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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Where's the Butch?

No really, where's the Butch? There is no Butch in this picture, what there is instead is an idea of Butch made palatable through a dyke performing that Butch idea, an idea based in ignorance and Butch stereotyping all in efforts to commodify and sell "butch" to a mass lesbian consumer. Much in the same way "lesbian" has been marketed and sold to men through pornography. But two hyper-feminine women with long nails fingering each other or taking turns muff diving doesn't float as lesbian anymore than a random lesbian strapped floats as Butch!

Lets examine this "butch & femme" pic a little closer shall we?

Just because Butch women have been open about their desire to strap and Femme lesbians have been honest about their desire to be fucked in no way signifies Femme/Butch as the only lesbians utilizing the "look ma no hands" approach to lesbian sex! We just happen to be the primary group of lesbians evolved past the neanderthalic object in vag equals hetero mimicry. The fact is dykes of all stripes strap and/or enjoy being fucked by a strapping partner. So that hint of leather strap seen in this pic is in no way a clear Butch signifier! Strike one for the Butch consumer fetishists!

The "Femme" in this pic on her knees in front of the strapped "butch" implies "blow job" which is a sexual act that has been strapped to the Femme/Butch community by mainstream lesbians. Just as strapping itself is labeled something only Butch women do and something Femmes have done to them, so to has "blow job" been solely attributed to Femme/Butch, with Femme's sucking and Butches receiving. Like strapping itself all stripes of lesbians partake in the lesbian "blow job", and like I mentioned above it is primarily only the Femme/Butch community that admits to enjoying this visual because mainstream lesbians fear rejection for enjoying what is ignorantly believed to be a heterosexual act. If it is between two women there aint a fucking thing hetero about it! Just as some lesbians like watching their partner suck their fingers down to their knuckles so to do many lesbians enjoy watching their partner wet their rubber cock with their lips and mouths. Getting your rubber cock sucked doesn't equal Butch! Butch has zero to do with what sexual acts you enjoy performing or having done to you. Strike two for the consumer fetishists!

Short hair, is the only other feature about this woman that could be construed as Butch. While I bet more Butch women have short hair than Butches with long, long hair is not an automatic signifier for non Butch anymore than short hair is an indicator for Butch (case in point above). Short hair doesn't make the Butch, it may have an appearance (based in societal gender construction) of making a Butch seem a tad more butch, but it in no way does it make her a Butch! Butch stands on its own, hair or clothes irrelevant. Strike three you're out Butch consumer fetishist!

There is an energy that is exuded from Butch women, one that reaches up and out of our hair, our clothes and into how we move, talk, gesture. One that the reaches out even in still photos, an energy that is absent here as any Femme can attest. This isnt "Butch & Femme" because the Butch is clearly absent and in her place is an idea based in generalities and toned down for public lesbian consumption.


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