Monday, April 19, 2010

Binding and Butch Posers

A Femme sister looking out for us Butches sent me this link recently in one of her many searches to help ferret out and bring to light some of the many Butch posers across the net colonizing Butch identity and farming out harmful, ignorant and untruthful "advice".

If you watch this video, this dyke (clearly NOT Butch) is advocating Butch women "bind" their tits because large or small they may "freak out" your Femme. WHA? Last I heard Femme lesbians are lesbians and as lesbians love and enjoy Butch breast! They do not "freak out", they adore, they cherish, they desire, they want, they need Butch breast!

This is more of the same "queer" garbage being piled into Femme/Butch communities by "queer butches and queer femme", which translates to fucked up insecure dykes and equally fucked up insecure straight women! THIS IS NOT BUTCH OR FEMME! DO NOT BE FOOLED BY IDIOTS! AND DO NOT LET IDIOTS SHAME YOU INTO HATING THE BEAUTY OF YOUR BODY, BREAST INCLUDED!

Breast are NOT unbutch, breast are COMPLETELY Butch! The fact is no breast equals no Butch! (of course I am not speaking of Butches who have had to have their breast removed because of cancer-my heart is with them)

This binding business not only reinforces the ignorant notions than Butch women arent women it is also physically DANGEROUS! 

Here is a list of just a few of those dangers:

* Bruised and/or Fractured Ribs
* Lung Problems
* Back Problems
* Vessel and tissue damage
* Decreased blood flow to the heart, increasing the risk of a heart attack
* Decreased lung capacity (30-40% capacity)
* Blood Clots
* Costochondritis - Inflammation of the ribs
* Permanent loss of sensation/numbness of the chest area

* Death

Binding is unnecessary and BAD. No Proud Butch woman would dare do it. If you are Butch and feeling insecure and body dysphoric because of your breast, try instead of hiding them, living with them. You will find once you live with them without daily focusing on/hating them and trying to cover them that you will accept them. Once you accept them, after a spell you will begin to love them. (yes Butches loving your breast IS possible) And after you learn to love them you just might find yourself allowing your partner to love them too which opens up the door not only to some pleasures they may hold but a closer more intimate relationship with your partner. Its a win win!

You cannot fight Butch shame by compounding it! THIS IS A FUCKING MYTH!





ps dont forget Femme's love breast as much as you do Butches! 

pps if someone calling themselves "Femme" doesnt desire your Butch breast, chances are they arent Femme!
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  1. May I link to this on my blog, please?! I hate binding!

  2. I had heard about this person a while ago on another blog - some nonsense about genderqueer butch and femme and all that shit. It's both annoying and painful to see the hatred for this very ... *womanly* thing in that video. And I don't appreciate being spoken for - what sort of fucking lesbian "freaks out" when her *lesbian partner* has breasts? And if someone does, wouldn't one's energy be better directed towards the person who freaked out and educating them (or dumping them) rather than teaching other women "Oh, here's how you can totally make that icky part of your body disappear!"

  3. I can't believe it. I just can't believe it.

    Breasts are beautiful.

    We can delight in female bodies, our own and each others'. We shouldn't let shame at being female, shame at being lesbian, or shame at the way men interpret our bodies, keep us from that.

  4. The first clue to this poster's internalized misogyny is the title of her vlog: Tuna Talk. If there's one thing I HATE, it's when gay men refer to lesbians as fish. And here's this lesbian parroting & promoting their deeply misogynistic bullshit. ... As for her contention that the ladies will freak out if they see a bra on a butch - I'd freak out if I saw a binder on a (real) butch! Hating your own body is Not Sexy.

  5. Thank you, Dirt. ;)

    Breasts *are* beautiful!!

  6. What I’d like to know is where are the Judith Halberstams and Judith Butlers of this world when all of this is going on? Do they even care what women are doing to themselves in the name of ‘queer theory’ and ‘feminism of choice’? As the ‘Director of The Center for Feminist Research’ at USC, Halberstam should be conducting research into the lives of those that adopt the ‘fluid gender’, ‘gender queer’ and ‘identity performance’ she preachers about. The everyday lived experience of those that bind their chests, take ‘T’, the body dysmorphic women that are overwhelmed with the shame of their female bodies and how this impacts on their well being and ability to function as an individual in their community, society, workplace and relationships.

    Oh! But hang on, Halberstam and Butler only write theory. They don’t bother with the tedium of empirical research because all they care about (now that they have their tenure) is that everyone out there eats up their dogma with a spoon continuing to purchase any publication they desire to put on the market. It is a disgrace that these individuals created theory based on their own identity and self concept around gender and then sold it as a challenge (progressive?) to the oppressive structures of gender. Sadly, their theories were then adopted as gospel at university campuses throughout the world and helped to replace identity politics and women’s studies with the brave new world of all things queer and gender fluid.

    The biggest problem with these theories is they are not anchored in the lived experience and the day-to-day struggles of living in a female (or male) body in a world that IS divided by structural inequalities. We live in a world where identity (including gender) is steeped in tradition, heterosexism norms, race, religion, class, nationality, and so forth. Lives are not lived in an intellectual vacuum and queer theory, and those that preach it, need to be called to task for the mess they’ve made of women’s lives, women’s bodies and their well being.

    What I would like to know Halberstam and Butler and those of your ilk (if you can manage for five minutes to put down your glass of chardonnay and stop counting those dollars coming in), is what is to become of all the young women adopting your intellectual genderqueer masturbation and making it into a corporeal reality? What is to become of them when they are older, when trans is no longer the ‘new black’, when they have to venture out into the world and deal with the social structures they could ignore as university students living in a queer bubble? What tools and resources are you making available for them to access in order to continue to process life as a genderqueer individual? Or do you all believe that through the mantra of ‘feminism of choice’ you can therefore absolve yourselves of any responsibility? You can go back to sipping your chardonnay and counting your dollars (two very tactile fruits of your labour) the revolution is coming and the ‘mighty’ will fall the hardest.

    FA x

  7. Feminism is about regulating what women can and can't do to their bodies? Huh, I don't remember that being part of freedom and equality that's supposed to be part of the basic tenets of feminism.

    I'm sure you won't publish this comment because you don't want comments that disagree with your views. If I don't see this comment within a week, it'll just prove what I think about you.

  8. Anon,

    Feminism is about creating a world where women love themselves body and spirit. The feminist thing to do when women are self harming IS to help them, NOT encourage their self hating abuses and mutilations.

    Promoting-advocating anorexia/bulimia/cutting/suicide/surgical mutilation and any/all of the other self hating abuse women do to themselves is NOT feminist!

    This is more bullshit being promoted by the academic/queer theorist camp of the "feminism of choice" which has little to nothing to do with the promotion of the well being, equality and emancipation of women!

    consider yourself GUILTY


  9. I think that present-day feminism is too ready to accept choices at face value, and too reluctant to criticize dangerous practices, criticize misogynistic ones, etc.

    Maybe that's a necessary reaction because certain earlier feminists were too ready to condemn, and to reluctant to accept choices.

    It was before my time, but I've read about how earlier lesbian feminists tried to portray butch-femme as hetero-mimicry and pressured people to abandon it. But that's different because, among other things:

    1. Femme and butch are both healthy forms of femaleness. I'd be concerned if everyone else was shoehorned into either one or the other, and I am concerned that some butches are being pressured to adopt unhealthy habits such as binding.

    2. Butch-femme doesn't reinforce misogyny.

    3. People are being pressured into binding. Dirt is exhorting people to avoid binding, not pressuring people. The people who were trying to get rid of butch-femme ended up pressuring butches and femmes to pretend to be tweener dykes.

  10. AMEN, Femme Avenger! Where the hell *is* Queer Intellectual Royalty at this juncture?? WHERE are the tools to deal with institutionalized structures of inequality? It's not just about ME-ME-ME and how *I* want to fashion my self-presentation! Gender is an oppressive SOCIAL HIERARCHY. Not a theatrical game for your personal entertainment and masturbation.

    Dirt, as you probably know, I just wrote a post (linking here regarding binding--thanks!) about the parallels between practices that seek to EXAGGERATE the sex-related qualities of the female body (such as breast enhancements, high heels, and anorexia/bulimia), which everyone agrees are HARMFUL, and those practices that seek to HIDE the sex-related characteristics of the female body, such as binding and all-day packing (with non-fucking dildos), which are sooooo controversial to criticize.

    Just like you said, sister: "Promoting-advocating anorexia/bulimia/cutting/suicide/surgical mutilation and any/all of the other self hating abuse women do to themselves is NOT feminist!"

    ALL of these behaviors are ROOTED in feelings of female inadequacy. It is NOT ok. Even if you CHOOSE to starve yourself. The epidemic of female self-hatred is NOT OK.

  11. I kind of have to agree with anonymous. I'm not sure that telling women what they can and cannot do with their bodies. As a butch woman I don't think that the desire to bind is entirely some misogynist thing. I used to bind in the early part of college. I have very large breasts that I have been uncomfortable with since puberty. I prefer to adopt a more masculine presentation and my huge boobs often take away from the effect I work so hard to achieve with my wardrobe. I also spend what some would consider an extreme amount of time weight training in order to make my body look a certain way. More recently I have settled down with an incredible sports bra that has almost the same effect as binding without any of the drawbacks. This partially has to do with the size of my breasts, which makes binding uncomfortable. If I had smaller breasts I might still be binding. I am not afraid of my breasts and I never kept my binder on while being intimate with my partner, however, the image that I have of myself includes a much flatter profile than I would otherwise achieve. Maybe I'm not a woman by some people's standards but I'm the one who has to live in my body and I feel as though I should be the one to decide what it should look like.

  12. I find your blog post much more offensive than the video you posted. Whilst I am in now way suggesting that binding is part of butch identity, or that breasts are not butch, I completely understand the desire of butch women to bind in order to create a more masculine physique. I think you misunderstand the nature of labels like 'butch' and 'femme'; they are both fluid and butch identity can range from androgyny to genderqueer, and beyond. For some butches, the 'masculine' dress is what they feel best flatters their female body, others (the vloger included if you view more videos, although i really hesitate to speak for her) are walking a fine line between butch and genderqueer. People should not feel pressured to bind simply because they identify as butch. However, your proclamation that 'no self respecting butch woman would bind' is just as harmful and restrictive to the feminist goal of female emancipation.

  13. For many years I hated my breasts, because I have unusually large breasts(probably inherited from my mother, and because I'm a big dyke too). Like Dirt said, it took me years to begin to accept them, one was getting rid of the binders(bras), even sports bras hurt to mostly, except when I'm new on a job, they fly free! As long as I don't have to missile tit them, then I'm fine with them...and on women's land, I like to pull my shirt off and wear them proudly! Women's land has been so healing for me!

    So has a lover who LOVES my big breasts, and has taught me to love them because she does...and that even though I have big breasts, I'M STILL BUTCH!

    That's what this is all about, teaching each other self-love about our bodies, NOT self-hatred, and it may be dependent on one Butch mentoring another in this, and certainly finding partners whether Butch, Femme or otherwise who ADD to your self-loving and NOT your self-hate!
    -In Sisterhood,

  14. Binding horror/freak show

    When I watch this video, it is like seeing my worse nightmare...

    She so looks like an idiot with the black X on her nipples (maybe she tought it was cool ?) and she is so scary when trying all those torture garments...

  15. I can understand some women wanting to bind for a more masculine appearance. However, I know straight men out there with HUGE man boobs who wear them proudly so in the end, it really doesn't matter. I think boobs are sexy on anyone, regardless of how they identify.