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Friday, February 12, 2010

Our Third Date

Our third date. Our other two dates we met at our decided destinations, this time I'll pick you up. We will have a casual dinner at a place near my apartment, not planned but since I had asked you a week ago my mind has done nothing but make millions of plans. I wake up to a plan, I shower with plans, I dress planning, I drive to work with plans, at lunch more plans, dinner I'm planning again, watching tv with plans in my head then back to bed and sleep and the next day to repeat all over again, plans, plans and more plans. But really there isnt a million plans, but one plan with a million ways to figure out how to ask you after our date whether you would like to come up to my apartment as we have to drive past for me to take you home. And out of those millions of ideas which have been running through my mind like an exhausted marathon runner I cant find a single one that doesnt seem obvious. Obvious in that I obviously want to have some alone time with you. I have no plans beyond that, only imaginings I may be too nervous to realize.

The morning of our date I wake up still unsure of a plan, I convince myself I'll have it figured out by the evening. Evening comes and I pick you up at your place and seeing you in your beautiful Femme flesh again had I had a plan, I would have forgot. I decide as you get into the car to just wing it. I want to tell you how good I think you look, smell and taste from the light kiss you give me as you got in the car, but I dont. I'm afraid to say anything pertaining to your appearance, afraid my eyes or voice will give something away I'm not quite ready to hand over yet. I wonder on the ride to the restaurant whether you are thinking the same things I'm thinking because unusually so, you are as quiet as I am. Once at the restaurant seated and settled you break the silence by saying you think you'll order the "crab". I must have made a screwed up face because you ask me "dont you like crab"? "I dont eat crab" I say, "I'm a Cancer, would seem cannibalistic". You laugh, I smile. You eye catches mine and I remember the nervousness I had forgotten.

Being nervous I take a step back into intellectual mode and ask you if you had ever heard of the Heike crab. You hadnt. I tell how there was this Japanese tribe called the Heike who in 1185 when instead of being defeated by another tribe called the Genji, the entire Heike tribe drowned themselves while being lead by their 6 y/o leader and his grandmother and that now in the area where these drownings took place there are these crabs whose shells resembles that of a Japanese warrior believed to be the Heike. "Thats a great story" you say, then point blank ask me "what are you nervous about"? I love and hate that you can already see clear through my Butch exterior. I play it off as best I can and tell you I'm not nervous. You laugh again and knowingly say "OK".

We both have an enjoyable meal and an equally enjoyable time, with neither of us wanting it to end. My mind is racing as we walk to the car, whatever I'm going to do I must do fast, I only live blocks from the restaurant. Before existing the parking lot I casually ask you if you're tired, you reply "not at all, do you have something in mind"?  I tell you "we could stop and my place and I could make coffee or something". You pounce like a lioness on the "or something" and with total control you ask me "and if I dont want coffee what exactly does the 'or something' consist of"? "Shit" I think, but stumble out loud an "I dont know-I just-uhh you know-meant coffee" as the biggest fucking grin takes over my face betraying my words. You look forward and remaining in complete control say "coffee sounds very nice".

We get to my apartment door, I unlock it and let you in first. I walk behind you turning around to lock my door, as I turn back around I nearly run into you because you havent moved. Face to face you kiss me hard and deep for several moments. When we part lips I laugh and say "I guess coffee is out", you looking very serious say "and desert is in" then move in to kiss me again. Between kissing I take my coat off, your coat off and hang them both up. We both pop our shoes off and I maneuver you backwards towards the couch. You lay on the couch and I lay on top of you still kissing you with a combo of gentle kissing and deep kissing. I pull at your bottom lip with my teeth, then kiss the spot where you earlobe meets your jawline, then move down to kiss and lick your neck and throat. When I kiss your throat you moan in my ear that you want to make love. I get off you, reach my hand out to yours and help you up. You follows me to my bedroom. I turn my quarter-moon shaped night light on, light a candle and turn the covers down. "I'll be right back" I say.

I come back a few minutes later in just my boxers, tshirt and carrying two bottled waters that I sit on my nightstand. I find you in a similar state of dress, you have nothing on expect a black silk lacy push up bra with matching panties. I want to fuck you as soon as my eyes adjust and I see you clearly. You are sitting on my bed. I pull you up and into me, kissing you really hard. I cup your ass with both hands and pull your pelvis into mine. You moan in my mouth when I do this, your pussy feeling my strapped cock I have underneath my boxers. You slide your hands under the back of my tshirt running your nails with a little pressure up and down my back causing a moan to escape from my lips into yours. I bring my hands up from your ass to the back of your bra undoing it, you slip it of and drop it onto the floor. You put my tshirt off motioning to me to hold my hand up so you can remove it. I slide my lips down from your lips, to your nipples, just grazing both with my lips. I continue moving down your body sliding your panties off till my face is in front of your pussy. I lightly kiss your pussy, not tasting your wetness but smelling that you are indeed wet.

I move back up from my knees till I'm standing again. I kiss you and guide you backward the few feet to my bed. You sit on edge my bed. Standing in front of you I partially pull down my shorts so my strapped cock is exposed. You lean back a little with your legs open and I lean in rubbing my strapped cock around your pussy. You get excited and try to slide yourself onto my strapped cock. I gently put the cock inside you and tell you to sit up and wrap your legs around my waist. I stand fully up with you wrapped around my body. I turn you around to the wall behind my bed, push into the wall and start fucking you against the wall. I'm getting more and more turned on from your excitement level. After a few minutes you begin using your legs which are still wrapped around my waist to ride my strapped cock hard so I thrust into you harder and with more vigor. I'm so turned on I cant take it anymore, I need better control and more stimulation.

I tell you to hold on for a second and walk us both back over to the bed. I sit you back down, slowly pull out of you and tell you to get on your knees. You do and I pull you closer to the beds edge while I put my strapped cock back inside you. I try to start slow but within seconds I'm fucking you really hard, body and soul. You orgasm again and I follow suit really hard seconds after you. I remove my strapped cock, slip my boxers back on, hand you one of the waters I brought earlier and take a few drinks from the other bottle. I get into bed laying next to you, you snuggle close putting your head on my chest and shoulder. "I want to taste you" you say out loud. "Gimme a few minutes, I'm still really sensitive" I say back. As you impatiently wait, you lightly caress my belly up to my chest. After a few minutes, you move your head closer to my breast and begin licking then barely sucking my nipple. You move on top of me and we start kissing again, slow and deep. You break our kissing and move down my body till your face is over my crotch. You pull my shorts down so I'm exposed. You sense my Butch nervousness and take one of your hands and put it in mine, letting me know it will be ok.

You push your face into my crotch, then slide your firebrand tongue all over my clit. It is so hot, for moment I think it must be the fire from the candle licking me and not your tongue. As you lick and suck me closer to orgasm I feel surely I'm going to lose consciousness and in some sense perhaps I do. The pleasure is so fucking intense I have to cum and cum now. By my voice and my body's responses, both of which I've lost all control, you knowingly zero in applying just the right pressure in just the right spot till a violent orgasm rips through the whole me like an earthquake! After I stop, you kiss my pussy then slide my shorts back up. You pull the blankets over us and whisper in my ear "I'll have coffee with you anytime baby" before falling quickly asleep.



  1. A comment left in my email by one HOT Femme!

    "WOW! After reading that, this Femme is off to have a cigarette and a lie down. Dirt, you are amazing!"


  2. Ooooooooooohhhhhh

    Where's my vibrator? MMmm, nah, I don't need it now!

    I don't need a smoke as smoke is emanating out of several of my orifices right now.

    Thanks, Dirt - you made my day - er, night.


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