Trans (Male) Violence-Camp Trans and Michfest 2010 (Part 2)

And now some collected screencap comments from some of the women who were at Michfest this year regarding the threat of violence and violence made by members of Camp Trans.

See Michfest link here for more comments

Now I'll tell you what I know based on everything posted, read, sent to me through email and some first hand accounts by friends.

The violence and threats of violence from Camp Trans members towards Michfest, and Michfest attendees, isn’t anything new, it’s been going on for decades now. What is new was this year’s escalation of violence and threats of violence by Camp Trans members towards Michfest and Michfest attendees. So what changed this year at Camp Trans to create such a hullabaloo within and outside the camp? In a word: testosterone. Or, rather a greater number of female camp members on the synthetic version of testosterone. Camp Trans 2010 was a kaleidoscope of men who insist they're women, through acting like men, and women insisting they're men through acting like teenage boys; a sure recipe for violence against the women who are womyn comfortable and proud to be women.

The Tow Truck Incident

From testimonies made by various Camp Trans members, there was already an angry, volatile spirit running through Camp Trans before the dreaded "tow truck incident". The “incident” Camp Trans leaders have been using to diminish trans responsibilities for the anger, hate and violent actions of camp members against Michfest. So what exactly did happen regarding the "tow truck incident"? I don’t have any info on why a tow truck was called out, but apparently a Michfest member required a tow truck for her vehicle. Since Camp Trans has specifically chosen a close geographical proximity to Michfest, the tow truck arrived and while he was waiting for instruction with truck idling, unbeknownst to the tow truck driver, his truck's engine was mildly drowning out a speaker over at Camp Trans.

I've heard different stories as to how many trans(women) approached the tow truck driver, but at least two has been mentioned consistently. So at least two trans(women) approached the driver and insultingly demanded he turn his "fucking" truck off'. Startled, shocked and surprised by the vitriolic way he was asked, as well as who was doing the asking, the tow truck driver "sir'd" the trans(women). Rather than looking at the obvious, that the trans(women) were/looked like/are bio males, the trans(women) accused the tow truck driver of deliberately "misgendering" them. Other than trans or radical feminist, Jane and John Q public have never even heard of "misgendering" let alone understand the ignorance behind it. Like it or not, in the real world gender is pretty much black and white, and as long as there is a transgender voice to help reinforce strict gender notions, black and white it will remain.

Moving on...The "misgendered" trans(women) then called over dozens of Camp Trans members and angrily complain about the tow truck driver, creating a stir. The boiling point was quickly met and a mob of primarily trans(women) and trans(men) rushed offensively towards the tow truck driver as if to physically assault him. The tow truck driver jumped from his truck retrieved his tow chain for protection at which point some of the Michfest women seeing him in serious trouble came to his aid. I don’t know the details but during this trans mobs violent reaction, someone/s were pepper sprayed. Michfest members and non angry Camp Trans members began to try and quieten and disperse the mob until sanity was restored.

This incident, which shouldn’t have happened in the first place, was then used by both angry trans(women) who've been demanding year after year after year access to Michfest and by ftM youths hopped up on synthetic testosterone acting like 15 year old punk boys, insisted they (Camp Trans) should violently take over Michfest and "burn the fucking place to the ground"! Later on a "caucus" was called together where the threats/act of violence against Michfest continued to be discussed. Many Camp Trans members did not want to partake in an uprising and expressed their fears regarding getting arrested and the complicatedness of jail and trans/legal states of being. Those members were soon hushed up with threats of violence against them as well. It soon became apparent that it was an all-or-nothing-for-us-or-against-us caucus. Some Camp Trans members out of fear, left the next day. Those that stayed either supported the next few days of violence against Michfest or turned a blind eye to it.

We may not have long term studies on how high levels of synthetic hormones affect bodies which they are not designed for, but we do have long term studies on how male testosterone and those who take synthetic testosterone have the potential for an increase in aggression/violence/mob mentality (see references). Taken in its totality, what this year's Camp Trans/Michfest says to me is not only do Michfest women have to continue worrying about the enemy outside the gates (bio males-Mtfs) she also is going to have to take a serious look at the enemy from within (bio females-ftMs). If Michfest stands a snowballs chance in hell of surviving, two things are going to have to happen; one is the womyn-born-womyn working and attending "fest" are going to have to buckle down and enforce the WBW policy and two, update the policy to include womyn-born-womyn-who-ID-as-womyn.

It is clear because of inclusiveness, Camp Trans, is now on its last legs. I've already seen countless members stating they will not attend next year. I don’t give it five years myself. It is also clear Michfest needs to look at the example Camp Trans has provided with its inclusiveness that has created the loss of political focus/goals so that it is fast becoming just another place/excuse to party and as midnight approaches and the partying ends, everyone goes home. But instead of waking up with a sense of accomplishment, promise, change, they're only waking up with hangovers.




  1. If the Mitchfest organizers have not talked with several lawyers by now about getting a restraining order for future events, I will be sorely disappointed. It is now illegal for people like that Fred Phelps idiot to harrass gay military funerals -- perhaps that factoid could be referenced. At the very least, individuals might also qualify for stalker status.

    But in addition to the testosterone and group mob mentality, I wonder if another factor might be at play. The trans community was convinced that if they just cried loudly enough, then eventually the general public would accept their wacky claims. But the opposite seems to be happening. Instead of obtaining more acceptance, as the public has had more time to consider the fundamental flaws in their ideology, there appears to be an ever-growing body of rejection. In my own personal experience, all most people have to hear is this: I don't need to claim I am a monkey in order to eat a banana -- and they get the point forever. Perhaps the trans are feeling frustrated, poor babies.

  2. These quotes that you use, Dirt, are they on the Michfest bulletin board site, because if not, I'd like to cut and paste them over there, and get to the bottom of it. I did get on one post that was
    "WBW making Michfest safe for WBW"
    or something like that. I will always defend born female dyke oriented space, but I WILL NOT go where there are threats and gunshots...I get enough of that in the city environment with the gangs and the 'hood where I live, right off a very live main thoroughfare where alot of activity happens, cops have to be called, and gunshots now and again.

    Who needs to go to a Festival to experience the same?

    I guess the trans movement cannot brainwash a core of us, and like their male centered, testosterone fueled, or male raised ways, they then do when men, whether past, or future males do, is threaten us born Females and Dykes with violence. So typical, and so old..I think we should just blow the lid off of what the trans movement is REALLY about. Misogyny and personal self hatred of one's womanness, or suppression of those of us born female should we object to those who don't 'pass' in ANYWAY as Females and still have the same old male attitudes and assumptions of privilege they had as men with their wives, girlfriends, female subordinates and every woman on the planet, WHEN THEY WERE MEN!

    Pacifism doesn't work, and not setting boundaries just allows the perpetration to go on and on and on...

    And you're absolutely right about those born females on 'T' acting like a bunch of teenage boys(plus they smell bad too), as I experienced it once at Creating Change, looked like a bunch of Dykes, they were all early on 'T', smelt bad(no longer like women), and had very aggressive, violent male attitudes and were very controlling towards the rest of us, hyped up on synthetic testosterone in a demonstration we all participated in. Dykes, even Butch Dykes would never act like that, and I was surrounded by many of these budding FTM's in this demo, and I began to grow afraid that the cops would want to bash heads as a result of all the hostility these individuals were engaging in. It really opened my eyes as just to how deadly being on testosterone is on the female body and psyche, and especially en masse. Just like the bullies men/boys are against all women/females/girls/Dykes.

  3. Restraining order against Camp Trans--- sounds like a good idea.
    They just thought they could bully their way into Michigan, the way they have invaded other lesbians spaces nationwide.

    Just saw a conference coming up, and read through everything... not one mention of the word "lesbian" in that translovefest.

    Good reporting Dirt, and we really need better coverage, YouTube coverage, and reporting on Camp Trans and what's it's been doing.

    Amazons stood their ground at Michfest and I'm delighted that finally lesbians didn't give in! Lesbian space has all but been destroyed by these trans-types, and even our local gay bar has straight men coming in now!

    Women on T. I think you told us once that FTMs were allowed at Michigan and how this freaked you out Dirt.

  4. It really doesn't matter how many psychiatrists make money off it, or how many surgeons make money off it, or how many therapists make money off it.

    It doesn't even matter how many laws get passed saying it's "normal" or how many liberals can be convinced to be codependent with it.

    Everything "trans" that involves chemically altering one's brain and surgically mutilating one's body is NOT normal, and it can NEVER be healthy.

    It IS normal for one's gender to not match the dominant "either-or" lies. Learning to live with and be strong through that means becoming a better, healthy, more REAL "you".

    Seems like Medical-Trans is its own worst enemy: proving itself as nutty as it looks, in the never-enough psychobabble, growing more and more out-of-control violence and domination, and growing more and more distant from anything even close to reality.

    Like all junkies, they will soon burn out all but their most staunch codependents (in their case, those still making money off them, in drugging, cutting, and therapizing).

    And women - REAL women, both straight and lesbian - will be a whole world safer when "trans" stops being like people on meth.

  5. I mentioned it also. I went to a party in the Zone when I was there in 2001 and the first person at the party 'gate' was an FTM. NOT a hirsute Butch, but full bearded and hairy FTM with flat chest, scratchy hormone induced voice, ect. ect. I was utterly turned off.

    I didn't stay at that party long, maybe 1/2 hour if that, it was exceedingly boring, but it turned my stomach to pay to go to women's land, having never been and always having wanted to go to Michfest, finally arriving, and what greets me at this party is an FTM/FTM's I thought I left far behind in the San Francisco community.

    Fast forward to 2003 and the Butch Parade, and alot of young Butches, possibly genderqueers were painting facial hair on themselves to look more male and appear more like an FTM, I would say several would be genderqueer. There was one individual with full facial hair and male attitudes(not Butch, male)that annoyed many of us with her presence, thinking if you so want to be around and with womyn, WHY if you are now a 'dude'!

    I think a restraining order is a good idea, as well as making clear the boundaries, and ENFORCING them, as well as possible threats of a womoncott if the harassment continues, not allowing workers to spread the transapologist message. If they think that MTF's./FTM's should be present on the Land, then they shouldn't be working for Michfest.

    But the Michfest womyn are organizing. I was on that site last night and it's really heating up: WBW for WBW at Michfest....and they're thinking of having very visible symbols to take up the space BY AND FOR WBW, partly to counter all the trannie positive t shirts others have worn, but ESPECIALLY to HAVE A VERY VISIBLE PRESENCE in support of keeping Michfest by and for WBW.


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