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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Female Transition and Blind Faith in the Male Medical Machine

Someone sent me THIS video that perfectly summarizes my last post. Here we have a trans trender with a "almond size" cyst on her ovary (I have to wonder if it is due to the T as I didnt see her mention anything about it in her first handful of videos) and she doesnt qualify for a hysto through her insurance due to her trans status. Her ovary is producing "triple" the estrogen in order to counter act the synthetic testosterone being injected into her body, seems this caused the cyst. So what is her doktors solution for treating this issue since she cannot afford a hysto (and is in constant pain)? INCREASE the testosterone!!!! So the thing that has/is causing the problem, rather than stopping that, lets INCREASE that!

But then again were her doktor to stop issuing T to her, then he couldnt bill her insurance company once or twice a month for the rest of her life! Note, in her first video she had no expectation of receiving T on her doktors visit, yet within two hours time she got her "script"! No long term examination of what was informing her trans mindedness, no therapy designed to help her through feeling "male", nothing. Just a few hours and BANG here is your hormone prescription that may eventually kill you since there are no long term studies on it.

Just as was mentioned in the last post per the article, the DSM contains nice, neat lists of symptoms for "disorders" that can be ticked off in a short doctors session to measure if you're suffering from a certain disorder. And if you check more on the list than not, you can walk out of that few hour doctors session with a nice, neat little prescription for whatever ails your "brain". Meanwhile the side effects go ignored, as well as the reason that brought the patient to seek help in the first place.

Clearly the female in this video is not happy or even content, and there is more than a cyst behind that unhappiness.

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  1. The creeps, haters, violence and drugs are why I will never ever go to Camp Trans. It all seems stupid anyway. Why not create your own festival rather than being constant pests at one you're not welcome to attend.

  2. You know in some countries healthcare is free.

  3. Nothing is free. Tax dollars pay for health care in common wealth countries.


  4. No one but me pays for my testosterone and I will be paying for my own top surgery. My psychiatrist, therapist, and endocrinologist are all females. Men have nothing to do with my transition. Even if they did then so be it. My therapist in which I haven't seen since 2007 has a nephew who is FTM and knows all about what we got through. She's not a gender therapist but she was awesome. Very understanding and did so much for me. She went way out of her way for me. My Psychiatrist at that time went way out of her way for me also. My endocrinologist is just awesome. She specializes in gender identity disorder.

    No, my insurance does not pay for any of my transition what so ever. It would be nice but I pay out of pocket for all of my needs. It's not expensive for T. I pay about $115.00 for a 10 month supply of T including syringes. I know guys at my gym who pay three times as much for what I get due to the fact that they take 3 times more than I do.

    I do not have blind faith. I believe in myself 100% and always have and always will.

    What the heck is the male medical machine that you talk about so frequently? Is that a term you came up yourself? If so, it doesn't make any sense and sounds like something a 14 year old would come up with to be honest with you. I mean really??????

  5. Invinc,

    "My psychiatrist, therapist, and endocrinologist are all females. Men have nothing to do with my transition".

    Not very familiar on how patriarchal structures work are ya?

    If interested I could point you in the right direction.

    Men have EVERYTHING to do with your never ending transition.


  6. " Also, as I do not believe you are a doctor, I don't think it's up to you to say whether or not increasing his testosterone was a good idea. I'm sure the trained professional in this situation made the right call for HIS patient."

    Constant appeals to male authority and the powers that be. Like 1950's housewives. Pod people.

  7. "You know in some countries healthcare is free."

    Yep, free here in the UK, in the sense that in general, what you GET isn't decided by what you have paid or will pay in taxes, but in terms of what you need.

    Oh er, sounds dangerously socialist there -- "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need": Karl Marx :-)

    Although of course individual health authorities, having limited funds, have to make decisions as to what treatments/drugs etc they will fund, based on effectiveness. The point being, that decision effect everyone in the area, not just you. You get the same as everyone else, that's the important point.

    Which is why the american system sounds scary to most of us -- the notion of families with sick kids who can't pay the bills.

    "What the heck is the male medical machine that you talk about so frequently? Is that a term you came up yourself? If so, it doesn't make any sense.."

    In the 70s, only 10% of doctors were female, apparantly about 30% of workforce now in the US, and even-stevens in med school. Although, of course, women tend to work in the less well-paid specialisms. Sounds familiar? Males equals higher status equals higher pay, womens work equals lower status and lower pay.

    One does wonder whether such people went to school at all, given that the fact that some professions were (and many still are) predominantly male dominated isn't exactly obscure. We aren't even talking 'advanced' stuff like the patriarchy here, just taking a general interest and the fact that women were underepresented in many professional fields until very recently (and still are in many fields, let's not forget that!).

  8. Intersting that medical insurance made the medically sensible suggestion -- stop the bloody hormones then if they're giving you a monstrous cyst! Except that 'isn't an option', transition rules, so it seems, whatever the other medical consequences.

    It isn't a simple case of -- testosterone and have all yer ole bits whipped out or remodelled, job done. If the supposed treatment causes more medical problems that the 'problem' it is supposedly treating, then is this medically sound? Even if you believe the rationale behind the original 'diagnosis', and the supposed efficacy of the SRS 'treatment'.

  9. What I never understood about you Dirt is your need to control how everyone else thinks.
    Why won't you just let people live their own lives. What's it to you if some people transition. It doesn't change your life at all.

  10. Anon@12:41pm

    Spoken like a true member of the ME ME ME generation.

    Some of us actually care about others and are willing to work to create change that benefits future generations of females. Especially given the potential that if those changes arent made, females like me will be eradicated in childhood in the not so distant future. That may not scare you, but if scares the hell out of me!


  11. I do not understand why my comment was removed. There was no hateful language, no attacks on you. I was simply saying that you have some of your points about the person in that video wrong, which is the simple truth. You say there was no therapy involves for him getting testosterone, when there was years of therapy prior. And he constantly tells people not to medically transition without therapy.
    I did say sometimes I think you misinterpret things or represent people in a way that's not entirely accurate.

    There's nothing I said that deserved to be deleted. Isn't that the point of these comments, to provide insight into the topic you wrote about? Just because mine doesn't agree with yours doesn't mean other shouldn't be able to read what I have to say about it as well, right?

  12. First, this is the first comment from you I've had.

    Second, the point of my posts are to put forth truthful info, not dialogue with self haters who have no interest in changing or changing what informed their self hatred.

    Third, biological females are SHE'S! If you cannot use the proper pronouns in your comments, all future comments where you do not WILL be deleted.

    And fourth, you clearly missed all points from both posts, I suggest you read in full the article, then my post.


  13. she's talking about her female body trying desperately to defend/assert itself & still half the comments are about how cute 'he' is- if that's not 'enabling'...

  14. And again my comment was deleted for no good reason. I did not say any of the things you have "forbidden" from comments here. This is too much.

  15. dirt,
    please say how you came to have that name and how you feel about it.
    would you ever consider participating in mediation with those you feel in contention with?
    thank you.

  16. Actually you said you wouldnt use proper pronouns, even after being warned.


  17. I don't see what is wrong with using singular they. That way I'm not implying male or female, to avoid offending anybody. That seems like a fine compromise.

    Either way I'd still like the other points I made in that comment to be addressed.

  18. Autumn,

    Its been told umpteen times, but since you asked nicely I'll tell it again quickly before I have to run off to work.

    Once upon a time when chat sites had no flash or profile pics and all you had was your text name, Butch-Femme chatters began using "boi" to distinguish 20 something Butches. While I enjoyed chatting back in the day, I and especially my g/f at the time werent partial to the "boi" thing. In fact, she down right despised it.

    When we broke up, having to deal with her through email due to a house we had together, I was trying to think of a new email name, to start fresh.

    While on my way to work one morning during this time, an old favourite song came on the radio. See link.

    It hit me like a lightening bolt! dirtywhiteBOI!! An interesting play on the song, and what better way to piss off the ex! And as they say...a legend was born!

    I have no problems with chatting with anyone, as those who have taken the time to email me know.


  19. Cole,

    Make your points and use your "they".


  20. First, I was wonder what your definition of the "male medical machine" is. I'm not quite sure what you are trying to get across when you use this term.

    Second, I just want to point out that sometimes you make claims about people that aren't entirely true. I'm not going to try and talk you out of your views on the transgender community because I think that would be rather pointless. You say the person in this video got their perscription for testosterone within a couple of hours and that they didn't require therapy. That's entirely false . This person had been in therapy for years and does not advocate any type of transition without seeing a therapist first. Sometimes I feel you misinterpret things or take things out of context. All I want is at least factual information, even though I don't agree with your views.

    Third, you say call me a self-hater. I have no such feelings. I absolutely love who I am.

  21. you love who you are or who you pretend to be?

  22. Thank you for asking, anon at 11:16. I love who I am, just as I said before. I do not pretend to be anything. I express what I feel, nothing more and nothing less.

  23. I think there are a lot of women who pretend to be transgender.

    I know of a lot of them myself. A lot of them seem to jump the gun to get started in all of the "costuming", meaning these individuals usually are not willing to go through the extensive therapy, because they know that they are not transgender:

    usually stating things like "I don't need a therapist to tell me I am a man so that I can get testosterone" or "I wanted to be a boy scout when I was a kid instead of a girlscout" or "...even though I've only known transsexuality existed for about a year and a half...I've always known something wasn't right".

    I think these are the women that you should be addressing, Dirt. I have as much of a problem with their choices as you do. And I use the word choice because for them, it is.

    They know who they are. Yet, they will never admit their fraudulence.

  24. I repeated what the young woman in the video said, cole and the video is linked for anyone to watch. And there is no current therapy for "GID".

    I wager "cole" isnt even you real name, I wager you hate your real name. And if you are a female and do not love yourself as the female you are, you are a self hater.


  25. " I have as much of a problem with their choices as you do"

    In my opinion their choice isn't that problematic. It's their choice after all. The big problem is that once the choice is made everyone has to play their little gender game.

  26. "I think there are a lot of women who pretend to be transgender."
    And transgenders pretend to be the opposite sex.

  27. @Dirt

    I wager Dirt isn't your real name and I bet you hate your real name or you'd use it. You're a self-hater.

  28. we all know Dirt's real name
    i'm quite sure she doesn't ask people in the real world to calll her that
    bad argument

  29. You advocate that women can be just as masculine as men but yet call people out who change their name. People change their name, and there shouldn't be proper female or male names. They are just names, I have never gone by my birth name. I have always gone by a nickname, I guess that means I am a fake and forcing things upon people.

  30. Why shouldn't there be proper female or male names? Oftentimes they are passed down through the family and/or mean something. Maybe we can just be issued numbers since society seems to be leaning toward some kind of cyborg theory of existence.

  31. Still waiting on that definition of "male medical machine". I'm very curious to know what you think this means.

    Cole is very much my real name, thanks.

  32. @ Names,

    If you think that Dirt says any woman is "masculine," you haven't been around that long.

    Just because a woman isn't what society sees as "feminine," that doesn't cancel out her femininity, her womanhood. She is a woman, and she carries herself as a woman differently than others. Calling her "masculine" puts her in another gender category and dismisses her actual gender. She couldn't possibly be a woman if she's masculine.

    If you change your name because it's too feminine for your supposed "masculine" persona, that is you running away from your own femininity.

  33. you make a good point GallusMag.
    Blind faith in the doctor! Misinformed women swallowing the crumbs of information about their bodies that a male medical system decides to throw them. This has been going on for centuries.

    Women need to take responsibility for their own bodies and not blindly trust an establishment that has experimented on women for "study purposes" for a long time.

    It's hard when women have been trained and socially conditioned to believe that doctors are demi-gods. Bad things continue to happen to innocent women who are so biddable and compliant and MALE=BELIEVING that they actually believe that "DOctor Always Knows Best"

    Come on daddy's girls, a lesson in the history of medicine from a woman's perspective lesson is in order.

  34. cherryblossomlife

    if you actually had an education at a reputable university in medicine

    i might consider (might might) taking you seriously. That's a huge maybe.

    Big time maybe. There are so many intelligent female doctors out there breaking the boundaries of medicine and its gender expectations. I know of one personally.

    I don't think that you are equipped, intellectually or even creatively, to give anyone such a "lesson".

  35. You want trans bullshit...? Check out this Tristan Skye shit.."he" has his website set up as a "safeplace" for all these transmen but said fuck them after he fed them all this shit and now wants them to buy his book. He has done this natural transitioning and still looks very feminine but with the exception of a goatee...freak show if you ask me.

  36. Gender Identity Disorder is embedded in body self-hatred. Pretending as if you love one's self when you do not embrace the body of which you possess isn't going to play here. Anyone who goes through great lengths to deter attention from their natural born self is obviously in deep pain. It's not a matter to try to brush it off and act as if everything is happy go lucky. It's not. We all know its not. Whether we are your allies, your enemies, your family, your lovers, or your friends. We all know because we see it!

  37. Medicine has its politics just like anything else. There's money to be made. People always believe their doctor because the doctor is more of an expert on the subject. That's why we subject ourselves to certain treatment. This is why many women here can try to explain that taking T is not the right thing for the female body. But females on T will not listen because the doctor (who is an expert) is letting them do it. The doctor. The expert. Says it's okay! Doctors study hard. They know a lot. They do not know everything. But they know so much! T doesn't have any long term studies. The issue with sex hormones is the societal makeup of gender that is overthrowing and overwhelming the whole notion. Erasing the idea that society's strangulation on gender conformity/norms is what I have issues with as far as "treatment" for GID is concerned.

  38. Medicine is a male dominated field.

    I think that's Dirt's point about "the male medical machine."

    The higher you go into sciences the lack of females there are.

    It's nothing new.

    So to believe that science would not be tainted by the ideas of what a field with mostly males wish to "prove" is not too far fetched. It's happened in the past. It's happening now. Just like people use science to show racism, they will show sexism, and everything else.

    There was even an FTM scientist who mentioned that she was never taken seriously as a physicist until AFTER transition people paid her attention. And these are from PhDs - Doctors who should know better than to think that foolish, right?

  39. Dirt has never said that a woman could be "masculine." She says the exact opposite. We've become accustom to associating that term with butch women, tomboys or "non-traditional" females. The actual definition of masculine is something that a woman "cannot" be. Plus if we really want to branch away from the ideas of gender binding then "masculine woman" needs to be dropped.

    Plus as far as names, Dirt did not come up with the gender association for names. Dirt is trying to point out something very obvious but instead of dealing with it head on. It's danced around. We all know majority of FTMs will in turn change their name from a female name (birth name) to a male or gender neutral name (if they do not have a neutral name already).

  40. Did 'Tristan Skye's breasts just naturally remove themselves I wonder?

  41. That's low Skye. Transguys just cashing in on each other's gender issues I see. Sounds contradictory to call it natural transition when you get your tits surgically removed. Not quite the natural way, hon.

  42. @3:49
    So if a feminist writes a book specifically for a feminist audience, is that "cashing in"? if a gay man writes a book for a gay audience, is that exploitive? Of course

  43. Leo - I think the Feminist or Gay man who would write such a book would get called on it if they were as blatantly hypocritical as Skye Tristian (or whatever her name is)and their book was not meant as a satire.

  44. It is the same. Why would you think I would believe it was not the same? Skye purposely created an audience of support only to by the end of it tell people to purchase a book. If a person were up front that they wanted to write a book. I'd understand. I just don't like that slick marketing because it hurts people. I get this person wants to make $$$. But still just give the advice for free just like all the T information out there! Would you want to pay for information about T? No. Would you want to pay for information about packing and binding? No. I don't know what's in the book so I won't say too much. I don't see that as any different than televangelism who tell people to call in when they need help only to charge them a shit load per minute.

    Feminism and Homosexuality are not body/mental disorders. A person writing a pro-ana book would get a shit load from me. So I'm not going to just think someone different about another body disorder. Sorry.

  45. Is a women who would be named "masculine" by society actually practicing their "butch femininity"?

  46. "Is a women who would be named "masculine" by society actually practicing their "butch femininity"?"

    Nope, butch womanhood I'd call it.

    Society has such narrow definitions of how women are supposed to behave (ie femininity), and how men are supposed to behave (masculinity). Hence if you don't fit 'feminine' (i.e. don't like prom gowns and pink), then some women seem to think wearing a baseball cap and liking skateboarding means they must really be a man..............

    By labelling butch as 'masculine', it just reinforces the same ole sterotypes, only two boxes to pick, if you don't fit one, you must fit the other, because no REAL woman would want to be butch! That's the real problem, trying to say to all these young women that you can do all those things and still be a proper woman. Rather than some hormonally and/or surgically mutilated woman who probably still has the same problems they did before they started their 'transition', as well as a whole raft of new ones.


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