Friday, August 13, 2010

Building up Butch

A heads up to all Butch/butch readers or pass on to any Butch/butch lesbians that you know. I am working with another proud Butch lesbian on creating a near future workshop for Butch/butch lesbians. We are looking for SERIOUS leaders to help with this project, approximately 10-12 Butch/butch lesbians. We are seeking only Butch/butches that can put their ego's aside and work as a team.

Some of the issues we will be tackling are Butch Shame and all the issues that spring from Butch Shame i.e. body dysphoria, sexual dysphoria, fears of intimacy and the all around shame of being a female to name a few. We will also tackle how best to deal with/avoid this current trend to transition and for those who date Femmes, how to stay clear of "queer femme" (screwed up straight women) types so you can better find the real Femme of your dreams.

Our main goal is to build up Butches into proud Butch/butch women, we will do this through confidence building techniques that specifically cater to our Butch/butch lives.

We are currently working on a mission statement and a concrete list of goals. I will give you more info as my friend and I develop it. 

If this sounds like something you would be interested in working on us with, email me at

dirt-proud Butch woman

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  1. Way to get out the word, dirt! I will be working on that Mission statement this weekend! So, like she said, if there are any of you out there who want to put ideas into action and make real tangible change- get on board!

  2. Ultimately ... can you bring this to colleges, to undo some of the lesbian-hting that queer theory has left in its wake? Just a thought (a plea, actually). --MM

  3. Do you know about Butch Voices in Los Angeles-- a butch conference coming up in early October. They are on facebook. I think you should come to this event, and connect with the organizers.

  4. Anon,

    Yes we're quite familiar with BV, or to be more precise Trans Voices/Queer Voices. The only the "butch" about BV is its name. A name co-opted from the backs of historical Butch women.

    Butch Building is about building Butch women up, not destroying them or helping them to destroy the woman in themselves.


  5. slakewings@aol.comAugust 16, 2010 at 5:40 PM

    I agree about "Butch Voices" since I went to the first conference in Oakland. They refused to accept any of our suggestions for a female-identified Butch workshop and then put on their own, led by Sasha who appears to be FTM (she at least had her breasts cut off and had been taking testoserone.)

    She continued a group after the conference that became increasingly male-identifed.

    A group of us has been working all year on a large female-identified Butch group that will meet very soon.

    You're welcome to come, and I'l also interested in your group, Lynn.


  6. When we say butch- we are talking about "butch" identified women; not necessarily fem. butches or masculine butches. What I think most of us "normal" lesbian women (and I use that word somewhat loosely but conservatively) are getting tired of this tendency to polarize the lesbian community. Most of us do not relate to, nor do we want to represent something-under our "umbrella"- that does not represent our feelings or interests. The reason that we are trying to build-up butch is because society tends to try to texturize the female- rewarding them for embracing the feminine and punishing them for embracing anything that is not. Butch women endure a lot of pain and shame and it is not right. Trans FtM do not represent most of us- if they choose to transition, they should create their own support system. Butch identified women, who want to embrace themselves as women, but refuse to transition, need support more than ever right now!

  7. I'm all behind this, and if there's anything I can do, please let me know Dirt!!!!! Definitely my life's mission.

    "My role is to teach young Butch/androgynous women to have PRIDE in their female bodies, minds and spirits, tap into their Amazon potential, and their full sexual and spiritual freedom AS FEMALES, and share those very powerful Mysteries with them...."
    -In DykeAmazon Sisterhood,

    P.S. and I did some of that this weekend 5 days on Sacred Women's Land connecting in Amazon and DykeAmazon mysteries......there are others willing to come on board too!

  8. And yes, Butch Voices is TOTALLY
    trans led and identified, first and foremost. 5 of us, myself included, most of locals, and longterm Butch Dyke activists, submitted Female Identified Butch workshops, and EVERY ONE OF US was turned down, with the exception of the 'formerly trans' with raspy hormone induced voice and breast removed chest(which yes, I PERSONALLY WITNESSED IT) Sasha Goldberg who was allowed to run the ONE "Female Identified Butch" workshop and then continuing group financially supported by BVoices. So, effectively OUR Female Identified Butch Voices WERE SILENCED. I don't believe I'll be going to another Butch Voices event again..not unless we are FULLY accomodated.