ATTENTION: To all Females who identify as Boy, Male, Man, He or Him

I'll point out first and foremost despite it being clearly stated on the blog itself, this is a FEMALECENTRIC SPACE! This means if you do not embrace or work to embrace yourself as the female that you are, this space is NOT for you.

If you are a female who ID's in the masculine and wishes to comment, then before each and every comment, state how you ID, why you deserve to comment on a femalecentric blog and then leave your comment.

If you are a regular reader and use a registered account, I'll make note after your first explanatory comment and you will be free to comment without further explanation.

ALL non registered comments and ALL anonymous comments will be subject to ID, explanation on why you deserve to comment, then your comment with ever comment left.

If you cannot follow these simple rules, your comments will be removed.

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  1. Just to clarify, I posted a minute ago and didn't give an ID. I am posting under the name MNDR and I am female.

  2. I wish I could detransition, but Ive already done way too much to myself, it would be embarrassing to go back, not just because of friends and family who I brought hell on to accept me as a man but also because a lot of the effects of testosterone are permanent and I will still appear and sound like a man , I will basically be a freak so why even bother at this point?

  3. Etch, identify as male. FTM, yup.

    Because I want to be able to comment on this, I think my point are relevant. I don't insult anyone, I just state my opinion. Your blog interests me.

  4. You can train your voice to sound feminine Jess. Do what makes you feel best. If you want to detransition, go for it. Never mind the damily and friends, you have to do whats best for you. A lot of the permanent changes can be undone,laser hair removal and stuff like that.

    I wish you the best of luck.

  5. It's never too late to detransition and live your life the way it was meant to be lived: as an empowered female fighting patriarchy rather than deferring or conforming to it!

  6. I am female and I ID as so.

    My partner contacted Dirt about a month or so ago. The exchanged a few emails. They stopped emailing after Dirt pretty plainly said she cannot help if they cant skype. My partner has a very busy schedule and has no time to skype.
    My partner is transgender ftm as you guys can probably tell. We started dating before my partner came out as ftm. I cried many tears when my partner first told me. I felt like I was losing my girlfriend. My partner told me they understood if I no longer wanted to be with them. I stayed though because I love them. I am so glad that I did. We have grown a lot together. My partner still struggles with everything. Still coming to terms with it themselves. Nothing has changed in my relationship they are still the huggie bear I had before.
    Anyways when they talked to Dirt it helped a lot. The little email exchange Dirt had with my partner helped them become more comfortable with themselves within.
    I just wanted to say thank you Dirt.

  7. Hi!Im a lesbian. I want to say what I think. I believe that there's no "correct way" to look, talk, act according to the gender one identifies with. I know there are women, men & others.
    Im a woman, im sure of that and happy w/ myself. I like my body and voice etc..
    And your a woman too.

    OK then, the thing is that at the same time, there is a lot of ppl out there that just happened to born with a body that our f*n bynarist society catalogued different to what they feel.

    And no-one can tell you who you are or that you cant be yourself, nor can forbid you for using the clothes that you want to use or changing your body and appearance..[I like my fingernails really short 4 example haha] so what. I use my hair short, and i wear the clothes i want, so whaat!
    and If someone wants to modifies thier own body, i see no problem
    (doesn't really matters what other ppl may think, bc it doesn't change who we are.)
    butch lesbians and Transboys are NOT the same.
    They are Two Different Things!


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