Dysphoria Does NOT Equal Trans-A Weekly Reminder

But being bombarded by some of these images can create a lifetime of dysphoria, that begins the moment we first open our eyes. In this space, I never existed and still dont.



  1. Duh.

    ...pre school level post.

  2. My girlfriend would enjoy those nike heels. She looks sexy in heels.

  3. So i was thinking about msging you while mowing my lawn... my lesbian friend posted a pic from the 1950's in her defense it was covering a topic she is extreamly passionate about... any who i was disturbed about her ignorance givin the picture is of a women dressed in a typical 50's gown with curly or purmed hair, holding a platter of food... on another note i noticed another friend tell me that she cannot find A father/live in father for her children so she will sell her housse as she feels she needs a man she also said she wants to travel but wont do it with out a man cause "its not safe" i was like WHOA!!!


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