Trans Fantasy vs Trans Reality

Females suffering from anorexia have a distorted image of their bodies. Which is why when they look into a mirror, despite being at states of only skin and bone, they still manage to see themselves as "fat" or find areas of "fat" on their bodies, all of which leads them to continue to starve themselves.

Female transitioners suffer from a warped distorted body image, warped because like their "male identity", it lies in fantasy. Many females who develop the trans disorder, as the disorder is developing begin conjuring up a future image of the "man" the will be once they transition. The trans fantasy image is likely an amalgam of males they have envied both for their looks and their male privilege. In the full development of the trans disorder regardless of looks, build, size, height etc they hold fast to their belief that "T" and surgeries is going to make all their "man" fantasies come true.

But the reality is testosterone isnt a magic wand into manland, and "top surgery" will NEVER give you a male appearing chest. If you already have weight issues, your transition results will be much worse earlier on, but long term many transmen wind up bald, over weight and unhealthy unless they consciously work against the natural effects "T" has on the female body. And even that only minimizes some of the negative "T" effects, it doesnt halt them altogether.

Like identity, trans fantasies also cannot be sold and bought.


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