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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Real Femmes and More Transmen FTM Myths Busted

I apologize to anyone who has left a comment and I have been remiss in responding back, am up to the top of my head in first class Promise to respond ASAP.
I did however want to highlight a few comments:

First, I'm glad you found yourself mirrored in my post, Miss Femme. Second, while you might not currently see yourself in the sea of those calling themselves "femme", the answer isn't for you to give up on Femme, that's just what queerist want. You need to hold on to Femme for dear life, live Femme, breath Femme, empower Femme and above all NEVER give up Femme! Hiding yourself as a Femme only makes queerist shout "femme" louder. This is why there is SO much misinformation about who real Femmes are is floating about everywhere. Misinformation that leads men into thinking they can access/date "femmes", trans(men) thinking they can access/date "femmes" and "femmes" thinking because they employ patriarchy's masturbatory hyper femininity while occupying LFB (Lesbian/Femme/Butch) spaces that they're "femme". We have to wrestle Femme back from the shellacked nails of queerist and the only way to do this is for Femmes to stand firm on not only who they are but be vocal about exactly who they arent thus eliminating queerists from our spaces/identities.

Anon, as soon as time permits I will devote a post just to this issue. There is a definite progression that starts with cross dressing (combined with chest binding, packing) it seems that with each stage of trans progression rather than body dysphoria disappearing, it is increasing instead. And with each stage that dysphoria increases, comes a greater pathological desire for more and more harmful means of destroying the female body. Transition after all is a form of murder/suicide.

 I will also work on a post revolving solely around this bullshit! I did view the video link, how nice that this "man" seemed to have no issue at all when "he" mentioned "his" part in the "women's studies" dept of "his" job. As an aside it would do the trans detractors and women thinking about transition listening to the trans detractors trans lies, with regards to my posts about the Truth about Testosterone on the female body, to have a look see of this video and note the (midget) voice and clear signs of male pattern baldness already emerging. As I only have this commentator's word, any info regarding the previous woman at this job position would be useful.

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  1. Dear Dirt,

    The woman who had the job position before TJ Jourian was
    Sarah Benanti (see photo here:

    I don't know if she still works at Vanderbilt but she used to have this email adress:

    If you search on Google with the keywords "Vanderbilt LGBTQI contacts" and you click on the "cached page" on Google servers (not on the actual one), she will still appear with her photo.
    What you can do is a printscreen comparaison of the cached page with Sarah on it ( and the actual page ( with TJ on it...
    It will be worth a thousand words ;o)

  2. About leadership and identity of the leaders at student LGBTQI support groups or identity of the student affair staff that supports them, here is a study

    It may indeed be interesting to collect testimonials of leadership positions at LGBQTI student support group or center or campus (either for student leader or for student affair staff) who have been given to trans FTM whereas they were previously held by lesbian...Because it really has an impact on the transition pressure...
    By the way: Vanderbilt is a medical university so is it a way to have more guinea pigs to give to the medical staff for their transition process experiments ? ;o)

  3. Coment in 2 parts:


    It is well known that TJ Jourian ( entered in his transition process just to become an american citizen one day and has for
    one decade used USA as a cowmilk. The main proof of it is he started his transition only at the most appropriate moment based on visa considerations (see his video here:

    He always uses a mix of his cultural origin (cyprus, lebanon, armenian) and his trans-status to gain the most from America by luring people:
    * during studies, he had a Fulbright scholarship and became popular thanks to "Transgeneration" (during one of their episode is described by a fellow FTM,this guy here, as "interested by money")and made additional money through speaking at conference and doing drag shows...
    * then he went back to Cyprus as it was a condition to receive the Fulbright scholarship and worked there the mandatory 2 years
    *to come back during summer 2008 with a tourist visa to search for a job and he was hired at University of Vermont as residence director
    * While here, with a "foreigner" status he could take benefit from interesting medical coverage for foreigners to start his transition and have his top surgery paid...

  4. Comment in 2 parts - Part 2/2 on TJ Jourian,

    * He has finaly moved to Vanderbilt to replace a butch lesbian at the position of LGBQTI program coordinator (he had this job position under a female identity because he still have "female" on the id papers so on administrative point of view, diversity is saved but on a moral and political and obvious point of view, a butch woman previously at this position was replaced by a male, a straight identified transguy)
    *As his visa is limited in time, next step is probably do a PHD to have the necessary "number of years" to have the green card ( ...

    It is obvious that if he had remained a "lesbian", he would not have had all the benefits and help and opportunities he had so far and his transition is a strategy to become an American citizen...

    And for the record, Cyprus is in the European Union and a calm place so no need to escape to the USA...It is not Afghanistan or Irak ;o)

  5. Oh, it seems that this article ( and and on his blog: confirms everything which is written above...
    Also here are the effect of TJ Jourian on campuses policies:

  6. Yep for the PHD and live path, any straight woman interested in marrying the dude ;o) ?

    How can a straight male be part of a LGBQTI center ona Uni ? Are they kidding their students and us or what ?

  7. @An : TJ has already proposed to a woman Staci D Gunner, from MSU (see the funny midget image there: and they broke-up the following summer (see there:

    She date a butch woman now...

    But yes, another nice try from TJ to get the American citizenship after marriage...

    Do we really need such an heterocentric male at a LGBQTI center ?

  8. At Vanderbilt, as the women center and the LGBTQI center as under the same director, there are rumors of
    a possible merger of the two centers...So what will happen if, under economic pressure, women and LGBTQI centers merge together? Without not even a single lesbian in the LGBTQI center ? How will the voices of the lesbian be heard in the future ? (see there for a full article on the topic: and go on page 6...)

  9. And yet, in the Vermont College's very own student newspaper (from one of the links Anon gave) they had this to report:

    The college has a responsibility to keep students safe -- that means ALL students, not just the special snowflake entitled trans idiots. But according to the new trans fool in charge, "the goal is for all residence halls to be gender neutral".

    The thing they all prefer not to understand, is that gender is not the same as biology. A "man" can give birth only as long as "he" was born a biological female. And biological men are raised to think they are entitled to women's bodies with or without consent, so crap like that bathroom violation are going to happen even more often than it does already if "gender neutral" bathrooms become more common.

    Do trans believe that the damaging repercussions of racism would automagically disappear from a campus if they simply declared that space to be an "ethnic neutral" zone??? The magical thinking that these people are engaged in is so extreme it's downright delusional.

  10. this is off topic Dirt. but i saw this and it PISSED ME OFF. please take a look:


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