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WPATH and the Gender Variant

Recently WPATH  issued  the above note desiring the "depsychopathologisation of gender variance" which in their narrow (white) hetero-patriarchal assessment are those males and females who do not and have not conformed to the naturalness of their born gender as outlined and policed by (white) hetero-patriarchy. WPATH would like GID/GI(gender incongruence) to be stricken from the DSM in much the same way homosexuality/lesbianism has been removed from the DSM in 1973/1986 as a pathological condition. While I do not wholly disagree with there desire, the removal of GID/GI would put a stop to the wasted funds of medical insurance companies and countries with national health benefits from utilizing tax dollars to foot cosmetic bills, thereby halting a middling to high percentage of trans drugging and cosmetic mutilations due to the high cost of such "treatments", making it unaffordable to many. In turn it is likely the medical community would seek alternative (mental) treatments to help those suffering from their brand of body dysphoria. I disagree that GID/GI is not a mental disorder, a disorder that clearly resides in the mind of a healthy body. But if its removal halts the current barbaric "treatment" of "transitioners" then I'm all for it!

What does trouble me though is WPATH's (and the likes thereof) application of the term "gender variant", a term the conformity-at-all-cost Queer theorist gave birth to, which now has become a common catch phase/badge of honor in and among Femme/Butch spaces with regards to Butch/butch women. This is the small minded thinking that first viewed homosexuality/lesbianism as a mental illness, a thing the likes of the Havelock Ellis's or Krafft-Ebing's ignorantly believed that they were doing the gay/lesbian peoples a favour by explaining to hetero-patriarchy that gays and lesbians couldnt help it that they were gay, they were born that way, i.e. defective and should be pitied rather than ridiculed.

And what exactly is a "gender variant" female? Here are some examples:

  •  If you prefer a short doo? YOU might be a GV!
  • If you shop for clothes in the men's section due to the lack of choice in the ladies? YOU might be a GV!
  • If you played/enjoyed games/sports labeled by hetero-patriarchy as "unfit for girls"? YOU might be a GV!
  • If you played with/wanted toys found in the boys area? YOU might be a GV!
  • If you do not lovingly embrace/enjoy your monthly period? YOU might be a GV!
  • If you believe you deserve all the fucking perks and privileges enjoyed by men? YOU might be a GV!
  • If you are a natural whiz at math, map reading and have great spacial skills? YOU might be a GV!
  • If you are not wholly fulfilled by domestic chores??? YOU might be a GV!
  • If you have no inclination to give birth? YOU might be a GV!
  • If you prefer blues to pinks? YOU might be a GV!
  • If you believe that doing the same job as a man you should earn the same amount of money? YOU might be a GV!
  • If you enjoy fucking your g/f with a strap-on? YOU might be a GV!
  • If you get pissed off when some pig male sexually objectifies you with his male gaze? YOU might be a GV!
If you answered in the positive to 5 or more of these, you ARE a GV!

If you are a woman whose every breath challenges and works to expand  the gender jacket WPATH and the likes are desperately trying to fit you with, there is good news because WPATH is telling the medical world that even though you are a freak of fucking mans natural order it isnt your fault and you shouldn't be held accountable for your unnatural abhorrence's, you can easily conform (become normal) through the trannification process rather than choose to live an abominating life that expands what it means to be a female and upsets the natural hetero-patriarchal balance that has taken thousands of years for straight white men to create!

There is an infinite number of ways in which to be a woman and not a single one of them  is any less womanly than the other, such as my being a Butch lesbian woman in no way indicates that how I do woman is less than or "wrong". It does mean however that because I challenge the MALE created confines of the MALE idea of woman that I am brave enough and strong enough to defy first and challenge second the female gender jacket MEN have stitched together for all women to wear. This makes me a woman warrior, NOT a "gender variant" freak who should be pitied!


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  1. Oh goodness...

    I like video games, have played with "boy's toys", hate housework, hate having a period, and think i should get equal pay for equal work!

    Holy crap, all along i thought i was a girly-girl, but I'm a dude!

    What should I do!

  2. I agree with you on this one! And even in Dyke and women's spaces, they're not even saying "Queer Women event"(can't stand that word Queer, since nowadays it basically means 'anything goes' sexually, but Gender Variant is another one of those deliberately vague terms, along with "GenderQueer", invisibilizing us Butches AS Females and AS Dykes! Those words are no longer used in relation to us! Cuz they imply FEMALE!....

    I see Butch Females, as just another aspect of womonhood, along the many ways womonhood can be expressed, along with Lesbian Hood...another way Lesbianism can be expressed, through a Butch Dyke body..but STILL completely Females can and do express themselves in many, many ways.

    'Gender variant' ties us back to 'Gender Appropiate', and I haven't been 'Gender Appropiate' since age 7, when I began to recognize how my brother was treated and how I was treated! And who decides "Gender Appropiate" or 'Gender Variant", meanwhile once again, taking away our womonhood! Hetero society and their male political, social, economic, psychological and psychiatric enforcers.

    Just like the rainbow and the subtle shades of each color in between are all colors, so can women come in all colors, sizes, shapes, and flavors, including hardcore Butch! We always have, and we always will..unless every 'gender variant' female is expected to 'do something about it', like take hormones or cut off her breasts to 'fit in' to be another kind of 'gender appropiate'! And ESPECIALLY if you're a Dyke who gives her deepest mind, heart, sex and soul to women/Lesbians only!

  3. You say that you disagree that GID/GI is not a mental disorder, a disorder that clearly resides in the mind of a healthy body.

    Where are the studies that prove that it is a mental disorder or the studies that prove that is actually a genetic fuck up or the studies that prove that it is actually a result of an in utero influence?

    The truth is that we have NO idea what causes sex dysphoria.

    So I suggest you do what scientists do: Wait for the evidence.

    I am a female identified butch (that is attracted to other female idendified butches)and although I agree that FTM's must NOT be allowed in places reserved only for women,I really dont like your hate speech.You allowed your hate to cloud your jugdment.

  4. I do not write nor preach "hate", advocating for women and women's rights, womens spaces, womens equality, expanding the notions of what a woman is, isnt "hate speech".

    If you are personally seeking info on the "trans" disorder or whether or not you believe it is one, I suggest you begin occupying those spaces for a few months, it will be come all to apparent.

    I am the evidence, and women like me who embrace and love themselves as women, despite the misogyny that surrounds us.

    Were there no misogyny, there would be no "trans" ID'd.


  5. Oh you do not preach hate?Your comments on transmen do sound hatefull though.Also I observe a tremendus amount of bias regarding the ftm's ethos,you basically demonise them.You claim that every Ftm is a rapist,abuser,pedophile (as if there are no lesbian abusers..and I have at least a case of a lesbian pedophile in mind) which really is very hard to believe.

    Again I am asking for SCIENTIFIC studies,specifically desighned to eliminate the observation bias.Dont tell me to simply go to ftm's spaces and observe.Personal bias could afect my observations.A simple (and rather crude) scientific (sociological and psycological) study,exploring the misogyny as a factor of gender dysphoria in FTM's could perhaps lets say select a group of 100 transmen,100 butch lesbians,100 femme lesbians and 100 straight (femme and butch)women (the butch lesbians and the femmes,lesbian and straight would serve as control groups) and ask them to write their views on their body,on women and their opinion on how much misogynism affected their lives.Then somebody WITHOUT prior knowledge of the orientation of the individuals,(so that his/her personal bias does not affect his/her judgement) would read the replies and determine which replies indicated a person most affected by misogyny.After that the scientist would track down the persons who gave those answers and determine which group reported being the most affected by misogyny.

    Again this study I described is crude and needs a lot of fine tuning but I am writing it as a simple example.

    A biological study would examine the bodies of lets say 100 ftm's,100 butch women and 100 femme women and then compare the differences,trying to track any differences (in their genome,in their brain structure etc)

    So do you have any studies of this kind in mind?

    Ps I apologise for any bad grammar. English is not my native language

    PS2 what do you mean you are the evidence?The plural of anecdote is not data.And never does a scientist draw a conclusion from one person (or even 10-the statistical error is high in such few numbers).You need properly desighned scientific studies,using large groups,plenty of those kind of studies and later a meta-analysis of those studies.

  6. Feel free to point out where I claim "every ftM" is anything other than an ftMISOGYNIST. Go on, I dare

    Given that pathological narcissism is a prime component of the "trans" disorder, info directly derived from "trans" subjects is automatically suspect.

    But you will be happy to know I am currently working along side a certain reputable Dr. and we've devised a method that is so smart and so subtle that obtaining honest info from "trans" subjects should be as easy as taking candy from a baby.

    And yes, the info will be worked into a paper to be (we're both confident) publish in the medical journals.

    So stay tuned....and I know you will...obsessively.


    btw how is your trannification process going, get your tits hacked off yet?

  7. Hey Dirt, got a trip report on how easy it was for you to get testosterone? Or did it just not happen because you found a doctor who is even more cissexist than you are?

    Sincerely, a womon who hates the idea of makeup as uniform, likes a good cold hoppy IPA, (that's beer for those of you without any love of the stuff), prefers slacks to skirts, and also, obviously, must be a man, by another fucked up line of your reasoning.

    And surprise surprise. Trans men, being men, are usually misogynists. There's a huge fucking shocker there. That said, you do have the cadence of mansplaining down fucking pat. Maybe you should have your tits chopped off, too, to use your oh so elegant phraseology. Nah, another 5 sets of pec flys and five more pounds weight on the first set should do the trick.

    Fucking psychosomatically roided-up douchebag.

  8. Wow, seems the dirtster has hit a raw nerve with the obsessive "anon"

    Good luck with that Brownstein appointment!


  9. You claim that:

    "Given that pathological narcissism is a prime component of the "trans" disorder, info directly derived from "trans" subjects is automatically suspect"

    Again I will ask for scientific evidence for that claim!

    Since you did not provide me with any references to scientific studies proving the real cause of gender dysphoria I am driven to the conclusion that a)either those do not exist or b)they do exist and BOTH you and I are unaware of them.

    There are 2 certain things though

    a)you have very limited knowledge of the scientific method

    b)you are NOT willing to admit that your are driven to conclusions by poor (poor being an understatement) methodology.

    A female identified butch who just happens to have some idea what science is all about.

    PS If you ever get any kind of scientific research worthy enough to be publiced (in a scientific journal that is) inform the puplic.

  10. If you weren't worried I nail everything spot on, you wouldnt be here a dozen times a day, make that here AND the other blogs I'm on.


    btw, changing your location without changing your specific PC info, dumb move, not very

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  12. Anon,

    The vast majority of ‘studies’ on GID are designed to justify the lucrative industries, and the queer social/political movements, supporting pharmaceutical and surgical interventions to 'correct' gender variance (refer to and search for GID and see for yourself). Numerous authors of ‘studies’, papers or those creating theories to explain GID or more specifically genderqueerdom are often FTM themselves, some incarnation of trans gender identity or those that profit from it’s existence (i.e., WPATH, Jack Halberstam, Jacob Hale to name a few and check out for more) this hardly makes for an objective starting point as there are thousands and thousands of people, trans and non-trans, making money out of GID and trans identity. Yes, there is no confirmed scientific ‘cause’ for GID and this is part of the problem and the diagnosis and treatment is therefore highly speculative (see i.e., Money 1994 and others).

    The American National Association of Social Workers (see agree and support the removal of GID see also AI Lev (2005, Journal of Psychology and Human Sexuality), Drescher 2010, Journal of Gay & Lesbian Mental Health) and many, many more (search for yourself under ‘removal of GID’). But I’d prefer to end with the following which is an international study on the inadequacy of GID as a diagnosis tool and supports its removal (yes there is life outside of the USA and the hyper militant trans politicized research environments):

    “A survey on various issues related to the DSM-IV-TR gender identity disorder diagnosis was conducted among 201 organizations concerned with the welfare of transgender people from North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and Latin America. Forty-three organizations from all continents completed the survey. A majority believed the diagnosis should be excluded from the 2013 edition. The major reason for wanting to keep the diagnosis in the DSM was health care reimbursement.” (Vance et al International Journal of Transgenderism, V. 12, I. 1 January 2010 , pages 1 - 14).


  13. FA, great comment!

    I think the Chronicle's article regarding "scientific research" I read recently deserves a link:

    Funny though when it comes to all things "trans" only those who dispute its shear nonsense are demanded proof for their common sense conclusions, while the entire "trans" academia and beyond merely has to say "trans" for it to be the word of God. Now if that aint disordered, than I fucking do not know wtf is!

  14. And the obsessive is back yet again! WOW! How bloody crazy is that!


  15. Dirt,if your comment:

    "btw, changing your location without changing your specific PC info, dumb move, not very"

    refers to ME:

    I did not change my location or my IP or whatever.I am not the FTM who calls you names.I am a female identified,homosexual butch woman who justs wants to make a point.

    As Femme Avenger said,currently the question of what causes Gender Identity Disorder remains unanswered (by science at least,you Dirt think you have all the answers already,even if your answers contradict one another..)

    I dont buy the shit that every scientific study on Gender Identity Disorder is or will be conducted by dishonest researchers who will twist their data in order to gain money from the disorder.You see Dirt and you Femme Avenger,nobody can cheat for long in science.Perhaps you can get one "faked" study published, bypashing the strict control of the peer reviewers.But when that study IS published,there is a high chance that other independed scientists will try to repclicate your study's results by conducting your study themselves.And if they get totally different results despite following your methodology to the T,well your study and your conclutions are on very shaky ground indeed.

    So I suggest to either be patient and wait for science to give the final question to the enigma of Gender Identity Disorder OR become a scientist that studies gender and sex and give that answer yourself (through scientific research ofcourse not through the "I pull things out of my own ass" routine).

    Lets agree on some things though:

    a)FTM's have NO place in women only spaces (you can't have your cake and eat it too as you say).

    b)We the female identified butches,must make clear to the world that butch woman does not equal FTM.

    c)Hucking your genitalia and sweing flaps of skin on the holes that are left after the hacking, does not make one a member of the opossite sex just a poor imitation

  16. Science is what created "trans", you're a complete fool if science is what you are waiting for.

    Like Freeman's ice-pick lobotomies before, only when the general public actually finds out what is REALLY going on (needless drugging and healthy body mutilations) will science back track claiming then the past/current "treatments" barbaric.

    Make no mistake, hetero-patriarchy courses through the veins of "science".


  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. No Dirt science did not create just attempts to understand it/or fix it.Perhaps it does not do it really well but it does it a thousand times better than hatefull (and scientifically ignorant) individuals like you.

    You claim that hetero-patriarchy runs through the vains of science.I claim that science is a method the best method we have available for studing the cosmos and giving answers to our questions and solutions to our problems.

    if science is hetero-patriarcical,you can become a (non hetero non patriarchic) scientist conduct worthy researh on gender and sex and kick hetero-patriarchy in the balls.

    The sad truth though Dirt is that you reject science not because it is hereto-patriarchic as you say but because it does not support your views.I bet that if scientific studies SUPPORTED your views,you would be posting them all over your site.

    I on the other hand,will wait for science to give the answer to the trans enigma and science to tell me about the behaviour of FTM's (for example I will look for any wide scale statistics studing the level of violent behaviour in FTMs.Do they show that FTM's are more violent,compaired lets say to the female identified butches?).Thats the way the matter should be investicated.

  19. Prove that science did not create "trans". Prove that people are "born in the wrong body".

    Science has zero proof of anything regarding "trans". Transition was created by the medical community in order to eradicate homosexuality. What it didnt take into account or comprehend through its narrow hetero-pat scientific thinking was nearly all (at the time) in its studies and "treatment" programs were white straight hetero men, much like the majority of transitioners still today. Who then and now lie about their sexuality in order to get those genius scientific minds to issues them their tranny papers.

    Although with the serious demise of feminism and the seriously narrowed roles for women, we are seeing high numbers of young white straight girls seeking trannification as a means of escaping their limited female destinies. Another area science has and is seriously missing das boot.

    So feel free to wait for science to get caught up on what is really going on behind the "trans" scenes, some of us however, while we cannot save those floating in the waters, are working to save those still on the beaches.

    Apathy is the brother of murder.

    And btw queer THEORY/gender THEORY are just that.


  20. PS

    Nice to see you obsessively enjoying the collage at FA's new


  21. "Prove that science did not create "trans". Prove that people are "born in the wrong body"

    You are the one making the claim that you have found the cause,YOU are the one who has to bring the evidence (no,evidence is not constant babling in pseudo-intelectuall radicalfeminist-speech).

    To see if science created transgenderism or not,you have to read ancient pre-science literarure (history,fiction etc) and see if trans individuals are mentioned.Trans as in "I cannot stand my biological sex and resort in crossdressing despite the social ridicule,suicide or mutilation of my genitals in order to resemble the other sex more".Now there is a start for your research.If you find such individuals well the claim that science CREATED transgenderism is pure bullshit.I suggest to start your journey from societies that were very tolerant with homosexuality but harsh with feminine men like ancient Greece.Feminine men in ancient Greece were urged to butch up.Homosexual men were ok as long as they were macho macho men.

    As I was saying the only thing we know for certain,is that there are certain people that just cannot stand their biological sex(to the point that their are driven to suicide).NOBODY KNOWS WHY,that's the point I am trying to make.Yet there are people like you that think they have all the answers.
    (Where can I find your published studies Dr?)

    Personally I have no desire to prove that trangenders are born in the wrong body(or in the wright body for that matter).It is not in my scientific interests.I will wait for other scientists to give the answer (some scientists are investigating the matter,for example a few years ago,I had read a study of the post mortem analusis of the brain structure of butch women-it was compairedto the brain structure of straight femme women and straight males-which concluded that the butch female brain is more similar with the straight's male brain than with a straight "femme" female brain.So some scientists ARE doing research on the subject) and I will not jump to conclusion on my own fuelled by my antipathy for FTM's.

    My personal hypothesis is than in uterus factors influence the fetal brain.If the female fetal brain is influenced at an x degree a baby butch is born.If it is influenced more than that x degree,you get an baby FTM.But that is just an unsupported hypothesis,an idea for others to investigate and see if it has some merrit or it is total bulshit.

    Here is a question:

    IF MISOGYNY is the real cause of the FTM's phenomenon,how come all the women in the world do not hate their female bodies the way that FTM's do?Women all over the world face plenty of misogyny every day and hour of their lives but a very small percentage of them claims they feel that they were born in the wrong body.

    Now why is that?

    Ps I am not the FTM who is calling you names.You are still unable to distinguish between 2 different individuals I see.

    PS2 Did you ever try to study a hard science like lets say physics mathematics,biology or chemistry?Or were too hetero-patriarchical (read difficult,as in you cannot make unsupported claims in them without getting laughed at)for you?

  22. By the way I thought that the diference between a female identified butch woman and a female to male "woman" is not that they both like "male" things.Its that the butch woman feels comfortable in her own femaleness.And I believe that specialists that recomend sex change surgery do have that vital difference in mind.

  23. "The truth is that we have NO idea what causes sex dysphoria."

    Yes, we do. Patriarchy causes it. That's Feminism 101.

    By the way, I could be labeled "gender variant" for wearing men's underwear and not shaving, yet I'm usually mistaken for a straight chick. Hmm, how does that work?

  24. Interesting anon, with one idiotic statement you've just unbutched THOUSANDS of Butches, myself included! Go science!


  25. The answers to all your questions can be found in this blog, it isnt my job to spoon feed you info.

    The simple fact is there is no real "science" behind psychology and in truth science has never truly supported psychology for that reason. Empirical/apriori.

    Where was the "proof" for say de Pazin, or Li-ju-Chen or Kishida Toshiko, Emma Goldman, Emmeline Pankhurst, Huda Shaarawi, Betty Friedan, Pat Mainardi, Monique Wittig, Sylviane Agacinski to name a few? Where was their proof that something was amiss?? It was in the women they wrote for, the women who read their words, words they had NEVER before heard spoken, but words that rang true for them like a bolt of lighting must surely ring through the heart of a living being!

    Words since that have rang true for millions of women for the last 500 hundreds years and continue doing so today. Words science had no answer for, feelings psychotherapist knew not existed, yet words millions of women world wide knew intimately.

    The same words I hear from lesbians both far and wide, words that that not only convince me I am correct, but words that inspire me to continue spreading the word. That for me is all the proof I need. If you are seeking something else then clearly these words are beyond you and you should seek other words elsewhere.

    dirt-the word

  26. @ Rachel

    Misogyny is the cause?

    Let me remind you : milions of women face misogyny from birth to death in this sad,patriarchical world,yet a very slight percentage of them experience gender dysphoria.

    So there must be another factor that kick starts gender dysphoria (or else every woman on this planet would be planing to change sex as soon as she could).

    @ Dirt

    please explain HOW I unbutched thousands of butches (my self ANONYMOUS included).

    How can anyone unbutch a butch?

    Sorry but I did not find any answer to my questions in your blog.The only thing I found was poor methodology and UNBELIEVABLE predujice and bias against FTM's.

    I will ask again.

    a)From birth to death,bilions of women around the world face misogyny,many of them in soul renching degree.If misogynism is the cause of trangenderism WHY is that very few of these women experience gender dysphoria?

    b)Are there any scientific studies tha prove that transgenderism is a mental disorder?Or that the causes of transgenderism are purely psycological (trauma caused by misogyny as you claim?-you know this kind of aproach reminds me of the hetero's idea that a woman turns lesbian because she was raped/sexually abused by a man at one point in her life.).

    As for psychology...

    Pscycologists can conduct some interesting experiments and some reliable studies.They must be well desighed though.Ever heard of the Milgram's obedience experiment?

    And then there is biology (yeah baby).I have in mind one study (which I have read ages ago)that found diferences between the butch female brain and the femme female brain and similarities between the butch female brain and the straight male brain . Surelly,one study is never enough.More studies of this kind must be conducted in order to confirm the results.But is far more reliable than cherry picking the data or sitting in a corner all day and just thinking.Roll up your sleeves and conduct some proper research Dirt.

  27. Hopefully you will find whatever it is you are looking for, good luck with that.

    And as stated before I am working with a particular Dr. well versed in the field. Together we are confident of publishing our findings in several medical journals and also confident we will blow a hole clean through the current "trans"/queer nonsense.


  28. Anon,

    Please provide the reference for the studies you claim to have read on post mortem analysis of the brain structure of butch women’s brains so I can locate and read them because I just do not believe you that they exist at all.

    So you claim women do not hate being in their bodies, that they have no internal struggles or dialogue that is telling them to hate the bodies they are in? Here's a few scientific terms to chew on: Anorexia Nervosa, Anorexia Bulimia, Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), Bulimia Nervosa, plus Self Harming/cutting, the increase in plastic surgery addiction, drug addiction, alcoholism and other conditions that manifest because girls are taught that their bodies are an object for the male gaze. We are socialised and bombarded by images and words from childhood about what we should look like and THIS creates the psychopathology, the conditions that science created in order to "fix" a set of 'diseases' and conditions that were nurtured by societies treatment of girls and women to fulfill engineered expectations of what "female" is and what we must live up to in order to be treated as ‘worthy’ and acceptable to society as a whole.

    It is clear to me that you have very limited understanding of the field of scientific (or any) research and how scientific research is undertaken and the social forces behind it that fuels its motivations. If you truly believe that science is 100% objective and is not influenced by politics, social movements (including militant trans) and prejudice, you need to investigate the intuitions and governments that fund scientific endeavours. Look at the list of studies that do not receive funding (including those into butch women and lesbians in general) and that is more telling than the list of studies that do. Science is as politically motivated as the rhetoric of a White House spindoctor. You are flying blind if you believe that science has or will ever have the answers you seek.


  29. "Let me remind you : milions of women face misogyny from birth to death in this sad,patriarchical world,yet a very slight percentage of them experience gender dysphoria.

    So there must be another factor that kick starts gender dysphoria (or else every woman on this planet would be planing to change sex as soon as she could)."

    Millions of women face misogyny and only 2-3% of us develop bulimia nervosa (I am one of them). That doesn't mean patriarchy isn't the driving force behind it. Sure, there are other factors, such as a genetic predisposition to mental illness, or more specifically, inborn serotonin deficiencies, but that doesn't change the nurture part of the nature/nurture equation. These disorders don't arise spontaneously; they require an environmental trigger.

  30. Science is the problem, not the solution, or at least science in the hands of men, rich multi billion dollar pharmaceuticals and the psychiatric/psychological industry and doctors and surgeons too.

    Science discounts the intuitive, female wisdom, sees things as completely mechanical, nonspiritual.

    There is a power and wisdom to the Female Body in and of itself, we are multi-orgasmic Beings, and there are many many Butches that have hated their bodies because they didn't 'fit in', and couldn't. Girls take out their self-hatred that they/we are taught from a very young age that we're 'less than' boys. Some of us do it by denying our female parts, and imitating boys, or becoming tomboy. Some do it by imbibing copious amounts of drugs or alcohol, or destroying themselves in other ways, or using sex as weapon, outward or inwardly....that is taking sexual risk that is unhealthy and dangerous.

    If the trans movement were so innocent, why is Iran PAYING for trans surgeries while threatening those who remain homosexual with severe punishment, imprisonment or death?

    Feminism has the answer to these questions...and has defied male science. Science is not objective, it is only ONE WAY of observing Nature, and that includes human nature. One cannot separate the observer from the observed, anymore than one can separate those who study ancient history and our matriarchies in the past, or deny them and women's covered many things up, including Freud. Girls who were sexually being molested and admitted it, were told they had an Electra complex. Women and gays have been tortured by science and scientific method, or unknowingly exposed to it's dangerous treatments like the many women thrown into mental institutions because they're too aggressive, unruly, or Butch dykes...or politically defiant. There are many ways that girls refuse aspects of enforced feminization and body mutilations which still occur throughout the world.

    As long as Science is in the hands of men, it will NEVER be objective, and it will never really apply to us. We have our own methods, our own Science if you will...our own way of Being that is entirely unique as born females. If women so accepted their condition they wouldn't constantly be so eager to have surgery done to themselves, facelifts, tummy tucks, botox, silicone implants, breast reduction or elimination(as in the case of FTM's), while the surgeons and psychiatrists and pharmaceuticals get fat and rich off of women's bodies, convincing them because they have a shred of masculinity or Butchness, or tomboyness, they therefore must be has used and abused women as subjects for entirely too long. And science has enslaved women through the mental health industry for two centuries, drugged us, lobomotized us, removed our clitorises, feminized us(especially those who are nonfeminine) to get us to be 'acceptable' 'demure' 'polite little ladies' and preferably nonlesbian.

    I come from a scientific family, have studied biology, physics, environmental studies, ect. and constantly read on scientific subjects, feminism, women's spirituality, and our own unique metaphysical science that works for us: our intuition. The culture is entirely too left brain, linear thinking ruled by male thought and ideology, and yet feminism, and women bring the right brain intuitive, wholistic aspect and way of thinking that sees patterns and trends, not just magnified dried statistics that is like a blinder on one's eyes. There is life, information and knowledge BEYOND Science. And in fact the BEST science is ultimately intuitive anyway....even Albert Einstein admitted to that!

    -From a lifelong Female Identified Butch Advocating FOR Female Identified Butches-MasterAmazon

  31. Femme avenger:

    Lets start by saying that I am not trying to prove that gender identity disorder is genetic.I am just trying to prove the case is still open,while some feminist lesbians believe that the case is closed and misogyny is the cause.

    I cannot provide you with the reference in that particular study because I read that study ages ago!But thank you for urging me to try to locate it because after a brief research I found this:

    J Biosoc Sci. 2005 Sep;37(5):555-67.

    Biological and psychosocial determinants of male and female human sexual orientation.
    James WH.

    The Galton Laboratory, University College London.

    (the above is a study that mentions differences betwen femme and butch lesbians brains if I understood correctly)

    I also found this:

    Symmetry Of Homosexual Brain Resembles That Of Opposite Sex,

    Journal Reference:

    1. Ivanka Savic and Per Lindström. PET and MRI show
    differences in cerebral asymmetry and functional connectivity between homo- and heterosexual subjects. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2008; DOI: 10.1073/pnas.0801566105

    And this:

    Neuro Endocrinol Lett. 2004 Aug;25(4):297-301.

    Brain differentiation and preferred partner characteristics in heterosexual and homosexual men and women.

    Muscarella F, Elias VA, Szuchman LT.

    Department of Psychology, Barry University, 11300 NE Second Avenue, Miami Shores, FL 33161, USA.

    Well it seems that sexual preferetion and gender are subject of scientific study like I mentioned.And there are published studies which you can actually find if you bother to look (it took me like 2 minutes).

    So if you please have any references to studies indicating that trangenderism is caused by misogyny as some feminist lesbians claim please inform me.Always open and willing to learn if the offered knowledge is well supported.

  32. continuing my post here because it was too long to be pushished in one piece in this blog :

    Femme Avenger

    You refer to body image issues as a causative factor for transgenderism.

    I have to point out that women are not the only ones that face body image issues.Men face them too (from dick size to height to how much fat they have on their bodies etc).Fat boys are getting picked on the same way as fat girls.Would you claim that trangenderism in men (male to female transexuals) is a matter of misandry?

    As Barry L. Beyerstein, Ph.D. said in his wonderfull article Why bogus therapies often seem to work:

    The job of distinguishing real from spurious causal relationships requires well designed studies and logical abstractions from large bodies of data.Many sources of error can mislead people who rely on intuition or informal reasoning to analyze complex events.

    Femme Avenger

    did you ever take a lesson in medical/bio statistics?In the universtity I attended,one of the subjects that we had to attend and pass in order to get our diploma was biostatistics.Biostaticis help you "distinguish real from spurious causal relationships when studing biological phenomena".Statistical analysis is one of the weapons in the scientists armoury.So,do you have any formal education in statistis?

    By the way I never claimed that science is 100% objectional.What I claimed is that (real)scientists (and not people with an agenda)try to design their studies in such a way as to eliminate personal bias in data evaluation (for example the dubble blind protocol in clinical trials).

    "Science is as politically motivated as the rhetoric of a White House spindoctor' blah blah

    (oh thank you "politicaly" motivated and "corrupted" science for developing the technology for early cancer detection and the cure for Hodking's lymphoma that saved my life and many many other lives all around the world...And for developing the computer and the internet so I and people that have never met,can communicate and exchange ideas).

    Rachel I am sorry for the trials you face with your health.I am happy you at least realised that the fact that only 2-3 % of women develop boulimia nervosa is a strong indication that misogyny is NOT the only factor.There have been reports that bulimia nervosa is becoming increasingly prevalent among males.Do you think that misandry is behind that?

    I am sorry ladies but I have to ask again:

    Do any of you have any academic qualifications in atleast one hard science?(like physics for example).

    If not what type of academic qualifications do you have?I do not want to give me the names of the colleges you attended but I would like to hear what types of diplomas you have obtained (for example a degree in social science?in engineering?in psychology?in arts?)

    Master Amazon science is not a person its a method.There are women who excelled in science and tecnhology (does the name Marie Curie ring a bell?Rosalin Franklin?) and the numbers of female scientists thankfully are increasing.If you want results,you choose science.Try buildig a bridge or sending a rocket to Mars by dancing naked under the moon, chanting hymns to the mother goddes...

    Dirt looking forward for your publications...

  33. Ya gotta love MEN or


  34. Anon,

    The findings of the studies you mentioned were highly subjective, speculative, the methodology lacking rigor. And where is the concise “scientific” or if you prefer “clinical” definition and/or classification of the 'butch' and 'femme' subjects?

    You have clearly demonstrated your patronising and offensive sexist (MALE) attitude towards those of us that dare to question you. What qualifications and experience do I have? LOL you sound like a bloke in a pissing competition. My years of experience, academic qualifications, my job and my status are not the issue. You have made assumptions about our relationship to academia, to science and to the fields of research based on your own male arrogance and self importance (Misogyny 101). I don’t have to justify myself and qualify my opinions to you and therefore refuse to engage with you any further.


  35. FA,

    Its typical white male privileged bullshit, do not bother with wasting your breath on him. Save your brilliance for women, men get enough fucking attention. He's that hard up he can whine to his wife. Lesbians arent sugar-tits for men. Are energies are best reserved and served for ourselves.


  36. not so anonymousJune 22, 2010 at 6:51 PM

    Hey, I was the first anon poster!

    I just wanted to thank you for your last comment MasterAmazon, it was just beautiful. People act like "hard science" (see anon 9:22 post) is the only kind of knowledge that's worth anything. Sometimes, even though I know I shouldn't, I feel like I'm stupid b/c I didn't study one of the "hard sciences" in school. But you know what? Science isn't the only worthy thing to study, and other subjects are just important!

    Sorry to ramble, but I'm just glad you posted what you did. :)

  37. "Rachel I am sorry for the trials you face with your health. I am happy you at least realised that the fact that only 2-3 % of women develop boulimia nervosa is a strong indication that misogyny is NOT the only factor."

    It may not be the ONLY factor, but it is the BIGGEST one. Like I said before, even with a genetic predisposition to mental illness, there needs to be an environmental trigger to set it off. And the way in which mental illness manifests is dependent upon the context in which it exists — specifically, patriarchy.

    "There have been reports that bulimia nervosa is becoming increasingly prevalent among males. Do you think that misandry is behind that?"

    Not misandry, but misogyny. The increase in eating disorders among men has mostly been among GAY men. If you're unaware of the links between homophobia and misogyny, you need to read more of Dirt's blog!

  38. Anonymous, I don't know if you are still reading, but your argument makes no sense. You are claiming thus:

    IF the existence of X cannot be proved or disproved, THEN we should assume that X exists.

    You are either insane or stupid, or both.

  39. Dirt,

    This has me scared:

    There is nothing wrng with being lesbian. But some people in the medical establishment are trying to eliminate us. There is nothing wrong with being Butch either.

    - Mary

  40. Marja E,

    You ARE a MAN period end up story.

    You are also seriously nutfuck obsessed with me and this blog, I suggest you seek serious counseling.