Monday, July 19, 2010

Dirt's Trans 101-A Trans Academic Readers List

Along with "transphobic", "misinformed" and "misinformation" seem to be the words du jour with regards to me as a person and my blog as a source of accurate information according to trans and trans apologists.

Before I disseminate a few of  the Trans research pieces I've collected here, I'd like to give you a brief history of my experience with gathering and providing trans related information. After having been at the cusp of the "queer"/trans born-in-the-wrong-body-crusade and followed it to its current if-I-claim-it-say-it-it-be-true-mantra and seeing/reading little in the way of critical dissent/analysis (at least on the surface) I began commenting and then writing on the subject myself. 

The first thing that happened was silence, and then came the “transphobia” remarks and then came the demands for "proof" whenever I questioned or disproved something from Trans Bible babble. So what better place, what better material, what better source than straight from mouths of the horses themselves, the Trans community first and then the medical/academic community second.

So what I began doing when making a point based on something harvested from a horses mouth I linked to the herd. What almost immediately happened was the forums or communities or websites where the link came from closed their open stable doors so that the links were then broken and the information hidden. I found this outrageous and shocking at first, but being a persistent bugger especially when real lives were dependant on this information I persevered, and came up with a plan B of sorts: screen capping.

I joined these same forums and email lists and communities and websites under aliases, a multitude of aliases so that when one is ferreted out, a dozen more remain. It may seem wrong, intrusive even, but sadly the only way truthful trans information from the REAL lives and lived experiences of “queer”/trans people is going to be heard. So I screen capped whatever it was I was making a point about, and not just one screen cap from one “queer”/trans person, but dozens, strength in numbers and all that. So straight away came the “copyright infringement” complaints, the next line of attack/defense utilized to keep me quiet and truthful (sometimes ugly) “queer”/trans information in. Since “fair use” was added to protect those who utilize quotes and pictures etc from the net with the intent of humor or educational purposes, not money making, I rarely get a copyright complaint now.

So between the threats of violence (I’ll bash your butch brains in bitch) and rapes (I’ll fuck the lezzy right out of you cunt) and a few (I could kill you bitch) I began just writing posts, with no links and no screen caps, then I was hit with the “prove its” and the “you are misinformed” all over again so that I saw I had come full circle in the trans maze of look here and not there.

The information from my posts are both general and specific and obviously there are always exceptions to everything, BUT the information does come from “queer”/trans people themselves, the medical community and academic research gained from “queer”/trans people themselves. That said going forward I will do my best to provide either through screen caps (private though they might be), open links and research exactly where any “queer”/trans information is gleaned from unless common sensed. With that, here is the first of some of the academic research utilized for past posts.

Transphobia is one of the more newly identified oppressions, and for the last number of years it has commanded the attention and focus of many activist communities. As a result, there exists a hyperconsciousness around transphobia. At the best of times, this alertness contributes to greater dialogue about, and awareness and understanding of, transphobia. At the worst of times, it contributes to a process of internal policing that creates a climate of fear that shuts down process and the possibilities of what can be discussed. (p. 379)

In this study, sexual-minority women partners who resisted abuse were accused of being ‘anti-trans’ and were implicitly threatened with the status of their political reputations (p.386)

While trans people are often victims of violence, this research reveals that they can also be perpetrators (p. 387)

The above can be found in  Brown, N. (2007) Stories from Outside the Frame: Intimate Partner Abuse in Sexual-minority Women’s Relationships with Transsexual Men. Feminism & Psychology 17(3) p.373-393.

Other readings…..

Bailey, J. M. Triea, K. (2007) What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: And why you should know it anyway. Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, volume 50, number 4 (autumn) p. 521–34

Bailey, J. M. (2003). The man who would be queen: The science of gender-bending and transsexualism.
Washington, DC: Joseph Henry Press.

Drescher, J. (2010) Queer Diagnoses: Parallels and Contrasts in the History of Homosexuality, Gender Variance, and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Archives of Sexual Behavior. 39:427–460

Hulshoff Pol, H. E., et al. (2006). Changing your sex changes your brain: Influences of testosterone and estrogen on adult human brain structure. European Journal of Endocrinology 155(suppl. 1):S107–S114.

Kenagy, G.P, Hsieh C. M (2005) The risk less known: female-to-male transgender persons' vulnerability to HIV infection AIDS care -

Lawrence,A.A. (2004). Autogynephilia: A paraphilic model of gender identity disorder. Journal of Gay and Lesbian Psychotherapy 8(1/2):69–87

Lawrence,A.A. (2006). Clinical and theoretical parallels between desire for limb amputation and gender identity disorder. Archives of Sexual Behavior 35(3):263–78.

This list is literally the tip of the iceberg, since the trans community seems either unaware of the information out there or is hell bent on hiding it, I will include trans research/books/articles etc in future posts to come.

As my poor little hillbilly granny (now dead) often said "the proof is in the pudding", so here's your pudding, it is up to you to provide the spoon.



  1. wow! do i ever wish i could get my hands on that last article! i believe i made the same comparison myself once in a comment. I'm glad I wasn't the only one to see the obvious parallel between wanting to cut off a healthy limb and wanting to cut off healthy genitalia. I mean, we don't hand out handicapped parking passes to people because they "feel" that they are handicapped, or insist that they are REALLY a wheelchair bound person trapped in a walking persons body, so why should we indulge ANY other such delusion?

  2. Cassaundra,

    Yes, why indeed. And I find it interesting when trans apologist chuck it up to the latter having "mental problems", yet rearranging sex/ual organs is deemed acceptable practice.


  3. Well thank you, I honestly mean it and it's not an ironic statement. More often than not I do disagree with your posts, but I also think you have some valid points. So I'm looking forward to a few days off so I can bury my nose into all those articles.
    Am very curious about a few things, especially in the article about the influence of testosterone and estrogen on the brainstructure... that's actually the one argument that bugs me the most.

  4. Hi Dirt,

    Would you mind if I added you to my blogroll? Thanks!

  5. Valerie M,

    By all means.


  6. Cassaundra, you can find that last article here:

  7. Hey Dirt I am looking for the

    What Many Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know: And why you should know it anyway.

    Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, volume 50, number 4 (autumn) p. 521–34

    do you know were I can read the article on line or do you have a link? I tried to do some digging but I just keep getting the abstract only

  8. As always, Dirt - awesome work and thanks!

    Here are a couple more mainstream press articles, if they are helpful for anyone:

    "The Operation that can ruin your life" at


    "Gender Setters: when doctors play God" at

  9. Your blog is VERY interresting!

  10. Heather,

    If you are in academic research you can access the articles for free, if not you can pay for them or check your local library to see if they have copies.


  11. Nat,

    Thanks for the added additions! More proofs, more puddins!


  12. good read! thanks Rachel.
    it certainly explains the high correlation of narcissistic behaviour, particularly narcissistic rages, in auto-gynephiles becauseit is essentially an ego-disorder whereby the fractured ego falls in love with itself as personified by the paraphiliac object,(in the case of MTFs, the ultimate objectification of women). it bothers me however that surgery is still presented as a viable treatment rather than recognising that this particular delusion should not be dignified by the mutilation of a body but rather should be dispersed through actual effective treatment. Paraphilias are most often unhealthy, and i would venture that in this case, the delusion is unhealthy to both the sufferer and also to the group which it objectifies, ie women or amputees.

  13. Kael T Block - the fact all the transgenders (esp FTM's) bandy about him is sad; despite the fact he's a serial rapist and fled the country before justice was served. Oh well, he's in France - doing the same thing...

    What, there's no such thing as FTM misogyny....

  14. I agree that it would be nice if they offered a more humane alternative to surgery for these mentally ill people. At the same time, though, I think that if they were to treat them with surgery WITHOUT giving them any LEGAL recognition of a "change in sex," that would be better than what's happening now. It's the legal recognition that is most detrimental to lesbians and women in general, since it leaves us no recourse when it comes to rejecting male trannies from sex-segregated places, whether professional, punitive, or diversionary.

    These males must first and foremost be kept out of prisons, health care and counseling facilities, and private gatherings intended for females only. Then maybe the barbarism of hacking up healthy flesh can be addressed.

  15. Hey dirt,

    I strongly disagree with your viewpoint on trans issues, but I welcome your exploration of the literature on the topic.

    You might be interested in two recent articles by researchers at UCSD dealing with the limb amputation comparison. There seems to be evidence that in at least some individuals, desire for limb amputation isn't purely a paraphilia but is due to problems in the brain with integrating the affected limb into one's body sense.

    They've found that M2F transsexuals have a lower occurrence of phantom penis (30% vs. 60% for men who had a penectomy for other reasons) so it seems like something similar could be going on in transsexuals as to apotemnophilia, but not in the way that Lawrence hypothesizes.

    The articles are:
    Brang, D., McGeoch, P.D. & Ramachandran, V.S. 2008. Apotemnophilia: a neurological disorder.
    Online here:

    Ramachandran, V.S. & McGeoch, P.D. 2007. Occurrence of phantom genitalia after gender reassignment surgery.
    Online here:

    They also appear to have an explanation for the sexual attraction that comes with apotemnophilia, though I haven't had a chance to fully read this article yet:


  16. Thanks for your thoughtful work. Not only has it given me some perspective on my own experiences, but coming from a conservative town in the midwest, I'm embarrassingly ignorant about lesbians and definitely about trans. I didn't realize butches were a marginalized group (my impressions were actually that all lesbians were either considered butch or femme and that the most accepted relationship was the one that reflected a hetero couple, butch with femme).

    I'm not interested in invading your spaces (and won't leave more comments if that's how it's seen), I just appreciate the better understanding. (And learning about trans from someone who is neither an ignorant otherphobe nor in the throes of their newfound womanhood makes me slightly more credulous.)

  17. There is a Facebook group against FTM rapists and abusers in France and they fight against Kael T Block:

  18. I, personally don't know why anyone would need to make these comparisons between the transgender community and someone who just wants a limb knocked off. What about everyone else in the plastic surgery community? Why not compare them who get things removed, rearranged, or added on? Why not compare these people to those who wish for amputation? Are there studies about this? And you do know that anyone who is trying to prove any hypothesis can make their studies prove their hypothesis by controlling their own control group or by only submitting specific information that which could support their hypothesis, even if used completely out of context. Before joining any bandwagon, I need to have experienced something myself to warrant it a true fact.

  19. Watch BIID sufferers discuss how they feel about their body. Replace every time they discuss said limb with gender or phantom genitals. I did it once and I felt stuck. As I had very pro-transition outlook for trans people but a very negative-transition outlook for BIID. Neither group believes that what they wish to do with transition is simply cosmetic. It is vitally necessary. There are doctors who do not even see them as vastly different. There are sufferers who have both BIID and GID who claim that the differences aren't vast either.