Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Transmen: Who is Transitioning

iA smattering of "before" pictures from girls who have transitioned. This isnt the handful of Butch dykes whose internalized misogyny drove them to hate themselves from yesteryear. These are your young daughters caught up in the latest trend, except instead of dying their hair or adding a few extra piercings that can grow out or come out, they are being issued DRUGS and SURGERIES by the medical establishment that WILL have lasting permanent effects even if they decide in a few years transition wasnt right for them.
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  1. OMG! THIS is so shocking! Dirt is there someone I could contact to complain about this to? Unbelievable. This needs to stop!

  2. Anon,

    Yes, it is "shocking" to say the least. This is why it is more urgent for us to get GID stricken from the DSM(5). Without a diagnosis, psychiatrist will not be able to prescribe things like "T". And without a diagnosis, insurances, national health services etc will not cover any of the drugs and surgeries involved in this brutalization of healthy human bodies.

    Register here and let them know what you think!


  3. What is shocking is your complete ignorance and hatefulness. Not to mention your use of personal photos without the owners consent. Ridiculous.

  4. AF,

    The only "hatefulness" comes from your community, there is no hate here, only facts. Facts you and yours clearly do not want to face. And had I fucked up as much and you and yours, I cant say I blame ya.

    Regarding pic usage, you need to check YOUR ignorance against the fair use act.

    And the only ridiculousness is girls like you believing even for a moment you are any less female by using cosmetics to create a "male" visual. Its all make up covergirl.


  5. OMG! We have to get this to the public. I hope you dont mind but I sent this and a few other of your links to a relative in broadcasting.

    I know the general public is unaware of all these little girls transitioning nor the doctors helping them.

    Where are these childrens parents?

  6. Anon,

    Regarding linking, feel free. And I agree, the general public does need to know just what the medical community is doing to these kids.

    You need to write to the AMA about getting GID stricken from the next version of the DSM. That more than anything will put an end to this nonsense till the medical community comes to its senses. Without a diagnoses, all hormone "treatments" will stop and all future "surgeries" on healthy bodies will cease as well. Together we can do this, lives are at stake!

    If you need contact info let me know.


  7. I'm also a butch dyke and find the "FtM" trend grotesque. I have one friend (who was never butch) who "transitioned" and is even more insecure, etc. than she was before. She was a good-looking woman, and became kind of a freak. I really wish I had not been so tolerant, and had said what I really thought at the time (although it probably wouldn't have made a difference.) I do strongly believe that the underlying problems/insecurities 90% of the FtM's seem to have will never be solved by "transitioning." Anybody trying to stem the flow has my support.

  8. It surprises me how absolutely GIRLY most of these individuals are. They could NEVER be Butch,none of them have an ounce of Butchness in them, so maybe they think they'd be more Butch than us if they were a 'real man'. But all it is another form of cosmetics and cosmetic surgery for the insecure. Maybe they were victimized in their female bodies, minds or spirits, or they had a smack of androgyny and were smacked down with even that....

    I've met these 20, 30 somethings and most are androgynous at best...could just as easily wear a skirt or makeup or lipstick as Butch or male drag. And most of these cuz they ARE so girly would probably end up dating gay boys too. Faghags.

    The old timey FTM's were close to or Stone Butches, the most hardcore of the hardcore Butches, in the distant past, like 15-20 years ago, and they just couldn't 'make it' as women, like you said, their internalized misogyny, or continual discrimination because of their very masculine appearance as Butches that led to them getting beat up, discriminated against or unable to get work. So they transitioned and then quietly disappeared from the lesbian/gay communities. Most were into Femmes...but these days, there's an EXPECTATION that these ones have a RIGHT to be in women's/lesbian/dyke space, WHILE wanting to maintain so called 'maleness'...just confused young my book, not proud to be women, or not having the strength to REALLY oppose both sexism and lesbophobia.

  9. These girls don't have GID, how could they??

    GID is gender dysphoria, of wanting to be the other sex and having persistent disquiet at being identified as the original sex. These girls POSITIVELY identify as women, they've got long hair and (some of them) wearing dresses!

    I do think real GID exists, but jeez, these are not that. I dare say in their cases, they've got a combination of narcissism, muscle worship, low self-esteem and mood disorders. They don't want to be men, they just want to look good and muscly. The thing they don't understand is that changing your appearance (if you don't really have GID) won't make you happy. Real happiness come from within, not from appearances.

    Take a gander through youtube's collection of transmen videos. Very disturbing.

  10. so... women are allowed to be butch, but men aren't allowed to be feminine?

    well, isn't that some delicious sexism right there?

  11. Anon,

    Men arent feminine, they are masculine. Men do not possess female bodies, they possess male bodies. How they occupy their male bodies is up to them. Nature isnt sexist btw, its essentialist.


  12. you are purely disgusting. it is people like you that bring shame on the human race. people know how they feel, and they know what is right for them. you should be shot you selfish bastard.

  13. @Anon of 6:08, oh oh somebody had his t-shot today :D ?

  14. So you're saying even though I was forced to dress like a girl and looked pretty much like one because I was FORCED to and have pictures of me as such thanks to school....

    Means I don't actually have GID? I'm a bit confused about that logic.

    I never really understood you, Dirt. Nor any of the FtM-haters.

    I'm not misogynist, and actually am pretty much more of a feminist male as I think everyone should be on the equal slide. I don't hate women or men, I love both, and I love all the inbetween.

    I didn't know I had to be a misogynist to be FtM, well... according to you, I do.

    Just please explain to me why you constantly bagger FtMs in whole?

  15. Sounds like you need some more Midol, princess.

    Either that or to go make a fucking

  16. I'm never going to understand this kind of absolute idiocy and ignorance. Unless you have experienced something like GID, you have no say in the matter. These individuals make the decision to transition after extensive regular and gender-therapy, because they feel that they have been born in the wrong physical form.

    We are not female. Just because we were born with something between our legs that tells us otherwise does not make us female. You've never felt gender dysphoria, so you don't understand. FTM individuals don't want to be male, they are male. They are male in our minds and their hearts. Gender-neutral, a-gendered individuals do not just want to be neutrally-sexed, they live and breathe and are so, and the only thing preventing the acceptance of that is the ignorance of the general public, such as yourself. The only thing that transitioning does is it allows us to be who we are. To be comfortable in our own skin and not feel like an alien at all times.

    This is not a trend. This is a growing awareness and acceptance, and the "sudden emergence" of Ftm individuals is a sign that people like us are starting to feel comfortable explaining and following through on their thoughts and feelings.

    If anything is shocking, it's the closed-mindedness of people such as yourself.

  17. Ok, FIRST OFF, with out PARENTAL permission, you have to be 18 to start hormone replacement therapy. So these are not 'little girls' ... and if they are, then they're doing what they feel is right for them, and their parents agree. I'm 27 ... and I'm one of 'those little girls' ... I've known my ENTIRE life that something wasn't right ... I told my mom when I was ten, only to get yelled at. I've been on T for almost 5 months now, and I've never been happier. How the hell would you feel if your brain and emotions didn't match with the way your outside looked? This is not vanity, or cosmetics, this is a life choice some one makes so that the insides can match the outsides. BTW ... we don't care if you have a problem with us. We will still happen, we will make ourselves happy, and your hate does not hurt us. It just shows how ignorant you are.

    Have a wonderful day! :)

  18. (The following is both opinion and logical reasoning, as concise and polite as I can word it.)

    It is not your place to out these individuals. If the people you have slandered by posting their pictures here are living their lives as men, that is THEIR choice to be who they are. It is your choice to either respect them or not...part of that choice does not include violating their privacy by posting their pictures for 'educational' purposes. What is the education? It's no ones business, with the exception of the persons in question,to educate anyone about these young peoples lives in any way.

    As you should know, by the way, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), sex reassignment surgery (SRS), and the like are NOT covered by most insurance companies (there are rare exceptions, however by and large it is almost if not impossible for a transperson to gain access to healthcare or coverage for their transition needs via insurance). What a person wishes to do to their body is their business. If you were against tattoos, would you launch such a campaign against people getting them as this? Teenagers are getting tattoos these gays, you know, with or without parental consent. Piercings too. How about plastic surgery, where a woman engorges her breasts with silicone...there is no 'diagnosis' to say her life would be improved in any way with the enlargement but she may walk to any plastic surgeons office and have the procedure done. You call transition a brutalization of the human body...well, that could very well be said of many other 'normal' procedures done to human bodies every day. It appears that you target only and specifically the 'brutalization' of transition. This is illogical.

    I am sorry you are angry at the transgender community. I am sorry you feel it is your personal crusade and right to out people who have done nothing to you, and in the process endanger their lives and well being. I understand, although only from hearsay unfortunately, that you have reasons for what you do and the source is not entirely positive. One person among thousands does not make an entire community wicked. While you could be commended for your efforts, I think that if you were to put the same amount of energy as you do here to positive programs and organizations you could do a world of good that would truly better the community in which you live...rather than anger, hurt, humiliate, and violate people who are total strangers to you.

    best regards,
    Reverend Gavin

  19. I just think that it secretly arouses you.. You wish your girlfriend (aka blowup doll) would transition. It'd totally make you hot... Admit it. You'd give her T injections yourself, but it'd pop the only person who'd touch you!

    Jerk off.

  20. You do know that scientists have discovered that FTMs have white brain matter almost identical to males and almost opposite of females, do you not? I'm a biological male, but I've seen GID to the extent of which the person has felt dysphoria ever since they were 4 years old. You guys are hateful, ignorant, and need to brush up on your facts.

    They don't hate on you for being lesbians, because you were born with it(its a genetic defect at birth. Not that I'm saying homosexuality is wrong, it's just a general 'out-of-the-norm' defect with your genetic makeup). Other mammals are homosexual as well, so yes, you were born with it; just as THESE people were born with it.

    This isn't a FAD. It's been around for decades. The fact of it is, is that they're more vocal now - just as homosexuals are. The internet does that. It gives people courage. It also gives people horrible reasons to hide behind their computers and talk shit. You don't know these people. You don't know if they were merely "conforming" to what society wanted them to be. To you that says GID exists, you can't go by a PICTURE to tell whether or not they have it just because they dressed your stereotypical feminine way.

  21. And by "around for decades" I mean the medical practices allowing for transition, not the disorder itself which has obviously been around since mankind has existed.