Murdering Children for the Sake of the Gender Straight Jacket

This older post was recently mailed to me...Children's gives transgender tween new hope

From the article:  

Although born identical twins with matching DNA, Tom* and Ryan were two immensely different children. As toddlers, Tom entertained himself with toy trucks while Ryan fawned over his girl cousin’s Barbies and Little Mermaid dolls. Photo after photo of them at that age show Ryan with a t-shirt wrapped around his head, mimicking long, flowing hair. At age 4, he asked his mom, Cecelia, a heartbreaking question: When do I get to be a girl?

When he was 6, his parents sought professional advice. A local psychiatrist diagnosed Ryan with gender identity disorder (GID) or transgenderism, a rare condition in which a biological male or female feels a strong identification with the opposite sex and is extremely uncomfortable with his or her own gender. Like Ryan, many transgender youth express disgust with their genitals from a young age, and some even believe they’ll grow up to become the opposite sex. 

Ryan is now 12 and goes by the name Sylvia. In skinny jeans and metallic ballet flats, painted nails and pigtails, she comes off as an energetic tween girl...In a world where everything is divvied up according to gender, there’s little room for a kid who falls somewhere in the middle.

She grew her hair long and asked to wear dresses and skirts. 

In fifth grade, after the long summer, Ryan came back to school as Sylvia. Although she was nervous on her first day with her new name, Sylvia found the majority of her classmates warm and welcoming. “Some of my friends asked me why I had waited so long,” she says. That year, Sylvia excelled academically and was voted class vice-president. At the same time, she was being seen by Norman Spack, MD, an endocrinologist at Children’s Hospital Boston and a leading expert in GID in children and adolescents, and evaluating psychologist Laura Edwards-Leeper, PhD. Spack, along with urologist David Diamond, MD, had helped launch the interdisciplinary Gender Management Service (GeMS) Clinic at Children’s—the first pediatric academic program in the Western Hemisphere to evaluate and medically treat young transgender people. 

 Sylvia’s parents immersed themselves in transgender research before coming to Children’s. 

But what if you could halt puberty and stop the permanent changes from occurring? While it remains controversial, puberty suppression has been the standard treatment for transgender kids in the Netherlands since the 1990s. Since 2007, Children’s has been one of a handful of hospitals in North America to offer this treatment.  

So far, the GeMS clinic has treated 17 patients with pubertal suppressors. “For the appropriate patients, we’ve found that the use of this therapy not only prevents severe psychological distress, but allows these young adolescents a chance to begin to blossom into their true selves,” says Edwards-Leeper. Spack scoffs at critics who accuse the clinic of fooling with nature. “I don’t think of transgender people as ‘changing genders,’” he says. “Almost every one of our patients felt that they were born with the wrong body. They’re not changing genders, they are affirming the gender they always felt they had.” 

As frightening as it is that some gender conformist doKtor slapped a GID diagnoses on a child simply for enjoying a variety of things labeled by patriarchy as "girl". I find it much more frightening that clinics designed solely for THIS specific purpose are cropping up even before the latest edition of the disorder bible (the DSM 5) which will contain the new diagnoses for children who do not sport the gender straight jacket!

If clinics such as the one mentioned in the article have cropped up and are cropping up even before there has been a legitimate (legitimate as far as published in the latest version of the shrink bible) medical diagnoses for GID in children, the writing is all over the fucking wall! But as I see it, the writing has been all over the fucking wall since the HB's first created the trans disorder as a means to heterosexualize homosexuals as a way of eradicating homosexuality.

But we have come a LONG way baby! Now there is no need to wait till those pesky queens and bulldaggers prance and swagger into adulthood offending all those bound by the gender straight jacket. No siree bob! The male medical machine can declare those girls who want short hair and play with BOY toys GENDER INCONGRUENT! Same goes for those sissy boys who wanna grow their hair out, play with the girls and want to be called pretty! The male medical machine has even stated that most children labeled with GID/GI if left alone will grow up to be normal healthy gay and lesbian adults. So why is the male medical machine labeling children with a medical/mental disorder when they do not conform to society's/parental notions of normal gender play/roles???

I'll tell you why! Because transition was born out of extreme homophobia and has been allowed to proliferate because of it, despite any claims to the contrary. If gays and lesbians do not begin taking some very serious steps towards the labeling children with GID/GI, a huge portion of our community will be missing in the near future because we will have been eradicated in our youth by exterminating us through medical transition.

And to all the naysayers who will bitch and moan that "dirt is just being extreme" and "that can never happen", remember that once upon a time, once technology permitted, humans were systematically eradicated despite all those who claimed "that can never happen here". It wasnt that many decades ago when lesbian feminists were concerned about transitioning children, they were pacified that that no doktor would do that to a child.



  1. My little sister could have been labelled with GID were this happening 15 years ago. Scary. She refused to wear dresses, cut her hair short, and called herself by a boys name. Our parents did the right thing and let her do it without commenting on it or making a fuss. As a grown woman, she says "well duh, I did those things so I could do what I wanted, like play football with the boys without them making fun of me or treating me different."

    For f's sake, using their criteria, my parents, my best friend and my dog are suffering from GID!

  2. "For f's sake, using their criteria, my parents, my best friend and my dog are suffering from GID!" Ah, no, you've got to remember that:

    1) Psychiatrists etc are REALLY nice and REALLY clever people

    2) So they can detect who are the REALLY trans kids (with the special little voice in their heads), and who are the ones who just want to play football.

    3) Even if those kids get 'normal' again, what harm has been done by putting them on puberty blockers for a few years? Some on here obviously seem to think that puberty blockers are no worse than taking a few aspirins.............

    "However, there is some concern that the hormone treatment may be used on children for whom the sense of being in the wrong body is a transient one; the article cited a study that suggests that only one-fifth of boys who experience a sense that they should be girls continue into adulthood with feelings that their bodies reflect the wrong gender."

  3. There is so much shit in this article dangerous, conservative and harmful shit.

    So he likes to play with dolls, what's the matter?? Where is the law of nature that boys CAN't do that??

    "At age 4, he asked his mom, Cecelia, a heartbreaking question: When do I get to be a girl?"

    Did he only ask this question because of the toys he likes?

    I don't know why my post got deleted but recently I have read an article about intersex children. Many of the children are ill and do really suffer because of the cross gendered hormones they had to take. I can post the link to the article but it's in german. Beside is there a study that puberty blockers are really not harmful to the body?

    Sorry for my grammar and spelling mistakes

  4. I think it is quite horrible that there is an assumption that what children like or don't like, want to look like, play with etc has to do with their gender, sex, whatever. If at all, it has something to do with the GENDER ROLES that the children are forced into. Which some children simply cannot play well enough, hence ending up with serious dysphoria. Why the hell not just allow this boy to wear his t-shirt on his head without feeding him medication that is NOT necessary, but rather harmful to his health?

    I hope the follwing is not too off-topic as a comment here, but the article you citated somehow reminded me of other, maybe more subtle examples of gender straight-jacket warfare:

    ...articles about toddlers and babies preferring gender-typical toys(here is an example: I just cannot believe that - baby boys look more often than girls do at BLUE CARS, and this SUGGESTS that there are differences in perception that are INNATE! Come on! No matter how scientifically correct the statistical methods, common sense will tell us that even the smallest children are already objects of gender-specific treatment. There can be no genetically caused preference for blue cars, because blue cars don't exist in wild nature. So this preference can only be cultural. And there are hundreds more of these articles saying that girls and boys are SOOOO different from the BEGINNING, and GIRLS, like, ALL LOOOOVE PINK.

    The straight-jacket is being put on the kids earlier and earlier.

  5. ...sorry I posted only a part of the link to the article I meant, for those interested, here the actual one:
    article about babies preferring gender-typical toys

    DISCLAIMER for those who didn't read my previous comment: I don't have the opinion that there is any innate preference for a certain kind of toys that is specific to or defining a gender. I am against gender-straight-jacketing kids.

  6. omg! How can people not see the tragedy here?! This child is now happy! It's an epidemic of children not being forced to live an unhappy life. These parents are allowing their kid to lead the way, without making any permanent physical changes before their child is ready to make that decision. wow, just terrible stuff.

  7. "How can people not see the tragedy here?! This child is now happy! "

    Except it is ackniwledged that there ISN'T reliable research on the long-term effects of hormones and SRS, as to whether it does give an improved patient outcome in the long term. Also, a lot of resistance to alternative therapies as regards gender issues.

    At the moment, the official response, in effect, to a child distressed enough to try and cut off his own penis is -- don't do that little girl, we can do it for you when you're old enough! Except the trans lobby presents transition/hormones/surgery as THE preferred treatment for gender issues. It isn't evidence-based medicine, we still don't have a proper understanding of WHY trans people are trans (brain sex theory looking increasingly dodgy despite wild claims made by the trans lobby about a few post mortem studies of a ridiculously small number of subjects.

    And we still have the fact that a large number of children with gender issues end up making some other sort of accomodation/adjustment in adulthood other than being transitioned/transitioning adults.

    An epidemic of children not forced to live an unhappy life? What about those who don't really NEED this sort of intervention, who are possibly going to end up having puberty blocked, everyone expecting them to turn out trans, when perhaps they won't.

    I wouldn't mind so much if the actual EVIDENCE was there that this really is the best that can be done for these kids, but the evidence ISN'T there (anecdotal evidence isn't evidence),

  8. "Seventh grade isn’t easy: when the other girls aren’t fixating on the minute differences that set them apart—whose nose is bigger, who’s taller, who has freckles—they’re gossiping about boys. “Boys, boys, boys, it’s all these girls think about,” says Sylvia. “It’s a little hard to find someone to talk to right now.”"

    This tiny insight alone into how the boy views himself with his supposed female peers indicates not only his difference from them, but his unhappiness with that difference that he will never be them or one of them.

    And he has been brainwashed by both doctors and his parents that he is to be both. So what does that kinda of distorted pressure (pressure to be one of the girls) do to a male child that seemingly realizes alone, that that isnt a possibility?


  9. Thank you for showing that our fem boys are at risk as much as our butch girls.

    We need our butch girls and fem boys just the way they are. They are a wonderful gift to society that are far too often overlooked.


  10. "there ISN'T reliable research on the long-term effects of hormones and SRS"

    We can already see the longterm effects on intersex children. So perhaps it's quite similiar.

  11. " So perhaps it's quite similiar."

    Sorry, I meant (amongst other things), the LONG-TERM effects of SRS for TRANS people, in terms of whether or not the surgery did/does actually remove the cause of their distress or not. To put it simply, we don't have the long-term data on the efficacy of SRS as a treatment for the condition it is claiming to treat.

    As regards intersex kids who were subjected to SRS, the opinion I've come across is that they OBJECT to it -- it may make adults happier, but given that it can remove what sexual sensation they had, and given that they weren't necessarily ASKED which way they wanted to go (if anywhere).......

    Sorry, there really isn't a link between the two conditions, despite trans efforts to make one.

  12. "Sorry, there really isn't a link between the two conditions"

    I know this. I talked about the effects on the body and health.

    "Sorry, I meant (amongst other things), the LONG-TERM effects of SRS for TRANS people, in terms of whether or not the surgery did/does actually remove the cause of their distress or not."

    There is a study from 2004:

    There is also a pdf document about it but I can't find it. I also think that just one study isn't enough.

  13. "I also think that just one study isn't enough."

    The guardian one was a REVIEW of the literature, as was one published by Sheffield:

    which says:
    "Like the conclusions made in previous reviews the magnitude of
    benefit and harm cannot be reliably estimated accurately using the current available

    Interesting quotes from a report by the Endocrine Society:

    "In summary, neither biological studies nor psychological studies provide a satisfactory explanation for the intriguing phenomenon of gender identity disorders. In both disciplines, studies have been able to correlate certain findings to gender identity disorders, but the findings are not robust and cannot be generalized to the whole population."

    "In the future, rigorous evaluation of the effectiveness and safety of endocrine protocols is needed. What will be required is the careful assessment of 1) the effects of prolonged delay of puberty on bone, growth and development upon adolescents,...."

    Also in the same report, we have GID in children with different criteria for boys and girls. So, for girls we have:
    "persistent marked aversion to normative feminine clothing and insistence of wearing stereotypical masculine clothing" included as PART OF the diagnostic criteria. Which (frankly), I'd instead take as a normal, healthy response to the obvious disadvantages of normative feminine clothing!

    For boys, it says:
    "preoccupation with stereotypic female activities, as shown by a preference for either cross-dressing or simulating female attire or by an intense desire to participate in the games and pastimes of girls and rejection of stereotypical male toys, games and activities."

    Which just perpetuates the gender straightjacket that we keep complaining about!

    This is then followed uo 'repudiation of male/female anatomical structures; but this FOCUS on rejection of sterotypical activities/clothing as if it were indicative of a PROBLEM (rather than being a healthy response to perceived and unfair and unjustified constraints) is monstrous.

    And this was 2008, NOT from crusty ole document from the 70s..............

    Does agree however that there is a HIGH rate of remission of GID come puberty...............

    Again, sounds to me like saying -- sorry you're so distressed you tried to cut off your penis -- don't worry, wait until you're a bit older and we'll do it for you...............

  14. @BadDyke what are the disadvantages of normative feminine clothing?

  15. "@BadDyke what are the disadvantages of normative feminine clothing?"

    Womens shoes seem to bear little relation to the actual shape of the human foot, and most offer little support to the foot. Take those sheepskin boot thingies as an example -- they look like warm and cosy cold-weather footwear, in a range of colours, but actual boot offers very little support to the heel and ankle. Then we have the obvious disadvantages of high heels.

    As regards skirts, we have skirts that don't allow full freedom of movement.

    The general trend is that womens clothing is more about body display and fashion, rather than actually being practical and fit for purpose -- from the thinner fabrics that get used, to schoolgirls not wearing sufficiently warm clothing in the winter because it's not fashionable.

    Any tomboy who tried to climd a tree in a dress can tell you plenty about the disadvantages of female clothing..................Or any women, to be totally honest.


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