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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter one and All!



  1. Interesting, Dirt.

    You love to piss and moan about capital B Butches being misunderstood, but yet you can utterly disrespect anyone who follows Christianity to whatever degree they can or want. I believe that is called a double standard.

    I've been crapped on by many so-called "Christians", but that doesn't take away from the message and example of Jesus. I am very offended by your "joke".

    I am a femme and am proud to be so; and right now I am disgusted by your lack of sensitivity to others.

    You've stood up for people, you've walked a very rough road in this world; you're trying to educate people to be more understanding of each other, and then you take another's efforts and make a joke of it. WTF??!!!

  2. Sorry but you've lost me. Dont see wishing folks a happy-I-love-chocolate-eggs-and-bunny day as a "joke".

    Besides "jesus died for somebody's sins, but mine. My sins my own, they belong to ME"!


  3. well, i thought it was pretty funny. "muthafuckas" made me LOL. happy easter dirt. thanks.

  4. I thought it was quite amusing. Quite! Reminds of the stuff on the Jesus Loves You tumblr.

    I'll have to worry more about Christian sensitivities when Christians aren't trying to put gay people to death in Jesus' name in Africa or denying condoms and birth control in his name everywhere, or raping little kids in his name....

  5. FCM/DD,

    Apparently the hypocrisy of commercialism/consumerism of Easter seems to have escape anon.


    ps eat another chocolate bunny for jesus!

  6. Anonymous,

    As a Christian, lesbian, and pacifist, I found the pic slightly annoying, not anywhere near as offensive as the appropriation of Christianity by the religious right.

    Just know that you're not alone. We have spent too long being too afraid to speak.


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