More Butch Erasure/Destruction in the name of "queer community building"

Received this in a message on my facebook a few days ago, from some group I joined last year some time CLAIMING to be "butch-femme". I say claiming because clearly were this a true blue Femme/Butch group this woman's message wouldnt have been spammed to all its members with no fucking regard. It would have been stop dead in its fucking negative illegitimate Butch destructive tracks and the sender would have been told in no uncertain terms where to put her "queer" idiot notions of "butch"!

One could say "but dirt she does say "butch identified", yes, EXACTLY and therein lies the fucking problem! Its the fucking equivalent of someone starting a "black identified" group and looking for "black identified" experience and validating the experiences of the copious amounts of disaffected white male youths who would join with their baggie jeans wrapped 'round their lower hips, their doo-rags on their heads and sporting some FUBU's on their feet with their MP3 players chock full of gangsta-rap! The fact IS like a "black experience" or any minority experience there IS a Butch experience because there ARE Butch women! Anyone can "identify" as Butch, and have and do and are all damn the time. Butch isnt something one "identifies" as it is something some of us actually ARE! And when the "fluid queer" PC infested foster ideas that Butch is something anyone can do by merely calling themselves "butch", Butch gets diluted into a "queer" pool of nothingness, unrecognizable nearly to all save the Femmes who SEE and desire us!

This woman is wanting to create some resource book for "butches" utilizing experiences by anyone from your jeans and tshirt wearing female gay or straight to ftMISOGYNIST! Think of the alien and in some cases harmful messages that would be collected there, then think of the baby Butch first coming out trying to find herself through finding other women like her and reading stories of women shamefully binding their tits, women beg borrowing or stealing to lay their hands on some "t" not even because they want to be "men" because they cannot stand the shame that reminds them once a month that they are women, think of women using male pronouns to describe themselves, think of "queer femmes" discussing how they desire "masculinity" and applying the male "masculinity" term to those THEY deem "butch" etc etc.

Then to top it off the woman closes her request by mentioning "s. bear bergman" and her HORRIBLE excuse for a book about "butches"! Firstly this s bear woman is an ftMISOGYNYST but before that she was your run of the mill tweener dyke (feel free to google past pics if you doubt me) usurping the Butch label and when she couldn't manage to squeeze herself into Butch, like so many tweener dykes before and after her, she trannified in search of Butch only to find masculinity instead, still NOT Butch!

If you are a Butch or Femme and believe and live the authenticity of Femme/Butch, if you are a member of the facebook group that spammed this message let the spammer know there are REAL Butch women with REAL Butch lives with REAL Femmes who love and adore us, be silent no more! You have a voice, use that voice and have a fucking say!

I am, with this post, as well as subtracting myself from a group that clearly doesnt have my best Butch woman interest and the interest of Butch women period in mind!

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  1. I love how FUBU is one of the post's tags. Do you think that the creator of this project would accept a contribution from someone with your views - very strong, very definitive, and going against the current QT grain? So that there would be that voice there that a Baby Butch would hear?

  2. DD,

    I dont believe so without massive editing. They would be too fearful of using the writings of a "transphobe".

    Funny though, FA and I had a similar discussion the middle of last night, regarding publishing my stuff period.


  3. Dirt, you have cleverly highlighted what is problematic about the appropriation of Butch identity by anyone and everyone, under the misguided claims of ‘fluidity’ held by those proclaiming allegiance to Queer politics and theory. If we consider the definition of GID (the assessment tool used by medicos and trans people to help assign ‘desired’ gender or gender presentation) to undergo transition, one must see themselves as the ‘opposite gender’ in this case FTM=MALE. So, anyone who did identify as ‘Butch’ or ‘butch’ prior to transition were, by the GID classification, merely a man in a women’s body and NOT a Butch or butch woman. Therefore, your criticisms of S. Bearman, are justifiable and accurate considering his medical history/pathology; he was not and will never be a Butch or butch woman. He may now chose to identify as a ‘butch acting man’ but he is certainly NOT a Butch now and never was and has NO right to act as an advocate for Butch women as, according to his pathology, he was a man trapped in a woman’s body.

    Hmmm. After re-reading the 'Butch' book in question, I have to offer the following:

    You cannot challenge the foundations of essentialism on the one hand, use its tools and mechanisms to access the means to transition on the other, while continuing to claim a gender fluid or gender queer or trans identity and holding on for dear life to a ‘Butch’ (anchored in female) notions of self. If you believe that you are ‘the opposite sex to the one you were born’ then (in the author’s case) you are male and your ‘Butch’ identity is actually a male identity waiting to be liberated from the confines of your female shell. In this sense, by submitting to the pharmaceutical and surgical necessities required for you to achieve the body or external appearance you desire, your identity is and never was ‘queer’ or lesbian or female, but is therefore, by your own resignation to a GID classification, a male/masculine gender and identity.

    FA x

  4. FA,

    A brilliant comment from a brilliant beautiful Femme. And I say that with complete


  5. Femme Avenger,

    I think you speak for us all. There's something just plain wrong when people who see themselves as male, or see themselves as anything but female, are defining butch for the rest of the world.

    It doesn't matter whether they are "really" male, "really" female, or "really" somewhere in-between; whatever they are, they really aren't butch.

    I think we may need to use trans concepts against queer/trans politics. I mean, to start talking about how intensely right our bodies can feel, or about how pressures may make them feel wrong at times *but not forever*. I mean, to start asserting our female [gender] identity, to show how deeply every way of being a lesbian is a way of being a woman, and to point out that those who think of themselves as men cannot at the same time, think of shared spaces as women's spaces: either they think of themselves as intruders, or they think of lesbian spaces as open to men.

  6. Dirt, thank you ;-)

    Agreed Anon,

    Read comments on a FaceBook page today where a Femme Lesbian asserts her claim to ownership of womyn-born-womyn lesbian spaces, advising ‘trans guys’ ‘trans butch’ ‘FTM’ etcetera that lesbians fought hard for their spaces, and FTMs should either create their own spaces or walk the talk and go into the world as the men they want to be or pass as. The reply she received from the ‘trans butch’ and FTMs for arguing exclusivity of lesbian spaces and not allowing them in was she was a labeled a ‘hater’.

    This cry of ‘hater’ reminded me of the rhetoric used by men again women in the first and second wave feminist movements. When men and patriarchy was called to into question and women wanted to claim rights for themselves, they were accused of being ‘men haters’; because they dared to fight for their own rights as women and claim space that was reserved for them. Sadly, not much has changed, although the new war cry is ‘trans hater’. Women try to claim ownership of their own spaces, and when they try to maintain these sacred spaces, they are called ‘haters’ for daring to claim something for themselves.

    Women have been expected to carry the weight of male oppression, the responsibility for their immoral behaviour, their violence and rape, clean up after them, have their children, validate their sexuality and masculinity, and generally make themselves available to men. As well as all this baggage, women are now expected to play charity worker to the FTMs that still want to hold on to lesbian and womyn only spaces despite adopting male names, name pronouns, taking Testosterone, fucking each other as well as gay men, and walking in the world as men.

    This chauvinism needs to be exposed for what it is, and trans men/butches/queers have to look in the mirror, just like all men in this world, and see that not everything in this life is about them and the needs and wants of their gender.

    FA x

  7. @ fa

    Yes, there's a huge fucking problem when people who see themselves as female-identified or lesbians or butches or as anything but male start trying to define ftm's.


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