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Sunday, April 25, 2010


I am sick to death of hearing about "transphobia" and no more thrilled with hearing about "homophobia". The fact is the foundation, the walls, windows and doors housing both phobia's is fucking MISOGYNY! Why is it that all these liberal types, "queer" gender-fluid types, do gooder types and why-cant-we-all-suck-each-others-cock academic types NEVER mention femalephobia? They all run off at the mouth or pen about transphobia/homophobia, but zilch about femalephobia.

Lets look for a moment at homophobia? First the "homo" in homophobia is taken from the prefix "homo" from HOMOsexual, which we all know means: gay male. Are you seeing the femalephobia here folks? Where the fuck do lesbians fit in to that with any degree of legitimacy? Lesbians are SILENTLY and facelessly slotted into homophobia. Not taking into account that there are very distinct differences between the prejudices lesbians face because lesbians are after all, WOMEN! We do NOT possess penis's and therefore do NOT profit from the cock privileges gay males do and the benefits they reap as a result!

Now when gay men encounter hate and prejudices, what is it exactly that they are encountering? What is it about gay men that straight men find so threatening, that in some cases some feel the need to bash gay men to death over? When a gay man is being pummeled in a gay-bashing, who or what is the basher trying to kill (expel?)? The short answer to all three questions is: woman.

In hetero society gay men are not viewed as active in the sexual sense. What comes to the minds of hetero-society if they must think about gay male sex at all is gay males in a passive sexual role, (1) whether that is constant or passive as in taking it in turns, meaning some guy is getting fucked at some point. Under the rules of patriarchy's compulsory heterosexualism ONLY women get fucked so that getting fucked under patriarchy implies being passive, which implies only women are passive. So if a man is getting fucked he is being passive i.e. being a woman, add the pathological hatred of women through all patriarchal regimes and a man getting fucked is the worse possible offense he can commit as a man against patriarchy! Women serve a purpose when getting fucked and women have no choice in being women, but men DO have a choice and when they choose to be women through the practice of being fucked they deserve to have there "MANgina's" kicked or worse, be beaten to death. So the threat of homosexuality isnt the threat of men loving men, it is the threat of men sullying themselves by enjoying acts that lower them to the depths of woman. FEMALEPHOBIA, NOT HOMOPHOBIA!

Lets look now at transphobia, through viewing both Mtf's and ftM's, beginning with Mtf's first since the hate and prejudice they experience is for similar reasons to that of gay men. Most "trans" bashings/deaths that occur are of Mtf's whose sexuality is homosexuality, so that after transition they continue to seek out male partners. But in their current pseudo "f" state the men they seek out as lovers or partners are straight men. The bashing or deaths usually happen when the straight male partner is told or discovers their "woman" is really an Mtf (male). The straight male's homophobia (which is really femalephobia) kicks in and they react by bashing and sometimes killing the Mtf and most ignorantly feel justified in doing so. It is acceptable for a man in our society to hit another man and because the man being hit has relinquished and debased his manhood by plummeting it to the depths of "woman"hood, he doesn't (under patriarchy) deserve to live. Femalephobia through homophobia through transphobia still equals FEMALEPHOBIA!

The majority of males who transition however are straight, white, middle class (middle aged) men, many whom are married with children. These men are usually established in the workforce and many continue on excelling in their chosen fields because unlike the homosexual Mtf's, the straight Mtf's "M" completely overrides his "f". Meaning no amount of hormones, surgeries, dress, voice lessons, how to walk like a woman lessons (afforded by his good position) etc can begin to cover his masculinity, therefore his "M" while in his mind may have taken a backseat to his current "f", in the reality of all those around him, HE (M) is still very much in the drivers seat. So because the "M" for these Mtf's remains a constant in appearance, actions and given that their sexuality is (2) grounded in compulsory heterosexuality (female partners/married) these Mtf's arent a threat to hetero-patriarchy and because of this, they hold onto much of their male given male privilege.

So much so that they utilize both their male privilege and their chosen "f" identity to gain access to private womens area's in a way only other men fucking dream about. The same misogynistic impulses guiding most men, guide straight Mtf's three dimensionally. Their desire to "become" a woman isnt about an over identification of love for women, it is a pathological hatred to show women up because in their femalephobic minds they are creating the masturbatory idea of "woman" that all straight men dream and of which few women provide or can provide. How many times have feminists who question straight Mtf's legitimacy as female been told by Mtf's that they are more "woman" than the feminist woman that they are arguing with! To the the hetero Mtf's mind, like their typical male counterparts, if a woman isnt masturbation material (including themselves) she either isnt womanly enough or a woman at all. So for the straight Mtf (male) the "f" is merely another device used as a means to exploit women, the (f) doesn't stand for female, it stands for FEMALEPHOBIA!

Now with regards to ftMs and any hate, prejudices and rejections they face (ignoring the femalephobia behind their transition of course). Once the male hormones take a medium affect on the female body and ftM's enter the "passing" phase, in general society they have little trouble and gain a certain amount of male power and male privilege not afforded to other women. Their issues usually arise more in the dating field than workforce or higher education. They are rejected by both straight women/gay men for not being "real" men and they are rejected by lesbians for no longer being "real" women. In any case they are rejected for their degree of femaleness, not because they are trans/men. The problem again like that of Mtf's is the (f) in ftM, signaling like a railroad crossing: FEMALEPHOBIA!

The short of it is, were femalephobia eradicated there would no longer exist homophobia or transphobia. But instead of working toward a female love, respect and equality in and out the LGBTLMNOP, gay men still remain invested only in gay male issues just as the trans community is only invested in trans issues. Where Femalephobia is king, females cannot even finish last, because we're still patriarchally prevented from entering the fucking (human) race!


(1) Straight men specifically try to mentally hold gay men in what they deem the passive role of being the fuckie. Straight men fear even the "faggoty faggot" because regardless of how "queenie" the gay male may be, he has a penis which has the power to become erect. Hetero patriarchy believes both consciously and unconsciously that their power as men comes from their (biological) ability to achieve an erection (and how many times a day must we see an ED commercial), but erections being biological are achieved by gay men as well. Given that we live in a rape culture and the weapon of choice used for rape IS usually a penis and the victims usually women, straight men when confronted with gay men or the idea of sex between men feel consciously or unconsciously vulnerable to rape or the idea of themselves being raped, which again boils down to femalephobia. In the minds (and still many court systems) rape is something that men perpetrate on women, therefore if a man is raped he has been lowered to the degrading, horrific status of woman.

(2) Straight Mtfs at a certain point on female hormones will experience a change in their strict hetero desires and experience a desire to have sex with men. Remember hormones also change brain structure and this is a likely reason for the change in sexual interests. But because many Mtf's habour the same homophobic feelings as the general straight man, if they have sex with men it will be kept "on the down low", hidden from all including the wives/girlfriends who may still be in the picture.


  1. Pretty simple: straight men fear gay men, because they fear being taken sexually advantage of by another man. Straight men see no problem in sexually go after women who are sick and tired of this, yet have a man do it, and gay bashing, killing etc.-- all the stuff that men do because they can't take what they dish out.

    It all boils down to men not wanting to be thought of as subhuman (that is women), thus it is all about the hatred of the female. Bingo, pass go, collect $200

  2. Dirt,

    I have encountered conflicting claims about sex hormones and sexual orientation.

    In particular, I have read that early sexologists attempted to use testosterone to "cure" homosexual men. I have heard anecdotal claims that MtFs develop an attraction to men while on estrogen, but also that FtMs develop an attraction to men while on testosterone.

    Alternatively, those MtFs and FtMs may have been bisexual or male-oriented all along, but found social benefits in straight or lesbian circles, respectively.

    Finally, it may be important that MtFs and FtMs develop an idea of the ideal woman or the ideal man, respectively, before experiencing an approximation of women's or men's day-to-day lives, respectively. That may explain the fact that MtFs who considered themselves straight almost never consider themselves feminists, and those who consider themselves lesbian almost always consider themselves feminists. Perhaps the first group of MtFs had fixated on the hetero-normative expectations about women, and had changed their sexual orientation to match. Perhaps the second group of MtFs had fixated on an idea of what they saw as strong women, and had NOT needed to change their sexual orientation; they remained straight and considered themselves lesbians.

  3. I completely agree about the femalephobia...great post and analysis. and on top of that, even deeper, is lesbophobia..something the straight MTF's try to achieve but never can, because they relate to us Dykes just like they related to their hetero women they often married or controlled...LIKE HET MEN! And many Dykes don't want to deal with het men or the formerly male,now cosmetically then the default becomes that many MTF's, just like FTM's then date each other, or bisexual women, who can handle a 'bit of both', and both have felt left out of homosexual/lesbian culture, and now INSIST on their way to both our spaces and gay male spaces...there are some gay males just as upset with the FTM's crashing their spaces as we are with the MTF's coopting and crashing ours, and INSISTING we cater to their every need, like their trained hetero women did.

    If we don't or we question them, we're accused of 'transphobia'. Same is true if we question the FTM's who are now lauding their new 'male' status over us, while INSISTING on still staying in our dyke spaces!


  4. I don't wish to be overly pedantic, but the homo, in homosexual is derived from the greek 'the same' rather than the latin for 'man'. So it doesn't mean someone who's attracted to men, it means someone who's attracted to the same sex.

    Similarly "heteros" means different therefore heterosexual = attracted to a different sex.

  5. Apparently you do Polly.


  6. This is TRUTH.

    Everyone is scared of and hates women.

    I have long known this to be true as well, but it has recently hit me in the head (again):

    The most radical thing any of us can do is to LOVE VAGINA. Other women's, and especially our own.

  7. StillinhighschoolJuly 28, 2010 at 4:10 PM

    Obviously femalephobia only exists because men are insecure and afraid of what they do to women. It also stems from the whole mindset they have that they have the right to enslave women. There's no cure for this since the male egomania will always exist. In school I put up with femalephobia every day, and it's annoying, but I've resigned to it as a fact of life.

  8. Great post Dirt!

    There is kerfuffle over one of your sentences, it is more of a grammatical oversight:

    but men DO have a choice and when they choose to be women through the practice of being fucked they deserve to have there "MANgina's" kicked or worse be beaten to death.

    Probably should read something along the lines of:
    ...are seen to deserve [by straight dudes] to have their ...

    The kerfuffle was on facebutt. Just thought I would let you know in case you had not seen it. I knew what you meant!

  9. Thank you Dirt. There's a question I've been struggling with for a very long time and this post helped me to answer it.

    I may not necessarily agree with every single one of your assertations, but at least your attempt to explain several ideas and tie them together provided me a missing clue.

    Thank you.


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