Georgia O’Keeffe, Alfred Stieglitz and Patti Smith

I have long been an admirer of O'keefe, whom I learned about coincidently from Patti Smith. I specifically recall seeing a documentary on O'Keefe while in my teens. O'keefe was in her early 90's. I clearly remember thinking how interesting and beautiful she was still, even in her 90's. I think it was through the still very intelligent and beautiful 92 year old O'Keefe that forever removed the sheen of the younger and younger (pedophilic?) male masturbatory gaze forever from me, that sick gaze we're all groomed into believing.

This is a wonderful article on Patti's discussion of Stieglitz's letters with a few MUST LISTEN TO highlights! Enjoy! And what better way to send out the year, with two very intelligent, strong, talented, and unsubscribing to the gender straight jacket women!

Be strong and proud of yourselves ladies! Most of all, be a rebel!

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  1. Wow. You must listen to the recordings on that page! It's really amazing. Thanks Dirt!


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