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Monday, July 4, 2011

Trans Cult Clinic?

Screencap from a recent email...

I'm not sure what I find more scary, that there are medical clinics doling out drugs, surgeries and changing legal documents willy-nilly or the fear felt by those who would object to such extremes. I have been written to before about this particular clinic and am looking into proving some of these allegations and with the help of a few others, shut this particular aspect of this clinic down.

If anyone has any other info about similar places, please email me.



  1. This is one of the things I am in total agreement with you on. If these allegations are accurate, then I feel this clinic should definitely be reported and their services investigated.

  2. Like Extrospection,

    I completely agree with this post 100%. If this is true, a lot of impressionable youths (and other impressionable people, generally) will come to this "clinic" to become trans. I say "become" for a reason.

    I do believe that "trans trending" is a huge problem and I truthfully find it infuriating and insulting.

    The fact that someone would go to a "clinic" for these types of services alone, says a lot about that individual. The word "clinic" should scare you away unless you are getting tested for something.

    But sadly, "clinics" are the "easy way" for trans trenders, because they know that they would be laughed out of a more serious situation because of their general dishonesty.

    I agree 100%.


  3. If your friend is concerned about a clinic breaking the law, they should report that clinic, simple as.

  4. This pretty well sums it up

    Now on the other hand if you did not write this yourself, I am in total agreement people should not be able to get on T that quickly or change their gender markers that quickly.

    It is unlike you to not name names of clinics so I question the integrity of the email..

  5. plenty of girls can get testosterone totally illegally as well and yes people do it especially in 'underground' scenes

  6. There are legal avenues that can be taken to stop clinics doing this, depending on what country/state you live in..
    ANYONE or ANY clinic that thinks this is ok deserves every single legal thing that gets thrown at them.

    as for you hiding the name of this particular service Dirt im confused as there has been a few clinic exposes on your blog in the past. what makes this one different?

  7. I agree with some of the other comments here - why hide the name of the clinic? It should be reported.

  8. She is hiding the clinic, I think, because the person who emailed asked her name and location be kept anonymous. The clinic gives away her location. Simple as that.

  9. More than likley this is in Ohio, Cinncinati most likley.

  10. how does melissa ethridge fit in here??

  11. Perhaps she needs more evidence so she is hiding the name for now.

  12. me said...
    how does melissa ethridge fit in here??

    ummm Message to Myself.. I can see where this might apply.

  13. Cult???? LMAO!!!

  14. Perhaps she wants to protect the anonymity of the person who sent the mail

    But that's just a wild guess.

  15. The story may not even be true. No clinic in their right mind would do that. I think the person that wrote that message, if someone else really wrote that, is trying to blow smoke up people's ass!

  16. Well then for the sake of that fool's anonymity, Dirt can just keep complaining about things like this instead of actually doing something to stop it. Regardless of my stance on this blog, a "clinic" like that should be shut down.

  17. "Dirt can just keep complaining about things like this instead of actually doing something to stop it."

    Yeah 'cause on person can stop a clinic.

  18. Reposting- blogger must have ate my comment.

    There are lots of clinics/practitioners that offer hormones "on demand", it's called informed consent. The lists of informed consent clinics are widely available on trans sites so I'm surprised that the trans commenters here are expressing that it should be illegal. And it's not just the U.S. There's a doctor in Canada who offers hormones on demand to any young person under the age of 21. As for legal sex marker change, several states don't require any proof of surgery and Trans activists are fighting to make that true for the entire US.
    This is exactly what you trans have been fighting for: hormones on demand, the elimination of sex-based protections for women in favor of "gender identity" protections, the elimination of gatekeeping and the WPATH guidelines, etc. So I'm surprised you are not celebrating instead of claiming it's illegal. This is what you all wanted, right?

  19. No, I don't think that's what was wanted. I think there is some truth to Dirt's blog, in the sense that maybe some are quick to jump to conclusions with regards to their gender identity. The WPATH guidelines prevent people from diving into things like hormone therapy until they are at least well-informed and ready.


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