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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Blog Commenting

The copious amount of nescient comments from this post has made it clear that most from the trans camp do not have either the intelligence, the maturity or the self control (perhaps due to negative emotional affects of "T"?) to have any reasonable discussion on any topics written about here. But because I fervently believe in the art of discussion and feel many others who comment here do as well this is what I'm going to do.

In order to preserve both the integrity of each blog post AND give way to discussion, I will continue to keep each post closed for comments BUT after every few posts I will open up a "topic/off topic" post where readers can comment on the last few posts or topics relevant to this blog. I will allow comments from any biological female regardless of how you see yourself. What will not be tolerated are comments related to me or my presumed character as neither are up for discussion.

If any of you have other ideas to keep ignorant immature comments to a lull, I'm open to suggestions. If you think the above sounds good, let me know as well. This space is yours as well as mine.




  1. I think this sounds like a Great idea!

  2. R you sure you are a "Happy" Feminist? You sound kind of disgruntled...I think dirt want to keep things more positive and closer to the issues at hand..Not the name calling and immature comments like you just presented.

  3. @HP, Clearly "opposing" comments arent the problems, trolls who ignorantly comment however are.

    There are literally tens of thousands of trans blogs, forums, websites etc, but there is only one place that both seeks to dismantle the pure gender straight jacketed ignorance behind "transition" as well as offers to help those confused by it or brutalized from it, and thats here.

    And obviously you "dislike" like the work being done here, so there seems to be no reason for a "dislike" button. But if you are bound and gagged by FB repetitions, feel free to post "dislike".

    And as you couldnt follow the most basic rules, your comment has been removed.


  4. I think it is a good idea too. It will be a bit difficult at the beginning because it is different to the way people are used to comment on blogs, but I think after a while this could enable discussions without name-calling (the comments on the post you mentioned were way over the top... I can understand well why you change the way people can comment here now) ^^

  5. What about the ignorant comments from those who agree with your point of view but resort to equal amounts of name calling/mud slinging? Natural effects of estrogen?

    Let's face it; both sides are guilty of sandbox tactics. Immature comments shouldn't be tolerated from either side, Dirt, to preserve the integrity of your blog.

  6. I agree, both sides have resorted to name calling, But I think Dirt has made it clear, that this will not be tolerated from ANY post.

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