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  1. Good luck with this attempt to keep the comment section of your blog from becoming a three-ring circus, Dirt. As a trans person, I am quite often embarrassed by the antics of others within the trans community.

  2. I want to comment on the following post:

    I think the comparison you use there, between anorexia and the gender identity disorder in females, is a very fitting one. Both not only involve dysphoria and a distorted body image, they are also both disorders caused and enforced by the patriarchal society in my opinion.

    Also the fact that the "ideal" image in the heads of the transguys can never be reached appears to me quite similar to the impossible "thinspiration" ideal of the anorectic.

    Great post!

  3. @Doll, the thing that isnt being asked, even by the male medical machine themselves is why is GID being treated with drugs and surgeries that physically alter the appearance as "treatment", yet drugs and surgeries that would physically alter the body towards thinness for anorexics are not being developed/utilized. Why? Both disorders are appearance based.


  4. I have never seen anything so disgusting as this top surgery and shes so delusional, shes literally looking down and claiming THIS is looking good..

  5. I looked at the video posted above, and I think it is more sad than anything else. There is a big dose of delusion here too. Which relates to the post "fantasy vs. trans reality" The mutilation that screams out at me when I see this is so apparent:( Once again, to treat Gender Indentity Disorder with this type of surgery is appalling to me. I simply cannot comprehend this?!

  6. I too would like to comment on the following post

    I've seen some FTM's (Youtube of course) who have actually achieved the fantasy that you've speak of Dirt - The first one that comes to mind is Buck Angel - He went from an slim andro Model in the 80's to this big burly muscular individual we see now - Is it wrong for them to workout to achieve their ideal body?

  7. Re; Live Your Life- I have seen Buck Angel.. and Buck is in Great Shape. But you say Buck Angel has achieved that Trans Fantasy.. "Fantasy" being the key word here. Buck is still a biological female, no amount of drugs, surgery or working out will ever change that.

  8. Buck, started out a reasonably attractive woman. I doubt her idea was an unattractive bald feminine porn queen.

    She could have worked out before transition. Instead she let her molestation as a child dictate her life's decisions to very horrifying results on every account.


  9. I would also like to comment on
    "Trans fantasy vs Trans reality"
    I think you are very confused about transition, transition, for FTMs, is to achieve a more masculine body shape that they feel reflects how they feel about their gender.
    looks in terms of looking buff/handsome etc is completely secondary and only effects trans people in the same way the majority of human beings try to better their appearance.

    Once again... Having a masculine body is what is important to FTMs, an FTM would rather live as an ugly fat guy than a stunning women, because they feel that they are actually male, that is what is important, not looks.

  10. Exactly Anon, and the reality is all the testosterone in the world will never masculinize the female frame. So again the fantasy winds up shattered, as we have heard first hand hear from several ftMs.


  11. I should also add, like anorexics, I canot stress enough the distorted image ftMs have both before and after the go on T.


  12. Buck Angel worked out prior to transition. He didn't go bald from T, he shaves his head BTW. I'm not a big fan of him as I am not into porn but I do like his educational speeches and whatnot.

    Trans vs Reality...
    I don;t see myself as the guy in the picture on the left. Even biological men are pressured into working out to get that ultimate body. Me? I work out to keep myself healthy and not to build a ton of muscle or to have a six pack.

    You can tell by some of the hateful comments that they are from young people. I too am embarrassed as to the threats or whatever. It's uncalled for!

  13. I read a few years back that Buck Angel was also appalled by all the young girls transitioning, and this was before the craze really took off...

  14. Some transguys actually look pretty decent like nolix01 off YouTube.

  15. I agree, Not all trans' look like Chaz Bono.. Some look decent. But I believe that no matter what the effects of T, They are still a biological female. The Gender Identity issues still remain.. Just my opinion. No disrespect to anyone suffering from this.

  16. it depends on who you're comparing the transman to
    I very rarely see ftm's with regular grown men and when I do they really stand out

  17. I agree that transguys will always be biologically female. I realize their is makes and females. I don't think that men and women are biological based. Call me crazy or delusional I don't care. It's just my matter of opinion.
    I do think that gender identity disorder can be overcome for trans people. Whether its through transition or not, hopefully they make the right decision for themselves.

  18. Yes, I agree Gender Indentity Disorder can be overcome by learning to accept yourself as you are. I just don't believe it can be overcome by the use of Drugs and Surgery. It may make someone appear more male, but I think the issues with gender will still surface. I can't speak for anyone else, but for me personally I have dealt with this issue and I chose the route to accept myself as a woman and I am very comfortable in my own skin.

  19. I really like what you said in the trans fantasy versus trans reality post. So true. Also, I could also like to add how incredibly irritated I am at the way people REFUSE in liberal queer circles to stop with the "gender binary" bs and talk about PATRIARCHY. Gender in their minds is just a game, but it isn't and what is means to transition from male to female or female to male is inherently political, as males are oppressing females. But god forbid you even question what's going on in trans politics, or else you'll be labeled this evil bigot.

    Like today, I was on the tumblr blog Queer Secrets (yeah, I know, why even go there) and found this: Basically, a lesbian says that she feels lonely about being the only born woman who calls herself a lesbian in her grade. All the others who aren't straight opt for some form of genderqueer label.

    And while there were a couple of people who left understanding comments (myself included), others felt she was being "cissexist." One douchebag even called her a "cis bitch." I'm really starting to see trans as some weird cult like you and other have said, stemming from useless out of touch white male academia, where I'm sure there are plenty of decent people in it, but is based on something so against everything I believe in. It's just so anti woman and specifically anti lesbian, and that infuriates me. I'm hoping to go back to school next fall, so I imagine if I get involved in any lesbian groups, I'll have to deal with this shit in person.

  20. My boyfriends GID has gotten so much better since transition. Before transition he hated his body, avoided mirrors, sex, swimming, and leaving the house. Now he is so confident and loves the way he looks. Alot of trans before coming out I am sure have tried to love and accept themselves how they were born. I know he did and was identifying as a butch lesbian prior. I guess he couldn't be happy until he followed his heart.

  21. article in nytimes today about a bunch of jewish transmen (i'm jewish and have seen so many jewish dykes transition, which is strange since we're not even 'allowed' to have earrings or tattoos) in a band-
    to me, they all look like women still...

  22. Hi Dirt

    Why do you always show pictures of young girls in your "who is transitiong" posts? Aren't there adults on youtube who do this too? If so how many adult women did you find compared to the amount of girls?

  23. sorry I mean : "If there are adult women how many of them did you find compared to the amount of girls?

  24. I also want to comment to:

    I slightly disagree. Chaz is just lazy and a bad example. I think many ftms trying their best NOT to look like Chaz (perhaps it's harder for them due testo use). Anyway I think they look way older than they're really are. And I wonder how they will look in 30-40 years and how their health is affected.

  25. "don't think that men and women are biological based."

    Gender roles aren't biological based. Just look how they changed over the centuries. But being male/female is biological. Because of that ftms can get breast cancer and mfts prostate cancer and when they are older they have to go to prostate exams like other men.

  26. @Bee, to document the trans trending that has taken place and of which the trans community denied when I first brought it up. Also to illustrate the myth that most female transitioners are Butch, clearly as can be seen from the last 2 years of WIT posts, that isnt true.


  27. Anon @ 11/27 12:50
    "My boyfriends GID has gotten so much better since transition. Before transition he hated his body, avoided mirrors, sex, swimming, and leaving the house. Now he is so confident and loves the way he looks. Alot of trans before coming out I am sure have tried to love and accept themselves how they were born. I know he did and was identifying as a butch lesbian prior. I guess he couldn't be happy until he followed his heart."

    - that is so sad.
    As a partner what did you do to support your Lesbian lover in dealing with her dysphoria? As it reads it seems you are yet another female-hating partner of a butch Lesbian. As in, a partner who encourages women to hate themselves, and who preys upon butches. That's really what you sound like. What support did you lend your female Lesbian lover, if any? Or were you tranny-chasing all the way?

  28. To pass judgement on someone else's life (especially someone that you don't know) as though you somehow "know better" is pure idiocy. Circus material. That is the only functioning "cult" around here.

  29. I agree anon, and yet countless from the trans camp that do that right here daily allowing their disorder to not only blur how they see themselves but others as well. Very judgmental indeed.

    While I do take that into account, I still cannot allow them to verbally abuse myself and others who comment. Thats the sad thing about this disorder, those suffering from it cannot see past their own nose, and when other point out a whole world beyond it, they are attacked and even threatened with violence.


  30. "That is the only functioning "cult" around here."

    Oh yeah. Forget that critics get silenced, that regretters are left alone, that unproven science facts (like the brain studies) are upheld as truth, that the transphobia card is played everytime when someone doesn't agree with the trans community, forget all that women hating stuff and so on. Anon 9:49 knows the only real cult here.

  31. I am comenting to the entire blog...

    Purely as a matter of mental excercise....

    If brain sex was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt would Dirt change her position?

    If brain sex was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be bunk science would the trans providers cease to offer transition to transsexuals?

    Or are both sides so married to their opinions that they would hold onto them no matter what?

    Personally I think that Dirt is right on the mark when it comes to the majority of transsexuals. But there is this micro sliver of the trans people who are likely better off transitioning.

    The big issue as I can see it is that the medical comunity doesn't care to weed the deluded from the really suffering, resulting in virtual factory churning out transsexuals in the thousands.

    It ussed to take allot of therapy and soul searching before the system allowed a person to transition. Now all a person need do is to show up at a trans clinic and they will have you on HRT in a wink of an eye.

  32. "If brain sex was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt would Dirt change her position?"

    I dunno about Dirt, but the REAL issue isn't about the brain having a SEX, but whether or not having a 'male brain' then means that that brain is incapable of adjusting to being in female body with female organs. After all, human brains are 'obviously' set up to process visual and auditory stimulation -- yet plenty of people born blind or born deaf do what they have to do, and just get on with the bodily organs they've been born with.

    Otherwise, you're assuming that a 'male brain' that develops within a female body isn't capable of adjusting, and somehow 'knows' that a penis should be attached, or 'knows' that breasts shouldn't be there, or somehow 'runs better' on testosterone. All of which is umpteen steps and assumptions beyind the simple fact of their being SOME sexual differences within the brain, and transsexuals having a brain which is in SOME ways more t'other way than would normally be the case. Quotation marks all over the place here, since brains and bodies are COMPLICATED things, all are different, and I refuse to reduce things to the simple linear spectrum with male at one end, female at the other, that the trans crowd seems to love (and the patriarchy as well for that matter).

    Or you need to believe that female brains are somehow 'naturally' less good at maths, less enamoured of muscles, or whatever other characteristics supposedly distinguish male from female. Because let's face it, from a biological point of view, the great big distinguishing fact is males produce sperm, and females produce eggs and have that handy-dandy organ caled a womb -- and no amount of surgery or hormones is gonna change that!

    Some women are muscular and like muslces, many men aren't. Some men are hairy (depending on population group), many aren't. Many men pee standing up, but many don't, whilst some women can pee standing up.

    What is coming out here? That MANY of the things we use to distinguish men from women on an everyday basis arev CULTURAL rather than biological.

    And from a cultural point of view, what's the problem with visible breasts? That they distinguish you, at a glance, as belonging to the class women with all the shitb that entails. A far simpler and more likely explanation for women being dysphoric over their breasts, rather than some -- I haven't got the BRAIN to deal with having them guff.

  33. Well if deaf and blind people MUST navigate the world around them by other means then one must assume you are against cochlear implants, BadDyke. What an argument.

    Let's just allow them to get surgery and go on hormones.
    Oh wait.
    The issue lies in society, not sexed brains!
    let's change society over night!
    Oops, that isn't possible either.
    How about we stop allowing people to transition so that they'll get over it and instead send them to something like ex-gay therapy until we can eliminate gender stereotypes completely.
    Well, all those suicides will be worth it. They're kinda like martyrs in a way!

    You can change a few minds before they begin transition. Some minds will change after.. but it won't go away any time soon, if ever.

  34. While working to change the gender straight jacket, one works to overcome their personal internalize misogyny, one doesnt butcher ones body.

    Especially when even after years of drugs and butchering the problems remain firmly intact. There are NO successful "transitions".


  35. What is considered a successful transition?
    Please explain because it might be a matter of opinion.

  36. „Well if deaf and blind people MUST navigate the world around them by other means then one must assume you are against cochlear implants, BadDyke. What an argument.“

    From how I see it, Bad Dyke wasn't using this as an argument against operations, as you seem to have MISunderstood, Open Mike Eagle. It is an argument for the plasticity of the brain. You know what that is? That means that the brain is able to accommodate to many different bodily conditions and changes during the life through learning experiences. This argument speaks against the possibility „brain sex“. Not against transition itself directly (though indirectly, of course, it is). But come on - cochlear implants are given to people who have an impairment in hearing, thus their ear/auditive nerv is not healthy; the organs being operated away by SRS and mastektomy are usually healthy. See the difference?

    „For a blog supposedly about discussing gender identity and the male gaze, you sure do screen a lot of dissenting voices and talk FOR the people you're discussing. I can't help but be reminded of women in the 1800s, with all the men saying, "Oh, women are too weak and feeble-minded to care for themselves or know what they want."“

    McKenzie, what do you mean by that? For whom does Dirt speak like that? Of men? Women? Transmen? Are you aware of the fact that there is more than the nowadays popular post-modern „everything is fine, who needs feminism (and if we do, then please only third-wave, and that only on the Slutwalk), we are all trans, queer and pansexual“ approach out there? Does Dirt have to agree with you to be really discussing gender identity and the male gaze?

  37. "then one must assume you are against cochlear implants, BadDyke."

    Nope. I WASN'T talking about surgery, but the supposed link between brain and body -- so deaf and blind people don't have a problem per se because their brains are wired wrongly for the bodies they ended up with (unlike the trans trenders).

    Trying to compare cochlear implants with SRS is also a false analogy, since the single most obvious thing about SRS is that it REMOVES or ALTERS functional organs, and replaces them with a non-functional surgically-created COSMETIC body implant, in effect.

    "let's change society over night!
    Oops, that isn't possible either."

    So, lets not even TRY? Or at least acknowledge that the problem is with society, not your brain. SO, would you advocate mutulating surgery because of SOCIETY -- seems you would!

    "Well, all those suicides will be worth it. They're kinda like martyrs in a way! " the tired ole give us surgery or we'll kill ourselves line -- I'm NOT saying that people don't need help, I'm just arguing that we ought to be providing BETTER help (like trying to get across to girls what the patriarchy DOES to women and how it makes them feel about their bodies and themselves), rather than just accept the gender stereotypes and send them for surgery.

    Like suggesting that the problem of the poor can be solved not by pointing out the political problems with our current economic systems, but by suggesting that instead we discourage the poor from breeding and increasing the surplus population..........

    "It is an argument for the plasticity of the brain. You know what that is? "

    What is fascinating here is that in deaf people who use sign language, strokes or lesions that cause language problems in verbal people also cause problems with signing. I mean that when doing other tasks with their hands, movement is perfectly fluid, whereas when they try to SIGN, movements become difficult, just as speech becomes difficult for stroke patients. It shows us that the same area is being used for LANGUAGE, whether spoken or signed, and that the brain ADJUSTS as to whether what is being used ot produce language is the vocal tract and vocal chords, or the hands.

    TO be more precise, contrary to what many people might have expected, LANGUAGE isn't hard-wired to the vocal chords. Human babies, LEARN language, and also LEARN what they are producing it with.

    All I'm trying to say here is that it seems to me that the brain (which isn't that developed at birth anyway), develops within the context of the body that it finds itself in, which suggest to me that the brain just works with the appendages it has got, innie or outie -- it DOESN'T get all confused because it expects an outie but can't find one, or develops a phantom one, as some 'brain sex' advocates would have us believe.

  38. "Chaz is just lazy and a bad example. "

    I just want to jump up and down in HEAVY hob-nailed boots all over this comment, not cos I think chaz looks spiffing, but because what lies behind it (and what you'll also find from much of the trans crowd) is FAT PHOBIC!

    So, I'm not LAZY, I'm FAT. Similarly, when a dyke, Chaz was a fat dyke, now she's a fat transman, probably for some of the same reasons (or none).

    So just being FAT doesn't make her a failed or a lazy transman or even a failed or lazy dyke, and certainly NOT a bad example for that reason -- although I would suggest a BAD example for the reason that she rejected her female body and lesbianism, and now supposedly has what she always had, an emotionally heterosexual relationship (or some such tosh, I can't remember her exact words).


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