Thursday, June 3, 2010

Attention Aussie and/or New Zealand Butch Women

Because of a bold workshop on Butch Erasure created/given by a brave Femme at a recent Feminist Conference in Australia, a few of the Butch women who had attended were so inspired they thought to put together a Butch woman anthology of the Butch woman experience and are calling for submissions.

Their Facebook page can be found here with pertinent info.

All other Butches; as you can see we are not alone. Butches across the world are facing the same issues we all face created through Butch shame and Butch invisibility. The climate may currently be ugly and in some cases unrecognizable, it will remain so unless older Butch women represent our beautiful, strong and proud Butch woman's minds and bodies through writing, filming, videoing etc of our unique Butch experiences. Experiences that the Butch youth of today need to hear much more than ever so they do not fully develop the Butch shame that leads so often to sexual dysfunction (stone) at the least or worse, the misogynistic self hating "trans" disorder which in essence is about murdering the woman they are.

Be Butch
Be Proud
Be Woman

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  1. Right on! Our Female Identified Butch group will be emerging soon! We are so discriminated against in the media, even in sports often invisibilized or told to femme up at higher levels, certainly in the world of work where so many of us Butches face huge discrimination, getting a job, keeping a job, advancing in a job, over even Lesbians who 'pass', not just femmes, but the andro/sporty types, and walking out in the world where we're stared at and made fun of, if not threatened because of our powerful no nonsense take up our space stance.

    Good for the Aussie/New Zealand women! Right on Sisters!