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Monday, September 6, 2010

FTM Feeling MORE Depressed After T

Received in an email this morning, not sure where the comment is from. That being said, I am seeing/hearing more and more of these sentiments lately from "trans" persons, not surprisingly I might add. This is what happens when an ignorant narrow minded medical establishment treats mental issues with man made hormones that have no long term studies and bodies/minds not naturally designed for the large dosage of the man made hormones being taken.

Man made hormones and/or body mutilations do NOT cure body dysphoria! Early on the patient may feel the dysphoria ease, but thats a pseudo comfort felt from the "trans high" the patient gets from early changes. Once those changes slow/cease, the dysphoria returns sometimes to a less degree, often times to a greater degree when reality sets in. The reality that "sex change" is an idea, NOT anything real that one can hang ones coat upon.


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  1. I think you're right. It's absolutely true that T can make dysphoria much worse. Because people hope that it will make them like a man they feel they should have been. But in reality it's just an illusion. They stay female-bodied, just with more hair and a deeper voice etc.
    But what about intersex people? When someone looks like a woman at first sight (and with clothes on) but has genitals that are more on the male side (or the other way around)...? What about these people? Just curious what you think about that.

  2. Someone,

    Intersexed has zero to do with trans, first and foremost. As trans is a mental issue(mind)and intersexed is a bio issue (mind and body).

    I think the trans nonsense is complicating things for the Intersex community. Especially now that there are whole groups of Mtfs calling themselves "intersexed"! I can see where this could lead to so very serious threats/harm to some Intersexed persons.


  3. Oh and "marja",

    If confused, you getting a boner from wearing women's clothes, doesnt make you "intersexed", it makes you a disturbed straight guy.


  4. @Dirt, i addition, read this (
    "Having been around gay men all my life (well before I transitioned), I know that rejection and "finding the right guy" is incredibly difficult for non-trans gay men too. If you've ever looked at a gay magazine or gay porn, you know that there is a body "ideal" perpetuated by that media. And 99% of gay men don't fit that ideal, so it can be very difficult on their self-confidence and psyche too.I've noticed that trans guys sometimes explore sub-cultures within the gay male community that reject that one-dimensional ideal of what's "hot." The leather community, the bear community and the radical fairy community can be more open and accepting of guys who are different."

    Of course only the queer freaks and bisexuals can accept to fuck a straight woman on T (=the truth behing the "gay FTM" label) so those transguys end up being fucked by multiple HIV positive Daddys on a sling in some creepy basement without any safe sex practices and call it "being gay"....What a life !


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