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Friday, March 12, 2010

The End of Sex Change Surgery-Sometimes you have to lose a Battle to win the War

While it is obviously frightening to read such news, especially in light of the changes I posted about regarding the future changes to the DSM which in its current draft is issuing "sex change" procedures to children via the kinds of clothes they prefer and the kinds of toys they like, there may be some hope here. One the largest problems facing the medical establishment with regard to the "trans" issue (besides patriarchal gender conformity) is accurate studies post op "sex change" procedures, due to the pathological narcissism informing the "trans" disorder i.e. "trans" person saying whatever they feel the must to maintain their "trans lie".

How would our state and federal tax dollars being spent to mutilate the mentally ill help with more accurate post op stats? Given we live in a sue happy nation, you can bet your bottom tax dollar those persons who come to their senses can and WILL sue the pants off the state/fed that paid for their being unnecessarily drugged and permanently mutilated as a result, which in turn will have the state/fed holding these "gender specialists/mutilationists" accountable because the state/fed aren't going to wanna lose monies over mistakes made by the medical establishment. The lawsuits can/will then be used to help with a more accurate "trans regret" stats.

So in between the lawsuits, the state/fed angry/embarrassment/tax dollar waste, the state/fed holding the medical community responsible to pay out those lawsuits, the trans machine will have a serious wrench thrown into its workings which in turn will cause the medical community to deeper examine these barbaric "treatments" like the ice pick lobotomies before it and like the ice pick "cure" finally put an end to this barbarism, in favour of a more humane treatment.

As an aside think for a moment about this as well, after the first time someone sues the state/fed over a wrongful "sex change" and wins (and wins BIG), the crazies will in droves seek the "trans cure" just so they can sue. If you think I'm crazy for proposing that there will be people crazy enough to do so, there has already been multiple (in the US alone) "sex change" surgeries sought by criminal men whom have never before suffered from any GID issues in the past in order to be put in women's prisons rather than the more scary mens prisons.

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  1. Apparently this guy is big on attempting to appropriate identity. not only is he trying to appropriate an identity as a woman, he is trying to appropriate an identity as a Celt by choosing a name that he THINKS makes him Celtic. The Welsh Goddess whose name he has stolen is at odds with the semi-Irish last name that he has stolen, neither of which he has any right to bear. (Especially the first name though! he is no more a Goddess than he is a woman) So....cultural appropriation AND sex appropriation, nice. Well, if you're going to be a thief, go big or go home right?

  2. Cassundra -- Not endorsing anything about them, but that person was born with the name "Robert Donovan." Donovan is the Anglicization of O'Donnabhain, so presumably, someone named Donovan is descended from people named O'Donnabhain. So, I don't quite understand what's wrong with someone using the original spelling of their family name (looking at it in isolation).

    I could definitely see if, say, I, a Jew of Hungarian descent, decided to change my last name to O'Donnabhain because I have no connection to it. But would it be problematic if I changed my last name to what my family's name was before they moved to the United States? In other words, would I be appropriating a Hungarian identity? I've never been to Hungary and I don't know much about Hungarian culture, really, so maybe I wouldn't have a right to it. I haven't really thought about it.

  3. And then there are those that regret their surgeries and can't adjust to their new role, and want to be changed back. But the trans community really silences or censors those of opposing views or experiences, especially those who realize that the surgeries/hormones don't work, have side effects, or don't live up to their promises while mutilating their bodies and sex organs making them less functional than they were in the first place.

    There are definitely those who have wanted to change back, and it would be interesting to get statistics on how many do, or how many end up regretting their procedures.....

  4. I seem to recall that some of the major TS resource sites included prominent sections regarding regret. Conway's site still includes the WARNING but it doesn't seem as prominent as before and it is oriented towards late-transitioning MtFs.

    Collecting the various info on regret, complications, and successful detransitions could be helpful.

  5. I am still trying to understand the power relationships within the trans world. But these relationships seem to keep the trans people from objecting to medical or social abuse: if one condemns the medicalization of gender roles, another supports it; if one condemns the sexualization of their bodies, another supports it.*

    It seems that heterosexual male cross-dressers, as opposed to "lesbian" male-to-female transsexuals, control transgender politics. They are the most numerous, they are the wealthiest, and most importantly, they retain their undiluted male privilege. Transsexual separatism [from other transgender groups] looks like an attempt to break loose from the cross-dressers by further subordinating themselves to the medical establishment.

    But it's clear that the medical and legal establishment have a lot of power over the transsexuals. The legal establishment offers partial relief from discrimination, in the form of new identification, in return for surgery. It also inflicts discrimination. The medical establishment offers partial relief from body issues, in the form of hormones and surgery, in return for the performance of stereotypical gender roles.

    *Anne Lawrence is a good example, since he or she is a relatively privileged academic and still sexualizes him or herself.


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