Search Words and this Blog

I'm going to start a regular weekly or maybe bi-weekly post listing the search words dealing with female transition that are leading to my blog. I'm thinking readers may find it interesting:

  1. dirt ftm
  2. ftm detransitioning
  3. woman to man surgery pictures
  4. biology in a transman
  5. Transmen penis (this gets searched a LOT)
  6.  ftm testosterone weight gain
  7. trans trending
  8. FTM testosterone effects
  9. ftm childhood experiences
  10. transmen in womens colleges
  11. ftm phalloplasty regret
  12. ftm regret (getting many hits for this one)
  13. ftm stopping t (seeing this searched multiple times a day now-nice to see)
  14. ftm bottom surgery pictures
  15. ftm Surgery
  16. transgender pro ana ftm
  17. looking for a straight woman who likes tranmen
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  1. What is even remotely interesting about this? These are all obvious subjects that you obsess over. This goes to show you that this is not a butch feminist blog. No. Not by any means. It is a blog obsessed with trans issues that have NOTHING to do with lesbianism or supporting being butch.

    Frankly I'm surprise you posted this. It exposes the true obsessive and dangerous messages your blog sends.

  2. I never claimed it was a "butch feminist blog", it is a blog to dismantle misogyny and the gender straight jacket. And if you arent interested in doing the same, why on earth would you read it? Hmmm

  3. First off your question made no sense, because your blog promotes oppressive thinking and counter productive radical ideals.
    Secondly, I am interested in dismantling privileged oppression of ALL forms. Which is exactly what you are perpetuating daily.

    Sorry, Dirt. But you are an oppressor.

  4. A lone female blogger hasnt the patriarchal power o "oppress". You may want to familiarize yourself with what exactly oppression is and how it functions.


  5. Jussst because someone searches for something it doesn't necessarily mean they're considering it (i.e. in the case of "ftms stopping T").

  6. Of course it doesnt phoenix, there are thousands who know nothing of ftms or transition searching the exactly same thing.


  7. Trust me. You know not of the word as I my family and my ancestors have experienced it far beyond your wildest privileged dreams. Just because you have an oppression does not make it automatically so that you are not oppressive in your pen merit. Just in the same way a homosexual can be racist. Ive encountered plenty. And surely, you must ask, what or why on earth a homosexual; an oppressed homosexual, has any business even showing a minor scrap of hatefulness, meritless "critique", or intolerance. Thats the disturbing part of it. Oppression can function just fine with you being the "lone female blogger" that you are, by your hands and the hands of your roudy followers. At least those of them who fawn your every word...I'm sure it's apparent who I'm talking about.

    Waiting for her to chime in with her loud babble any time now...

  8. Being a racist and having the patriarchal power to oppress a race are two very different things.

    And if you feel SUCH "hatred" from things posted here, it is best that you find a blog the better suit your interestS, otherwise I'm lead to conclude, you relate to everything posted but are too afraid or ashamed to admit it.

    How is that for babel?


  9. Oh and Anon,

    Returning Visits: 170

    Visit Length: 12 hours 22 mins 51 secs,

    I call that not only obsessed but frightening! Go smell the roses at least, there is more to life than hovering at my blog like a teenager in love.


  10. >>What is even remotely interesting about this?<<

    I for one found it HIGHLY FASCINATING.

    Because it shows the TRUTH about what is going on in the minds of "FTMs" and the people who love and care about them.

    Not the glossy It's The Cure For Your Ills cult the online "FTM" community makes itself out to be.

    If you really can't see that... WELCOME!

  11. @ anon 2:27pm

    Absolutlely ON POINT!!

  12. Uh-oh, the "pro ana" thing... was that me? Because I really often wonder if the gender identity problem in females is similar/somehow connected to the issues that cause anorexia. And the trend to transition is a bit similar to the pro ana movement too, both in expression online mostly and in the choice of topics.

  13. >>Because I really often wonder if the gender identity problem in females is similar/somehow connected to the issues that cause anorexia.<<

    That's a fascinating angle. I was blown away when "histrionic personality disorder" was mentioned in connection with the trans trend in women-- and then read what HPD was. WHOA. Talk about "on point".

    What boggles my mind is that doctors are actually helping these people disfigure their bodies as a response to trauma and mental illness.

    What boggles my mind even more, is that there is not enough chemotherapy in the United States to treat women with breast cancer, and countless women cannot get proper cancer care for breast cancer because of lack of funds...

    ...but the medical community will help perfectly physically healthy women chop their breasts off and turn their arms and bellies to dangly bits, instead of treating them with good sound mental healthcare.
    Do we even HAVE good sound mental healthcare in this country any more?

    I guess the doctors, like corporations, go where the money is.

    "First, do no harm" indeed.

  14. Anon@10:36pm,

    There are countless Trans DID (dissociative identity disorder)groups across the net and in real time.

    Seriously, what doctor in their right mind would "transition" Sybil because one of her 16 personalities is a "boy"? And yet, its happening over and over and over again.


  15. "Uh-oh, the "pro ana" thing... was that me? Because I really often wonder if the gender identity problem in females is similar/somehow connected to the issues that cause anorexia."

    I often wonder the same thing. Perhaps not the 'connected' part, but the having similar root causes especially in what I call the 'casual fan', i.e. the girls and women who are attracted to the 'cure' of stravation or transition, who try to follow it but who, eventually, back out when the going gets too tough.

    And by 'casual' I don't mean to diminish or belittle in any way the harm they may be causing their bodies during the phases that they're starving them or binding them or injecting hormones into them. I just think that they haven't delved deeply enough into either the reasons they believe that such drastic measures will allow them to better take control of their lives (I think that's certainly part of the root cause), or that they might as well follow any other trend, if it suits their personalities better. Eventually, and with any luck, the 'casual fans' will move on, perhaps a little wiser and, one hopes, not having cause their bodies irreversible harm.
    - LM

  16. "Seriously, what doctor in their right mind would "transition" Sybil because one of her 16 personalities is a "boy"?"

    That made me think of a livejournal community I came across once, a "social community for guys in female-bodied multiple systems." It hasn't been updated in several months, but the existing posts are pretty scary.


    Holy mother of god. I truly hope that someday, one of these peoples' families will intervene legally. This is medical malpractice to the extreme.

  18. Woman has sex change to become like Christ:

  19. More links from the page Anon 8:54 shared:

    Transsexual expert 'put patients at risk':

    And more on the idiocy of our society; [paraphrased,] "I knew without my vagina I would no longer be 'Karen'." Ridiculous!

    As if we are our parts. Amazing.

  20. Smart. Kinda. People like to rubberneck your website, thus the reason for multiple returns.

    all one has to do is turn off java before going to your site, or possibly use peer blocker.

    statcounter can actually be harmful to other peers, be careful.

  21. A lone female blogger hasn't the patriarchal power o "oppress"

    you bet you do!
    One Hitler
    One Stalin

    One person on the bus laughing and putting down another - you know full well the power of words.
    How they sting - how deep they can go - depending on who gets hit by them.

    I am not a joke for wanting to be who I am.
    Why would you say such things when you've heard them incorrectly used against you? Words used as weapons against you trying to be who you are.

    every word you write - just like the words you speak to strangers or family - they hurt.
    they shame those who are barely hanging on - they are the last bullet to the head of the one who sees no way out - and searches for one last bit of hope - and finds hate spewing from you.
    you who knows exactly the type of hate i speak of here.

    you have NO understanding of us - just as we know not you - but your hate - that hateful ignorance I know only too well.
    just as you know it - but now you're the one spewing it out.

    and giving out definitions that are so false it would be ironic or maybe even funny if it weren't so tragic and cruel.

    Again I ask you:
    When did I become your enemy?
    When did those who are different - just like you are different in your own way - we are all different - you've become the bully. The accuser. you may have begun with good intentions - but as we've all heard there are many a road paved the same way. It's only when you hear the Truth and still refuse to look at it - that's when even your intentions become foul.

    May The Truth be what attracts you the most - not the power that comes from accusing and insulting those marginalized - like you but not quite you. It should be close enough for understanding - that's the shame of it. of you right.. now.

    Indeed, Sept. 9 Anon is correct.
    You need not put down to stand up.

    and as for "how is that for babel"?
    it is sad actually.
    sad that you who should know better, act as if you don't.
    the key word being 'act'.

    And like that other person - it is not just us who stumbling in are offended and hurt - again think of the little ones, the lost ones the ones at the end of their rope - we are indeed our brother's - and our sister's keeper. This is not some new concepts. Just for those that think we are their enemy - we are not. Nor are we crazy - and nor are you.
    again, Peace.


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