Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Trans Community-I want my cake and I want YOU to pay for it and watch ME eat it!

I post this in conjunction with the last post I made, regarding WPATH's urging the world wide medical community to remove (delist) trannyism (GID/GI) from the DSM so that it is no longer classified as a "disorder" and would instead be classified similarly to any woman say who desires breast implants or any older person seeking a face lift or anyone wanting a tummy-tuck or lipo etc.

Now here's the really interesting thing, last year Alberta did just that, they "delisted" GID/GI as a mental illness. And since it is no longer classified as a mental illness (which the trans community/WPATH says it isnt) the costly multitudinous "surgeries" and the lifetime supply of hormone maintenance will not be covered by national health care saving that province alone an estimated SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND dollars a year! Money that can clearly be redirected for those who truly are mentally or physically ill, since again according to the "trans" community/WPATH, they are not.

So whats the kicker dirt, you are thinking? The kicker is the "trans" community/WPATH is demanding Alberta's health care system continue to pay for "trans surgeries" and the lifetime supply of drugs they claim to require! And there is NO reason to believe that if/when GID/GI is removed from the DSM which currently classifies it as a mental illness, that the "trans" community/WPATH wont expect national health services world wide and medical insurances companies word wide to pay their cosmetic bills both for "surgeries" and life long drug maintenance. Make no bones about it, this IS your classic I WANT MY CAKE AND WANNA EAT IT TOO bullshit!

If GID/GI is not an illness then there isnt ANY reason that like other cosmetic surgery and/or drug maintenance treatments such as botox, should be paid for by tax dollars. That is a personal choice and should remain personal using their own monies, there are enough strains and dregs bogging down all our countries medical systems they do not need to be further hampered with demands for "treatments" for those who arent according to them, actually ill!


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  1. This is like if the Pro-Ana community rallied to get anorexia nervosa removed from the DSM-IV, yet expected their health insurance to cover diet pills and liposuction.

  2. Good point. Either it's a mental illness or it's not. And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that a whole lotta people would be suing the insurance companies when some people are covered and some aren't. So the insurance companies really don't have a choice in denying trans, if transgenderism gets reclassified. The cosmetic-pharmaceutical lobby is probably already drooling at the prospect of all those new patients who would be covered by insurance -- with a whole contingent of lawyers. LOL

  3. Actually, being an Albertan, I can tell you more accurately, that they just de-listed the funding for SRS. There's still doctors who treat GID. And the province also funds tummy tucks.

    Just FYI on what the Alberta government will and won't do to alter bodies and what they deem acceptable as far as womyn's presentation.

    Also, here in Alberta, pregnancy is not considered a disease but we fund abortion.

    Menopause is not a disease, but we pay for doctors to provide hormone replacement therapy.

    Just some mild points to consider when hold up dyke-bashing, disabled-sterilizing-and-then-suing-to-avoid-paying-compensation Alberta, my birth-assigned home, as a radical feminist icon.