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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

White Trans privilege teaching WOMEN'S (and minority) Studies at a university near You!

Do not have time for a lengthy post, but felt it quite urgent to post to my readers these screen caps from a popular trans academic list (received in a nameless email this morning). Clearly these screencaps indicate that the trans (academic) community, isn't merely advocating men (trans or bio) be permitted to teach Woman's courses, BUT that WHITE MEN (trans or bio) be permitted to teach BLACK WOMEN'S studies/courses as well!

They claim that, not only should WHITE MEN (trans or bio) be allowed to teach Women's and other female minority studies/programs, BUT that somehow PRIVILEGED WHITE MALES (trans or bio) are as EQUAL, KNOWLEDGEABLE and EXPERIENCED about the female/minority experience as the women they wish to speak for and teach! It is critical that the curricula being taught and discussed in any Women's/Feminist/Minority studies/program be essential to the authenticity of the lived female experience if those classes are to usher forth a radical feminist politic that IS necessary if females are to first, see/identify their shackles under patriarchal systems, then second, work to dismantle those patriarchal systems thereby freeing not only their shackles, but the shackles of all women.

Given that, how possibly can an unshackled PRIVILEGED WHITE MALE (trans or bio) create a space and provide an understanding of the struggles women/minority women face to other women/minority women with an ounce of authenticity? An authenticity that is needed if women are to over come those struggles! That the very idea cross the mind of a male, whether a real male or a self chemically created one, that he can, refutes everything he says and anything he could possibly teach to women. In America alone we have several hundreds of years of white male colonization, do we now understand and know with a first hand knowledge the lived experiences of say Native Americans past or present? That would be a resounding NO!

In fact Native Americans couldn't be more invisible! THEIR country (spaces) after PRIVILEGE WHITE MALE colonization is not only no longer recognizable to them, but no longer their own!!!! If you are interested in knowing what will happen to Women's programs/Minority Women's programs should WHITE MEN colonize those classrooms, do some research into Native Americans. But don't expect to find those histories/stories/truths in the popular section at the front of your local bookstore, those books, like Native Americans themselves have been relegated by WHITE MAN to back and bottom shelves forgotten and out of sight.

If we allow trans/men's intellectual imperialism of women's studies and minority studies to infest campus classrooms, we are implicit in erasing the voices, histories, struggles of women. It is only a matter of time before women's studies will be replaced by trans studies, the way Native America was replaced by White America.
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  1. women job position & political leadership in the Academics have been totally stollen by transguy, transmale, transFTM.

    Thanks Dirt for telling OUT LOUD the TRUTH...

    And I hope it will make young dykes and feminists think twice when they help the "poor transguy" at their University because soon this guy will capture all the honors and job position they were expected to have....

    Too bad ! Don't feed a snake or it will bite you...

  2. Well, those screen caps have certainly convinced me that academia is hurtling towards its own irrelevancy. But I think I realised that when I was in Uni.

  3. Academia has been irrelevant to anything real world for some time now. It just mental masturbation and a race to the most outlandish and yet self-righteous shiat ever known to humankind. Truly, if it closed tomorrow, only those within it would notice, for all the impact it has in the real world.

    That being said, I find it amazing that a woman who has so rejected femaleness as to chemically and/or surgically mutilate her body and pretend she is a man should be someone who will represent anything having to do with feminism - or with healthy, normal women, for that matter.

    Why not have African Americans who have had plastic surgeries and skin lightening so they can tell everyone they're now "white" representing the Black Studies department?

    Why not have New Agey yuppies who make up their own screwed version of Native American spirituality and living - and who now go around telling everyone they are now also Indians - represent Native American studies?

    Why not have alcoholics teaching classes that teach that drunk driving is just as justified a behavior as sober driving, and that when sober drivers don't like drunk drivers it's because they are "oppressing" the drunks?

    It's worse than a joke that these women pretending to be men can be allowed to take over what should be an empowering, healthy-making experience for women, and instead turn it into a glorification of medicalized drug abuse and self-mutilation.

  4. Amazing the depths of crap academia has fallen into these days. They're becoming more and more like cultists - completely out of touch with reality, and yet dangerous in now they screw with your head - IF you let their re-write of the world get to you.

    I'm sorry for the women-pretending-to-be-men who have gotten so programmed that weird cancers in 15 years will seem like an ok trade for being able to "be a man" for a few years.

    I'm not sorry for the self-serving academic "feminists" who perpetuate this kind of B.S. because they think destroying your body for some mental illusion is "empowering". They should be flushed.

  5. I hate academia. But this is *almost* inspires me to think about infiltrating their ranks.... institutionalized education is VERY powerful in shaping cultural attitudes. We ARE in Trouble. I mean, radfem ideologies are in big Trouble. I like blogging (most of the time), but it's not the same.

  6. I have something to say about this, LIVED this past week. I was in a situation with my brother and nephew where they were threateningly violent, and had to call cops and leave the situation. Fortunately it did not translate into the physical, but the intimidation was very, very real.

    The next day I took my partner across my campus, my alma mater in that town, and we ended up in the Women's Resource Center with two lovely young women, EXACTLY where we need to be. Now, 30 years ago when I was going to school, I was part of the Feminist Alliance and Lesbian Caucus. These two groups faded away, and now there's the Women's Resource Center. It is where we needed to be after male violence and threat in my own family.

    I felt safe, acknowledged, the only thing that dismayed me was when they mentioned men were permitted in there too, so women really didn't have a safe male free space to just be..but any men were expected to behave with dignity and respect towards the women, and were INFORMED of that should they come into the Center. At least there were SOME rules.

    Fortunately, none appeared while we were there, and we got just the validation we needed from the situation we had just been in with family...the male violence and intimidation.

    They also informed us that they also hosted a 'queer women's group' which sounded good to me. There also was a major LGBT center on Campus too in another building.

    For us, in a town where we didn't know anyone but family, a State where we no longer had connections, this safe haven ON CAMPUS was ESSENTIAL for us.

    The same is true if I were to take Women's Studies, and did take Women's Studies back in the day.
    Women's Studies was taught by WOMEN! What a fucking concept! It was revolutionary because we were learning our OWN HERSTORY, our OWN VOICES, and OUR OWN REALITY reflected back at us, after 2000 plus years of completely patriarchal civilizations, religions and values.

  7. Part two:
    This also proves that trans 'men' aren't really 'men', or the males they claim to be. If they were, they'd move into their manly pursuits(and I'm not talking Butch Dykes here), and smoke their pipes in the men's smoking lounges(male privilege)and hang out in the male locker rooms, and other places of male gatherings and privilege.

    They WOULD NOT insist on teaching
    'Women's Studies', because after all, they've rejected all that and they're supposedly no longer 'women'. So, they cannot speak for us. Sure, they could share about LGBT, or Two Spirit if they're Native American, or some such shifting identities, but Female experience, NO. Unless, secretly, underneath they REALLY ARE Female and what they've done to their bodies and minds is just cosmetic surgery and hormones to appear differently, no longer be oppressed in a female appearing body, attempt to take on male privilege, while still retaining SOME Female status...but pumped up now because they appear male. Yeah, that's closer to the truth of the matter. They're not really 'male' and they have rejected their overt Femaleness, so where does that leave them?

    Not moving in the bio-male world as supposedly one of them, unless they should get found out as the frauds they are. This would anger the bio-males greatly, and there could be hell to pay for it. They're not invading the sports teams, the football, basketball, baseball MALE sports teams, with the locker room joking around and the fat sports they're invading WOMEN'S STUDIES?????

    Why not just create their own 'Transgender Studies', than invade Female space????Cuz deep down, they KNOW they're really Female, and the rest is icing on the cake, skin deep, a FRAUD. Mixed up, confused....but neither should we let them oppress us with their greater male appearing privilege....cuz a Butch Dyke, we get the worst, we're nonfeminine, and yet, we're ALL FEMALE. So we don't get the rewards of femininity, but neither are we 'passing' as male.

    FTMS are NOT our allies. They've only succeeded in erasing or attempting to erase ALL our women only spaces, having us twist in the breeze after male perpetration.

  8. @Dirt, have you seen this video refering to your blog ? : ?

    What do you think about it ?

  9. Anon regarding video,

    First, thats one of a dozen or so videos whining about me/my blog. The second coming from her.

    Second, she hasnt stopped reading my blog.

    Third, if she's trying to hide her beginnings of testosterone balding, it isnt working.

    And fourth, she seriously needs to spending a bit less time worrying what I'm doing and pick her room up. Untidy rooms equals untidy minds.


  10. @Dirt, maybe worth answering all those youtube videos, can be fun to de-construct their hateful talk ;o) or we can do a "worse of" and vote ?

  11. Anon,

    I'd prefer to do the deconstruct as much at the voting would be. I feel its better to be constructive than destructive.

    Where should we start?


  12. Have a look at this video:

    They really think they can self define themselves as feminist :D


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