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Monday, November 7, 2011

The Gender Straight Jacket Skirts Female Boxers

Female boxing has finally found its way into the next Olympics providing that female boxers wear SKIRTS in the ring! The reason for the skirt wearing is because there clearly needs to be a way to distinguish between male and female boxers! NO, I DID NOT JUST MAKE THAT UP! I'm reminded of the early 80's when female body building became (somewhat) popular. The women had to wear hyper feminine swim suits, mega high heels and full faces of make up (and breast implants for the women whose pecs were larger than their breast)! Unlike male body builders who were judged on their muscles and symmetry alone, the women were judged on their muscles, symmetry AND how they well they could apply current "feminine" standards to their appearance, i.e. perform for the male masturbatory gaze!

The gender straight jacket has a LONG history of negatively affecting women's sports. Because athleticism is still deemed a "masculine" endeavor, female athletes have and continue having to concentrate on training and performing their sport, PLUS maintaining and performing a "feminine" appearance (feminine as defined by the gender straight jacket) for the male gaze. Otherwise they are accused of being "manly" or "dykes", neither of which is complimentary under hetero-patriarchy, and both of which has got female athletes denied and/or removed from the athletic arena.

Is it any wonder that female sports remain far behind men's sports and female athletes make millions of dollars less than male athletes. How are women suppose to advance their presence in sports when they still have to stress and worry about maintaining "female" societal decorums rather than working on their performances? No wonder their are no pro female football teams, would be too stressful for coaches having to worry about their team showing their slips during an unsightly tackle.

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  1. I heard they tried to do this with badminton recently but I believe it was rescinded

  2. I don't believe a final decision has been made on this yet. If they do officially decide to require skirts, I hope all female athletes set to compete refuse rather than allow this to happen. I usually disagree with your posts, Dirt, but there's no denying that the fact they would even consider the use of skirts is disgusting.

  3. How about the male boxers wear something to distinguish themselves since they look too much like muscle bound women! No chance. Male must be portrayed as the default and female must always be 'othered'. Perhaps I'm naive but I'm surprised at how blatantly they are doing it here.

  4. What about the males who "feel like females" who want to punch women? They will love the skirts. Can they compete "as women"?

  5. Do the trans reading this blog think males should compete in female boxing if they have "female brains"?

  6. Of course they should not compete in female sports period. Even though they have transitioned their bones and muscles are still built how they were born. When someone decides to transition they give up sports, unless they are playing co-ed.

  7. I came in to comment and agree wholeheartedly with your post dirt - too bad some of your commenters HAD to take another opportunity to bash the trans community in a post that had NOTHING to do with anyone trans. I think this skirt issue is bullshit, and again, I agreed with your post entirely.
    To those of you who commented about men who "feel like women, blah blah blah..." Of course a man shouldn't be allowed to compete in women's sports... I was also against the transman playing women's basketball. I don't think transmen should attend women's colleges, etc etc. That's the problem with all the bias blanketed against the trans community... SOME OF US agree with much of what you want from society.

  8. Are they even serious with this skirt thing? Why should the female boxers wear them?! Are the people who decide these things still in their mind?

    I feel lucky to always have prefered playing soccer, at least there you don't have to wear a skirt :D But then again, I am no pro... Maybe they'll suggest that professional female soccer players have to wear skirts soon too?

  9. @ extrospection : the transman was already in a women's college... He didn't enroll there after figuring out he was trans. Also he's not on hormones of any kind. Shall they kick him out of the team he was already in?

    People that start medical transition know that they have to quit professional sport. Just look at Balian Buschbaum.

  10. i was reading about that buschbaum
    at least s/he doesn't seem to be hiding the narcissism i believe is at the root of transsexualism

  11. There is a women's football organization....The Lingerie League, it's on cable sports. The ONLY way you'll see women'professional' football this day and age, unfortunately!


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