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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Doing Gender

What daily things do we do (actions), that are NOT defined in some way by our gender? And what things do we do (actions), that clearly are?



  1. Sleeping... um... washing your hands. Taking a shit..... this is hard... :|..... Turning on a lamp. Going on a zombie walk. And I need to go to the library and also go buy bread both of which I do not think are gendered and I will post more if I think of any.
    Things that are gendered? Seems like most things can and will be gendered by someone.....

  2. 1. Masturbating
    2. Masturbating

  3. Non-gendered: washing my face
    Gendered: wearing makeup

    Non-gendered: eating
    Gendered: making dinner for my husband

    Non-gendered: sleeping
    Gendered: being woke up in the middle of the night because he's horny

  4. Gendered: wearing makeup

    this is stereotypical. you would be shocked at how many men use makeup. even if it to just cover a birthmark or a blemish.

    just sayin

  5. anon 1:26

    And there are plenty of men who cook dinner for their partners, and plenty of men who get woke up in the middle of the night because their partner wants sex. The thing is, none of these things SHOULD be thought of as gendered. Society sees them and plenty of other things that way, but it's obvious that none of these actions are gender-specific.

  6. What comes to mind for me is wearing a bra (which I don't always do), and sitting down to pee (although some women have figured out ways to do this standing up, and some men sit down to pee).

    Most activities simply aren't gendered. I think gender is WAY overemphasized in our society. It seems like sex roles are becoming more polarized in recent years, which is a disappointing phenomenon. The toys and clothes for kids are even more sex-stereotyped than they were in the 60's or 70's: all this pink and purple for girls and macho stuff for boys. I think this is what these young girls are reacting to with the idea that they should "transition": stereotypes that have become associated with concepts of gender.

  7. The only action I can think of is that is clearly defined by gender naturally without the help of scientist.

    *males the production of sperms
    *female produce eggs (ovum)

    Maybe there is more I dont know.


  8. Kor, Were sleeping genderless, the stores wouldnt have male/female sleep attire. Sleeping to has been sexed.


  9. Anon regarding masturbating, masturbating isnt genderless. Google males masturbating or females masturbating, quite different (yet specific) images.


  10. Dirt,

    Of course pajamas aren't genderless in most cases but the act of sleeping is. I think that's what the other anon meant.

  11. Pretty much everything you do can be gendered by someone who believed in gender because it's a concept, like 'fate' which requires no actual proof of it existing at all.

  12. I'd say watching TV is pretty genderless... anyone can stare at the idiot box

  13. I think it is very difficult to think of actions that ARE or AREN'T gendered. At least for me, it is. It confuses me a lot. Because I know of actions that can be judged as either gendered or as non-gendered, depending on who is judging and why. Even washing your hands can be judged as gendered. There was an (less than trustworthy, when judged by its research methods) article that I read some months ago. It claimed that men wash their hands less often than women but still have less bacteria on these same hands - yes, " mysogyny much?" was what I thought when I read it, but here you go, washing your hands can be gendered.

    Almost everything you do can be defined as "typically woman" or "typically man". The difference is usually in the purpose and intent of such defining.

    I think that releasing sperm or an ovum is not a conscious action, it is rather a biological function. So I wouldn't say it is a gendered action. It has to do something with (biological, chromosomal and gonadal) sex, not with (psychological, social, behavioural) gender.

    There are a few things that are gendered in a way that they are specific to one gender only, and not really just judged from outside as being "gendered" - like using tampons or hygienic pads for one's period. This is clearly an action that is gendered.

  14. Any of the following are free of gender as I perform them: Making a nice cup of tea. Drinking that nice cup of tea. Getting in a lift. Putting the TV on. Washing up the dishes. Sitting in a chair. Sitting on the sofa. Sitting on the floor. Sitting on the bed. Sitting on a table. Sitting on the bus. Sitting on the train. Sitting at a table. Sitting at a bar. Sitting on a bench. Standing at a desk. Standing on the bus. Standing in my pants. Standing in a queue. Standing by a lake. Standing for an elderly person on public transport.

  15. Housework -- because judging from the adverts, you'd think only women ever used vacuum cleaners, kitchen cleaner etc etc. The chap only appears to show how sciencey the new product is.

    "you would be shocked at how many men use makeup. even if it to just cover a birthmark or a blemish. " Covering up birthmarks or 'blemishes' (value judgement there!) is relatively genderless -- except how many women would want to cover up facial 'blemishes' that most men would quite hapily accept? Make-up in terms of altering the whole appearance of your face /skin/eyes, being unable to go out of the house without it is something that only a ridiculously small number of men do. SO much so that in a recent program about young nuns, the thing that shocked most young girls was 'how could they go without make-up, because that is so much THE female thing...' For them at least, make-up was an ESSENTIAL part of being female.

    I'd agree that SITTING is also gendered, in that women tend to sit to take up as little space as possible, whilst men sprawl. Different clothing, nice girls don't sit with their legs apart etc etc. Standing as well, to be totally frank. And walking. Talking, gendered again, inasmuch as men tend to interrupt women in a way they don't do when talking to another man. If a woman interrupts a man, you'll soon see the reaction!

    The way we gesture, the way we talk, the way we move, I think all of these are very strongly gendered. So, sitting at a bar definitly, in that in MANY bars over here, a woman wouldn't do that on her own. If she did, would she make eye-contact and get served?

    "it's a concept, like 'fate' which requires no actual proof of it existing at all." Except there are many studies out there looking at gendered behaviour when it comes to all of the above..

  16. "Taking a shit....." Uh, I'd have to argue this IS gendered, in that I believe many men find this action stimulates the prostate..........

    Sorry, my brain will dredge up various bits and pieces from the darker corners of my memory...........

  17. Regarding shitting, farting and/or shitting are portrayed as things women do not do. There are even products on the market aimed at females only to cease producing gas.

    Farting and shitting are viewed as male/manly and males (regardless of class) are even allowed to fart in public where its either ignored or thought of as humorous.


  18. "There are even products on the market aimed at females only to cease producing gas. "

    You gotta be KIDDING me! Really?

    I'm stunned! Would take half the enjoyment out of my day.........

    Okay, I've done a quick websearch, and learnt about some stuff that I wish I hadn't! ANOTHER damn thing that's supposedly 'wrong' about female bodies!

  19. it's hard to think of anything that isn't poisoned by gender. my first thought was eating, but even that... what to eat, how to eat it, where to eat it... is all infiltrated by gender. you can't do anything without thinking to some degree, and even our thought patterns have been hammered. this makes me sad.


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