YouTube's Trans Trending Influence

A prime example of just how YT's are influencing the Trans Trend among girls and young women:

This is likely a blueprint for many a Trans Trender's YT's Transitioning-as-fun-and-easy- as-123. The poster not only flat out admits to the Trans Trending videos influencing her desire to transition, she also sees Trans Trending videos as a potential vehicle to some kind of warped internet fame. I suspect the latter is as big a reason many Trans Trenders seek transition as their fears and desires to escape the ever tightening female noose.

It is sad as the poster states, that she views these videos as "helping" rather than harming, which they actually are. She, like so many young (younger all the time) women before her and as we see here weekly, completely buy into the trans spin most of these videos present. They present the thrill of passing, the thrill of passing privileges, the thrill of using the mens room, the thrill of the steroidal effects on their muscles, the thrill of excessive body hair and odor etc etc. There is a fun, happy enthusiasm spilling from these early stage transition videos, jetting out of the trans high from each T injection.

She speaks of a "future" for her potential videos, but this is what we see little of on YT. Many female transitioners after a few years, once the trans high has warn off, their female transformation lulled, remove their videos. There is no new body hair to cheer about, the masculine hairline soon becomes male pattern baldness, the increase in muscle leads to an increase in appetite which later turns into a pot belly for many and "love handles" for nearly all, any weight gain pools to whats left of their mutilated breasts and shirtlessness once again becomes shameful and impossible. These videos we do not see, because they do no "inspire" transition, they would instead give many Trans Trenders pause.

When a balloon is first filled with helium it is a thing to behold. It heads straight for the sky! But over time, the helium slowly seeps out till the once beautiful soaring balloon finds itself on the flat on the ground like a used condom.

Trans Trending IS happening among young females, and YT is behind much of it! How many of our female youths will fall prey to this trend? A trend that leads ultimately to dust, not the sky.


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  1. The LGBTGIA club? What the F!

  2. ok slighlty off-topic
    but wanted to say... i was watching TMZ the other night (hey, i have a thing for lindsay lohan, shameful i know) and harvey (the 'host'/leader- and homosexual) was talking about 'chaz' bono and he is the very first gay person i've seen on mainstream media to say something along the lines of 'just because someone is transsexual it doesn't mean they share any ideals/values with gay people'

  3. What I think sucks is you are still going into private forums under false pretenses to aquire this information. Lynn, you are a sack of shit and when the internet catches up with itself you will feel invincible, which is the day I will appreciate watching your deceptive ass go to jail.

    To post someones info out of private forums is despicable.

  4. what i think sucks is your going into private forums under false pretenses to aquire private information you post.

    One day the internet will catch up with itself and that will be the day you will do jailtime for false representation. A day I look forward to.

    To post peoples private writings out of private forums is despicable.

    You lost a lot of your loyal followers for doing this in the past. I guess you learned nothing from the experience.

  5. I agree with Anon 6:29pm. How did you get into this forum?

    Did you truly lie about who you were to rob information and private forum posts?

  6. nothing to say about the content? only about how dirt got a hold of it? convenient way to avoid the issues presented

  7. "nothing to say about the content? only about how dirt got a hold of it?"

    once integrity has been compromised, how can you trust what was written?

    For that matter she could have written it herself and screen captured it. Would not be the first time she has done this.

    A lot of people are rural and have not way of reaching out. It is a shame with the web being here they still cannot do it with confidence it won't end up on someones blog.

    Knock yourself out. If you want to trust the content knowing that lies were told in getting it. Go for it..

  8. Maybe the thousands of videos of young girls on testosterone (or dreaming of the day they're finally on it) are actually Dirt in disguise as well

  9. Anon@7:49pm, My blog was linked, as you can clearly see. Not that that has anything to do with the issues presented.


  10. "My blog was linked, as you can clearly see. Not that that has anything to do with the issues presented."


    whatever.. you know how to manipulate and play the deceptive game. You have been doing it for years. At the end of the day the only one you are fooling is yourself and a handful of very naive people who do not get how simple it is to deceive via the internet.

  11. It's no secret that the "T" shots do act like a strong drug which makes these girls feel better. Of course these are people with a variety of different problems and many have felt miserable for years, so it's understandable that they want to feel better. The only way they can get the "T" is to say they were born in the wrong body, etc. and I do believe some of them have come to believe this is really the case.
    The fact is, FtM's are people with problems who are labile.

  12. @Anon, Fooling who about what exactly? Feel free to search out the cap at susan's place where I was linked.

    Again, what does any of this have to do with the issues raised?


  13. It's true, as they age transmen just get bulkier and weirder-looking- and don't age like men at all (aside from the male-style baldness over the female-shaped skull) which makes for a confusing image.

  14. and again i have to suggest everyone have a look at 'fuck yeah ftms' which to me seems worse than youtube

  15. What transguy said was that, youtube vids of transguys helped him accept himself. He didnt say he was influenced just that they helped him. Seeing people like you is nice, just like seeing a lesbian talk on youtube might make a lesbian feel a sense of kinship etc.

  16. The Etch,

    These people don't see that at all. All they see is FTM and BAM!

    They all have a big brown stain on their noses...anyone smell shit?

  17. Anon @1:06 - Very true. On many couple photos on that site, the FtM's clarify which one of the 2 females pictured is them ("Hi Bros, this is Ayden, with my beautiful GF, that's me on the left") since everybody just sees 2 females.

  18. Oh I know what they're like. I comment here too often. Reason is something they happily ignore.
    None of them have learned to logic yet.

    I think in person I could change some minds but in this form maybe not. Me being who I am happiest being does not hurt them. I am not deranged nor against women. I like being myself.

    And what's the deal with you girls and pronouns anyway? Does it really hurt you to call Transpeople the pronoun they like? Do you lose 10 percent of your lungs everytime you do it?
    It doesnt annoy me when its by accident but when its on purpose, I really don't see the reasoning.

    Thats my rant over. I'm going to go fix my eyeliner and have a cup of tea.

  19. Reason and logic are the 2 primary things lacking in people who believe they're the opposite sex, so it's odd you should claim that those like myself who believe in reality over pretending are without those traits.

  20. Well it just seems like when people are telling you that they're happier being male/female and that is how they're comfortable. And you're just shouting misogyny and patriarchy at them.

    I am happier male. That does not deny your right to be happy as biologically female. I like refering to myself as male it brings more fluidity between my thoughts about my own identity and my outward identity.
    I am a transman and I feel this is who I am. I'd prefer to have been born male but that didn't happen.
    I'm not as depressed and fucked up as I was. I'm more confident, I'm LESS of a jackass to women. I have Reasoned that this is the better way for me to live for both others and myself and this itself is logical.

  21. i'm personally not shouting mysogyny or patriarchy
    i only believe in truth over falsehood
    no matter how 'comfortable' that falsehood makes an individual feel
    i just do not believe there is such a thing as 'feeling' male or female and consider that belief one that takes society backwards rather than forwards.

  22. Well doesn't everyone have their own personal truth? Do they not have a right to feel that?

    Also the right to do what they like with their own body and also to be refered to as what they want to be refered to as.

  23. I guess I'm referring to the real physical scientific truth.
    I do not see how/why you'd be such a different person if you were to accept the fact that you're a non-conforming female rather than asserting the falsehood that you're any type of male.

  24. Who you are, how you feel, etc., came to you, whether through life experience or biology/nature or nurture. You are a strong woman, you're attracted to who you're attracted to, and you are who you are. Why let someone tell you who and what you can and can't do? Accusing transfolk of choosing who they are and being confused makes you no different than those Bible-Belt, ignorant rednecks who say the same about you and believe YOU have chosen who you are as a lesbian and believe you need to burn at the stake. So it is suddenly a "trend to be trans" and there's an increase in transpeople? Just like gays and lesbians didn't exist before the 60's and it became a "trend" to be gay?

  25. 4:27, your argument would only make sense if these kids were actually male. and they are not.

  26. 5:32 -

    No it still makes sense. The more accepting of a group of people society becomes the more people of that irk come out and express themselves, thats just a fact.

    3:33 -
    I am a non comforming male. If I was female i'd actually conform more to my gender role.
    I tried to accept myself as female and accept my body parts that I don't like but that made me more depressed. Now that I've accepted myself as male, I am happier and more outgoing.

    I keep asking people here, how to actually accept myself as female and feel happy about it. But no one ever gives me a guide.

  27. The thing is,
    you don't have to DO anything to accept yourself as you are.

  28. Bit like how accepted myself as a dude then? Well I tried that with being a girl. Didn't help really.
    Still felt I was a guy.

    I wish I did like my boobs. I'm told they're lovely.

  29. so you'll keep being a 'dude' with 'boobs' then?
    or will you have to DO something about that?
    do you believe that T belongs grouped with LGB?
    do you believe that being dependent on testosterone and doctors to maintain the illusion of maleness in your future is also not doing anything?
    have you seen middle aged women who have been on testosterone for years to disguise themselves as male?
    you'll look pretty odd with your eyeliner on then i'd say!
    you know that attractive androgyny is sacrificed when women transition right? it takes a few years...
    ok this site is pissing me off, ciao

  30. so you'll keep being a 'dude' with 'boobs' then?

    No, I won't. They are going no doubt about that. Will be way better for my health too. I have back problems because of the things.

    or will you have to DO something about that?


    do you believe that T belongs grouped with LGB?

    We need the support and its nice that its there but I don't know. Its not linked so I do not know.

    do you believe that being dependent on testosterone and doctors to maintain the illusion of maleness in your future is also not doing anything?

    I don't know whether Ill take T long term or whether Ill just take it to break my voice. I want facial hair but I don't know if that'll take months or years even. Ill see

    have you seen middle aged women who have been on testosterone for years to disguise themselves as male?

    No middle aged women, no. But a transguy yes. And he looked fantastic.

    you'll look pretty odd with your eyeliner on then i'd say!
    you know that attractive androgyny is sacrificed when women transition right?

    I don't want androgyny. I'm just a bit emo and as one of my best friends calls it "faggy". I'll wear eyeliner if I like and wear what I like. Regardless if it looks stupid. I look stupid a lot of the time.

    Theres your rhetorical questions answered :P

  31. To The Etch;

    You know that if you take T just long enough so that your voice changes and then stop. Your voice will change back slowly. T does not work in the way that many transguys think.

    You should do some real research outside the illusion of YT before even thinking of going on T.

    Just from one transguy to another.
    Sorry for my bad english.

  32. I didn't know my voice could unbreak. Do you have any links?

    Iv'e read an awful lot about stuff and never heard that. *shrugs*

  33. I think you're wrong. Voice is a permanent aspect of taking T and cant be undone.

  34. "So it is suddenly a "trend to be trans" and there's an increase in transpeople?"

    Yep there is just look at the iran and the study from finland.

  35. I've yet to see a 50 year old FTM who has been on testosterone for 20+ years who looks 'great' (or even male)- if you can provide proof of someone like that I'd love to see

  36. usually ftm voices on testosterone stay at about the deepness of your average teenage boy or 'little person' and they all tend to sound the same with rare exceptions (one easy 'giveaway' among many)
    once your menstruation stops will you also have a hysterectomy, the etch?

  37. The Etch apparently just wants to use testosterone as a cosmetic.

  38. Testosterone no matter who uses it, when used for never ending transition, is a cosmetic.


  39. a pretty dangerous cosmetic- it sure ain't eyeliner!

  40. "i just do not believe there is such a thing as 'feeling' male or female and consider that belief one that takes society backwards rather than forwards."

    so true. I have yet to hear a solid explanation on this from a trans man/woman. both the T and the plastic surgeries are, to me, just as cosmetic as Pamela Andersons boob job.

  41. & if you don't simply accept it as fact when a woman tells you she just knows she's a man, that means you're suffering from a 'phobia-' you're just frightened.

  42. & no it's NOT the same as my 'knowing' i'm attracted to attractive women (before someone makes that claim)

  43. "I keep asking people here, how to actually accept myself as female and feel happy about it. But no one ever gives me a guide."

    That's because there is no external "guide" to being in a female body, although the trans community likes to believe that.

  44. "That's because there is no external "guide" to being in a female body, although the trans community likes to believe that."

    Some of us like our bodies, many of us don't (too fat, too thin, too short, too tall, too flat-chested, funny knees etc etc).

    For many of us, the main problem isn't accepting ourselves as female, that's just a simple fact of biology, but how we find a happy place to be, given all the CRAP that society expects and imposes on us because we are female.

    I don't accept societies idea of what being female is, although that is often a lonely place to be, and sets you apart most of the time from many of the other females around you. They'd probably think that I was in some way 'unhappy' with being female, because I'm not a female like them and like most of the other females they know.

    I think the issue is whether you can accept that, and accept the view of many people that you're then not a NORMAL female, or whether you can't. Whose opinion matters most, the rest of society as to what being female means, or your personal opinion from being it?

  45. 8.00am -

    Hes in his 60's, lives on a ranch and is a cowboy. Looks like a dude. A 60 year old dude.
    Not everyone looks like Chaz Bono, thank fucking god.

    8.05 - My internal organs don't make me dysphoric. I might because they're unneeded and it'll stop my risk of getting cancer in them.

    Taking T is not cosmetic. Certainly not for me, it aint. I said I might take T until I break my voice but I will probably take T for a few years. The only reason I would stop early is because I have no money and affording T every month will mean I mightened eat for a few days or might fall behind in my rent. If I had the money then I would take T for the long term.

    I am a guy and having a girly voice isn't the most fun thing in the whole world. I gereally pass but its "sir" and "Mr" till I open my mouth and as soon as I do. The look on peoples face, the confusion. It makes me not want to talk to people I don't know. If you've got Autism or something of that kind and its affecting how you react to the outside world then is it cosmetic to want to take medication so you can?
    Regardless taking T is my own personal choice that I will be funding myself.

    With the Masectomy, I bind everyday and I'm not one of the lucky ones. My breasts are big so it takes like 2 sports bra's and my binder to make me look realitively flat. Without that I feel uncomfortable and self concious, I get all quiet and depressed. It ain't nice. Also considering it would be beneficial to me to have one. (history of breast cancer in my family, back pain even before i started binding) Its not cosmetic. Its not like I'm going to use them for their intended purpose. Why have kids when you can have cats?

    Bad Dyke - I know a lot of women dislike their bodies but there's a difference between disliking your body because you think you're too fat/thin and disliking your body because you want a male body.

    I don't want to be a different type of female. I don;t want to be female and thats not because I want to obtain male privlege (how the fuck do you spell that?). Its because thats how I am most comfortablezz.

  46. actually the 'dude' whose picture you posted a link to is dead from ovarian cancer

  47. The Etch,

    It's well know that if you stop taking t your voice will start changing back. And I dont base this on YT or the internet.
    I base this one studys done and what my hormonedoctor have told me, and of course what have happend to people that I have meet whom have stopt taking t.

    Because what happens when your voice changes is that your vocalcords get thicker, that's what changes your voice to sound male, but males have longer vocalcords. And thickening of the vocalcords is not something that is permanent if you stop taking t.

    There's alot of BS on YT and on the internet over all about T, what happens, what does not happen and so on.

    Sorry again for my bad english, but I'm trying.
    Just the truth from a europen transguy.

  48. " Without that I feel uncomfortable and self concious, "

    Which is how I felt for many years about my breasts. That self-consciousness is in some ways a CONSTANT state for women, in that they are visibly female, and constantly being judged on that basis. Doesn't mean we LIKE it, or feel comfortable, or not self-conscious.

    I'm sure that when I was younger, and HATED what was happening to my body, that I'd have preferred being a boy -- if it wasn't for the fact that I already resented the way boys treated girls, and the way society treated girls differently from boys. Wanting to be a by would have been telling them they were RIGHT in doing that, it would have been giving in to what I later learnt to call gender stereotypes.

    So, I'm not convinced that it IS different -- same cause, different response is as much as it looks to me.

    Male privelege? It's just the simple walking out the door and NOT being treated like a woman. If I could do that for ONE day it would be a tremendous REST.

    "I don't want to be a different type of female. I don;t want to be female " But you are, however much you wish you weren't, or whatever cosmetic hormones etc.

    Just as Robert Eads was when she died of ovarian cancer at 53. Although, if true, the reports that she couldn't get treatment initially are criminal.

  49. that dead 'cowboy' that the etch admires even with her scraggly beard didn't really come across as 'male' to be

    ugh transsexualism and queerness just seem so passé

  50. i meant to say 'to me' not 'to be' (i have a cold)

  51. I know he died from Ovarian Cancer which is tragic. You're now dissing him and calling him "she"? Shame on you. I think Robert Eads looks like a dude, an old dude but a guy nonetheless. And considering the KKK tried to get him to join, I think they were pretty sure he was a guy too. Although the KKK's opinion doesn't mean much. I was just responding to the girl who said that she wanted to see a pic of an older Transguy.

    Thanks Peter for the info. I'll the guy I'm going to get a referrel for hormones off whats the story with that.

    Baddyke - There is also a difference between not liking your breasts because they're too small/large and disliking them because you don't feel they should be there at all. And if you don't feel like yours should be there at all (and it is long term) then you should do something about it.

    So I should do what you want me to do because if I be a guy I'm somehow saying sexism is right? Where the fuck is your logic in that? Unless I'm sexist then I'm not showing that sexism is right. And I was much more sexist before I came out. I'm actually ashamed of myself for it.

    Genitals and chromasones do not make a person. Is that all you are as a female? If thats the only thing you feel makes you who you are as a woman then I feel sorry for you.

  52. (I don't consider the word 'she' a 'dis')
    I watched the movie about her and honestly she still looked like a woman to me- it's all in the eyes and the stifled female spirit which for me is just easy to spot.
    and her male-to-female 'girlfriend' was just as innacurate a gender portrayal.

  53. what, the etch, do you feel is supposed to make one 'a woman' to you, aside from physically being a woman?

  54. the etch drives me right up a wall
    but it's good for us to see the intelligence level of the average young transitioner

  55. I love how being FtM is such a female thing to be. ;D

  56. 11:28 - If you think you can get the average of something by using one example then you really can't do maths.

    11;22 - It would have been to him. I don't think he looked female at all. Also you said "female spirit". Do males and females have a different "spirit" then? I thought it was just genitals and chromazones that made us different?
    I don't think his girlfriend was on mones. I thought she was a bit odd tbh.

    11.24 - I don't know what makes a woman a woman. I'm not a woman but I'm sure non Trans folks have a sense of peace when they come to terms with their bodies. Only thing I can say about being a man is I write about it a lot and heres a poem about what I felt it was like to be a man in this society.

    1:40 - I like you

  57. "Baddyke - There is also a difference between not liking your breasts because they're too small/large and disliking them because you don't feel they should be there at all. And if you don't feel like yours should be there at all (and it is long term) then you should do something about it."

    I disliked them because they were there AT ALL, because they were a sign that I was female, hence deserved to be treated differently.

    I did do something about it - I became a feminist and decided that a society that treats people differently based on their sex is a society that needs changing, NOT that I was the one that was wrong, and not a proper female.

    Simple difference, either fight the ideology, or give in to it and decide it's your body that is the problem.

  58. sorry if 'female spirit' is a flighty phrase
    i just can always see and sense a certain suffering
    and to me it looks and feels like a suffering suffocated woman
    i usually can 'feel' when a transman is around before seeing her even
    sort of like how my dog (RIP) used to sense when a dog he didn't care for was near

  59. "So I should do what you want me to do because if I be a guy I'm somehow saying sexism is right? Where the fuck is your logic in that?"

    Because you're saying there's something DIFFERENT in your head that makes you a man or a woman, despite what body you might have. That that 'being a man' thing is so strong that the only solution for some is surgically latering their bodies to try and make them better fit their minds.

    Says right off the top that 'mens brains' and 'womens brains' are totally different, and very strongly different. Okay, I know there are some slight statistical differences between males and females in terms of mental rotation,etc, BUT those are only statistical and the nature or nurture question is still pretty much open.

    But if you are really saying that mens brains are fundamentally different to womens brains, then feminism has a problem, because someone could quite well argue (as men did for centuries BTW, once they'd admitted that women did at least have souls) that men and women SHOULD be treated differently because their DIFFERENT bodies and DIFFERENT brains make it ludicrous to do otherwise. And you're back to the ole women don't need higher education, or womens brains are incapable of handling higher mathematics, because only mens brains are up to the job.

    We are going from slight statistical differences, that probably don't affect anything much in terms of the outcome of mental processing (my view), to male and female brains being SO DIFFERENT that if you put a male brain in a female chassis, the resultant human will suffer extremely.

  60. "Genitals and chromasones do not make a person. Is that all you are as a female?"

    No, but the female-specific (as opposed to general human things) things happen to be the difference in genitals etc.

    Odd that I'm trying to say that being female/a woman or male/a man SHOULDN'T make that much difference, we should all be treated like human beings, and not forced into behaving one way or the other based on our genes. Whereas you seem to be the one that is saying male/female is SUPREMELY important, just that it's not in the genes but in the head.

    You think there is a fundamental difference between men and women other than the obvious bits and bobs linked to XY or XX. I disagree.

    You think we all should be different in the head, I don't, simple as that.

  61. Back to the body again -- if I say that men and women aren't that different (just that men, say, tend to be larger and stronger), then that shouldn't make much difference to how they are treated. Except if I'm employing someone to do manual labour, say, where I'm going to want to test strength anyway, because not ALL men are that strong.

    SO, we might envisage that SOME mens and womens sports might be better segregated in some way, just as we don't let a flyweight boxer fight a heavyweight, it wouldn't be much fun.

    But if I say that men and women have fundamentally DIFFERENT brains, then that all goes out the window. Because if you're really saying female brains are different, why should I even try employing, say, a women engineer? If all the engineers I have employed in the past have been male, that is OBVIOUSLY because mens different brains are better-suited to engineering than womens brains.

    If you object to that, excuse me, but weren't you the one telling me that womens brains were different to mens brains? If so, then the fact that we have some professions strongly segregated by sex is EXPLAINED, its because of our different brains! Sexism is okay, because brains are different, you keep saying so............................

  62. there was a piece on BBC world service yesterday about pre-op brit FTM's gaining the right to be called male (do you know this story, BD?)
    and a psychologist fellow came on to explain that the resons they ARE male are
    1. they changed their names
    2. they look 'as male as you or i' (to male announcer)
    3. other people treat them as male
    the announcer (as BBC announcers are known to) played devil's advocate up to a point but didn't ask the most important question: what does it mean to be 'treated as male?'

  63. "what does it mean to be 'treated as male?'"

    Indeed! Somehow no one can answer that when pressed............

    Nor questioning the assumption that having a male name, 'looking' male, or being 'treated as male' SHOULD mean something significant, it's just either acknowledging that society DOES treat men and women differently, but we deal with the state of society as it is, or avoiding the question.

    Seems that at the back of all this is the supposedly obvious but unstated assumption that men and women, males and females are NATURALLY different, should be treated differently, look different, and have different names.

    Anyway, psychologists needs a reminder of basic biology -- they AREN'T male in any biological sense, just passing as male based on arbitrary and socially-conditioned standards of dress/behaviour etc etc.

  64. @The Etch 'The sweet flood of toxic sweet smoke
    A bed and no ties to this mortal realm
    I was carelessly thrown into
    No love for my Mother, no sign of my Father
    A bastard ovaric son'

    I'm the anon you liked. what does it mean? I like your poem.

  65. I agree with trans tending, I've seen some younger people I know who seem to worship these trans youtubers like gods. Yes, they are now trying to transition, yes I tell them to stop and think about it. Transitioning isn't going to end all your life problems like youtube might make you think. Being a male isn't glorious.

    Yes I am trans, yes it was one of many options I could have taken, and I believe it was the right one for me and I am content and happy with my life. I didn't know any trans ir watch any of those videos when it was my time, I mostly started out in the dark. But even though I am trans, I am disgusted and horrified by the trans trending I see in the community. I fear that many young people - both Male and Female fall victim to these trends, and I do my best to talk these kids down. Transitioning is a dangerous and serious buisiness. I know a person who transitioned and now is detransitioning after surgery.. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.. so them kids better be damn sure before they step down the path. End the brainwashing media, start using your brains and really searching your souls.


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