Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Female Sex

What are some of the characteristics/qualities of Female? Note, I said "female", NOT femininity.

 The quality I admire most about females, is strength.



  1. So, now you're saying that "females" have some essential qualities that make them female, besides being born with female body parts and never having removed/altered those body parts? I'm confused.

  2. I don't think strength technically can count. There are little to no qualities that are inherent in either female or male and of the ones that there are I would say personal strength is not one of them.

    Now of course female strength is completely awesome, but it is developed and not inherent as should be obvious from some of our patriarchy-assisting sisters.

  3. I would agree that strength isn't an inherantly, or exclusively, female quality.

  4. Hmm. So, FTMs are not women, but they are females. And FTMs are cowards, yet females. And all females are strong. Therefore, some cowards are strong. And FTMs are strong, because they are females, yet cowards, because they are FTMs.

    I get it now.

  5. Dude, no one said anything about Trans guys. Stop feeding this. Let them be. Now you're being the Troll making Transguys look bad. Give them their space as they requested before.

  6. One trait that I love about females is that they smell way better than males. I hate the testosterone stink in males' sweat.

  7. I am not really sure if there are any specifical female or male qualities... Yes, females can be "strong", "kind", "intelligent", "brave", but those are not specifically female traits. And "weak", "unkind", "stupid", "cowardly" are not specifically female neither. So much to the logical approach.

    Now the personal one. Behaviour only makes sense in interaction, and that is why I find it difficult even to define how a particular female is towards me, and even more difficult to understand what her qualities are in general. So if I would say females are more careful, polite and caring in their interaction with others than men are, I would only describe an average of my experiences - as perceived by me. And this is a very unreliable statistic.

    The more I think about it, the more it seems to be dangerous to assume specifically female qualities beside the clearly biological ones, because it makes us vulnerable to being defined by prejudice, put into cardboard boxes with labels on them. And from what I know, patriarchy prefers to label us (females, women, XX-chromosome-people) in a rather unflattering way.

    And so, I come to the following conclusion: I think what I admire in females specifically is their ability to survive in a society that is, in fact, still rather hostile to everything female; this ability can also be called "strong-willed".

  8. Give them what space? When Dirt wants a particular posting to be a women only space, she writes that on the post. She didn't here.

  9. Something in women that I admire is their persistance.

  10. An interesting article in today's New York Times on MtF silicone "pumping" and how the desire for "femininity" is destroying the health of the MtFs who undergo the procedure.


  12. Something I admire in my fiancee' was her persistence when it came to getting in touch with me. She saw me on a site online and was determined to meet me and this was before she even knew I was trans. It took her a few months to finally get in touch with me but when she did the sparks flew.

    I admire a women's sense in fashion and style. I know my fiancee' has an eye for fashion when shopping for clothes for me.

    I love a woman's sincerity as well as her compassion. Not that men can't have these traits but well you know...

    I admire a woman's inner beauty. My fiancee' is not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well. She thinks she's ugly but to me she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

  13. You're so rightAugust 21, 2011 at 10:41 PM

    @ Anon 6:17 PM

    So you need to be told where and when you are not wanted as a male. that is not very appropriate. A female shouldn't have to ask twice. Maybe the next blog could be about the qualities in Males that Lesbians do not care for.

  14. That would just be a bigoted and hateful blog subject. Totally stupid. Number one the lesbians here do not speak for women,let alone the lesbian community.

    What a childish and counter productive idea...

  15. @10:41, no I don't need to be told twice. But given that men, women, and transpeople post here all the time, why would I assume I wasn't welcome in this particular post?

  16. The Etch - Females and women are the same thing

  17. @Anon 1:15

    Not according to Dirt they aren't.

  18. On one hand, Dirt writing a post that isn't a direct snipe against trans people is very welcome, and I'm all for this.
    On the other hand, such a redirect seems awfully disingenuous.

    Waiting for the followup post where dirt cherry-picks comments and goes "gotcha!" over the more incoherent ones.

  19. "Waiting for the followup post where dirt cherry-picks comments and goes "gotcha!" over the more incoherent ones"

    LOL .. I know thats right. :)

  20. I have thought about this post tonight and I had problems with it.

    There are strong females and there are weak females.

    There are smart females and there are females who are not too smart.

    There are honest females and there are dishonest females.

    There are kind females and there are hateful females.

    There are females who are takers and females who are givers.

    There are abusive females and non-abusive females.

    There are attractive females and females who are not attractive.

    I found your question to be an over-generalization I could come up with no answer for.

    Hence: The best I can say on all of what I wrote above and any other example I did not think of in the middle of the night.. Well the best I can say is all the above applies to all human beings. The only thing that came close to an answer in my head is females have the ability to reproduce precious life. Even then this would not apply to all females.

    Our characteristics are developed with social mores. Social mores differ depending on culture and is very diverse. So even then I could not come up with one thing that would go across the board for being female.

    While pensively thinking about this what I did determine is I hope I never get to a place in my life whereas I would clump all females or any other human being into one word, characteristic, trait, or quality. Human beings are very diverse, including females.

  21. "Human beings are very diverse, including females."

    And also including trans men, something you wouldn't think by the way that Dirt talks about them.

  22. Anon 4:36, I agree totally.

  23. what do all females have in common?
    their xx chromosomes and the shape of their skeletons?
    what else is built in? maybe the poster above is right about smell.

  24. "what do all females have in common?
    their xx chromosomes and the shape of their skeletons?"

    Though of course there are females who don't have XX chromosomes (and there are many who go through their entire lives not realising it, and many who only find out when they aren't able to concieve)

  25. ok maybe .001% of females don't have XX chromosomes.
    also i guess there is some inherent and specific strength in the female body.

  26. "also i guess there is some inherent and specific strength in the female body."

    Like what?

  27. i've often heard studies suggesting that women can tolerate pain better than men
    both mental and physical

  28. e, can you cite a single one?

  29. i was thinking of a story i heard about women having less pain while getting tattooed
    also mental-wise, obviously way more men kill themselves because they can't cope
    i know lots of male studies disproved the higher physical pain tolerance but i stand by the theory that women generally have more descriptive and subtle takes on pain and its variations
    you clearly want to argue
    but i don't care enough to

  30. e, Thats because women must be able to deal with the pain from giving birth, this is also why females have more endurance than males.


  31. "also mental-wise, obviously way more men kill themselves because they can't cope"

    Though I think that this is more likely because it's more acceptable for women to appear weak and so they feel more able to ask for help when they need it, whereas men are told that they need to be strong and in control, therefore if they feel like they can't cope are more likely to feel like a complete faliure and kill themselves rather than seek the help they need. This is a way that patriachal gender norms harm men.

  32. i feel like there's an attempt to catch me in some kind of contradiction
    as though if i think there is built-in (non secondary) characteristics in male and female then i somehow also think transition is possible or something
    while it seems the opposite point is more being proven that way
    if there is no difference between male and female
    and you are trying so hard to resemble the oppoaite sex
    it makes it seem as surfacey/costumish as it really is

  33. For every study you can cite saying women handle pain better, i'll cite you one that says they don't. More women attempt suicide, but more men complete it because they tend to use more violent methods.

    There are no traits that females can categorically be said to possess that males don't except for body parts and chromosomes, and even then, not always.

  34. Hey, Dirt was the one who asked the question... If she can't come up with anything that is inherantly or exclusively female then that's not our problem is it?

    All this proves is that gender is far more complicated than a lot of people on here seem to want to think it is.

  35. Dirt was NOT asking about "inherent or exclusive" traits, you dumb asses.

    She was asking "What are some of the characteristics/qualities of Female?"

    You guys are responding like TROLLS.

    They need not be exclusive.

    I don't have an answer as to what are some characteristics of female: I mean, maybe chromosomes, vagina, clit... secondary sex characteristcs... I think endurance....

    Why did you ask this particular question?

  36. Anon 4:36 was spot on. There is NO other valid answer than that response.

  37. "e, Thats because women must be able to deal with the pain from giving birth, this is also why females have more endurance than males."

    Once again.. This is not across the board. Endurance is not inherent. This would depend on the lifestyles. There are too many variables, such as eating habits, exersize, thinking processes, and cultural upbringing. Not all females have more endurance than males.

    Our english classes on syllogisms pretty well spells out what I am trying to say here.

    Females have more endurance than males.

    Jane is a female.

    Therefore Jane has more endurance than males.

  38. "Anon 4:36 was spot on. There is NO other valid answer than that response."

    Anon at 1:51 PM, while the answer you are referring too is indeed a very interesting one, I do think that there are many valid answers to most questions (beside maybe, 1+1=? and similar).

    By saying that there is "NO other valid answer than that response" you contradict exactly what Anon at 4:36 was saying - that generalization is not logical nor desirable, and that diversity is fact.

  39. Example:
    Females have more endurance than males.
    Jane is a female.
    Therefore Jane has more endurance than males."

    Wrong. There can be a statistically significant difference between the mean endurance metric for females and that for males, but that doesn't mean that every female has more endurance than every male. So, it means that on average (if it is true), that a female picked at random is more likely than not to have more endurance than a male picked at random.

    Nature or nurture? Well, seems that endorphins are produced to help females give birth, so something on the nature side. But let's not forget period pains girls! The facts are that women just have to keep going at work or school or home despite this. If men had period pains as well, I've little doubt that we would have a statutory response to period pain (like 5 or 7 days a month with less work, or free time off!), or that we'd have a decent medical response to it as well.

  40. Bad Dyke.
    I dont know what period pain your having but theres no need unless its very bad to get time off work.
    Considering there is no paternity leave for men, I doubt there would be time off for men if they had periods. Those things are seen as weakness in men and therefore men are forced to abide by the "toughen up and get through it" stereotype.

    I think you girls somehow think that men dont need equality in some respects and men are just spending all their time trying to screw over girls. Poppycock

  41. BD, every straight female I've ever know has said the exact same thing about males and periods, including that provisions would either be free or a helleva lot cheaper! And certainly not found in pretty pink wrappers!

    As an aside, my niece's husband has a small cold, she was just complaining caring for her sisters infant twins recently is a cakewalk compared to caring for a mildly ill grown


  42. "I dont know what period pain your having but theres no need unless its very bad to get time off work."

    Which is what men have ALWAYS said (except when they used the womb and hysteria and fears that our brains might overheat to keep women out of employment -- except working class women that is, who were expected to toil and sweat nevertheless). If you want equality, then carry on regardless. If you can't, then women are obviously too feeble to do the job.

    The point is not that it's not too bad, so I can soldier on regardless, despite the pain, it's the fact that it (and many other aspects of female health) aren't taken seriously. That women aren't presented with any decent alternatives if it is bad. My wife was in the navy for 25 years, and used a subcutaneous contraceptive implant -- not for contraception, but in order to stop her periods, because its damn difficult servicing a helicopter in antarctica when you keep having to pop off to change your tampon.......

    "Considering there is no paternity leave for men, I doubt there would be time off for men if they had periods." Men didn't get paternity leave until recently because they decided that children were womens work -- to the extent that women upon marriage used to be dismissed from work whether they wanted or no!

    Bear in mind as well that women today have MANY MORE periods than historically. Girls now start menstruating at 11 or even earlier, whereas 19C women didn't start until 16-17. Women would have been pregnant, or breastfeeding as well for a significant portion of their lives.

    My point, I guess is that specifically female problems are marginalized, seen as less important, just as women in the workplace are seen as such (my particular hobbyhorse at the women, to compare, women staff and students have ONE loo cubicle compared to a single male loo (hence seeming parity by counting the symbols on the doors) which actually contains TWO cubicles and THREE urinals. Which explains why female students queued before their exams, and why some female students just had to cross their legs rather than be late! )

  43. There isn't "paternity leave" because men aren't the ones giving birth and nursing babies. While I agree that the "men should be tough" additude can be harmful, I'd hardly consider not getting leave just because you managed to ejaculate nine months prior to be OPPRESHUN!!1

  44. A man may not deliver the baby but he deserves some time with the child when It is young and his girlfriend or wife deserves the help he can give.
    I believe in full equality for all types of people. LGBT, Male or Female. Historical accounts of men treating women badly does not mean they should have less rights. Society had a fixed idea of what women and men should do at that time. Some men did not follow that but most men did and thats just the way people are in an oppressive society.
    All Im debating is that men and women should be equal. I dont like the men hating vibe I get off this blog sometimes. Women as a collective also have their faults.

  45. Men treating women badly is hardly restricted to "historical accounts".

  46. I think this is the wishy-washy watering down of what feminism is actually saying -- the issues about the patriarchy and how it benefits men and actively oppresses women become the liberal, empty platitudes of everyone should be treated equally, and you're MEAN (or transphobic) if you don't. So people who IDENTIFY as women or lesbians should be treated as such, whatever their genes or background or whatever they've got in their underwear.......

    It's just the ole 'but men have problems as well' that we used to get whenever we tried to talk about female oppression..........

  47. Being able to queef out babies is a pretty nifty female quality.