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Friday, September 24, 2010

Transnationalizing LGBT Studies

Transnationalizing LGBT Studies yes, you read that right. Not Lesbiannationalizing, not Gaynationalizing and not Bisexualnationalizing LGBT Studies, TRANSnationalizing!

This is for those who havent taken my last handful of posts seriously.




  1. Only one comment: we are screwed as gays and lesbians and bisexuals....The queer and trans people has suceeded in silencing us...Will we fight back ?

  2. Doesn't transnational in this context mean across nations? Like a transnational highway is one that goes from one country into another? Unless I'm missing something, I don't see the "trans" part of that word referring to transgender/transsexual people.

  3. Katie,

    Then you're missing something.


  4. Hi

    I think in this case, Katie is right.
    From Wikipedia:
    "Transnationalism is a... scholarly research agenda grown out of the heightened interconnectivity between people and the receding... significance of boundaries among states."
    In other words, transnationalism describes a new way of thinking about relationships between nations and global cultures.

  5. Anon,

    And the abundance of "queer" and "trans" workshops that dominate the conference is merely what? Coincidental?

    Gimme a break!


  6. Agree with Dirt...It is TRANSformation of our gay, lesbian and bi studies

  7. here's the link to the conference website:

    Looks like some of the panels will be interesting. For instance, I think that the talk on "Lesbianism and Prisoner Hierarchies in Nazi Concentration Camps and Early Franco-era Prisons" could be very eye-opening for lots of people. And I personally loved the film "Volver" so I think that the panel "Globetrotting Queerness: The Films of Almodovar and Wong Kar-Wai" will be cool.

  8. I read "trasnationalism" as their desire to spread their infection to other countries. A very small group of transgendered individuals are telling everybody how to frame, perceive, etc any issue or aspect of transgenderism.

    Uh, if there is indeed a lecture on "Lesbianism and Prisoner Hierarchies in Nazi Concentration Camps and Early Franco-era Prisons" then most likely it is demonizing lesbians. Really, these people don't do anything else.

    Btw, if I joined my local chapter of GL as a guest (no way do I want to support them financially), could I whine and complain at the top of my lungs at a few meetings? I don't know how those things work, but it's time to encourage gays and lesbians to LEAVE. It's gonna look awful funny if the only people at the LBGTIQWERTY place is trans.

    Seriously, they are only a tiny fraction of gay and lesbian people, so why on earth is everyone letting them run the agenda?

  9. There is zero legal liability involved, meaning they couldn't sue for inclusion, if the membership of the new group was limited to sexual orientation.

    I'm not a lawyer as they say, but that is freaking obvious. Even their own lawyer would laugh at them.

  10. mAndrea,

    I think you're really onto something there.

    *Except* ... that all the trannies would still crowd in claiming to be lesbians (by orientation).

    We'd be screwed again.

  11. Plus, who knows, all sorts of het males could show up claiming to be lesbians. :-(


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