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Friday, November 26, 2010

Poll Question Discussion-Why do you read this Blog?

You may use this post to further discuss or answer Why do YOU read this blog?

Happy Friday to all!




  2. Wanted to say you are the hottest sexist woman on the Internet, but I was too shy and just said i was a dirt fan :-)

  3. I value your opinions Dirt but I don't agree with everything you say. That doesn't mean I don't like you. I, however agree with you on the fact that there are a lot of butch women jumping on the trans bandwagon right now. I myself have talked 4 out of taking testosterone. They were wanting to do it for all the wrong reasons. As a matter of fact since reading your blog I have talked 2 butches out of taking T. I am an older transguy and I kinda see it as a trend for younger butches to try and transition. Tney want the deeper voices and shit but that is not the reason to transition. To transition it takes a lot of years of research to make sure that this is right for you. It is not right for EVERYONE and surely not because you want you voice deeper as there are other ways to make your voice deeper.

    I have some younger butch lesbian friends who I hang out wit who said they want to transition but yet didn't even qualify at all to transition. They just wanted to be hairier and have deeper voices. I can train them to have deeper voices and I told them that. They are satisfied now with me teaching them and are grateful that they didn't go on T.

    Being on T is not for EVERYONE!!!! I have gone through YEARS of therapy and at one time I wouldn't have went on T but it's the right thing for me for my condition.

    You are right though, there are a lot of young butch lesbians who "think" they want to transition but yet know nothing about it and the consequences of it. There's ways to make your voice deeper if that is what you want. There's ways to make you more manly if that's what you want but you just have to research it, that's all.

    Thanks for having this blog to show you don't have to take testosterone to be more manly.

    I to am concerned about all the butches that want to go on T because they are all doing it for ALL the wrong reasons.....

    Thank you for your opinions even though I don't agree with all you say but I value what you say. There are a lot of butches that want to be on T but for the WRONG reasons...I have run into quite a few....I just hope that your blog will help these young people as I have tried to help them. I hear all the time that "Oh I want to be on T because you are"..guess what? Your not trans if you have to tell me that!!!!

    I just wish you the best and wish you the best. I have 2 butches right now that are 17 and 19 that are willing to buy my T from me right now and it's a shame.

    Good luck Dirt....I can't talk all of them out of it but yet I am a proud transman. It was right for me but then again I am not 18-24 years old and have researched the stuff and have time to think about it.

    Good luck to you!!!!!

  4. Alexander (same one again)November 27, 2010 at 6:03 AM

    I read it because I'm pretty secure about my identity of male and how I experience it, but at the same time I really appreciate hearing other sides and other views, I've seen some very very interesting stuff posted here about other people, particularly stuff about people moving past their experiences of bodily dysphoria.

  5. any update about baldness & evolution along the transition (with pictures) ?

  6. Because I was referred to this blog in a trans website, claiming it's transphobic etc. I'm a transwoman and I find it funny that I agree with most of your posts ;)

  7. Awww, you're a sweetie Deb!


  8. Thanks for your comment Brandon!


  9. Brandon, I applaud you for what you are doing: injecting some critical thinking in trans spaces. The fact you are TS proves that transsexuality as a condition doesn't necessarily impact your critical thinking skills (which is something I can't say for all transpeople I've met). Bravo.


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