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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Removing Gender Identity Disorder (GID) from the future DSM

Since I'm seeing more and more medical authorities vocalizing the removal of GID from the new DSM I'll start posting their reactions and reasoning's as I get them. I think in the short term the removal of GID is best, especially as it is being utilized to pathologize gender "roles" in or to eradicate homosexuality/lesbianism. This is why GID "treatment" began 60+ years ago and this is why it is still being employed by a homo/lezbo-phobic medical community today. This diagnosis sanctions the medical community to drug and mutilate homo/lezbo-sexuality from the patient, by deceiving both the patient and society that the patient can and will be heterosexualized through "sex change" treatments.

How many gay and lesbian lives have been lost to the ignorant sick homo/lezbo-phobic medical communities hetero-sexualizing "treatments"???? How many more will be lost????

If you are gay or lesbian this issues affects you! Because as/if "transgenderism" becomes mainstream you may find yourself pressured by friends, family , co-workers and society in general to become heterosexualized.

Remove GID from the DSM!


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  1. I so agree with this! You just have to look at the Arabic countries for this, how homosexuality is rewarded with imprisonment, murder or the death penalty, and how transsexuality is the 'cure' for homosexuality. As long of course as when they transition(and Iran will pay for some of the surgery) results in hetero behavior. I've known more than one Lesbian from an originally Islamic culture/background who would have had their families' approval if they transitioned to male and lived hetero lives with women.

    It REALLY IS about the eradication of homosexuality, and the full empowerment of young girls to become powerful women who compete and defy men, sexually, emotionally, spiritually and FULLY TAKE UP our space in the world without regard to their penises or their male egos!

    Finally ONE doctor who makes some sense! I endured this crap in my childhood too! Thank goodness they didn't put me on hormones or push me into surgeries like the parents can do to their kids these days!

  2. MasterAmazon,

    I think Iran is the only Islamic country to push transition as a "cure" for homosexuality. Oman may be another. Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and some others criminalize transition. Iran still criminalizes cross-dressing and encourages surgery w/o the "real life test."

    The social role of transsexualism seems to vary from country to country and period to period. Einar Wegener / Lili Elbe was married to a woman.

    I get the impression from what I've read that the western world allowed "lesbian" transsexuals in the early 1960s before restricting things in the late 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s and loosening them again in the late 1980s and since.

    IIRC, John Money and Richard Green (?) seem to have been the ones pushing for tighter restrictions, including a whole range of gender norms besides sexual orientation.

    The researchers' goal seems to have been research on gender conditioning and non-hetero sexuality, as opposed to the immediate use of transsexualism to eliminate homosexuality [although they may have foreseen the use of transsexualism to eliminate women-only space and women-centered voices]. The harder it was for the subjects/patients to transition w/o the researchers, the easier it was for the researchers to manipulate their subjects/patients.

  3. Please sign the petition (below) to add to the DSM a statement that "transsexualism is not a mental disorder". This is compromise first step towards its total removal and effectively defangs its use as a diagnosis to push gay grade school age kids back into the closet their attempted emergence from which caught the attention of the psychiatrists.

  4. Just want to add my comment as a dyke actually from an Islamic-Arabic background who lived in the Middle East and studied Islamic law. Iran is definitely the exception. Their allowance of SRS for some gay men is seen by others in the region as an example of their "deviance." (Iranians, by and large, belong to the minority Shia school of Islam, while overwhelmingly, the rest of the Muslim world belongs to the majority Sunni school).

    Sunni canonical law doesn't allow for SRS as a 'cure' for gayness; it is considered under the same category as tattooing - an irreparable change to the body, which is the creation of allah and is therefore to remain unchanged lest one provoke his eternal wrath (why circumcision is required or allowed, I don't know, but this is one of the logical inconsistencies of religion). Sunni schools, unlike Shia ones, no longer allow for ijtihad or independent reasoning, so it is highly unlikely that any new rulings on things like tattoos or SRS or even other new technologies would come about within our lifetime unless there is a major revolution in Islamic thought -- which I'm not holding my breath on. The majority of Sunni Muslims are still following rulings for their everyday lives (business, marriage, child rearing) written 200, 300, even 1000 years ago.

    The Sunni 'cure' for gayness is to push gay men and women into straight, arranged marriages (often without the other spouse knowing about their issue) and counsel them to do extra fasting and praying. I know a bit about that as well. "Being gay" or rather, in their lingo, "having homosexual desires" is minimally acceptable as long as one remains celibate and doesn't act on them. The *only* proper outlet for acting on sexual desires (het or homo) is in heterosexual marriage.

    Of course, they see male homosexuality as 'worse' than female homosexuality. There are Arabic countries where having gay sex is actually not against the law - I am a citizen of one - but the society itself is so opposed to it that no one can really be out like they are here (if it is done openly and not undercover, as many, many men in the Arab world are on the down low).

    I am pretty sure that had I been outed when I was there, there wouldn't be any "If you transition to a male, we could accept you," (esp. b/c accepting SRS is beyond them) but *at best* I would have been beaten, stripped of all my property by the family in court, and then forced to leave the country. At best. Honestly, without hysteria, I'm pretty sure they probably would have killed me. This is also still a little bit of an issue for me here in the USA. If I think about my male cousins, if he was caught with a man or his gayness became known outside the family, he would probably get a bullet in the head from his family - the government doesn't need to get involved, and no one would even dream of SRS as a 'cure' for him, not even his mum.

  5. I agree that butch lesbians and femme gay men shouldn't be pressured into undergoing a gender transition. However, your argument against it proceeds from the same fallacy that so many other people still hold: that one who transitions will be heterosexual in the gender in which she or he lives. I know a number of trans women who have never been attracted to men, and trans men who've never been attracted to women. So they live as lesbians and gay men after they transition.

    When people ask about my sexuality, I say I'm bisexual simply because I have had relationships with females and males, both before and since my transition. However, I like to think of myself as trans-sexual in yet another sense: When I am attracted to someone, it's really not his or her gender that attracts me. If I am attracted to someone, it's because of his or her mind and spirit. Having a sense of humor and a transcendent light in his or her eyes also matter for something, in my book.


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