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Sunday, November 7, 2010

This Weekend's Who is Transitioning

More of the same, with more and more and more young women falling like sheep at slaughter to the trans trend every week.


All pictures can be found publicly on youtube. I urge you to contact youtube protesting this dangerous, female murderous, trend.

To those complaining about the educational use of your PUBLIC pictures with threats of "suing". Be all means please do, your participation will greatly help me to bring these issues to light and to the public on a national level, perhaps global(keeping fingers crossed).



  1. I praise you for exposing these sick and brainwashed young women who need to be shown for what they are! Hacked apart, pumped and bloated full of steroids..truy disgusting! Keep blogging and making youtube videos, because no one else will!

  2. Wow the girls are so young! But I don't think they want to hear critical thoughts. In the end they will hate you and insult you. But I hope a few of them will think about their actions. You can't help everyone but sometimes you can save a few people.

  3. I dont blame the girls, I blame the lack of serious feminism coupled with a community that medically reinforces narrow gender roles for women.


  4. A dyke friend of mine who's in her 50's made an interesting comment when we were talking the other day. She said she wondered, if we were in our teens or 20's today, would we be considering "transition" too?

  5. Do you know the statistics? What percentage of children are coming out as FTM right now as opposed to 10, 20 years ago?

  6. i feel so sad for these girls. if you watch their videos you'll notice they're all miserable, nothing is good enough, they always want more and never satisfied. They don't realise they are living a lie, and for most of them it's too late.

    They can decieve little storeclerks and employees with their synthetic beards and mutilated flat chests, but at the end of the day, when they're alone and naked, there's nothing but emptiness. I tear up thinking about it. These girls need HELP.

  7. DM,

    If someone would have said to me after my first menstrual experience that they could give me a drug and I would never have to have another period again, I would have said without thinking about of any long term repercussions and only thinking about the shameful, dysphoric now, "where do I sign up"?


  8. @Anon regarding ftM stats,

    I dont know, what? I would wager among female trans after the introduction to "queer theory", astonomical.


  9. @Anon regarding ftM stats

    The reported number several years ago (maybe 10 years?) was 1 in 100,000 seek medical assistance (aka start taking testosterone). From what I've seen today it's more like 1 in 50,000 to 1 in 30,000. With the population of the US, that's about 10,000 people...about 200 per state!

  10. Dirt! no really related to the post, but I was just wondering what some of your favorite music is. I instantly got the Foreigner reference in "Dirtywhiteboi" (though some people don't seem to) and I'm just curious now!

  11. are you going to make more videos soon?

  12. Alexander (same one again)November 7, 2010 at 8:45 PM

    It's posts like this that make me sad. I can see your reasons for wanting to deanonymise the concept of transition, and certainly having seen three people I know featured in this over time, I can understand that, but I also find that there's a lot of worthy stuff in this blog about female identity that either gets hidden under posts like this or ignored in the controversy these posts make, and it's for that reason that I wish they weren't there - I find that they take away from some of the really powerful messages in this blog that I've found such as:
    Dysphoria with a female body doesn't make you trans
    There are many many ways to be a powerful woman
    Butch bodies are beautiful
    Gender therapy and the accessibility of transition is dangerous
    What I'd really like to see is a follow-up to this post: - I think it has an important message, for everyone. In the interests of full disclosure, I am one of those young trans men you worry about, and I read this blog because it keeps me grounded, reminds me that my body will never be that of a man who was assigned male at birth, and I would love to read the tips you found for managing your dysphoria and unhappiness with the female role.

  13. Age 16? Age 17? Really? Where are their mothers? Don't they need parental consent? I have a daughter that age and never in a 100,000 years.

  14. it's a shame how these girls don't seem to realise the hate they have for themselves has nothing to do with their bodies being wrong. makes me sad too :-(

    i hope more FTMS see this blog and these comments and see the mistakes they are making. it must be done!

  15. that Ayden kid jumped on the so called transwagon quick. seems to me hes only in it for internet "fame" and even calls his followers "fans". pretty fucked up if you ask me

  16. Anon@7:08 regarding music,

    Glad you got where the nick came from, most dont get it.

    Music that has influenced most, would largely be bands like alan parsons, patti smith (still my ultimate hero), kansas, marillion, renaissance, fish to name some.

    But in general I'm a HUGE classic rock person. Whitesnake, Pat benetar, journey, early styx, janis, jimi and the like.

    Over all, music with well written lyrics that contain a message.


  17. Anon@7:10,

    You probably will not see any vids from me till after xmas. My computer bit the dust a few months ago and am using a fred flintstone computer that doesnt have enough memory to even watch a video.

    So once xmas is over I will be able to divert money to building a new computer.


  18. Alex,

    Making writing a note for your request.


  19. What stuns me most about these FTM girls is how they constantly talk about "feminism" and going against traditional genders roles, AND YET, they cling FOR DEAR LIFE to the most clownish and cartoonish cliches of masculinity and knowingly perpetuate them further like it's a fucking effect completely canceling out any "equality" or "acceptance" they claim to desire.

    My eyes cannot roll any harder, good grief.

  20. I also want to say that I had NO idea it was going on so much--actual transitioning, that is. I remember when the movie Boys Don't Cry came out years ago and myself and the woman I was with back then went to it. You remember that movie? Teena Brandon. Then just recently Chastity Bono. Other than that, I've met one female who said she was transitioning like 10 years ago. I don't know--she looked kind of guy-like. A young guy. I'm not sure; she kind of didn't look like a guy too if that makes sense.

    I don't think I believe a person can be a male born in a female body or vice versa--no one has yet explained that to my satisfaction. And to say they can know this at age 16 or 17? Those are children.

  21. These ftm women can mutilate their bodies and take as many synthetic drugs that they want just to trick strangers into calling them "sir" without thinking (and they want a doggie biscuit every time!)

    but as those of us in reality know, NOTHING can remove the angry fist of misogyny stuffed firmly up inside their wombs. Which they all have. Because they are women.

  22. I was wondering what your personal thoughts are of FTMs who start hormones or get surgeries before even turning 18. I've seen some of these kids online and it sickens me that their parents would allow them to have their boobs chopped off when they aren't even old enough to buy a pack of cigarettes. This NEEDS to stop! The therapists who play into their "games" NEED to have their licenses burned in front of their eyes.

  23. i am a transguy and i just wanna say fuck u ur a dumb dopey bird brain bitch whos jealous. ur ugly, u look like a dude ur not a real woman so just admit u wanna transitoin

  24. @Anonymous said...

    i am a transguy and i just wanna say fuck u ur a dumb dopey bird brain bitch whos jealous. ur ugly, u look like a dude ur not a real woman so just admit u wanna transitoin

    November 8, 2010 12:13 AM

    Dude, that shit's not right!!!!!

    Talking shit is not gonna get you or US anywhere. Name calling isn't gonna get US nowhere either!

    I am a transman myself and to read a comment like that from one of my own is really disturbing!

    I happen to respect all women in whatever form they come. A comment like this is an insult to me also.

    Think before you speak!

  25. @Dirt, for your information, I have checked the FB profile of the kids doing videos on youtube stating your blog is a "hateful blog ".
    Guess what ? All the kids who claim that your blog is hateful (just because it explains top surgeries leave scars or T may cause baldness or transmale should get of lesbian places), ALL those kids support XXboys, the project of Kael T Boy the trans-rapist...

    Including the trans poster boy Meiko Elias Xavier, TJ Jourian and Aydian Downing...

    If you support a rapist, you support hate and violence against women...

  26. @Anon of 9:37 PM, Ayden is pushed to transition by his ambitious girlfriend called Kylie who is a photographer and hopes some fame out of it...Look at their youtube channels, it is obvious: she is everywhere even in the channel name, background photos...(
    Kylie really exploits Ayden for her own fame and when she will have make him a bald dude, she will leave him.
    My message to the kids: don't transition because of your girlfriend or boyfriend...
    The girlfriend/boyfriend may leave you one day but what you would have done to your body will remain...
    Never do permament body modifications or never take hormon because you are in love with someone who pushes you or encourage you to much to to do so...

  27. "i am a transguy and i just wanna say fuck u ur a dumb dopey bird brain bitch whos jealous. ur ugly, u look like a dude ur not a real woman so just admit u wanna transitoin"

    That is what I was talking about! Angry transtrolls! If you critizise they will insult you. As you can see this person only knows stereotypical roles because he/she is talking about "real woman" and so on. What an ignorant and bitter individual.

  28. The biggest lie about the transtrend is the "I feel male inside" or "I have trans feelings"...
    The point is those kids need attention and exposure and can't accept to grow up and behave like the functioning adult they should be and to take care of themselves alone...
    They want to catch attention and so they enter in this trans process but it has nothing to do with them being a male inside.
    They are just fashion victims, they do it because it looks cool just like having piercing or buying nice t-shirts...
    It reminds be of the lesbian fad in the late 80's : most of those lesbian woman are certainly married with kids now...

  29. "dumb dopey bird brain bitch whos jealous. ur ugly, u look like a dude ur not a real woman so just admit u wanna transitoin"

    No sorry, we don't want to transition : we don't want to loose our nice boobs, we don't want to loose our women privileges, we don't want to have ugly scars because we like topless sunbathing, we don't want to have facial and body hair because it is awful, we don't want to loose our wonderful hair and to become bald, we don't want to sound like a star wars character because of the voice changes and when we need to work-out or to get fit, we just move our ass and just to it, we don't need testo for it...We don't need to pass as a ugly dude to "convert" women into potential partners...We are able to be a woman whatever the kind of woman we may be as the spectrum is wide.
    We don't want to have cancer and fibro when a bit older. We don't want to smell like a male animal (yurk) and have acnea all other our body and or face so the only option you have is to make video on youtube because low definition and blurry video hide the acnea ;)
    We are not jealous because nothing about you or in you makes us envy you.
    We have pity for you and for the ageing person you will be when in your 30's...

  30. What is also sad is the lack of imagination. You can do or be whatever you want within your own 4 walls with your partner. I feel especially sorry for these girls trying to "transition" and become straight men, because when the "coolness" has blown over, and they're standing naked before some clueless straight woman, I suspect they will just see pity in her eyes.

  31. I'm glad to finally see someone calling out these women. Their precious egos and lies get stroked by the people around them who are too polite or afraid to say anything, it really is insane.

  32. Reading your blog for a few days has confirmed what I've been seeing a lot lately. (Looking at his post now, its really long, my apologies)

    Girls who may or may not be lesbians, want to avoide the "gay" stereotype and hatred that can be turned into "bullying" or the like.

    To avoid it, they figure, "I look sort of like a boy, I always felt weird in a girl's body (haven't all us lesbians at a young age?) so I will turn into a boy and then they won't tease me for being different because then I'll be a boy."

    It sickens me how many 14-16 yr old girls in my area alone (a well off suburb near Toronto, Canada) feel that they are trans because they don't like their body. What kid at that age does!?!? One "trans" girl even said she knew she was trans as a kid because she would always punch her uncle in the balls every time he came over. So that means she was jealous. Come on wtf?!?!

    Where are the parents stepping in? Why isn't the medical community saying "Hey! Maybe we should demand more proof and more counselling before t-therapy." These girls are getting T like its bad cigarettes from the corner store that will make you cool.

    What makes it worse, is they are doing it all for attention. What do all these "trans" girls have in common? Social anxiety, bad body image, lack of friends?, attention issues from family? They seem to be doing this because they're unhappy with their body, which every teenager has! But no, they deem it being trans because they liked boys clothes as a kid.

    Guess what? I hated my body, I LOVED guys clothes, I hated makeup, dresses and the like. But now look at me, 21 and a happy lesbian that loves my DD boobs, curves and how I look in awesome jeans. Liking boys clothes and hating your body at that age doesn't mean you're trans.

    On the other hand, I do know and am very close to 2 trans boys/men. I've met others but these 2 are the only ones I believe.

    Both of them (a cousin who is 12 (not on any drugs, just living as he wants) and an ex who is 23 (on T for 5 years and post-op) are really happy, and have shown more determination about being who they really are.

    I feel that these 2 are different because of the way they have gone about it. At no time did they DEMAND they get T and since they were kids, were adamant about being born boys. They've taken YEARS to consider their options and tell next to no one about their identity unless it is pertinent (gfs and family). They by no means did it for attention and have never put it on youtube like 95% of current ones do. That's what disgusts me most. If you want to be a man why put it all over the internet that you're not?!

    They are prime examples of true transgenderism, which I feel is being overshadowed by these attention-starved teens with body issues.


  33. "Their precious egos and lies get stroked by the people around them who are too polite or afraid to say anything,"

    And don't forget some people are cruel or ambitious or opportunistic

    Don't forget that it can be very comfortable to be the friend or partner of a trans person : you look cool and you don't get the damages done to your own body.

    When the fad will be gone, you can move to another one...

    In the past, people used to have tiny pets to look fashionable now they have their trans friend...

  34. DCMA legally says that if it's something posted publically by someone else, you need to ask them permission to post it on your blog/whatever. it is copyright infringement, even if it's a public video/picture. this is from a professional photographer.

    now, granted, most of the stuff referred to is photographs, not stills from videos, but the same principle applies. if you do not ask these men for their pictures (or "confused women" as you like to call them) then you are taking their property without asking and thus violating both creative commons and copyright laws (depending on the site you stole it from)

  35. "you are taking their property without asking and thus violating both creative commons and copyright laws"

    Haha I can't wait for your response to this one!

    I can't believe Micah (sounds like an FTM name to me...) is quoting 9 lines of myths. The photographer is stretching the truth and now you're claiming everything on the internet (unless with prior approved consent and reference) is stolen.

    The internet (specifically a blog) is for personal respresentation of what a person's views/desires/opinions etc.

    She is not linking to the videos, not putting the videos, not putting names etc. She is putting a picture (taken by herself as the whole image is made by her) of what she saw on her blog.

    But again, I'll let Dirt defend herself on this one.

  36. Thanks Anon for reminding me I need to respond to this.

    @Micah, You might want to acquaint yourself with the current fair use laws. My use of video pic captures, which are MY creations for the use of EDUCATION (which dozens of comments and emails can back up) fall neatly under the "fair use act".


  37. Dirt,

    Whether or not you could be sued under the DMCA, you could be sued in tort for privacy violations. See


  38. C,

    If you're so sure about that then "bring it".

    Its about time these issues were brought to the attention of the public on a national level.


  39. Dirt,

    Perhaps I shall. I'm not sure why you think that would help your "cause" though. A small lawsuit with a few plaintiffs alleging causes of action in tort and under the DMCA would not be likely to be newsworthy.


  40. lol...see you in in the packed courthouse then C! I suggest you wear your best dress or suit, and always remember to smile for the camera!


  41. This FTM really describes how YouTube adds nothing to his life and certainly do not help his dysphoria :

    very interesting, an example that transition does not solve internal issues...and sharing those issues on YouTube makes them worse...

  42. DM, I have been wondering the same thing for the last few years.

    I also blame the society that enforces narrow gender stereotypes, but there is also a large amount of peer pressure to "identify" as ftm.

    I also agree with Alexander, and wish you would take a less argumentative tone, for I think the point you are trying to make is important (to say the least). I understand your anger and frustration, though.

    I've struggled w/ body dysphoria and gender dysphoria, too. It's upsetting to me, as an older butch woman, to know well that we can come to terms with these feelings without surgery, and that surgery is such a, ahem, final solution. I am just who I am, someone who both attracted to androgynous people and is one, and feels comfortable with that fluidity. However, it took me a long time to get to this point.

    Sadly, I'm glad there was no GLBT clubs when I was a kid, for I bet I would have jumped on the bandwagon, for I wanted to belong to something, find an answer. . .but y'know what? We don't all fit into a neat stereotype or box.

  43. This is in response to the anon comment: "The biggest lie about the transtrend is the "I feel male inside" or "I have trans feelings"... The point is those kids need attention and exposure and can't accept to grow up and behave like the functioning adult they should be and to take care of themselves alone... They want to catch attention..."

    I'm a perfectly functioning adult. I run a business. I am married (to a man). I own a home. Yet none of what you women are saying applied to me. Am I the total freak? Possibly. I grew up knowing I was different from other girls as well as other boys. My parents supported me and encouraged me to just be myself. When I started having problems it was because I psychologist slapped me with a trans label and said I had "gender identity disorder". I was 15, what did I know? All I knew is that I felt different, acted different and thought different from girls. I never, ever wanted attention. I never considered myself female either. I accepted my body and I never "transitioned" or anything like that, but that doesn't change what's in my mind. When I was 2 years old I felt this way. It wasn't something that I was socially conditioned into after getting into the big bad "misogynistic" world. I know what it's like to be treated differently because of having a female body, but I also know in my own mind who I am and was confident enough to just live my life how I want. Nothing is black and white for me because I understand and accept the variations that are out there. I have no problem with how someone else chooses to live their own life.

    I do have a problem with the medical industry (it IS an industry here in the U.S.) in general - not just in reference to dolling out hormones but prescription drugs as a whole. Drug makers are only in it to make money - not improve lives and the people who fall for it become slaves to the system.

    As for a trend of transsexualism? Hard to say. There are those of us who have been the way we are since birth and there are those of us that just can't handle a period at age 13 and freak out. Again, tons of variety. I don't believe anyone under the age of 18 should be getting any kind of chemical treatment, but when you're the parent of a child who says they would rather kill themselves than live in their own body, what are your options?

  44. You make me sick. Who has this much time to sit around and judge people? Why don't you blog about people who are starving or being abused? You're a waste of flesh.


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