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Friday, May 14, 2010

The Terrorist


"Yes you".

"I'm going to need you to step out of the line please".

"Is there a problem?" You ask with a look of complete annoyance.

I pull my dark blue official security cargo's up a bit at the thick black leather belt and with a cocky air of authority, just to let you know who's in charge, walk over to where you are standing, look you dead in the eye and say "No problem ma'am but I will need for you to step out of line for a random baggage check".

Still standing in line you belligerently ask "Well why out of all these people, am I being randomly TARGETED for a baggage check?"

"Ma'am" I say. "You are not being targeted in any way, now will you please". I raise my voice "STEP OUT OF THE LINE!"

You make a huffy noise to show you're pissed at this inconvenience, then cooperate and step out of the line. I squat slowly down in front of the suitcase you've placed in front of me. As I'm squatting down my eyes take in pieces of you as I go; first your lips, then your neck, I linger briefly at your breasts then continue to your small waist and the pair of very sexy legs jutting from beneath your nearly see through slightly fitted just above the knee black skirt. Once squatted, so that I'm sitting on my legs, I look up at you. Your eyes captivate me for a moment. A cocky smirk flashes across your mouth. I look away quickly, then back to your suitcase trying to concentrate upon my duties. I sense that you can tell I'm a bit flustered. I know now you are aware that you have my attention. You bust out saying all cocky "Can you just get on with it already!" I stumble out an "Of course ma'am" as I open your suitcase.

Before I begin my search, I pull from a pouch attached to my belt, a pair of rubber gloves and as I snap them on you make another huff noise indicating your displeasure at procedure, then blurt out  "Are those", you stress 'THOSE' "absolutely necessary?"

"Ma'am" I say "they are for your protection as well as mine". I continue "Now before I begin my search, do you have any needles or sharp objects that could injure me while I search your bag?"

"Ummmm? NO!" you snort.

Both my hands as well as my eyes sift through your belongings. I wish for a minute that my hands weren't coated in rubber so that I could feel the imagined softness of your many dedicates. I run across several pair of crumpled panties in one area of your suitcase, they are not neatly folded like other items in your bag. I think to myself that they must have been worn already and fight an insane impulse to bring them closer to my nose. Lost in arguing with myself and trying to stay business like, you begin tapping your sleek black high heels loudly in front of me then ask with amusement "See anything you like?”. I glance up at you and see for the first time your bright red painted lips formed into a broad smile. I embarrassingly drop your panties then move on rifling further through your bag. "Everything seems to be in order ma'am" I say as I close then re-latch your suitcase.

I stand up. Only this time I nervously avoid the close examination of your exquisite anatomy that I would have liked. "That it?" You enquire. "Am I free to get back in line?"

"One more thing" I tell you as I retrieve my search wand from its case hooked to my belt. "Just need to do a quick scan of you, then you can be on your merry little way" I say condescendingly. "Oh Perrrrfect!" comes your retort.

I ask you to hold your arms out away from your body while I wave my wand over your person. I get near your waist and the wand beeps loudly. "Probably my belt buckle" you say. "Probably is" I agree. "But I will need you all the same to remove your belt so I can get a clean scan".

"You ARE fucking kidding me?" you belt towards me. "I assure you ma'am that I am NOT!" I smirk. You practically rip your belt off, dropping it onto the floor near my feet, then signal with your hand to scan you again. I do and again the wand goes off. "Is there something else on your person like a belly ring or something that could be setting you off?" I ask, a little annoyed now myself.

"Nothing, I really have no idea what the problem could be". You say less annoyed now and more with a hint of fear in your voice.

"I'm afraid I have no choice but to search you more thoroughly if you wish to get back in line" I explain. "I will need you to escort me back to one of our private search rooms".

"A search room, seriously? Do I look like a fucking terrorist to you?" You practically scream at me. "Ma'am!" I say.  "It is strictly procedure. If you wish to get back in line and continue on your way you will need to come with me NOW!" I bark back at you.

You say nothing more and follow me back to a search room. I let you in first then close and lock the door behind us. "May I ask why you are locking the door?" You ask sheepishly. "You don't wanna be in your skivvies and have another guard walk in do you?" I ask. "No, I certainly do not" you reply.

"Here is what I need for you to do ma'am", I say. "Remove one article of clothing at a time starting with your top and I will check each piece as you remove them".

You oh so slowly begin unbuttoning your soft baby pink blouse in a seemingly striptease fashion. I can't tell if you are doing it on purpose or just calculating each button as you go. You remove your blouse and hand it to me. I sneak a brief peek at your breasts held firmly in your pink lacy bra, then turn around and place your blouse on the table in the room and wave my wand over it. No response from the wand. When I look back to you, you already have your skirt removed stretching towards me with it in hand. I place the skirt on the table near your blouse, wand over it, again, no response. "Can you please raise your arms again, I'll wave you over once more" I say. Still silent, you obediently raise up your arms. I wave my wand back over you looking your breasts over again as I do so. I must be staring because I hear you say "Take a picture it last longer". I glance from your beautiful breasts up to your smiling eyes and then continue with the wand. I get to your mid section again, and again the wand begins loudly beeping.

"I don't fucking believe this" you yell.

"Ma'am please calm down" I utter.

"Fine! Now what? My fucking bra and panties?" you query.

"That may not be necessary ma'am". "I need you to turn towards the wall so I can do a pat down". I say casually.

"This is so stupid" you protest.

"It may be stupid ma'am but it’s the law" I vaunt.

You turn towards the wall. I ask you to put your hands on the wall and spread your legs. You haven't spread them far enough for a proper pat down, so I gently tap each foot, still housed in their high heels, with my black boots till your legs are where I want them. You feel my rubbery gloved hands as I begin patting you down. I pat around the back of your bra straps, reaching right around to the front of your filled to the brim bra and lightly cup each of your more than ample breasts. I feel your nipples harden in my gloved hands and hear a near inaudible moan slip from your pretty mouth. I move down to your panties, lightly cupping your buttocks with my pats, then reach around towards the front of your panties with my right hand running it along the line of your pussy. I can see you visibly quiver when I press my fingers into your clitoris. You regain your composure. "Satisfied then?" You ask, breaking both the silence and the tension. "Not quite" I say, "we still have the little problem of my wand going off, and I'm sorry since the pat down didn’t provide any answers I have no recourse but to subject you to a full strip search".

Turning halfway back around you've already unlatched your bra and smoothly removed it along with your silk black panties with a slight of hand Houdini would have been envious of. Then hold both items out for my inspection. I take your delicates and place them on the table near your skirt and blouse while you patiently wait naked except for the heels you've managed to keep on. I scan your under things and my wand remains silent. I turn back towards you trying to look you in the eye rather than at your naked body before me. You look at me and shrug. I walk back over to you gesture for you to once again raise your arms and one last time. I wave the wand down your naked body. When I reach your nether regions the wand screams out its Beep! Beep! Beep! "I swear" you stammer pleadingly. "I swear I am not hiding anything!"
As I have a job to do and a country to protect I ignore your plea and demand you turn towards the wall. You obey without protest putting both hands on the wall and spreading your legs appropriately. You hear the snap of my rubber gloves as I remove them; you watch them as they come into your view when they land on the floor next to you. I reach around you taking a breast in each of my hands, without the gloves on I finally feel how flower-petal soft your skin is. Your nipples quickly harden in my hands as I tease them lightly between both thumb and forefinger.

I squeeze both breasts firmly. You moan a bit louder now. While keeping my left hand on your breast I slide my right hand down to your pussy. I slide just my middle finger into the top of your pussy and feel your wetness. My finger slips easily down and around your excited clitoris, making its way to your silky wet vagina. I'm not sure who is in control, you or your body, but one of you begins trying to fuck the finger I'm holding just inside of you. I put both my first and middle fingers together and follow your lead as we both slip them deep into your pussy. I don't move and let you slowly fuck my fingers for a few minutes. Your pace and breath in a seeming race for some unknown finish line. Before letting you get too close to that line I abruptly pull my fingers out of you. You gasp.

I gently push the upper area of your back towards the wall with my left hand so that you are nearly bent over. "I need to do a deeper search" I command. "Yes please", comes your reply. I slide the same two fingers into your well and ready pussy from behind you. You arch your back even more and I feel you push off the wall with your arms towards my hand. I very slowly while grabbing a fistful of the back of your hair with my left hand start fucking you with my right. Slowly at first but with a definite purpose, I quicken my pace and your body follows along.

"You like that?" I ask.

"Oh god yes!" you pant.

"You want me to stop?" I ask you

"No PLEASE. Don't stop" you beg.

I stop. Let go of your hair and remove my fingers. You turn around searching my eyes for answers. "Turn back around ma'am" I say back in my authoritative voice. You comply with a pout. I continue; "Ma'am I need you to stay turned around and remain still. I need to employ another means in order to perform a deeper cavity search".

From my vantage point I can see your pussy glistening with your wetness. You are still breathing somewhat hard, I see you straining with your ears trying to figure out what's next. I undue my belt and remove it, tossing it near where the gloves are still laying. I can see you hear the sound of the zipper on my pants. I reach in and pull out my strapped cock. I slide the cock into your wetness. Then move it back and forth a bit around your opening. I step closer to you. Then move the cock into the line of your pussy leading up to your clit. You hum out a quiet pleasing moan when I do this and I think to myself 'if you like that I'm really going to make you sing'. I move the cock around your clit then back down to the opening of your vagina.

I plunge my cock straight into you, "OH MY GOD!" you scream. I hold it there while I feel your breasts and tease your nipples some more. "Please fuck me" you beg. I say nothing and pull the cock nearly out then plunge in back into you as deep as I can. I do this very slowly for a minute or so. Then I can’t wait any longer myself. I start fucking you with a good quick pace and medium strokes. As we're both getting more and more excited I slow my pace and with each push, thrusting with my whole body while holding your hips for better control. I fuck you harder and faster, and I can’t tell now your moans from mine. Harder and faster is all I know, all I can think. Still holding onto your hips, I spin you around so that you are bent over the table draped with your clothes. I position myself close behind you and continue wildly fucking you.

"Officer, Officer!" you break our moans.

"What? What’s wrong?" I ask still fucking you.

"Stop! I wanna turn around" you ask.

I stop and pull the cock out of you and step back. You turn around looking completely disheveled. I smile. You look serious. You turn around just long enough to remove the clothes from the table then with a quick move sit on the edge of the table. "Come here" You say seductively. “I wanna see your eyes while you're fucking me". I move closer to you, slide my cock in you again and you wrap your legs tightly around my backside pulling me in further. I slowly fuck you while I start kissing you. I kiss your eyes, your cheeks, trail light kisses on your lips, your neck. You guide my face back to your lips; we kiss, harder and deeper.

I am so turned on I pull away from your kiss so I can concentrate on our fucking. We both watch for a moment as my cock moves in and out of your pussy over and over. I can tell you are nearly ready to come. I fuck you as fast and as hard as I can, sweat falling off in beads around us. I come hard; it feels like something has shaken the ground beneath me. You tighten the grip you have on my body with your legs to steady me. I manage to continue thrusting into you, not as fast or hard but at a good pace. When you see I'm okay you close your eyes and lean back on the table. I start fucking you harder again, you moan louder and louder. I lick my index finger on my right hand and while fucking you and touch your clitoris with it. This nearly sends you over the top.  "Don't stop, don't stop" you scream as you get closer and closer to orgasm. Your voice is getting higher and higher with each thrust. You make one last moan that is so high pitched I can barely hear it. Your body flutters with waves of pleasure; you squeeze my waist with your legs pulling me tight to you.

You rise back up and sweetly kiss me.

"Happy Tenth Anniversary baby" I whisper breathlessly through our kisses.



  1. Dirt,

    That was your best ‘story’ to date.

    Don't know what is hotter; the story or the image of your hot body in that officer's uniform.

    Will Officer Dirt be on duty when the next international flight arrives? I'll make sure I'm on it wearing my sexiest best and carrying loads of contraband on and in my person for you to

    FA x

  2. FA,

    You are without a doubt the best thing to happen to me in more years than I can remember, now spread 'em!


  3. I give you the lesbian O'Henry award for best lesbian surprise ending! Wow, a lesbian who can tell a great story! And I love women in uniform!

  4. Nothing hotter than a Dyke uniform story! You're quite the Top in this hot story! Excellent! She was one lucky femme! You could submit this story and probably get it printed it's so well written!


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