A Reminder-De-Transistion is ALWAYS Possible

To trans readers wondering if de-transition is possible, in a word...YES! It is NEVER too late and you are NEVER too far into transition to find a way back to yourself AND find a way to love yourself. Due to the absolute hate and fear the trans community holds for anyone who even mentions "trans regret", the trans community has ZERO info/help in place for anyone identifying as trans or in transition seeking de-transition.

But have no fear, dirt is here!

One female transitioner was brave enough to share her story and even braver for working to get to know and love the person she truly is. You CAN de-transition at ANY state of transition and at any time. It IS possible to be whole again, despite any surgeries the male medical machine may have performed on you. It is also possible to find love, once you learn to love yourself. Loving yourself is the key to love and happiness.

I'm going to begin having a regular post for those thinking about de-transition or already in the process and seeking support. If you have a trans regret story you would like to share here, feel free to send them to me and I will feature them in the de-transition posts. Or if you are just seeking some support and comfort, email me.


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  1. Good work, Dirt. I imagine that de-transitioning can be harder than transitioning. What with the lack of good support and information. Also, just the social pressure to just "hang in there" it gets better. People who need to de-transition deserve the same respect and acceptance as those who need to transition.

    I know you have no respect for those who do transition, but I am truly glad that someone will be there for those who need to return to themselves. Life is a journey and it sometimes has curves and switchbacks.

    I have no need to return to being something I never was, but that doesn't mean I can turn my back on the one who can. I'll also do my best to help both sides.


  2. No one "needs to transition".


  3. is the name 'marilyn' like a mtf equivalent of the ftms' 'tyler' or 'hayden?' transpeople always pick these idealized names representative of what they think the opposite sex means

  4. Being kind and cordial here will not benefit you, Marilyn. These women are very one sided and frankly evil people who truly wish you nothing well in life.

    Dirt does not respect anyone who doesn't fawn her voice-stifling views and she refuses to acknowledge and act with even the simplest grade school meanings of empathy.

    Your voice means nothing here because these women wish you harm, hun. No need to be kind here because it will be dismissed just like dirt and this other "individual" did above.

    Don't waste kindness on the wicked. Give it to someone who truly deserves it.

  5. "Your voice means nothing here because these women wish you harm, hun."

    1) Rubbish.

    2) The 'hun' is a dead giveaway

    "Don't waste kindness on the wicked. Give it to someone who truly deserves it."

    And really dodgy ethics to boot!

  6. A reminder... not ALL trans people "hate" or "fear" persons seeking to de-transition... I support de-transition 100% if that is what's right for that person. I think they're brave and I would encourage them to hold their head up high and be proud of who they are. It's sad that this blog is used to perpetuate blanket generalizations and false information when it could be so much more. I agree with you on quite a few things dirt... and I think you're a good writer - I just wish you'd lay off the witch hunt. I even agree with you wanting to let people know that they can de-transition if they are unhappy - why does it have to be done in this manner though? Why does every good thing you do/say have to be done via so much ugliness towards others? Not everyone who transitions is unhappy, nor does everyone who transitions regret it, or want to de-transition - SOME do - not even the majority.

  7. i'm not evil- it just seems that men who think they're women tend to favor 'sexpot' names and often act like women are supposed to behave like sexpots, similar to the macho or 'boyish' names and behaviors ftms appropriate

  8. Extrospection.

    She'll never see that. Once hatred and bigotry is so instilled in an individual there is no turning back.

    To this day, the family of the klansman who lynched my great grandfather still do not see past the ugliness of racism.

    Do not expect Dirt to do so either. She knows what she is doing and the negative effect of saying it this way. Don't trust her, and don't waste your intelligence here.

    Trust me. People like this are hopeless cases.

  9. The trans train only goes one way, they will NEVER support or help anyone who wishes to de-transition. If they truly wished to help, they wouldn't make it so easy and cool to transition in the first place. They'd ask questions designed to weed out the people whose only purpose for transitioning is society approval.

    oh wait, that would eliminate everyone.

  10. i feel a great deal of hatred and bigotry coming from the above poster (especially towards those she deems 'priveleged' right?)

  11. It should be talked about more in Trans Support groups, I don't think its intentional in the groups I've been in. I think it's more that it is not thought about.

    I will bring it up.

  12. I agree with this post. I'm on board with Dirt 100%. But anon 8:51, you're an idiot. Shut up.

  13. "Don't trust her, and don't waste your intelligence here.

    Trust me. People like this are hopeless cases."

    Anon at 5:43, this part of your comment made me laugh. How are the readers to know you are MORE right than Dirt? She at least posts her ideas on this blog... And you simply come here and dismiss them with a wave of hand, and YET AGAIN bring in racism *sigh*. Really, a person doesn't choose the skin colour they are born with. But transition is a choice. To be honest, transition even gives you privileges - the male privilege. So what Dirt says has NOTHING to do with racism.

    Can't you transguys see that this post is supportive to those who need help detransitioning?

    NO MATTER if they are the minority of the transguys. EVEN MORE SO if they are the minority, because then they might not be heard by the majority.

  14. I know people who have de-transitiond. But I will never do that, because it's right for me.
    And I just wish that people could respect me living as a man, as much as I respect my fellow humans.
    3 days ago I had my hysto, and I'm in so much pain. But still I feel so happy, because it's right for me.

  15. "I think it's more that it is not thought about."

    Which is rather worrying, but perhaps understandable.

    To give an example, we've been told on these boards several times that NO ONE would do anything as serious as transition unless they were really sure, or if were about anything as trivial as gender roles stereotypes. Add to that the 'you're a man if you say you are' line, and the assumption that follows it that a man wouldn't want to keep breasts, and you're pretty far down a road which doesn't have much room for anyone who later decides transition was a mistake.

    Or we seem to have an acceptance that their MIGHT be a few individuals who have some other problem, and aren't REALLY trans, but that it is the job of professionals to sort that one out. Because once you have accepted that a personal testimony is all you need, with no need for much critical analysis, then you're stuck with the results of that lack, or just a plain DENIAL that regret exists (for instance, I found on a trasn blog someone ask the question, anyone know of any FTMs who regretted their transition, and first page of posts all seemed to say -- never heard of it, never met one etc etc. It's all bloody wonderful.........

  16. i was anon 8:51- not an idiot- just that same poster is constantly playing the race and 'privelege' card and claiming that discussion of anything you're personally NOT is prohibited

  17. "And I just wish that people could respect me living as a man, as much as I respect my fellow humans."

    I respect your right to make your own decisions, but that respect doesn't mean I have to agree with you, or that I can't argue against the assumptions that lie behind expressions such as 'living as a man'.

    And I'm truly sorry that your view of these matters has led you into surgery that is causing you so much pain.

  18. I dont care if you agree with me, I know life dont work that way cause i'm not a kid.

    Dont feel sorry, life is not enought to feel that way.

    It's hard for me to say what I really want to say in english, it's my third language.

  19. I know of someone who considered transitioning, coming from a culture where homosexuality/lesbianism was NOT ok, but transitioning to the opposite sex was, as a 'cure' for homosexuality....she began to accept herself as a Dyke and woman, once she found likeminded others like some of us...and remembers going to trans events, back stage, and that one of the speakers, a young Butch mentioned that she missed her breasts, and regretted transitioning, to then go on stage and talk about how 'wonderful' it all was cuz she KNEW she couldn't be truthful to her trans buddies....This stuck out to the Dyke I was talking with how much propaganda there is behind the trans movement and to actively silence those who change their minds or decide to 'detransition', or that if they want to stop at one stage(like maybe just hormones) that's NOT enough..and there's a whole 'oneupmanship' game to continue the process....it's never enough....or to be a 'real man' or 'truly macho' or whathaveyou..I wonder what happens when all those hormones snap back on 'em in the future and the damage to their bodies from the hormones and surgeries...

  20. "This stuck out to the Dyke I was talking with how much propaganda there is behind the trans movement and to actively silence those who change their minds or decide to 'detransition', or that if they want to stop at one stage(like maybe just hormones) that's NOT enough"

    I've got a friend who is in the process of convincing herself she is trans -- and what struck me was there doesn't seem to be ANY debate going on in the trans camp about about what to do or different options, it just SEEMS to be:

    1) you identify as trans
    2) How long will I have to wait for T?
    3) How long will I have to wait for top surgery
    4) Bottom surgery for the really hard-core...

    But seems 2) and 3) follow on from 1) as a matter of course. My friend has already announced that's what she wants, and she hasn't even had her first appointment with a shrink yet! Seems that self-diagnosis and self-treatment go hand in hand, and all that's left is WHAT you need to say to get the doc to give you what you have already decided you need. And you can bet that the trans crowd she is with are ALL telling each other exactly what you have to say to get the boxes ticked!


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