real life?

  13. "But 'trans' is such a limited topic and touches so few lives, I fear you are limiting your audiance in the long run."

    Except the trans issue just highlights how gender and the gender straightjacket has crept back in, and become more restrictive that before.

    "Regardless, it is wrong for you to be forcing your values onto others," First, this is EXACTLY what the trans crowd is doing (or trying to do), forcing women to accept (else they'll be called transphobic) THEIR definitions of gender, forcing us to accept the concept of a person born with a womans brain in a male body AS female/a woman, forcing us to accept the concept of having a womans/mans brain as valid, over and above simple facts of biology.

    "That you would try and force others to live to your expectations and in a fashion that you aprove of instead of in the fashion they desire is the real apropriation of identity here." Nope. First off, Dirt (or any of us) can't FORCE anyone to do or not do anything -- yet being critical of the trans cant gets called that, we aren't allowed to DISAGREE.

    Feminism ISN'T simple liberalism (all should be treated equal), nor is it empty-headed libertarianism (everyone should be free to act according to their own desires and get the surgery they desire etc etc).

    Feminism always was about understanding and analysing the power structures that effect women BECAUSE OF THEIR SEX, and trying to dismantle them. Hence when gender comes around masquerading as something REAL, and as something the supposedly replaces/supercedes SEX, is it any wonder that feminists are going to object? Seems that many have been seduced by 'nice' liberalism, and the fear of being labelled some sort of phobic. And where are we now? Where the efforts of the trans trenders have tried to dismantle the category women to such an extent (you're one if you say you are/identify as one), that actual women oppressed because of their FEMALE body and FEMALE sex are being shoved out of the argument by would-be women who've just had a surgically constructed fuck-hole installed, and think that that entitles them to join the class 'women'...............