Monday, April 12, 2010

"Feminist" Bookstore lends resources in the destruction of Women

I realize women partake in their own destruction under patriarchal systems through the means of internal and external misogyny in ways both subtle and blatant, but NEVER until now have I seen that (in this case blatant) misogynistic destruction labeled "feminist" AND supported under the label "feminism"!!!


There are two major issues at work here: 1) a woman's space lending itself to ftMISOGYNY and that space using/abusing feminism to do so. Which creates a whole other issue, women not versed in feminism being led to believe that what this bookstore is doing IS feminist! Feminism is dismantling patriarchal systems which harm women through sexism, inequality, job opportunity, rape culture and YES over all MISOGYNY! You cannot call aiding women in their own destruction FEMINIST just because it is other women behind that destruction!

While I cannot quite pin point it I do know it was somewhere around "queer theory" that feminism took a sharp turn on Turn-for the-Worst drive and has hardly been heard from since. Feminism was founded in the idea of choice, in the idea to open up opportunities for women so that they may have choices, but when a woman makes a choice to harm herself the feminist choice shouldn't be to hand her the tools with which to do so! THAT AINT FEMINIST! Feminism would have examined her feelings, her situation, her personal history through feminism and helped her to understand that even her "choice" in her own destruction wasn't in fact a choice at all! But merely another patriarchal brick in wall used to control, house and ultimately destroy women (feminist minded especially)!

There has NEVER been anything feminist about women choosing under patriarchal systems to have themselves whittled into mannish monstrosities and it certainly isnt fucking feminist to aid women in doing so! That bookstore should not only be fucking ASHAMED it should rightfully cease calling itself a "feminist" bookstore!


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  1. I live in Portland and can tell you that this bookstore is ridiculous. It's run and staffed by the same kind of self-serving academic "feminists" that have hacked the movement almost from the beginning, making themselves completely irrelevant to real women's lives, and also actively pushing and participating in other real women's oppression.

    People like these are the reason so few will call themselves "feminist" any longer, and the reason that even people who support women's choice and lives and so on do not support "feminism".

    You should also know that in Portland the "trans" people have also taken over the annual Dyke March (in addition to their new trannie march), and have also taken over the bars, butch groups, and so on.

    In Portland, you don't call yourself "feminist" or even "butch" unless you want to be associated with the ridiculous and self-hating. There are no public spaces for women in Portland any longer - that is, unless you're a self-hating woman who wants to push self-hate onto other women, or a man who wants to be a "better" woman than any real woman could ever be.

    Portland sucks. Move on if you're looking for somewhere real.

  2. "... but when a woman makes a choice to harm herself the feminist choice shouldn't be to hand her the tools with which to do so! THAT AINT FEMINIST! "

    What is so difficult about this for womyn to understand? I sometimes feee so frustrated for my sisters who embrace ftMisogyny and misogyny in general so happily under the false guise of "choice"

  3. I was just floored by this. And what about women who need real health care? What about the fundraising to help lesbians get basic health care? Money for housing and jobs? Why can't we take care of our own? Instead, we get hijacked by academic feminists, well women who have hijacked the word "feminism." This is mutilation... and it will be seen as utter barbarism as time goes on.

    Portland, I was shocked, just shocked. But what I believe is behind this, is women's spaces are really economically on the ropes, and so in desparation, they have opened them to men and MTFs, etc. The real thing is the economic starvation of lesbian spaces and their desparate struggle to stay in business. That's what the real bottom line is. And lesbians have a really hard time staying in business and supporting lesbian businesses.

  4. This is sort of off-the topic but given what's said about Portland here, is there a city / metro area in the US where there are still women's spaces, lesbian spaces that haven't been co-opted? I'd always heard that Portland was a good city for lesbians.

  5. This is just terrible and agree with Anon, where's the fund raising for lesbian health care, breast cancer treatment, heart disease prevention, support and counselling services, ....???


    FA x

  6. NOT. And all the Feminist bookstores in the SF Bay Area have disappeared, and even the Gay bookstore in the Castro has become nothing more than a porn shop/glossy picture fluff store, the good books, whether dyke, gay male, leather or any other aspect of the Lesbian/Gay community has been completely gutted of quality writers, mags and much so that I don't go into it anymore....seems like it's becoming Fahrenheit 451 in the Gay/Queer community and nobody wants to read anything incisive anymore of any import. WITHOUT a community space like a Feminist/Women's/Lesbian oriented Bookstore, which were ALWAYS more than just merely bookstores, but mini community centers for us, for authors, artists, and workshop leaders, and even women's rituals and small venue Lesbian musicians, this has all disappeared as a community focal point to the point where there is NO Lesbian community focal point altogether! Everything has fucking queerified and we've become next to invisible!

    So, even though this bookstore is giving to the other, into the self-hate to survive, the rest have effectively disappeared.

  7. Part Two
    Part of the reason our Lesbian/Women's/Feminist/Dyke cultural spaces have disappeared is because of the economy, being starved out, because of our own name against us, what a cooptation!)and dykes buying thru commercial venues like and Barnes and Nobles, instead of supporting our independents and lesbian/women's/feminist bookstores, AND the trans movement which has so effectively dismantled and destroyed women's and lesbian space after space....
    Mama Bears, Old Wives Tales, WomonCrafts West, Boadecia's, SisterSpirit, the women's bookstore in Santa Cruz, Whiptail Lizard Lounge, Changemakers, A Room of Our Own, (gay/lesbian bookstore in Sacramento, not sure if that's the right name), community bookstore after bookstore and space has disappeared from us. Without spaces that we can call our own, there IS no community left for is disjointed and jumbled, and we have nowhere's to learn and get new information or support our artists, musicians and authors. That spells the death knell of our they give in to cooptation to barely survive..just for a minute before the final blow....