Monday, May 24, 2010

Top Surgery-it speaks for itself

All pics are by doctor's mentioned.

How tragic when even the mutilated recognize their own mutilations and those of their "friends", yet remain silent and let other women have themselves mutilated along with! Misery does love company now doesnt it.

That is what you call tragic misogyny folks!


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  1. Sad, that's all I can call it, is sad, and yet the codependence of going along with their 'guy' friends' delusions! Disgusting is more like it! I mean, get real, be honest! I thought directness is what being a 'dude' is all about! Right. When are they ever gonna get it that it's not about cutting off body parts, but about radical self-acceptance? While the rich surgeons laugh all the way to the bank....

  2. oh my god, that makes me want to cry! RADICAL SELF-ACCEPTANCE, indeed.

  3. Its typical female conditioning.

    Thats what many women do, especially weak and vulnerable women, they accept the shit men dole out to them despite their needs and wants.


  4. Calling on people to show radical self-acceptance doesn't always create radical self-acceptance.

    I had a lot of body issues, particularly starting in adolescence and worsening into adulthood. I hated my body. I wanted to accept myself but I hated myself for hating my body. I have certain disabilities, including severe asthma, that got me picked on and kept me from playing sports. It took years of hard work to get my asthma under control. That helped with my body issues, and helped me understand how to address the remainder of my body issues.

    The short version is that I had to stop thinking in terms of self-acceptance to reach self-acceptance.

  5. Well I'm sure Anon, at this point then in your life you are representing how to love the person you are, body and soul as the rest of us are who've come out the other side of internal misogyny.


  6. I think as far as all this goes - let them. I'm tried of talking down queer morons from the gender ledge.

    In a decade, let all the genderqueers gather up their torches and pitchforks and go after Halberstam and the rest of 'em, when the glorious chickens come home to roost.

    I'm not looking to convert anyone. You want to mutilate yourself, cause irreparable damage; please go right ahead.

    Just stay the hell out of women's space & show some respect.

    Long live honest dykes just trying to get through the day.

  7. Dirt,

    It can be rough during allergy season, but YES, I love my body and my mind. It is wonderful to be able to breath, to bike, to run, and to LIVE.

    It is just that people all around me were emphasizing self-acceptance to each other. That meant one of my friends had to her weight. Another had to accept her disabilities. And I had to accept my asthma, and couldn't. I suppose a emphasis on womyn's pride and womyn's health would help more than an emphasis on self-acceptance ever could.

  8. It is sad that there is this codependence between those that have and those that are on the verge of transition. Ironically, this investment by the FTMs in a need to make their friends feel good about their physical trauma (in this case ‘botched’ top surgery) and the decision they made to have this done in the first place, reminded me of ‘girl talk’ and how women console each other after they make bad choices.

    There needs to be more information and education of those seeking ‘top surgery’ about the fundamental physiological differences between the male and female body. The placement of the nipples, the absence of ample chest muscles to prevent concaving of the chest, the “wing” or “triangle” effect under arm pits caused when large breasts are removed, this all needs to be made clear to those seeking these procedures and doctors, as a matter of course, should be advising patients of this. I believe that yes, there is medical negligence out there regarding these procedures, but also wonder after viewing numerous images (and in person) of top surgery results, how many people are approaching this with unrealistic expectations (eroticization of male body, self hate) and going under the knife on a wing and a prayer? It all screams Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD).

    I agree with Anon that “emphasis on womyn's pride and womyn's health would help”. So many post T injection photographs littering the internet show FTMs/transbutch/transmen posing flexing muscles (especially on arms and back) as a trophy/indication of T success or progress. These muscular T-infused bodies still look like muscular female bodies with, in some cases, the addition of a lot of body hair. While not all women can achieve massive biceps (or all men either for that matter) with some dedication and discipline, you CAN achieve sizable muscle growth and definition as a woman without steroids or T. As very few images exist of muscular women, especially Butch/butch women, it is difficult to educate those at risk of transition that ‘yes you too can look like this’. One of my exes had biceps that measured 46cm around. She would get hit-on by gay men then she’d turn around and they would freak upon seeing her sizable breasts. I often tell women to check out Dirt and Skyler Cooper as examples because they have both been dedicated long-term to fitness and body building.

    One factor we are working against is the seductive delusion that is the ‘quick fix’; take some T and you’ll grow the muscles you’ve always wanted, cut this off you'll look more "male/masculine". It is so much ‘easier’ to have something nipped or tucked or taken off or injected to make us look like what we imagine we are seeking than it is to put in that hard work. This is NOT the case at all. There is no going back once you have been mutilated. Take your body and destiny into your own hands, stop relinquishing control and giving doctors the power to change and mutilate you.

    FA x

  9. There should be mandatory screening for BDD before any cosmetic surgery (except in obvious cases, like disfigurement from a car accident). Then none of this would be permitted.

  10. I'm fat and I'm asthmatic too, as well as a Butch Dyke...and radical self acceptance has helped me to make healthier choices...whether in food, working out more frequently on a regular basis, self and body love, because self-hatred and shame helps NOBODY and leads down to the path of addiction, distortion and nothing good can come out of I said the ONLY ones who benefit are the doctors counting all the cash they get off members of our communities and BENEFITTING from their self hatred and lack of self acceptance. This has NOTHING to do with your friends, it has to do with oneself....

    Even with asthma, I laid down the weed close to 20 years ago, and am now 19 years clean and sober off it or any other addictive substance(with the exception of chocolate).
    There are always ways to improve our relationships to our bodies. Working out has helped my endurance, as well as not being around tobbaco smoke or scents and perfumes and toxic chemicals as much as possible. In the long run it's better not to be around that stuff anyway.

    Radical self-acceptance also means fully owning not just our bodies but our minds and spirits. In so many ways it's like the distorted mirror opposite of women who have their breasts inflated with silicone implants, some of which have burst and had numerous health side effects. So many bio-females and even MTF types are sold a bill of goods that you can't be happy unless you have something done to your body, whether to keep away aging effects(look at all the Hollywood distorted faces after their face lifts), increase or decrease their breast sizes, augmentation or deflation of this body part or another, and the plastic surgeons continue to live in their exclusive neighborhoods with their yachts and boats and privileges while women and those who hate their bodies are left in their same ordinary circumstances living with those side effects or aftereffects, especially if the job is botched. And that includes all the shaming around body size as well.

    Love yourself and your body within, as best as you can,ACCEPT it on the deepest level you can, and ally with those who do, and you'll have no need for that kind of 'fitting in', social control or shelling out bucks for a chemical or surgical solution.

    Women for millenia under patriarchy, whether fat or thin, or inbetween, butch or femme or andro, too masculine, too this too that, or those bio males who are too effeminate to live/survive as males, are sold the same bill of goods that SOMETHING must be done for your 'abnormality', even if the body parts are perfectly healthy. Just leave us the fuck alone, and just let us Butches, Dykes and women be our OWN wild Selves.

  11. Hi,

    If you woke up one morning, and you were still yourself, but you were in a male body, I think most of you would start trying to figure out how to reverse the change. If that meant medical transition, it would start looking like a sane response to an insane situation. And most butches would be just as determined as most femmes. I will admit medical transition is far from perfect.

    If you have to deal with gatekeeping, you might need to change your presentation to match your therapist's ideas. It would be awkward and stressful even if the therapist isn't a misogynist or a heterosexist. It would be easier for you to keep your perspective though, because you would be able to remember who you were as a woman, and you could return to that once the whole mess is finished with. Trans people [specifically MtF] don't have that. And, in general, the ones with the most male privilege face the least gatekeeping.

    It is an impossible situation. Perhaps it would be better to ask what your response, as a feminist, would be to someone who is having her body masculinize and wishes to slow or stop the process instead of accept it. (Possibly because of severe PCOS, severe CAH, or 17ARD). I concede I have none of those conditions; I am simply trans.

  12. Person to cowardly to leave their name,

    "Trans" is "simply" a figment of the imagination with an attempt at fruition through the utilization drugs and mutilation/s.


  13. If you prefer, you can call me Mary.

    A slightly less impossible scenario:

    If a mad pseudoscientist were to abduct you, and to inject you with testosterone, do you think the testosterone would feel wrong? After your escape, do you think you might consider electrolysis or other treatments to reverse the effects?

    Of course the people running the East German olympic teams used to do exactly that. It makes me sick to read about what they did (I'm slightly hostile toward testosterone) but it could be worthwhile to compare how the female survivors responded (to doping) to how trans women have responded (to puberty amd then during transition).

  14. "Mary" clearly you're a troll, when you have something reasonably intelligent to add I'll get back with you. Frankly I have zero time and tolerance of nonsense, especially when housed in unreality.


  15. When I just have watched this video (with your "friend/fan" Aydian Ethan Dowlin ;o), , and I am surprised to hear a lot of those ladies go into top surgeries without seing how it looks like on someone else...
    Apparently some transguys go for top surgeries just after having seen video on youtube, can you believe that ?
    It is just a viral fashion spread by Youtube but an hardcore one...

  16. Anon,

    Will do a weekend post on top mutilation. You should email me sometime, no doubt we'd have lots to discuss.


    ps did you notice the serious receding hairline of my "friend"?

  17. Yes to both :)

    btw, it is Aydian Ethan Dowling. Anyway, the sissy guy is not posting any video anymore on his channel so we cannot see the desert coming on his head ;)

  18. @Dirt, have you seen this video ?