Trans Propaganda and Struggles to Silence the Female Voice

At some point the other night several trans tumblrs tried to utilize their Tumblr accounts to reach excessive membership in hopes they would assist them in a hate campaign to have this blog shut down by reporting to Blogger that this space "incites hate". I know, both laughable, ignorant and emotionally reactionary without any internal insight as to why they're strongly reacting in the first place.

Zero internal insight is a prime factor in those who develop the trans disorder. There is such a high concentration on the external that the internal seemingly becomes a byproduct of the external, rather than the other way 'round. This enables the trans disordered to ignore their core self in order to construct a pseudo identity based on the construction of a fantasy physical self that is never fully realized through medical means, leaving the core self vulnerable to any internal insight that manages to penetrate the masculine veneer of testosterone and mutilative scars. 

These are some of the prime reasons this blog or rather the information this blog provides and the misogyny it challenges and works to dismantle are threats to those who cannot afford to contemplate its messages and meanings. Because to the trans disordered these messages and meanings are like arrows that DO penetrate the male medically created trans veneer, hitting their core self like the target of a bullseye!
What those suffering from the trans disorder do not understand is that silencing me (as if) will silence the muffled screams coming from their core self. It wont.

Needless to say both campaigns to have this blog shut down were removed by Tumblr, as both illegally were spreading the "hate" they were accusing me of, as well as using trans riling propaganda in efforts to silence this space.

I must say I find it incredibly heartbreaking to see other females trying so hard to silence a single, individual female voice working to undo or outright change the world in a way to pave a smoother road for future females. Females who wont have to feel they need to alter their exteriors in order to open up the world of possibilities to them as well as feel whole. Feminism and the feminist lens are needed now more than perhaps they ever were in our entire female history.

Fuck spreading the love and fuck spreading the hate, spread the seeds of feminism if what you dream of is a better future.



  1. "spread the seeds of *feminism* if you want a better world"
    Amen, Sister!

  2. Hi Dirt. I'm a new reader of your blog and it's refreshing to hear opposing viewpoints especially on this subject. I found your site via YouTube through the videos of the trans community. I don't think your hateful at all as 99.99% of them would have their viewers believe, but voicing a difference of opinion. The amount of vitriol against you on YT is tantamount to cyberbullying if you ask me. Anyway, why aren't there more voices like yours out there? Or have I already answered that question?

  3. "Anyway, why aren't there more voices like yours out there?"

    There are SOME out there, but you have to look quite hard!

    I cannot BELIEVE the campaign to try and silence simple ideological disagreement, or any discussion of the issues AT ALL.

    Seems NOTHING can be allowed to challenge the internal 'I'm a man' voice that the trans trenders claim to be hearing.

  4. People should go read terms of service before engaging in these sorts of witch hunts:

    "Hate Speech: We want you to use Blogger to express your opinions, even very controversial ones. But, don't cross the line by publishing hate speech. By this, we mean content that promotes hate or violence towards groups based on race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status or sexual orientation/gender identity. For example, don't write a blog saying that members of Race X are criminals or advocating violence against followers of Religion Y."

    Perhaps they think that causing enough fuss will just get nasty Dirt and her muddy crowd of 'followers' to go away........

  5. You're right BD. If I may rephrase the question, why are there so few voices like Dirt's out there? Unless I'm looking in the wrong places, there is such a disproportionate number of those challenging the what I presume to be the status quo.

  6. You should see this as an example of a trans trying to shut someone down after they challenged them on their claims of being intersex. It seems so typical of trans who think it's okay to challenge others, but it's not okay for them to challenge them.

  7. " If I may rephrase the question, why are there so few voices like Dirt's out there?"

    I think Dirt outlined the McCarthyism of Transgender- the threats and censorship and attempts to silence women- pretty well in her post.
    Thankfully, even with these underhanded silencing tactics there are many many trans-critical women speaking out against the Genderist trend- and those numbers are increasing everyday.
    However, you won't see such views expressed in places where trans have the power to bully and censor.

  8. Pinky,

    Most, even within the "queer" alphabet soup do not see how the gender straight jacket narrows and shapes their lives. Which is why most have bought into the homophobic male medical solution of "transition" without batting an eyelid.

    For those of us who do see beyond the confines, when we share the truth we often get attacked because most are too fearful to hear what we have to say. Most would rather live with comfortable lies, than uncomfortable truths.And sadly those speaking the truth will cower to silencing tactics.

    I however, know intimately whats at stake were I to remain silent.


  9. I'm curious to know your stance on a person who identifies as a female-born genderqueer. In other words, someone with a uterus who doesn't desire to remove said uterus nor alter her body with synthetic hormones, but who doesn't submit to any specific gender norms.

    And if this person struggled with her gender identity and previously wanted to transition to male before bringing transition to a stop, would you still consider this person an ally or another self-loathing ex-transboy?

  10. "but I also think that fundamental sex is bullshit. There are too many variations in the genes/hormone levels/appearance to place much stock in it."

    Well, that's fucking news to the biologists!

    Sorry, but from THIS comment alone I'd dismiss whatever else you had to say as (probably) total crap. Humans are a species with two sexes, like many other of our evolutionary ancestors.

    Too MANY variations in the genes? Get real!

    "Is anyone interested in a philosophical discussion? "

    I don't think you know the meaning of philosophy either...............

    "Also, to me it seems that the very concept of "gay" depends upon a fundamentalist definition of two genders."

    Nope -- two simple biological SEXES, easy really. The clue is in the word homo (=same) sexual (=sex not frigging illusory gender).

    Cut the crap, it won't wash here!

  11. "Transition doesn't have to be a political statement: it's something done to oneself for oneself."

    Political statements my arse -- what is POLITICAL is the ideas and ideologies that lie behind the act -- whether the individual concerned thinks they are outside these, or outside social conditioning of whatever boxes they like to think they are outside if makes no difference.........

  12. "Are you even aware of how many people you're hurting/erasing right now ?"
    People don't get ERASED if you question an ideology.

    Hurt -- some believers do find it upsetting to have their belief system questioned, but that's tough.

    Sorry, just the same ole CRAP from the same ole trasn catechism.

  13. 'More' is implying that transsexualism is just too progressive for me to accept while really it's too regressive for me to accept.

  14. yep bully and propaganda are the words....and I love that: 'spread the seeds of feminism, if you want a better world'...Exactly!

  15. AD, No one is "born genderqueer".


  16. AD, No one is "born genderqueer".



    That's not at all what I said.

  17. She identifies as a genderqueer who was born as female, is what she's saying. I wouldn't think you would be considered one of the trans because you stay in your female body and live life as a female even if you don't hold on to all of the binary that is associated with female born females.

  18. "genderqueer.... but who doesn't submit to any specific gender norms."

    1) Good luck with that, it isn't so EASY to escape gender norms.

    2) Just subverting the norms isn't the same as getting rid of gender all together, it's just a bit more mix and match that the RIGID gender binary we're stuck with most of the time.

    Genderqueer ISN'T the same as saying -- fuck gender, don't believe in it, don't think it is a good idea.

  19. wait, is this 'male medical machine' (rolling eyes) creating (illusory) men, 'More?' i thought all the ftms were really men all along with some kind of birth defect and in desperate need of correction (or else they'll all commit suicide)

  20. i guess i'd have to say that transsexualism is nobody's own truth- it's entirely influenced by/ based on/ done for 'society'

  21. A reminder to any female commenting, if you do not ID as female, you need to explain why it is you deserve to comment on a femalecentric blog, then leave your comment.



  22. It's a shame really that the nascent androgyny that came on the heels of second wave feminism in the mid seventies was lost to both men and women when the newer faster medias used the human males desire for the female form as a freaking sales tool as they slowly shifting the focus of what is a woman to this new hyper-sexualised meme we have now. Making even pre-pubescent girls think they must become sexual objects trying to diet away their baby weight. To become these female caricatures created for men's pleasures that don't exist in nature ! I mean how many women do you know who without plastic surgery are six feet tall, a size two with a 32 DD chest and a boys rear? Frankly? I'm glad that my child rearing days are behind me and that I am not trying to raise a daughter in this new version of man's world! Tell me, is it really that much of a surprise why so many young girls who do not fit into this new plastic paradigm are drawn like flys to "become men?" Trans-ideation? is it really the issue here, or is it a horrible symptom of a much deeper and darker social issue?

  23. "Trans-ideation? is it really the issue here, or is it a horrible symptom of a much deeper and darker social issue?"-Miz

    Miz I have to agree with you's another way around acceptance of dykes, of women who simply don't conform, or men who dont' conform and getting them to conform by hormones and surgeries, and to keep the same tired old sex roles...those appearing as female as sex objects, and those of us who resist, like us Butches, to then be defined as 'trans' and thusly 'male seeming' and outside of womanhood.

    It used to be said that Lesbianism was absolutely revolutionary, and for a time it was, when we had strong Dyke communities, and the organizations and institutions to back it up in our alternative to the patriarchal world. We'd dress the way we'd damn please, act the way we damned please, love women exclusively, and put ourselves and other women first and foremost, go into the trades of men, and have an underground economy of barter with each other supported by Lesbian lands, lesbian/womyn's bookstores, music festivals, printing presses, job trainings(how many of us got into the trades, some by learning to build on those womyn's lands) and general Lesbian and female self-sufficiency. So we could be SELF defined....the Butches I knew back then were strong, powerful, role models and most importantly, FEMALE PROUD, looking back to our ancient Goddess and Amazon herstory for a time we were free, and emulating that through ritual and gatherings.

    But little by little each of those institutions got frittered away, by infighting, by the patriarchy and starving us out, so businesses and lesbian bookstores and cafes and hottub and other Lesbian gathering places closed....and then in the background was the always assault by the basically male identified male born MTF's....secretly encouraging some Butches to switch over and identify as male...the bis and trans uniting and ultimately Butch Lesbians and Butch Women coming out 'genderqueer' or 'FTM' instead, because we LOST all those strong, powerful Lesbian institutions, and instead the Gay/Queer community replaced them with the assault on our Lesbian only and women only spaces and places till we're at where we are today.
    -Lifelong Lesbian,

  24. I can't get one line from Pink's "Stupid Girls" out of my head

    "What happened to the dreams of a girl president
    She's dancing in the video next to 50 Cent"

    I"m in my mid fifties, single, straight and trying to pick my jaw on the floor at the pressure being put on me to be some sort of Barbie doll! It's incredible! Here I am, a year at most from being a grandmother but if I want to have a lover? I am suppose to erase the last thirty years of existence from my body because that's what men expect of me? (Not that any of them ever hold their own saggy fat asses to that same measure!)

    But how can that even begin to hold a candle to the pressure I see being put on all the young girls today? They are being told over and over and over how they don't measure up as even human unless they are absolutely perfect in ways that no woman can ever be perfect! They must have perfect skin perfect breasts, perfect legs a perfect ass. A skilled courtesan, masterful in every possible sexual act imaginable but of course virginal as the new fallen snow.... Oh yeah, somewhere in there a brain m-i-g-h-t be nice but not necessary... In other words a woman's ONLY "real" use is that of being some man's semen depository! So I for one cannot even begin to imagine how it is now for a young girl who values her brain, who has no desire in the least to be a sex toy, nor comply with the gender norm she is being asked to assume and who prefers the company of other women in her bed!

    The answer she is being presented with? You can "become a man!" This hits home with me because a dear friends daughter is in this very place... She went away to college and joined the LGBT group first off because she expected to find others like herself. Instead she found this weird hierarchy starting with the the "trans-man" and ending with the butchs way way way down at the very bottom. Great! This girl has been a social pariah her whole life and now in the one place she thought she would find her community she is another form of pariah. Wanna guess which way she, I mean "he" went? So far the only thing that has stopped this is her shrink's not buying this Damascene conversion of her's. So he will not give approval for hormones. But the girl is too smart for her own good and has snowed lesser therapists left and right with all the how to she found on the internet. So it is only a matter of time before this lovely young woman royally screws her life... Her mother is beside herself and there is nothing that she can do to stop it!


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