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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Future of Butch Genocide

DMS5-GID Here is the link (thanks to whoever sent me it) to the current draft for the next version of the DSM due out spring 2013. I MUST say a few words about what this current draft has listed as the criteria for diagnosing GID in young girls in 8 simple questions for parents!
The question I would like answered is has someone channeled Freud from the fucking great beyond? The 21st century and we're revamping "penis envy"? These questions are primarily pathologizing DOING rather than BEING! Every Butch who has ever lived would when thinking back on her childhood feelings answer "very strong" to every single one of these questions and most run of the mill dykes would answer similarly! Hell most tomboys who grew up to be typical hetero women would answer similarly. I asked my straight niece these questions yesterday and based on her answers she would have been diagnosed with GID!WTF?

The original premise of "SRS" was about conforming individuals to the status quo. It was ignorantly believed those who believed they were the other sex were all homosexual, so switch the sex and automatically heterosexualize a whole group of (mostly)men and women, thereby "normalize" them and this is exactly what is going on still! This is a there is only ONE way to be a male and only ONE way to be a female and if for any reason one deviates from them they MUST be FIXED. Well I'm here to fucking tell ya, I aint broken! I may not be the woman you see on billboards and beer commercials but I am NO less female than any of those women. 

A question I heard all through my childhood and still hear and asked of me in regards to Butches is "why do you/Butches dress like men"? My permanent reply? When they start making clothes for Butch women then I will proudly dress Butch! As a child this was a question I couldn't answer and a question no baby Butch today can answer because she doesnt know what Butch is! Clothes, toys, play etc that have been labeled "boy" by hetero-patriarchy are the closest things baby Butches have that matches some of their feelings/sense of fun/comfortability. It in no way shape or form indicates that they desire to be boys! Given the choice between boy/girl if most of what you are identifying with is closer to boy than girl, because you do not have any other options, what exactly are you suppose to do? This IS Freud's "penis envy" all over. Women didnt want a "penis" they wanted the whole world the "penis" had access to that they as women did not!

If we let this nonsense go through we are placing a death sentence on the heads of every baby Butch going forward! And that is NOT an exaggeration, its a fucking fact. Because if the "trans" disorder mainstreams accompanied by the criteria questions for GID, baby Butch girls will be trannified into societal conformity before they ever have a chance to be their natural subversive selves! 

If you are Butch, love Butches, we need to have some serious organization to stop the hetero-patriarchal medical machine from causing our extinction.



  1. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the medical doesn't have its hand in this. They seem to be so ready to bring out their surgical tools and "fix" people - what a perfect forum for them. Plus, as puppets of pharmaceuticals they'll dance to their $$ tune to promote more poisons to "fix" people.

    History will keep repeating itself until the majority of humanity learns its lessons and gets over itself. Then these kinds of issues won't make any sense and die a natural death.

    I'm so gd sick and tired of others trying to fix others. I wish they would have half a clue that in pointing their finger AT, three are pointing right back at THEM.

    I'm with you on this, Dirt. I would love to join, as one who loves Butches and wouldn't want them any OTHER way than how they came into this world!

  2. My little sister would have answered very strong to all but three of the questions. she never wanted to be a boy or hated being a girl, mostly because my mom let her be herself, she let her wear only pants, only blue and never pink, let her climb trees and play only with the boys, let her be her. She is now grown and a married mother of two boys who if you didn't know she was straight, you'd swear she was butch. and she loves herself that way, her husband loves her that way, we ALL love her that way. she is very female, a great loving mom and friend and totally uninterested in ANY of the stereotypical girl things. if she'd been subjected to this quiz by less understanding parents, she'd be a tranny now! ARARARARAGGGGG!

  3. That is fucked up. Seriously. I would have answered 'very strong' to all but two of the questions. Imagine some young girls getting pushed into this nightmare by their parents/carers. It's child abuse. This shit is SCARY.

  4. I am a tranny, and these questions scare me. But it's hard to get trans groups to condemn this nonsense.

    I am MtF.

    If someone had used their MtF scale to describe my behavior growing up, I would have five a's and b's, two c's and d's, and two I never discussed with anyone including my parents. Going by that scale, I would not be considered transsexual.

    If someone had used their FtM scale to rate my behavior growing up, especially when I was eight or nine, I would have had one a or b, four c's and d's, and two e's, with two questions not applicable.

    Obviously we disagree on many things. But these scales will yield far more false positives than true positives. We all need to stand up and say that these are perfectly normal childhood behaviors, and there's no need to say that some are for boys and others for girls.

  5. While I do not agree with you that ALL ftm are Butches or women who just exhibit traits that are deemed to be male, I do agree with you on this.

    Reading this and other material, I suspect that it is much easier to get the Trans-diagnosis in a non government funded health system - such as the States. For instance the country I live in has a mandatory health insurance system that is subsidized by the government. Here it is much harder to get that diagnosis because that means that the insurance then has to pay for the surgery. So the main goal is to find a way to make people accept their biological sex. Only when after about a year's therapy the patient is not responding will the be referred for surgery.
    In a country where there is no interest in saving government or taxpayers' money the rules seem to be much much laxer and the chances of misdiagnosis so much higher.

  6. I think I saw they are accepting comments from doctors and families on this. I was wondering if being families of butches we could qualify. The article I read was on one of the bf sites. No link to where they accepted comments though.

  7. Found it.

    We encourage you to participate in the review process by registering to the Web site and submitting your comments. The draft criteria will be posted here for your input until April 20th.

    Lots of protests make a difference. Can someone (Dirt?) write something we can copy and post to them that's intelligent and comprehensible?

  8. Lyon,

    Thanks for the info.

    I'll try to put maybe three different responses together within the next week. I'll post them here along with the link when I'm set. Readers can then comment using 1 of the 3 or use 1 of the 3 as a guide to form their own comment.

    Is it just a coincidence that the deadline for comments to the draft is April 20???? Hitler's Bday.


  9. Edelweiss,

    Are you familiar with Sylvia Plath's poem Getting There????


  10. Cassy,

    Scary indeed! This is the problem with people being judged on DOING rather than BEING. Like Popeye, "I am what I am", NOT what I DO!


  11. TBL,

    Thats what worries me, that ignorant parents (I've already seen this) will believe because of the toys or clothes their child feels comfortable playing/wearing are going to be tools used to trannify the kid.

    But guess what, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. As Butch women we have NEVER squeaked. We have been too afraid to draw attention to ourselves (sometimes understandably so), but the invisibility that may have felt like a comfort is now becoming our coffins.

    We MUST come together and get OUR unique voices heard! It is now become life or death!


  12. A comment sent to my email regarding this post from one sexy Femme!

    "Fantastic post Dirt. Writing a letter of complaint is something all Butches, Femmes that love them and supporters need to get behind to make sure these amendments are NOT approved."

  13. Shit this scares me. I was a huge tomboy as a kid and would have been diagnosed if these are the types of questions being asked. I mean holy shit. So pretty much any gender non-conforming child is going to be butchered before they even know what's what. I would have said I was a boy when I was little because it was either girly pink girl or awesome sports playing boy. Or at least said I wanted to be a boy. Girl was a bad word when I was little because girl meant I couldn't play sports, that I had to play with Barbies, that I couldn't like dinosaurs. Children are too young to be asked these questions or to be able to think critically. The complexities of our world and then society's insistence to continue to place people in two and only two boxes is hard enough for me to understand as an adult. And parents raised under this two and only two society cannot decide for their children what they are or what they should be. People should be who they are and need no changing. Telling people and especially children that there is something wrong with them that needs fixing creates the problems that weren't there to begin with. People should be allowed to embrace whatever they may be and not feel bad because they don't fit into box A or box B.

    Honestly, this makes me truly frightened for future generations of children. And I know the medical community has a huge hand in this. With the rising amounts of children being heavily medicated because the pharmaceutical industries can make millions off of concerned parents I have no doubt this is partly a money making scheme in the end. It is easy to exploit children and the parents who only want what is best for them. First do no harm my ass.

  14. Thanks for posting this, Dirt. It's a shame that simply wanting to step out of the gender box continues to be classified as a "disorder" rather than a good reason to question the gender box to begin with.

  15. It looks like they want every child to be either Ken or Barbie, and no room for anything in between. Seriously, feminism has gone backwards if that's the kind of wierdness they believe.

  16. Those who make their living making healthy, normal children and adults into "patients" and "disorders" and "syndromes" because it "proves" how "smart" they are and guarantees them a respected and wealthy living are never going to stop constantly pushing the bar right over the top of everyone vulnerable and/or living under oppression. They can't stop - they are obsessed with what kind of damage they can do for our "own good".

    We have to fight this -- and all the damage they are doing to women (and men) adults who are convinced there is something "wrong" with them because they aren't what mainstream culture decides can only exist.

    Gay people got the shrink-leeches to back off calling us "disordered" for being gay. Some serious work needs to get them backing off calling and "treating" (mutilating) other-gendered people for being who we are, too.

  17. Dirt ~ I found "Getting There" online and it's been helpful to read other's explanations to jumpstart my own thinking about it. It touches a tough place for me, but that's okay. I know my path is not a singularly-walked one. I'm in good company. Gonna check out more Sylvia Plath poems, too.

    Thanks very much.

  18. Man that questionaire just totally fucking enraged me. Especially the bullshit about standing to pee. I stand to pee all the time and I just find it's a great PC muscle toner + party trick + more convenient in general. And I identify as "femme" - how does that fit into their neat little box world? Oh wait, it doesn't.

    Fuck that's so incredibly fucking stupid somehow the only thing I can articulate is based around the word "fuck".

    "If you are Butch, love Butches, we need to have some serious organization to stop the hetero-patriarchal medical machine from causing our extinction. "

    I totally agree. I'm sure all of our sisters are so sick of being disenfranchised and fucking spat on by the patri-medical industry. They don't give a fuck about people, they only care about repeat business. Fucking bastards.

    Sorry I got a bit carried away, but this REALLY sickens me.

  19. Miss Andrea,

    Things for women are much worse today than they were 60 years ago. Women ignorantly equate job opportunities with better, ignoring the plastic molds men have recast them in.


  20. Edel,

    Glad you found the poem interesting. If you have any trouble with it I can translate, that goes for any/all of Plaths works.


  21. oh Jesus. That questionnaire gave me a stomachache! It's mind-boggling that actual educated people would think that the mere preference for certain styles of toys or clothes could warrant irreversible hormonal and psychological "treatment!" It makes me want to cry for all the butch girls out there who will be told that something is wrong with their body because they choose different toys or clothes or playmates than their sisters! Aargh!

  22. This is what I sent to my friends:

    Were you a tomboy as a child? or know anyone who was?

    The psychiatric/psychology field is now working to pathologize tomboys (children! for goodness sake) and you can do something to stop them.

    The newest proposed version of the DMS - the bible of this field and the great influencer over the decisions of doctors, hospitals, mental health professionals, education professionals, etc. - will classify common tomboy traits as "gender identity disorder"/"gender incongruence" in need of "correction" and "treatment."

    Here's a list of things they propose to pathologize (all of which would have labeled me and set me up for treatment):
    - a strong preference for wearing only typical masculine clothing and a strong resistance to the wearing of typical feminine clothing;
    - a strong preference for the toys, games, or activities typical of the other gender;
    - a strong preference for playmates of the other gender;
    - a strong rejection of typically feminine toys, games, and activities

    We have the opportunity to comment on this outrageous idea and I hope you will take a minute to give them feedback (and pass this on to other folks you know). This page describes the proposed changes and if you log in on the right side, you can give feedback. The deadline is in April.

    Thank you for your help.

  23. Can we get a Facebook group going to spread the word? I've already heard back from two friends 30 seconds after I sent the email. I think if people know about this we'll win this round of the fight.

    Thank you so much Dirt for bringing this to light.

  24. Here's what I said on the DMS comment site:

    I am a well-adjusted woman happy with her body, her gender, and her life. If this "disorder" had been in force when I was a child, my abusive family would have used it to get me "treatment" because they didn't think I should like wearing jeans and t-shirts, playing with GI Joe and Matchbook cars, and wishing I could be a professional football player (and hence, spending as much time as possible with boys who played football). I didn't have anything in common with my very feminine female relatives, I hated having breasts and a period and, amazingly enough, I am now thrilled to NOT be a man. The reason I felt/wanted all those things and the reasons girls continue to today is because kids are kids and a whole host of other reasons that need far more nuanced understanding than this ham-handed approach you're proposing.

    Untold numbers of women experienced some version of what I describe as girls and would answer very high on your questionnaire.

    You're hugely overreaching with the "diagnosis" and in trying to reach a tiny percentage of kids who need help, you will be pathologizing millions who are behaving normally. This diagnosis in the hands of abusive parents and medical professionals will wreak havoc. This must be voted down.

  25. Hi Dirt. Thanks so much for this post. I left a comment, but I think there was a word limit, because they sent me a copy of it, and the last third or so was missing. uh-oh. oh well. i'll just have to pester them some more. Honestly, I do not know ONE woman who 'conforms' to her assigned gender! c'mon, APA, you're being ridiculous! like, more than usual! the mind reels. I myself was CERTAIN, when I was between the ages of about 4 to 11 or so, that I would grow up to be a boy. I am so glad I didn't. And so fucking glad that i decided to be a lesbian before all this tranny/queer/boi/gender-bending bullshit got really big. Feminism saved my ass, Dirt.
    and radical dykes are keepin' it saved. Thanks for your work.

  26. Hi again. so here are the comments I left with the DSM people:
    "This "disorder" is not a disorder. this is a description of a normal, healthy reaction to increasingly rigid sex-role stereotyping in our society. To label a child as 'gender dysphoric' and potentially 'treat' this with hormone blockers or other such interventions is child abuse. I do not know ONE woman who is happy with or acts in congruence with her assigned 'gender role' of female. #7, especially, may ind..." (this was the text of the confirmation mail they sent me, i suspect the last bit of my message was cut off. So I sent them another one):
    "#7 might indicate sexual abuse. The rest are pretty normal descriptions of behaviours of curious active children. This so-called 'disorder' is beyond the pale. forcing people to accept 'gender roles' is disordered. Resisting or rejecting gender roles is not."

  27. Erin,

    Great comment and thanks so much for putting yourself out there and representing sanity!


  28. What's really weird is that it also reinforces transgender stereotypes. To some degree, you have to fit them if you want to get what you need in order to live in the gender of your mind and spirit. As an example, many counselors and therapists expect to hear the "sissy boy" narrative from a prospective candidate for MTF treatments and surgery. I had to emphasize the fact that most of my friends throughout my life have been female and not mention that I played, and enjoyed sports. Actually, one of the reasons I became an athlete was that I noticed that they didn't get beat up. That may have kept me intact long enough to pursue my gender transition!


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