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Monday, August 16, 2010

Public Images and Fair Use

In lieu of the several dozen comments regarding the use of these pics, I have this to say:
Once you post a picture on the internet, public consumption (which is nearly always the reason to begin with) is something that one soon enough (as you girls have) loses control over. You can copyright till the cows come home but that isnt going to stop anyone, everyone from looking at, emailing to others, morphing for amusement or using (as I have) for the purpose of education, pictures on display. A bitter pill to swallow, I know, especially because you have no control over it. And control is a primary pathological desire of anyone in the throws of the trans disorder.

More bitter tasting still is this; trying to wrench that control back by forcing me (or whomever) to remove said pictures or any like them through threats and law suits. And just so we're clear, I am not one of your peer teenie boppers, I'm an adult, an adult who in the last 7 or 8 years has developed an over abundance of experience in copyright infringement, so kids pretending to be your parents demanding I take "my child's picture down" doesnt work in the adult arena.

So now I'm going to explain how the law works and how I (will) work within the law. If one of the pics I have used on this blog is yours and you being angry because I educationally illustrated with your picture by way of example an image of the young women caught up in the latest trans trend, demand I take down your picture and I do not comply, here is how it could/will more or less play out. You must first prove the image is yours, once thats established you will write a letter (and send snail mail) to Blogger informing them that someone (me) has used this image without your consent and site copyright infringement. Blogger will then send me an email letting me know I have 15 days to file a counter claim, which I will. Blogger will then tell me until the issue is resolved I must take down your individual picture, which I will.

Now the counter claim: after I take down your picture I will email blogger a counter claim, claiming "fair use" as my reason for using said pic. Blogger will note this and mark the day they received my counter. From the time blogger receives my counter claim you will be informed by Blogger of the counter and will have the remaining time left from the initial 15 days to take me to court. If you do not take me to court within that time, Blogger will inform me and the picture will go back up. Now if you choose to take me to court? You will go to my county's court house in MY state and file there as the "crime" was committed from where I live. The court will then set up a court date for us both to appear, again, my state, my county.

Once I receive that court date I will begin contacting every local news station in my area and every national news station in the country (that I already comprised list of). I will explain my side of the situation. I will share info regarding the meager minimum therapy sessions involved in getting HRT as well as provide websites where they can find image after image of mutilated womens/mens bodies. I will share regret stories, stories of those who've transitioned only to still commit suicide. Stories of trans patients becoming paralyzed though SRS. I will share with them the lack of data from the long term effects on HRT, as well as cancers in trans(men) and cases of fibromyalgia we're now seeing that are suspected results of testosterone's effects on the female body. Trans(men) in women's colleges, Mtf's in women's public bathrooms, changing rooms, locker rooms and showers. The latest changes to the future DSM pathologising dress and play and the stories of doctors who have diagnosed the trans disorder in children as young as three! I will basically open up my blog and the forums and communities of every major trans website/group I know so that they can do their own research on this subject. Granted 2/3's of those news stations will pass, but guaranteed 1/3 of them wont, and once news people sink their teeth into this, those 2/3's that originally passed, will join in as well as there are ratings to fill and money to be made.

When we go to court it will be a media frenzy, and when I have my turn in front of the judge/media frenzy I will claim fair use by way of educational purposes and then explain in very much the way I explain in my blog the truths about the trans disorder. And as a comfortable Butch woman who is comfortable in her body, this will have a HUGE impact in conjunction to the mainstream female that has taken me to court (mainstream before drugs and medical mutilation) whose now in some form of transition. I feel confident afterward that my use of "fair use" will be understood as educational by the judge/media etc. The judge will make his ruling and if I and my lawyer have done our job I win. You however will pay the court cost for taking me to court and losing and you will also have opened the biggest can of worms to have ever faced the trans community thus far. It will go far beyond the few thousand who daily read my blog, to millions and millions.

Now you may still say, using random pictures from the internet posted for public consumption isnt fair, and you would be right, but it IS fair use. 

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  1. This is great, Dirt! I actually DON'T think it's unfair to use someone's picture when they've willingly put it on the internet (for public consumption). That's the New Millennium for ya, kids. I'm not saying that people should be happy about the re-appropriation of their images, but surprised or mad? No, I don't think that's reasonable.

  2. Thanks for the legal information.
    It was fascinating to read.

  3. Dirt,
    am I at all correct that by "posting on the internet" you mean public arenas right? I don't think that this would apply to a personal facebook page with very strict privacy controls would it?

  4. All those digital native kids post everywhere their top surgery photo, bottom surgery travel to Belgrade and their revision, facial hair growth, video on Youtube about all their toughts and feelings everytime a hair is growing or when they become bald because main interest from this transition process is to fill their ego and they don't want to be mentionned afterwards ?
    Come on sissy male...Don't you pretend having balls ? ;o)

  5. Fully agree with above anonymous and with your statement Dirt, all those transitioning female do the transition to show it to the world so don't cry if we add our spices to the recipe as feminist :o)...
    All those kids suffer of narcissistic personality disorder but fake gender identity disorder symptoms to fool doctors and to enter in the transition process...
    And so internet by the exposure and outreach it provides to their inflated ego play a viral role in the development and transition of those "false positive" who will regret it once bald and uggly in a few years.
    Come on kid! Nobody will find your youtube channel exciting once you will look like your old sick grandpa despite being in your 30's...
    you should thanks Dirt to give you those last moment of fame ]:o)

  6. Most excellent lesson on "Fair Use" -- perhaps another lesson they should learn is that if they really don't want anyone reposting private info then they shouldn't publish private info on the internet. It's not as if you had to dig through secured areas in order to discover personal details of their live -- they willingly disclosed that info to the entire world all by themselves.

    Besides, it's completely insane for them to bloviate all over the 'net about their hopes and dreams, and magically expect no one to ever criticise. Their purpose, as always, is only to eliminate critism. Notice how they never get upset when any blogger reposts their images and AGREES WITH THEM.

  7. Hmmm, I don't even think the defense would even have to go as far as claim "educational use". Your post was simply critical, and no one is immune from criticism just because it hurts their feelings. These kids are seriously delusional if they think the law protects people from ever getting hurt feelings.

  8. Okay serial posting! But I'm sure has dealt with this exact issue a million times already, and would laugh themselves silly if these kids request do anything at all.

    This whining actually makes these kids look really pathetic. :/

  9. I think you are right, they are unaccustomed to the criticism, because as far as know, Dirt is about the only person out there who is revealing in detail just how damaging T is, and just how horrifying the mutilated bodies look. Also, Dirt is pointing out that this fashion fad of FTM is really going to ruin young women's lives, and nobody seems to be standing up to this.

    Women are sold all kinds of bad medical bills of goods-- breast implants, face lifts etc., and when something goes wrong, or they get cancer, then SHOCK everyone is upset.

    Dirt is just trying to warn young women that NO you can be fully self-butch loving, you don't need T, and the trans-express doesn't give a damn about how T will affect you in middle age.

    It is criticism that they object to, not the publication of the photo on the Internet, that was on the public part of the Internet to begin with.

  10. Excellent education on fair use. Facebook is public people! Nothing on the internet is private.


  11. Thanks for the education. There's hardly ANY Lesbian space anymore, because everything now is "queer" and not even "queer women's space" anymore because of the FTM's. Like the word Woman, Womyn, Female is a dirty female to female, dyke to dyke, butch to butch, woman to woman bonding anymore, though when you look at it, almost ALL of them ARE bio-female, even if there are a few straggly 'staches and beards and flattened chests here and there..ya ain't fooling ANYBODY with your new found 'maleness' folks....cutting off and sticking on body parts IS NOT liberation, it's actually the same old, same old self-hatred ALL females have been taught in patriarchy from day one. And it's obvious they're not males cuz they INSIST on their presence in dyke/women's/lesbian/queer women's spaces and places....a true MALE wouldn't dream of it..except for his obssessive me me fantasies of Lesbians fawning over him for HIS pleasure.

    There's gotta be at least ONE truthsayer in the least ONE DykeAmazon that says "no" and "no more". Cuz you're right, even Pat Califia has come down with terrible fibromyalgia and has basically been out of the community for years because of it...ever since s/he transitioned to FTM.

    I can't stand these young 20, 30 somethings going on and on how great transitioning has been for them, and how they've found the new hallelujah and 'praise the hormones' and Lord Herr Dockters.
    And then bitch if we should criticize their 'choice'.
    -In DykeAmazon Sisterhood,

  12. By the way, Google CEO Eric Schmidt
    agrees with you ;)
    see there:

  13. rock the fuck on, dirt!!! god, i love you!


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