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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving-Giving Thanks and What are you Doing?

Hope all my American readers have a blessed Thanksgiving tomorrow. What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

For everyone, what are some of the things you are thankful for?

this is an open comment post-please keep comments thanks and Thanksgiving related.

As for myself, both my parents and my little hillbilly granny are long since dead, I am thankful for the time they were in my life, especially my ma whom I retain only the vaguest of memories. I am thankful to those in my life, both near and far and as sure as the sun sets every evening, I open my eyes every morning to face another day because of you. I am also thankful to my little cat babies who I love more than life itself and I know I shouldn't have a favourite, a little extra thanks to my little daughter Agatha who means the whole bloody world to me.

Last, I am thankful to you, the readers of this blog, whether you love me or hate me, you're here and thats something special, a special we create together.



  1. I'm thankful for my whole damn life. That I have warmth, and a roof over my head, a sweet kitty who brings me mice and birds, and that I met a woman I want to be around for for the rest of my days. I'm thankful for all of my friends and that I have the opportunity to be in school and for my family who I've been closer to than ever before. I'm thankful for civil conversations that make people think and learn, break down barriers, and open up and tell the truth.

  2. I am Thankful for this blog, for let me know that no matter what, I will ALWAYS feel different, that life doesn't get better. That even transitioning will not help me. So thank you for not letting me waste my life saving in gender therapy. Instead I will just waste my life saving on a trip around the world in hopes to find answers for my soul.

  3. Since my fiancee has to work tomorrow we are going to celebrate Thanksgiving on Friday. At the moment we live 2 hours apart from each other but will be getting our own place again soon.

    I am thankful to have my fiancee and our two teenage sons in my life. I am also thankful for the support I have from my friends and chosen family through my transition.

    I am thankful that my best friend let me live with her for the past 11 months while my fiancee helps her parents out.

    I'm thankful that I have Jesus Christ in my life. Without Him I would be so lost. I'm thankful that I became a Christian on May 19, 1999. I'm thankful just to be alive.

    There's just too many things to post on here what I am thankful for.

    My room mate/best friend and I are just gonna sit and watch football tomorrow. I am also going to call one of my best friends in TN as well as my mom who lives in Ohio as does the rest of my family.

    Oh, I'm also thankful to be an American and live in America to where we can have freedom of speech and whatnot. I'm thankful for all the past and present soldiers who have and still fight to keep us free.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Hi,

    I'm mostly relaxing and working on my hobby. I am thankful that my friendship with my ex-girlfriend has survived, and that she has found someone.

    I have been wondering how the experiences of assigned-girls who begin identifying as boys in adolescence (as it gets harder for girls to express masculinity) compare to the experiences of assigned-boys who begin identifying as girls in childhood (since it is already hard for boys to express femininity). Most of those kids identify as boys once they reach adolescence.

  5. I'm grateful today that there are still strong Native American communities surviving and continuing their own cultures and trying to become an uncolonized people. For Natives, Thanksgiving must be kind of like if Germany had a Holocaust Celebration Day.

    Every time you see a homeless Native in need on the streets, flip him a buck or two and consider it rent money.

  6. I'm thankful that my body is functioning and healing, despite all that I have put it through.

    I'm thankful for the women that are brave enough to speak up, no matter what the consequences.

    I'm thankful for kindness.

    I'm thankful for the animals, each and every one of them, but especially my beloved sea creatures!

  7. I'd be thankful if you and your blog were eliminated.

  8. I'm thankful to be alive in a free country in the 21st century. I could've been born in second century China and been sold into child slavery, married to a man by 12 and I could've been dead in childbirth by 15. Or dead with chickenpox or measles at 8.

    I'm thankful that I could be a lesbian out in the open, that I could meet my partner and I'm thankful for medical science (IVF)which has given us our daughter.

    I'm thankful for my chance at educational opportunities, which in turn has given me a career and a great job, which in turn has housed, clothed, fed, and entertained my family.

    I'm thankful for Google and the internet for exploding my sphere of understanding. All this knowledge at my fingertips.

    I'm thankful for music and having good hearing so that I could hear music.

    I've got lots to be thankful for, I won't bore you all :-)

  9. I am thankful for my family and friends. I'm thankful that despite all the health issues I've had this year, I made it this far. Tomorrow I get to cook for my family and my friends who have nowhere else to go.

  10. Anonymous said...

    I'd be thankful if you and your blog were eliminated.

    November 24, 2010 6:36 PM

    Okay, this was supposed to be about what we are thankful for and there has to be this crap posted!!!

    I'm a FTM and have been on T since July 13, 2009 and don't feel the way this person feels.

    Everyone has the right to their opinion. It was obviously posted by a younger FTM because none of us older and more mature FTM's wouldn't post something like that.

    I'm thankful for the friends and family who support me in all I do. Everyone knows I have been trans since I was 4 that I can think back upon. I am thankful for Jesus Christ dying on the cross to pay for my sins, having a roof over my head, my fiancee, my health, our troops past and present, my freedom as an American, that I quit smoking 2 1/2 years ago, my grandparents who are now in heaven for teaching me so much, and for being able to speak my mind without being killed for my opinions of the government and so on.

    To the anonymous person that I copied and pasted....You need to grow up! There's always that one stupid person who has to ruin it for everyone! Enough said! ::Shakes head in disgust"

    I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving...Be safe!


  11. I'm thankful that when I told my parents that I wanted to be a boy at the age of nine, they didn't jump towards transition. by actually listening to me, they found out I was being sexually abused.

  12. @Anonymous said...

    I'm thankful that when I told my parents that I wanted to be a boy at the age of nine, they didn't jump towards transition. by actually listening to me, they found out I was being sexually abused.

    November 24, 2010 11:35 PM

    I was raped by my ex step dad from 5 until almost 19. I know how you feel. I am a 38 year old transman and have been on T since July13, 2009 and am proud of who and what I am.

    I am thankful to my therapists who helped me through my long going abuse, my self-mutilation, and my self-esteem issues. I am also thankful for the family and chosen family and friends who have been with me along the road of my transition.

    There are so many things in my life that I am grateful for but just way too much to post. I am most grateful for all of my doctor's support and making me feel human instead of some doctors that I have had that have dehumanized me and made me feel like total crap just for being me.

    I thank you all for letting me share this and I hope you all have a great and happy Thanksgiving....

    Peace to you sll!

  13. I'm thankful for the fact that I can go to a school suited for my needs, where I have friends and never eat alone anymore.
    I'm grateful for my dear friends who convinced me not to kill myself.
    I'm grateful for the health care system; they gave me the AS diagnosis which improved my life incredibly much.
    I'm grateful for my parents, who have cared for me and raised me, despide my oddities.
    I'm grateful for being able to live; I was a 1.3-pound baby.
    I'm grateful for being able to do away with religion, for being able to dress the way I want, for being able to listen to music every day.

    Dirt, is it snowing where you live? Here, it snows a LOT. Cold and bitter winds. Hope you like your turkey!

  14. I'm grateful I'm still alive and kicking, I'm grateful I had a wonderful childhood full of pretend plays with dinosaurs and starships, I'm grateful I have a loving family, especially my sister (get better soon :3), I'm grateful I'm studying something that could better the world someday, I'm grateful kitties exist, I'm grateful I can write something in my blog and maybe help people, I'm grateful for my friends here at Uni, I'm grateful I live in the countryside where I can see enormously tall trees everyday and the starry sky at night, I'm grateful for all kind people, I'm grateful I stopped playing World of Warcraft (lol Horde Tauren) but I don't regret the time spent playing with my friends, I'm grateful for all the good entertainment writers, artists and programmers can give, I'm grateful to life.

  15. Thanks for the blog, your honest insights, helping us to feel more sane as we defend our Butch Selves, our Butch Sisters, and our Dyke communities.....hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.

    It has been a tough year for us, so all I ask is that we make it well through the Winter's cold and work comes available, and wellness is on it's way for my partner.

    Let's continue to build strong Dyke and Butch Dyke community together. For that I'd be most thankful.
    -In Sisterhood,

  16. Anon@5:10pm,

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  17. Anon@5:58pm

    Happy Thanksgiving and have a safe and wonderful trip!


  18. Echo,

    Have a wonderful Turkey Day!


  19. Anon@6:07pm

    Have a blessed Turkey Day!


  20. Anon@6:13pm

    Bless you for thinking of our native folks. I dont quite know why, but from my earliest years, when it came to playing "cowboys and indians", I ALWAYS chose to be an indian. Needless to say, I made sure in our little kid game, the indians always won!


    ps... All my action figure toys as a small child were indians. I hated cowboys, still do.

  21. Laur,

    Hope you continue to heal, Happy Thanksgiving to your and yours.


  22. Anon@6:36pm,

    Happy Thanksgiving, from me and my blog.


  23. Anon@8:11pm,

    Not boring at all! Have a blessed Turkey Day!


  24. Anon@8:19pm,

    Good luck with your health, and a wonderful today with your family!


  25. Anon@10:24pm,

    Thanks for saying what you did and for the well wishes. I hope you and everyone you love have a beautiful Turkey Day!


  26. Anon@11:35pm,

    I'm so sorry hun, thank god your parents listened for a deeper meaning. I hope your healing, and wish you all the best and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your fam.

    If you ever need to talk, email me day or night.


  27. Brandon,

    A hug and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


  28. Maldita,

    It does snow here, but hasnt yet. Looking forward to some yummy turkey later today!


  29. BT,

    Sounds like a lot of wonderful things to be thankful for!


  30. MA,

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your partner!


  31. I’m thankful that all my family and loved ones are healthy and well! I’m thankful that I will be spending the holiday with my family this year. I’m thankful that I am safe and cozy and warm even though it’s been a very challenging year. I’m thankful for my incredible luck even in the midst of hardship. I’m thankful for the three neighbors who have unsecured wireless-lol.
    I’m thankful that I was not diagnosed with GID as a tough little butch girl and that I have managed to carve out a beautiful life while smashing all the ridiculous women-hating gender rules through my very existence. I did not ask to be born into this upside-down world and I’m thankful I’ve had the strength and power to stand tall and swim against the tide of male supremacy that runs through even my own LGBT community. I’m thankful to stand as a proud butch woman role model to all the kids that ask “are you a boy or a girl?” and I answer “I’m a girl! There are all kinds of girls you know…”
    I’m thankful for all my butch sisters and femme brothers and pray for their strength and well-being in a world that wants to stamp them out or tell them they are pod-people inhabiting the wrong bodies.
    I’m thankful for Dirt for her blog and for the will to stand against the deaththreats and trolls and hackers and harassers from the trans community that think any means including violence should be used to silence free speech and criticism of the trans philosophy which is so incredibly harmful to women and girls worldwide who are being aborted and murdered in the millions merely because they are female. I’m thankful for a place to speak out against females who want to abort their own female selves and males who think that refusing male gender rules means they must be female, and that female is an object that can be inhabitable.
    I’m thankful for all the young women who can’t turn their eyes away from this blog as they witness the reality underneath their delusions and the reality of opinion in the lesbian and gay and feminist communities thriving underneath their years of efforts to silence it. These are the “not yet drowned” as Dirt likes to say- and I’m thankful for those that read with an open mind and heart what is actually being discussed here rather than spouting some nonsense about “transphobia” before they even read what is being said. I’m thankful for a place where the “not yet drowned” can reach out for a strong loving hand of rescue against the “already drowned” who are trying to pull them under to a watery grave where they can “id” as being god’s mistakes.

    Oh, and I’m grateful for the super-cool vintage suit I’ll be wearing tonight over my large undamaged breasts. ;)
    Happy Thanksgiving Dirt! And all my Butch Sisters!

  32. My partner and I took our dog to the beach earlier in the day, and it was heavenly... all the dogs happily running free on the beach, our dog just the happiest on earth, and my partner and I loving our freedom to do what the heck we want... proud lesbians, with not a care in the world.

    Then we came back to our little house, and "Miracle on 34th Street" was on, and I started to make dressing to stuff a duck. "Wow, this kitchen really smells like Thanksgiving now!" my partner said.

    Partner went to take a nap, and I got the duck in the oven. Poured a slit of champaign, got some mozarella and salami on thin little crackers, and just kicked back.

    Our life as lesbians has been one of struggle, and a long haul, but this year has been the best in all my life! Nothing "big" happened, just a feeling of inner happiness.

    So I am thankful for figuring out what a great life is all about, and also for fearless Dirt standing up for lesbian nation every day and every way.

    Thanks Dirt, and thank you Butch Proud Dykes... I love you all!!

  33. Anon@9:34am,

    Hope your Turkey Day was awesome! Thanks much for the support.

    dirt-another proud Butch

  34. @ProudButchXXII,

    The Butch road has never been easy, thanks for walking it with me!

    Hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday!


  35. I'm thankful for having the Best Cat Ever. She makes life worth living, and that's saying a lot after 19 years of chronic depression.

  36. I'm thankful that my ancestors came to this land, got the natives drunk, and then slaughtered them, so I could live in this giant shopping mall of a country.


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