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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Whats in a Name?

I received what I thought was a strange comment the other day regarding my real name. A Butch asked why I dont change my real first name, which I thought particularly odd. She said she had changed hers because it was "too feminine"????WHA? I'm a Butch, i.e. a FEMALE, therefore have a female name. Not masculine, not feminine, FEMALE. Are we now ascribing gender behaviour to NAMES too?????

It is pathetic enough that some women are so insecure and self hating as to refuse the use of female pronouns, but to think because one is a Butch woman one should alter their name to a name predominantly male is nuts! Well frankly I just dont have that kind of insecurity nor the time to waste on such utter nonsense. Butch has nothing to do with what I do, how I do it or what my name is and everything thing to do with my biological Butch nature. Butch isnt something that can be stripped off by letting a Femme make love to us, being emotionally and/or physically naked, being proud of being a woman, liking and enjoying our breast and pussys, being referred to as she's and hers or proudly answering to our names, be they Barbara, Lisa, Alice, Hester or Phoebe!

My ma named me Lynn and I will proudly remain Lynn until they put in my fucking grave.


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  1. And that's a fairly androgynous name as far as girls/females names what? We should hide ALL aspects of ourselves that smacks of anything female? Is that what this male identified form of Butchness which is really genderqueer transness is coming to?

    I'm a little guilty myself, when I came out, I chose to go by my more androgynous middle name, rather than my more feminine first name...but part of it also was because I was a bit closety at the time(living at home with Mom at age 20)and I wanted to know if someone called whether they were one of my gay friends(my middle name) or my straight friends or older friends(my first name). It was important to keep the two separate.

    Nowadays I have a third name, my Wiccan/Goddess name that I use in ritual and on women's Land...and that is fully a Female of Power it all depends who I talk to. I almost hate it when doctors and such address me by my first name, but I never let that happen at work. Often I use the first initial in filling out forms, so folks in CA will call me by my middle name. Only my family and my oldest friends call me by my first's interesting what that does to me. I don't have so much attachment to my middle name it's rather neutral. But the use of my first name undresses me in certain ways, hard to explain, and the use of my Goddess/Wiccan name empowers me and fills me out in a powerful way.

    But yes, YOU ARE FEMALE and BUTCH, the rawest, most untamed and wildest form of womonhood, and WE EXIST in ALL our power, beauty, and handsomeness, and we should be proud and not feel we have to rename ourselves to make ourselves 'more Butch'. To me that's a trans/genderqueer thing that I've seen happening right and left where they shorten their names to men's single syllabic names. For me, it was about selfprotection, and yeah, to identify more with my Butch side, but still, it was a name that was assigned to me, part of my full wasn't something I chopped off to deliberately be seen as 'more male' like so many do these days.


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