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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Drive-In

I'll admit my heart gets a thrill when I tell you something you dont know or introduce you to something you've never met. I think its the look in your eye that sparks my thrill. I love that look, so much so that I'm always thinking of new things to create that look. The latest thing I come up with is the "drive-in"! I cannot for the life of me believe you've NEVER been to the drive-in theater! I'll never forget my first time. It was a few months after my ma had died. My aunt Betsy, took a whole pile of us to see The Exorcist! To this day I think it is why I have no fear around scary movies, I mean come on, where is there to go when you've seen the Exorcist at age six! I remember for weeks afterward lying in my bed in the small two bedroom no air conditioned 90 degrees outside at 9pm at night hot house I grew up in, uncovered blanket down to my feet, but fully covered in fear. There would be years and years and years of drive-in scenes of witch tortures, babies born with no mouths, bare breasted women, teenage prostitutes, laura mars eyes, cross country car chases, wolves reclaiming what was rightfully theirs, ten to midnight psychos butchering women and harper valley PTA's! So that when you say you've never been, I'm both geeked and gung-ho'd to show you what you've missed. But I  also want to fulfill a little drive-in experience that I missed!

We've literally ravaged each other the near week you've been visiting, so much so that you're a bit surprised when we wake up Saturday morn and I politely rebuff your hungry Femme advances including the opportunity to shower with you. Instead I let you shower first while I busy myself making us a nice breakfast to fortify the beginning of our day. We have breakfast, I shower and dress, we watch a bit of tv, one of those bad Lifetime movies I'm partial too, snuggle on the couch sharing a quiet morning and afternoon together all the while trying to control myself when all I want to do is lose control all over your beautiful Femme body. We decide on a late lunch since we have to leave around dinner time because I'm about an hours drive from the closest drive-in. And besides your hands repetition of trying to find themselves in my pants all day, you make mention a dozen or so times how much you wanna have time to buy popcorn from the concession stand before the movie starts.

Not that you need to by any stretch of the imagination but you "simply must pretty" yourself up before we leave. I feel nervous the whole drive there and dont say too much on the way. You ask me several times if everything is alright and I a sure you that it is but dont think you believe me. We get there a little early, pay and park. You wonder why I park towards the back and well over to one side of the drive-in so we're not close to any cars. "Oh that way we dont have to be bothered with the noise from being near cars with kids and its closer to the restrooms", I say. You seem satisfied with my answer then ask "now can we go get popcorn"? We walk to the concession stand, get a big tub of popcorn and a few large drinks, then walk back to the car. They're already showing those old black and white concession stand commercials and a few previews of up coming attractions. We settle in and get ready for the movie to begin.

The movie starts, a thriller, we finish our popcorn then you slide over next to me. I put my arm round you and you put your head on my chest just above my breast, I kiss your forehead when you do. You look up at me and we kiss really gently. As aroused as I am and as much as kissing you travels from your lips to my lips right down to my crotch, my heart intervenes and while we're kissing I think the softness of you lips is going to dissolve me. So that when you slip you tongue between my lips and over my tongue I can no longer find myself. I used to have such a fear as a child of getting lost, especially when my older brother would deceive me with promises to "look at the toys" when at the store and every time I would follow him only to have him every time run off and leave me so that I had to run behind him as fast as I could to catch sight of which isles he turned down so as not to get lost. But you dont deceive me and with you I have no fear of getting lost, with you I never want to be found.   

While we're making out rather heavily, leaning, you put your right hand on my upper thigh. I dont stop you and you move that hand over to my crotch. You feel straight off I'm packing. You stop kissing me, smile up at me and say "so thats why you didnt want to make love all day. Saving it up were you"? I smile back, say nothing and start kissing you again. You undo my belt, unbutton and unzip my jeans, reach into my shorts and pull out my strapped cock. "Hmmm" you say "and what exactly would you like me to do with this"? Straight faced and serious I say "I want you to get it wet with your lips so I can fuck you with it"! You say nothing, bend down over it and start licking and putting just a little of it into your mouth. With your head next to my stomach you feel my breathing pick up. You have the cock in your right hand, and as you are licking and sucking it, you press it into my clit which is situated right behind it. I moan out an "oh baby" when you do. I'm really getting turned on and you know it. With your free left hand, while going at my strapped cock with your lips and tongue you slide that hand behind my harness and your fingers find my already very wet clit. You touch my clit while sucking my strapped cock, we've made love enough times now you know when I'm close to cumming, and believe me you, I'm close!

"Do you wanna cum like this"? you ask me. "No" I say, "I wanna cum while I'm fucking you". You move back over to your seat, lean the seat all the way back so its flat, hike the summer dress you are wearing all the way up, revealing that you're pantyless! "Guess we were thinking the same thing" you laugh. I slide my pants below my knees, maneuver myself over and on-top of you, and slide my strapped cock all around your wet pussy then slip it inside of you and slowly start fucking you, only slowly last all of maybe a minute. I go from zero to a hundred in no time flat, but you dont seem to mind. The harder I thrust the louder we both moan, at this point not caring if we're heard. I slow down a little so I can give your sizable breast the attention they deserve. I have one in each hand, squeezing with my whole hand and teasing your nipples between my thumb and forefinger. I move my head down a little so I can nibble and suck one of your nipples, you moan again. A few minutes of that and I cant control my need to cum any longer, I move directly back over you and with all my power and strength start fucking you with all I am. I cum in seconds, but you're not quite there. You open your leg more, taking more of my strapped cock into you. As I thrust deeper you cum and cum hard, your whole body shaking and pounding with as much force as I just pounded it. I stop. We're both breathing hard and heavy. We kiss some more. I start to move off from you. "No, stay inside me a little longer" you say pleadingly. I freeze for a second, the intimacy fear rifling through me like bullets, old Butch habits die hard. Like a good Femme, you notice, pull me close tucking my head into your neck protectively, pet the back of my neck and whisper "I love you baby".



  1. I think I'm probably addicted to your blog. And I now feel like a voyeur after reading this piece. Have you ever published anything?
    If not, you should really consider writing something for the masses. That is, if you're not already doing so. Thanks for the extra shower also.....;-)

  2. Cilla,

    Glad I could help! And no havent tried publishing any, YET!


  3. Hot damn girl! Agree with Cilla: publishing is in order in some anthology somewhere.

  4. *Panting*....Amazing as always Dirt. The Femme that secures you (if she hasn't already) is one very lucky gal.
    You certainly do have talent. Agree with others, you MUST publish this stuff. So much easier to take a book of your words to bed to enjoy than a laptop.


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