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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Washing Your Back

I wake up to the sound of the cat mewing loudly in my ear and the momentary panic that its Monday instead of the Sunday that it is. Okay, don't panic I tell myself, its only Sunday. Eyes open now, I turn over and see you aren't in our bed. Hmmm I think, you must be peeing. A few seconds go by and I hear the shower come on, don't ask me why, perhaps its my Cancerian water loving nature but between the sound of the shower and the thought of you naked in that shower I instantly want to make love. Before my feet even hit the floor just the thought of fucking you in the shower has my crotch wet. Damn! I am horny I think. I quickly get naked except for being strapped. I knock on the bathroom door, "I'm in the shower" you say. "I figured" I say, then ask "need any help washing your back"? "I thought you'd never ask" you tease back.

I open the door letting out some of the steam you've built up, pull back the shower curtain enough so I can get in without the water getting out. I step in, you look down, grin and then burst out laughing. I grab you looking serious, pull you hard into me, look you directly in the eye, you look a little worried, then I start laughing too. We kiss, then we both stop laughing, our body's quickly spreading fires consuming us in a passionate seriousness. You pull back from our kiss, ask if I would like my back washed. "Sure" I reply. You reach for the shower gel and I turn around. I hear you squeeze the shower gel onto your hands. I step back slightly from the spray of the shower head and you begin very slowly soaping up my back. At first I barely feel the sensual presence of your hands on my skin. You begin applying a little pressure using the tips of your fingers, dragging them up and down my back ever so slowly. As you do this I also hear your breathing change deeper, then faster. You put little kisses all over the back of my neck, between the warm water from the shower head washing over the front of me, your digit tips roaming my back and your kisses on my neck I can barely stand it.

I step forward into the water letting it wash my back of the soap you've so wonderfully caressed over it. I turn around, pull you hard into me, you moan into my mouth as I kiss you and as my strapped cock presses into your pussy. With my arms around you I cup your ass with both hands, pulling you as close as physically possible to my body and my strapped cock. We both moan, "turn around baby" I say, you comply without hesitation. I turn back towards the shower head, tilt it down so we're not being drowned by the water. I adjust the heat from the shower, turning it up a bit since we exhausted some its warmth already. I pluck the lube from the shower shelf where I had planted it when I first got in. I squeeze an ample amount into my hand, cover my strapped cock it it, put the lube back onto the shelf then rinse off my hand. Turning back around I find you right where I left you, waiting. I pull you back towards me, whisper for you to "bend over baby". You do. I reach one hand in between your legs, sliding my fingers around your clit then back towards your vagina. An "oh god" slips from your lips as I slide two fingers inside you, making sure your are plenty wet and ready to be fucked.

I fuck you just a little with my fingers, then pull my fingers out replacing them with my cock. As I am sliding my cock into your beautiful Femme pussy, you slide your body back towards my strapped cock taking more of it in. Once my cock is all the way inside you I hold myself there, then run my fingers tips up and down your smooth satiny back. Another "oh god" escapes from somewhere deep inside you. I grab your waist and begin fucking you gently with short strokes. A minute or two passes, I pull my strapped cock nearly out of you then thrust hard back into your firey hot pussy. I fuck you really hard now using longer strokes as I go. Despite being covered in water I can feel more of my own wetness as I continue to fuck you. After a few more minutes you're ready to cum, as you get closer to orgasm you start screaming "fuck me, fuck me fuck me" in rhythm with each thrust. You cum so hard I feel and see your whole body shake and quiver in pleasure and release. I slowly slide out of you, you rise back, turn around and we hold each tight while out of breath. We catch our breath and I remove my strapped cock.

You reach for the shower gel, I watch you soap your hands, you move in and kiss me, back up a little and start washing/caressing my chest just above my breast. I reach for your breast as you're washing me, teasing your nipples. You're moving your soft Femme hands all over the front of me now. Just barely touching my nipples as your hands move around the front of me. You drop to your knees unexpectedly and move your face towards my crotch. With your arms hugging around my legs, I feel your firebrand tongue brand my clit, at first forcefully, the teasingly. I want to cum so bad but you're not ready to let me. You slowly trace your tongue the line of my crotch. I pull your head with both hands hard into me. You pull back. "Be patient" you say, wanting us both to enjoy this a little longer. I give you a minute or so, "baby I REALLY REALLY need to cum NOW" I say commandingly! You begin applying pressure to my clit, then start flicking my clit with your experienced Butch versed tongue over and over.

My my mind goes blank and I'm only left with your tongue and my body. I hear noises, voices, break free from within me, then I hear my voice "fuck fuck fuck" as my mind returns to me. You look up at me and smile, kiss my pussy then stand. You kiss my mouth, I kiss you back. We rinse, I turn the water off, you hand me a towel and ask "so whats the plan for today"?



  1. WOW. I was afraid you'd given up this blog completely. That was very,very good.

  2. Thanks Lyon, glad you liked!

    And for the record this blog aint going anywhere!


  3. Oh Dirt! "fuck me, fuck me fuck me" says it all.

    FA xo

  4. Two words FA: BEND OVER!



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