The Atlanta Dyke March-The Death of Another Lesbian Space

This years Atlanta Dyke March has fallen prey to the Trans pressures of "inclusiveness", meaning any man claiming to be a "dyke" or any transman still claiming "dyke" may freely be included to participate in the Dyke March. Per the Atlanta Pride website regarding the Dyke March:

"This march is dedicated to the empowerment of the women of Atlanta and beyond.  The Dyke March, with its focus on women, unites to create an atmosphere of inclusion and community.  The march is open to all women loving women (trans-inclusive) of any race, culture, orientation, ability, health, socioeconomic level, family structure, faith or age! This march is a time to demonstrate our commitment to nurture and build a new tomorrow, united for equality and justice. We call on all women of Atlanta and beyond to join us as we march".

 Other than in name only, nothing in the description has anything to do with actual lesbians, NOTHING! "All women", is not LESBIAN women and straight men parading as "women" is about as fucking far from lesbian as you can fucking get! And to add even more insult to lesbian erasure:

This march celebrates and promotes visibility of the Trans community.

Yes, along with male and female transitioners being included in the Dyke March, the Trans Community has ITS OWN FUCKING INDIVIDUAL MARCH!

Dyke Marches are one by one quietly and quickly going the way of Lesbian Studies. What is Lesbian Studies you ask? Exactly!

For all the different types of lesbians there are; different backgrounds, different races, different religions and different lesbians period. For all of it, we still have the unique shared experiences of falling in love with other lesbians amid compulsory heterosexuality. Unlike gay males who reap the benefits of male privilege giving them a huge edge under patriarchy and within compulsory heterosexuality, lesbians have no such edge let alone any benefits. This is something no matter what color or class of lesbian we are, we share with each other as well. There's that look, that slight smile we give each other when were recognize one another in public, that feeling of what can only be described as sisterhood.

Opportunities such as Dyke Marches give us that occasion to look upon one another with broad smiles, pride and a kind of unique dyke mirror. And it is through that dyke mirror, looking at other dykes that we finally see ourselves. There is something beautiful about gazing upon another and seeing yourself, because through out history and society still, we rarely see ourselves. There is NO substitute for that dyke image, NONE! Our lesbian image found in our once lesbian spaces is fast becoming more and more fractured and disfigured, much like the fractured, disfigured bodies co-opting our spaces in the so called name of "inclusion"!

Rest assured good lesbians it is not too late for us to restore our pure lesbian image by reclaiming what is not only rightfully ours, but ours by our very nature. A nature not to be duplicated by syringes or the surgeon's mutilative scalpel! But first we have to learn to say NO! No to the slippery PC driven liberal lingo like "inclusiveness". Lingo designed not to arouse our keen lesbian suspicions, designed instead to slither among us, striking when we least expect.

Say NO to lesbian erasure aka "inclusiveness" and say YES to an unadulterated Lesbian Nation!

The Future can be Ours!

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  1. I went to the first Dyke March in NYC- I remember it was sponsored by a group called 'Lesbian Avengers

  2. Thanks for posting this Dirt. I live in Atlanta. It's really sad/angering to me that I feel as a dyke pushed out of my own march. I mean really they get to invade ours and have their own?! Where is the fairness?

    Funny thing is they are seeming to be just like 'men'- pushing their way, invalidating all others, invading womens spaces, etc.
    And the saddest part about it is that we who disagree, and feel pushed aside (again)- are made to feel shamed.

  3. I don't get it. Every single MTF I know doesn't want any association at all with DYKE/Lesbian.... so why force themselves onto our dyke march?!

    It's this generation of me me me me ME. 'Entitlement, privledge, I must be included in all things- even when it steps all over another- clearly I am more important!' And somehow were supposed to respect that mentality!?!?

  4. *I am poster above at 7:41- I meant to say FTM...- it's early yet. :)

  5. Anon@7:38am, You have men parading as women and women struggling to copy man's every action regardless of how misogynistic, between the two so long as they get to walk all over lesbians they simply DO NOT GIVE A FUCK!


  6. Dykes trying to be NICE and not annoy anyone, and not alienate anyone who MIGHT support us, hence we end up with this wishy-washy it's about empowering women (because we can't ask to empower dykes.........).

    If they'd said dykes (and their supporters, families etc), it would have still left it open to others who really did want to show their support, whilst making it crystal clear that the march was for dykes.

    I think too many dykes are either afraid of being labelled as phobic, or just unwilling to voice what they actually believe, because we've all seen the tactics of intimidation that the trans crowd uses. So, seems just a water it down, stick trans inclusive in there in small print, and hope that not that many men claiming to be dykes actually turn up........

    I'm a bit puzzled by women loving women of any orientation? Seems then that straight women who have a friendly inclination towards women (but don't actualy sleep with them), could consider themselves included.

    Gay centre I used to volunteer at had TWO men claiming to be dykes. Okay, we all knew who they were, we didn't throw them out, but that was it. And we had one supposed lesbian who ended up dating both of them, but no one else did. So, minimal disruption, we knew who the enemy were, in a way.

  7. Lesbian nationalism- sucks just as much as any other kind of nationalism.

  8. I'm curious - is the trans march inclusive of dykes?

  9. I fail to see why an FTM would want to participate in such a march. I realise that some do, but I don't understand why you would; lesbian and dyke are words that are characteristic of female identity, as they can only be applied to women. I can understand why a handful of MTF's would, but that opens up another debate. As 'FTM', surely you can't consider yourself male if you still appropriate a lesbian identity?

  10. I'm FTM and would never march in a dyke march. I mean if you identify as a male then why are you marching in a dyke march? and I realize that some lesbians still of us as lesbians ourselves but if you are going to identify as male then don't march in dyke marches...simply put. I don't understand that at all. Lesbians should be able to have their own spaces free of men, very understandable. Women alone whether lesbian, bi, or straight should be able to have their own places as a women's only space.

    Just my two cents on the subject...

  11. "I'm curious - is the trans march inclusive of dykes?"

    Yes, hun. Everybody out here in the real queer world is pretty much inclusive of everybody. It's just a few stupid dykes on this site who can't deal with people who are different than them.

  12. A lesbian event is exactly that. A Lesbian Event.. Now an LGBT event I would attend without hesitation or reservation. There is power in numbers..

    I have absolutely no desire to go to a lesbian event. However if it were a fundraiser for the lesbian community and they wanted people at large to participate in raising $$, I would be more than happy to help..

    In some respects, even I can see why Dirt would be upset over the lesbian spaces disappearing. I for one do not believe the disappearance of lesbian spaces or other LGBT spaces is a result of the the trans community. I do believe the internet has not helped, nor has the economy. The younger ones go about things differently than we did.

    I actually was at Woodstock. A couple of my friends and I were laughing and imagining Woodstock with Cell Phones, IPODS, and laptops. I believe the Communication Era and Computerized Era has much to do with the death of Lesbian Spaces as we once knew them. But this also falls true to things such as Woodstock.

    There were some great ones over the years to be sure. Women's Week at Yosemite, which was run by Robin Tyler, who is a supporter of Chas by the way. Desert Heart Cowgirl Club out of Bandera, Texas, and many more. For all of the Lesbians out there who need these spaces, I hope they do a comeback.

    I guess I am rambling a bit, but I honestly believe all of you deserve to have wymon born wymon spaces.

  13. anon @ 11:06pm

    hon, fortunately you do not speak for 'everyone' in the real queer world. lol. as if there is a fake one?!? laughable.

    clearly you have drank the 'queer' all-inclusive, but drastically male-centered kool-aid. i highly doubt you live in ATL, as i do, so I for one CAN speak on MY community.

    the dyke march should be for just that dykes. the trans march should be for just that trans. one has nothing to do with the other. one is based on who you love and are attracted to- the other is self focused on identity of gender. there really isn't any overlap there. oranges and apples.

    but of course just like REAL men, these transmen want to invade and destroy. no surprise there.

  14. Hun, you always sound like you are 75 when you talk about who drank the Kool-Aid. Most of the people on this site probably can't even pick up on the reference you are using. It sounds stupid. I should not complain, though, because the closer you (and people like you) are to kicking the bucket, the happier the rest of us will be. Why? Because you thrive on hatred and division between people. Ever asked yourself why you feel the need to separate yourselves out from other LGBT people? Because you are insecure and can't stand on your own two feet as a HUMAN. So, you have to shorten up the playing field. Understandable but kind of pathetic, don't you think? FYI I don't know a single transman who would want any part of lesbian-ONLY space. If you are not explicitly excluding people then you get what you get.

  15. i'm in my 30's and came of age in the 80's-90's when gays started getting 'queered' and am 100% opposed to the idea of transsexualism- am i going to die soon enough to make you happy?

  16. (i was anonymous post 6:26, and also the first post on this thread)

  17. "Ever asked yourself why you feel the need to separate yourselves out from other LGBT people? Because you are insecure and can't stand on your own two feet as a HUMAN."

    Stop being silly. This cuddly, 'let's all be friends' attitude doesn't really help when what is going on here is fundamental disagreements -- between, for example, the trans view of gender essentialism and the rad fem view. The other 'separation' is just simply people saying -- we want THIS event to be specifically for us and about us. What's wrong with that? Indeed, the REAL insecurity and the real problem is people who try and attend events where they are neither wanted nor invited, purely to cause trouble.

    "because the closer you (and people like you) are to kicking the bucket, the happier the rest of us will be." Which just shows yet again the totally sick attitudes going on here from some people, who'd look forward to the DEATH of some people just because those people say -- sorry, I'm not inviting you to my event. God, what would you do if someone failed to invite you to their wedding, shotgun the reception?

    When people display attitudes like this, I don't want to have anything to do with them, whatever their sex/gender/sexual orientation, because they are despicable, bullying idiots.

    Sometimes an arsehole is just an arsehole..........

  18. childish anon at 5:10pm

    do you not realize that people can read your lack of intelligence/maturity?! i mean really, calling people 'stupid' for using certain phrases- is this the best you can come up with? read: 'i dun like what u say, u stupid, u shuuuld die' ahahahah you give queers a bad name, wishing early death to people. and where do you get off ASSuming peoples ages based on their comments. YOU- my friend are just making yourself look like a childish, judgemental idiot- of the mindset- 'im gonna throw a fit cuz you don't agree with me wahhhhwahhhh'

    grow up. the only hate i read on this string is coming from you. you just come off as a self-righteous brat.

  19. I think it is very instructive the amount of bile that we get on here, JUST for daring to disagree. Let's face it, trans people DO have problems, but rather than have a go at the patriarchy and straight society, instead they'd rather have a go at rad fems and dykes.

    But may be because straight society doesn't actually DISAGREE with the gender nonsense behind the trans cult, just likes having a bit of a laugh and using trans people as some sort of freak show.

    But the fact that the trans cult leaders react so strongly to what a few feminists say, are they REALLY that threatened by us? They must be, else they wouldn't expend so much energy trying to silence us. Which says to me that the trans cult IS on shaky foundations, and they know it, if they're so scared that someone might listen to what is being said here, and REJECT their nonsense -- a convert lost!

  20. I guess since people of color react so "strongly" to what a few racist whites say, are they really THAT threatened by us?

    I guess since a women react so "strongly" to what a few men say, are they really THAT threatened by us?

    I guess since lesbians and gays react so "strongly" to what a few heterosexuals say, are they really THAT threatened by us?

    BadDyke demonstrates her dogmatic idiocy once again. No one gives a rat's ass what you disagree with, kid.

    You are just another oppressor without a voice. You "disagree" with something you know nothing about. With people you have NEVER met. The fact that you claim so much "knowledge" of an experience you have never and will never have is just further representative that you havent been checked on your privilege quite enough. Either that or your parents didn't care enough to teach their brat how to treat others how they would want to be treated.

    No one is going to accept you if you do not accept others different from you.

    Once again. Grow up, Baddyke. Get a life and stop your self-righteous "critiques" on others lives that you know nothing about.

  21. "They must be, else they wouldn't expend so much energy trying to silence us. Which says to me that the trans cult IS on shaky foundations, and they know it, if they're so scared that someone might listen to what is being said here, and REJECT their nonsense -- a convert lost!"

    Such hate. Reported. Straights hate you dykes about as much as you hate us. No worries.

    Just like a little kid getting bullied. (You silly dykes being the little kid). When that little kid finds a smaller more vulnerable kid, rather than befriend him, he makes it his life's goal to torment him so he can have some power over someone, and possibly gain the respect of his own bully.

    Same story here for all of you. You're just little bullied kids picking on a smaller one for your own selfish gain of power.

  22. "You are just another oppressor without a voice."

    Here we go again. Never talking about all the shit trans activists are doing. And never ever disagree with their ideology. Never! If you do that you are hater. They are no different from deluded cult members.

  23. You sound like the worst type of Conservative Christian.

    They think you lesbians are "deluded cult members" too. I've heard it live from the mouth of a preacher.

    Imagine that?...

  24. Idiot at 3:26 pm.

    What part of you have no right to "disagwee" with anything that you know nothing about do you not understand, kiddo?

    Who gives a damn what you (who are absolutely NO ONE) disagree with? You're nobody. Period. Just another voiceless oppressor. Who do you really think you are?

    Check your status on the oppressed food chain. You're too low to have even the slightest oppressive opinion.

  25. wait, we have 'no right' to disagree with something?

  26. E.

    Learn to read. Gosh, I keep forgetting the intelligence level of the individuals I am dealing with...


    What part of you have no right to "disagwee" with anything THAT YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT do you not understand, kiddo?

    The equivalent of a 3rd grade little boy butting into a conversation adults are having, "disagreeing" with abortion and cannot even define the word, let alone is not equipped with the reproductive organs to have a right to an opinion on the matter.

  27. You're an asshole
    I'm 39 years old
    I have a masters degree
    I know quite a lot about transsexualism
    And I find it interesting that you use the phrase 'reproductive organs' in this discussion

  28. we all can't be geniuses like chaz bono

  29. Clearly your masters degree didn't do squat for your ability to read and accurately asses a clear statement.

    And sorry, I didn't know Chaz Bono represented the whole of the transsexual community.

    I guess, Oprah Winfrey represents the whole of African American women, too.

    Ignorant fool. I'm no longer going to be polite: my reasoning being I grow weary of your breed of ignorance. I grow weary of white privilege, I grow weary of straight privilege, I grow weary of privilege denying radical feminist lesbians. It's tiring and I'm not going to waste kindness on you fools. Plain and simple.

  30. I am not a radical feminist
    I am only a realist and a believer in logic and nature
    And I clearly understood your statement
    I think you've made it before
    Nobody outside of any community is allowed to discuss that community
    (even though T seems to consider itself part of the LGB 'community')

  31. Most of all. I am tired of being oppressed in EVERY aspect of my life: by racist whites, by Eurocentrism, by heteronormative principles...the list goes on.

    You are not permitted to be apart of that list. Not only because you are unworthy, but because I will not allow it. So forgive me for not showing you people an iota of kindness or compassion. Because I have none for a single one of you or your cause.

    I've spent 50+ years dealing with oppression that many of you could NEVER imagine.

    Stop causing pain. That is what you do. Think about that.

  32. (i wonder how one becomes 'worthy' of becoming 'apart' of your list of oppressors... what a victim)

  33. ^ Stupid privileged child.

  34. Anon 6:25, your comment was so silly.

    Why would you even want to be worthy to become apart of a web of oppressors?

    And how dare you call someone a victim when you have no idea what they've been through? What is wrong with you or moreso...what ignorant animals raised you??

  35. um, because i was responding to what she(?) said in her post which was all about how the whole world is against her and everyody else is somehow so 'priveleged'- a total victim mentality. also, 'a part' is 2 words.

  36. and it was implied that one must be 'worthy' of joining the ranks of the Oppressor. (and lesbians being so low-ranked apparently do not have that 'worthiness.') strikes me as a very narrow-minded and suspicious view of the world.

  37. & the 'ignorant animals' that raised me allowed me to express myself freely even 'gender'wise and never made me feel like i was lower-ranked than anyone else even as a non-wealthy 'minority'

  38. Maybe the men that go to these Dyke marches, are just supporting lesbians--not necessarily claiming to be lesbians. It's like men that go to breast cancer awareness marches, but have never had breast cancer.

    I don't think it's anything to get upset about.

  39. @Anon at 10:49: The men who go to sincerely show their support and love for lesbians stay on the sidelines. The bio-men and transmen who join in (and yes, transmen *do* join in) go to show their privilege. When hasn't there been a women's event or women's anything where some man doesn't decide that he should be entitled to show his ownership over that space? It's not all men, but there are some.

    And part of that privilege is that now many Dyke Marches will only allow marshals to politely ask male identified people to leave the march, but not to argue, debate or explain anything with them. In other words, if a male or male identified person decides he wants to stay in this space, despite being asked to leave out of respect for women, the women must defer to him in order to avoid conflict.

    Re: Transd00ds at DM: Yes, it happens. Leaving the lesbian and female identity behind, but still wanting to be part of that community. Dyke Marches aren't about "whee! Pride!" at least that is not how the Lesbian Avengers intended them. They are a PROTEST against Pride, Inc, against patriarchy and to raise awareness of the real issues facing lesbian women (poverty, health, etc) - a reminder during weekends when we celebrate Pride, Inc. with face glitter and corporate sponsorships.

  40. Dirt! Yes, all of this! But especially, lesbian sisterhood, the rarest kind in this patriarchal world, is so meaningful..

    I live in such a tiny place, and our local university has a Rainbow group that I attended once. There were a few gay men, a very loud straight girl, maybe one or two other lesbians, some bi and bicurious girls..

    Guess who dominated the discussion? The men and the straight girl, yup. gah. and the issues? all gay male-centric.

    the word "lesbian" wasn't even uttered once

    I could really use some more lesbian sisterhood in my life. there is nothing so refreshing. at the very least we have these online spaces. But look at how the transactivists camp in the comments and make everything about them! I almost forgot which post I was on, reading through these.

    funny how trans* always claim to be the most oppressed group on the planet and whine constantly. if only they knew what it truly felt like to be oppressed! what group on Earth is more invisible than lesbian?

  41. My "Ms.GA Leather" 2011 platform includes seeking solutions to the sense of invasion or exclusion that parties in these groups experience and feel such hurt around. This is a tough discussion in so many settings. I want the communities' leaders to come to the table and develop a protocol for future debates. Stay tuned in early 2012.


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