Designer Vaginas-More in Medical Mutilation

I remember some years back being clued in to an episode on Doctor 90210 that had a teenage girl with her mother's permission and seeming insistence getting her vagina "reshaped". I thought surely this must be some sick Hollywood perfect plastic pressure, but when I did some research I found this teenage girl was far from the exception and in fact as this article makes clear, she was in fact fast becoming the rule.

From the article:

Yet, when I visited a private hospital in an affluent Sydney suburb recently, nurses there told me the real story was not breast enlargements but surgery being undertaken by young women to reshape their outer genitals. It is the fad of the "designer vagina".
They were privately horrified at the insecurity that drives women to have perfectly healthy genitalia cut and stitched into a shape that conforms to an unrealistic image presented in airbrushed pornography. They told of women as young as 19 who claimed they needed surgery to look good in tight bike pants.

Clearly misogyny is the driving force behind this mutilative trend in female self hatred and ultimate male gaze performance.

One young woman came in with her boyfriend who told her he didn't like "brown bits" where he thought "pink bits" should be. But the women and their boyfriends - and even some of their doctors - don't know what "normal" genitals are supposed to look like. All they know is the porn fantasy.

The very same male medical machine mutilating the healthy breast from teenage girls and young women. 

But labioplasty surgery to slice off the outer genitals - or "resculpting", as plastic surgeons prefer to call it - is a booming business, increasing by 500 per cent between 2002 and 2009, Weaver says.
Medicare payments for the procedures have more than doubled in the past decade to about 1200, costing the taxpayer at least $4000 a pop.

The average age of British women undergoing the procedures was 25. Almost three quarters wanted surgery because of "embarrassment" about genital appearance, mentioning "disparaging comments by previous sexual partners", "harassment by other girls at school" or "concerns being flagged by the girls' mothers".

This is how patriarchy works, not simply pitting girl/woman against girl/women dividing us, but MOTHERS against daughters! The one person who is suppose to love us unconditionally!

What's more, surgery rarely satisfied the woman, "with up to 80 per cent requiring further reconstructive surgery", according to one of Deans' co-authors in the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Like transition, you can bet other young women aren't publicly warning others about their dissatisfactions with the medically promised beautification of their new vags.

Melinda Tankard Reist's new book Big Porn Inc addresses the pressure the pornography industry puts on young women to provide boyfriends with the PSE (porn star experience).
"Why are doctors cashing in on the body(gender) angst of 19-year-old kids?" she says.

When shown images of 10 breasts, boys at one high school in Norfolk found most attractive those that had been "surgically enhanced", the Guardian newspaper reports. And some regarded images of female genitalia covered with pubic hair disgusting.
So young women are mutilating their most intimate body parts to satisfy a false pornographic ideal. Female self-hatred is the final tragic manifestation of our sex-saturated culture.

But who is creating that "false pornographic ideal" and who is mutilating our girls to fit that idea? In a word, Patriarchy!

From a website on this mutilation:

Labiaplasty (labia reduction & beautification) and other female cosmetic surgical procedures including Vaginoplasty (rejuvenation or tightening of the vagina) and Clitoral Unhooding (Hoodectomy), are becoming more popular as social acceptance of these cosmetic and reconstructive procedures continues toward mainstream.

Both websites linked above have before and after pics, what I find most (sick) and interesting is many of after pics resemble instead of natural appearing vaginas, they instead look similar to the mutilative gash between the legs of male transitioners. I suspect the male medical machine performing these mutilations and the male transitioners receiving them are both basing their notions of a vagina on the pornographically male fantasy vagina, which is about as real as the bleached assholes these same women in porn possess.



  1. I think there is an awful amount of ignorance about female genitalia, even amongst women.

    So, one comment by a would-be transman about feeling something getting hard just above the clitoris (hence wondering if that was some indication of 'his' penis) -- well, that's NORMAL female erectile tissue you've got there girl, which is a LARGE structure, not just the pea-sized blob of the clitoris (pea? Mine is more like a broad bean, but how many of you can ever recall having that sort of conversation!).

    Ditto the labia -- they're NOT just some flaps of loose skin, there is stuff going on all over (tremendous bloodflow when excited for starters), and any beautifying surgery is in danger of damaging stuff.

    Let's face it, MALE anatomists and medics are still arguing over the existence or otherwise of the G-spot, so no surprise that the only way they can seem to relate to female genital structures is the bit that is homologous to the penis, and everything else is just window-dressing that can be trimmed to fit if required.

    but seems obvious to me that they'll happily do surgery to make female genitals look like they are 'supposed' to, and the same plan is what they work to when trying to construct look-alikes for chaps.

  2. oh, I didn't know about the bleached assholes in porn. very interesting post. especially with the pics on the website. the women in porn look like that often.

  3. I wouldn't say its "fast becoming the rule," but jesus is it ever on the rise. Anything I've come across talking about it has always had more of a "wtf" evening news sideshow feel to it than something everyone should get.
    And perhaps I'm being overly optimistic, but I don't think it is nearly that widespread of an issue as is commonly portrayed.

    Still, the fact that it exists at all is really gross.

  4. Completely unnecessary surgery. Made them look worse if anything... Or at least unnatural. Pardon me for asking this but: What about male circumcision which is done in mass on non-consenting children/babies? I don't wish to derail the discussion but I saw a parallel to how fucked up society is when it comes to bodies.

  5. This entire society is so sick and toxic- sometimes it is almost beyond belief.

  6. Anon@8:31pm, I'm TOTALLY against circumcision. How a mother could do that to her little son is beyond me!


  7. why aren't all the pro-trans types posting about how anyone, even children, should be able to alter their bodies in any way they feel like?

  8. This may be a stupid question but if a woman's bf suggests she get surgery to remove part of the labia (as the one boyfriend mentioned, "brown bits") WHY does she passively go along with it? Fear of him leaving??? If surgery becomes an ultimatum in the relationship shouldn't that be a hint to her to GTFO? I honestly do not, CAN NOT understand the male pleasing, the passivity, the extreme timidity, the total and complete lack of self.

  9. "why aren't all the pro-trans types posting about how anyone, even children, should be able to alter their bodies in any way they feel like?"

    Because it is not a trivial act. Even trans people recognize that obvious fact. We just protest the patronizing argument that no one can/should ever make such a decision about their bodies.

  10. "We just protest the patronizing argument that no one can/should ever make such a decision about their bodies."

    Except it isn't patronizing to point out that such modification requires the assitance of someone else, and it isn't PATRONIZING for them to disagree to help with your request.

    Nor is it patronizing to enquire as to WHY people might make such requests, or discuss whether or not it is ethical to assist or promote the surgical mutilation of healthy bodies. We are talking major surgery here that either removes healthy organs, or takes functional, healthy organs, and creates dysfunctional surgical simulacra from them.

    So, removing a healthy kidney because you want to donate it to your wife is a fine and noble gesture. Removing a healthy kidney for sale, or because you've just decided you'd rather only have one, isn't in the same category.

  11. Dirt, you should watch this documentary about the subject (pretty graphic):

    This really feels like it is becoming a trend. It makes me so mad when society (men and women) make fun of people who have completely normal vagina. I see this all around internet all the time. What is most saddening to me is that not even lesbians seem to know that vaginas come in all shapes and sizes and that is normal. I am almost given up hope already, media and porn are currently winnig 100 %, and women are the first sufferers.

  12. First post of your I've ever read and somewhat liked (that is, until you resorted back to your transbashing fetish after the extensive quote, but I'm not addressing that today) - the prevalence of the 'porn-perfect' look in society today is disgusting, and entirely a construst of the mid-to-late 20th century. Beauty is not blonde-boobs-perfect vagina, it's in the eye of the beholder. Shame the beholder is being blinded by the media in this regard.

    Also, could you stop using the term 'male medical machine'? I find it rather insulting.


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